Cats ‘n’ Puppies

We have to face facts. Cats are not always as happy-go-lucky as puppies. But you just can’t get any puppy to believe it.

That reminds me of a hilarious story of Genghis Khan’s boyhood; but I’d better save that for when a real crisis comes along.

4 comments on “Cats ‘n’ Puppies

  1. Maybe that is why I prefer cats- they are not such goof-balls as pups. They are all very cute, though.

  2. If you sit down with your cat, and put each of you a couple of fingers of fine Scotch, eventually the cat will tell you that dogs, all dogs, are an affront to feline dignity. Puppies, being immature dogs, are even more of an affront. Of course, if you hear your cat talking, you may have overdone it with the Scotch. 🙂

    I especially enjoyed the one cat, surrounded by puppies and dealing with it fairly well. I guess even cats appreciate that puppies are cute,

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