Don’t Play the Guilt Game

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One way to enslave people is to shackle them with guilt–guilt for this, guilt for that, blame people living today for slavery that ended 150 years ago, or 300 years ago, whatever. Mark Rushdoony calls it “An Old Strategy.”

The important thing to remember, Mark points out, is that “manipulation by guilt… is anti-Christian to the core.” Why? Because Jesus Christ is our salvation. Because Jesus Christ removes our guilt. He has already atoned for our sins. We do not have to obey The Party or Dear Leader to pay for what we’ve done. Christ sets us at liberty; the sentence has been lifted.

P.S.–Now I’ve got to re-read R.J. Rushdoony’s The Politics of Guilt and Pity, published in 1970–but reads like he’d written it today. Well, you can say that about a lot of his work, can’t you?

5 comments on “Don’t Play the Guilt Game

  1. Yes, there is such need for common sense today. I guess there always has been, but now, we are the ones being bombarded. This is plainly just one of satan’s games, and I don’t listen to him.

  2. You’ve got that right, Lee. I have stacks of Rushdoony books I’ve read, and whenever I go to read one again they are super relevant all over again. He may refer to events taking place back then, but they are still taking place today but with different people. We fight back against CRT & 1619 by refusing to give in to them. Shame of Christian pastors who are falling for these slippery wiles of the devil.

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