We Really Do Need to Rescue Our Culture

Brawl breaks out at Wal-Mart over line cutting | (video) New York Post

Just another day at Walmart…

I saw four videos yesterday that made me fear for the long-term survival of our culture. Count ’em–four.

*The man who’s supposed to be our president babbling incoherently about a man in the moon and aliens.

*A rash of brawls, stabbings, and shootings at various Walmart stores throughout the land. Crashing one’s car through the storefront seems to be growing more popular.

*In broad daylight, various cruise ships and cargo vessels, presumably with the captain and officers awake and aided by electronic navigation equipment, crashing into the dock or into other ships. This really should not happen.

*A horrible set of serial murders centered around our Yosemite National Park–singularly savage and heartless crimes.

Maybe that has something to do with why I slept poorly last night and felt so tired and  crabby all morning.

Really, this stuff has to be stopped. Our civilization won’t stand it.

But like I say, kill the culture and it’ll kill you back. I honestly don’t remember the nooze being anywhere near so awful when I was a boy.

5 comments on “We Really Do Need to Rescue Our Culture

  1. It really never has been this bad in this nation, not since I was a kid, and even during WWII, people were a lot more human.

  2. It wasn’t. We used to be a Christian nation with principles. Rushdoony tells the story of a young girl kidnapped, raped and killed in Florida. It made national news and horrified everyone who read about it because things like that did not happen. Now a story like that only makes the local news.

  3. We are in a different time. When all of the madness was happening last November, I distinctly remember one comment left here: “this is spirit”. I couldn’t agree more. What we are seeing is a reflection of the forces in the spirit realm.

    It may be the Satan has been cast down, as foretold in Revelation 12. His first act would be to go after Israel, and the situation between Iran and Israel has escalated greatly, with the very real possibility that Iran is within months of building nuclear weapons. If so, there WILL be a war, and I believe that the backlash against said war will culminate in the attack of Gog of Magog, where God Himself draws those who oppose Him into an attack on the people who are descendants of Abraham.

    Stay tuned, because it sure looks like it’s about to happen.

    1. Democrats would like nothing better than to arm Iran with nuclear weapons. They’ve certainly tried hard enogh to do it.

      I don’t concern myself with anticipating prophecy. It’s enough for me for Jesus to find me working for His kingdom, if I’m still alive when He comes.

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