‘Does It Matter If “Christian Fiction” Is Badly Written?’ (2015)

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We want Christian fiction–if there is even such a thing. Maybe we should be talking about “fiction written by Christians which just naturally displays a Christian sensibility.”

Does It Matter If ‘Christian Fiction’ Is Badly Written?

Calling any kind of work of art–stories, music, architecture, painting–“Christian” doesn’t make it so. And if it’s of inferior quality, that’s worse than no “Christian” art at all.

Too much culture ground has been surrendered to the ungodly–way too much. I don’t see how any rational person could deny it. We need Christian fiction. Just like we need Christian music, TV shows produced and written by Christians, Christian men and women in government, Christian schools and universities… Good grief, what were we thinking when we turned all of that over to the antichrists?

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