The Stupidest Protest Ever

At least the Three Stooges were funny, Our morons aren’t.

Yesterday, in a nooze photo of a pro-abortion demonstration, we saw a noop carrying a sign that read, “Safe, Accessible Abortions for All Genders.” All genders. I can’t seem to find that same photo today. Maybe it got sucked back into Weirdland.

Normally you’d need a moving van to transport that much idiocy; yet this ninny carried it upon his (?) shoulder. All genders. Like there are men out there who want abortions? But that’s what the new left-wing-doofus buzzword’s all about–“pregnant people”–isn’t it?

I have never in my life seen anything like the horrifying speed with which the whole Western world went racing off the cliff called “transgender.” And for what? So they can babble about pregnant men? And all these different genders?

Is our country possessed by a demon of mass lunacy? Does our nation need an exorcism? I saw another picture of a sign held up by a couple of black women, pro-abortion protesters: “Abortion Is Our Future!” Oh, God, pity us. Talking about being careful what you wish for! You blocks and stones.

And of course, of course, these same la-las who march around chanting “My body, my choice!” are curiously receptive to the government making the choice for them, mandating, to get injected with an experimental drug that may or may not protect you from the COVID virus but might also kill you. Yowsah. Let Big Brother make that choice for me!

Do leftids actually believe there are pregnant men, or do they just say it because they have no integrity and are too full of schiff to know it?

This stuff has to stop before it stops our civilization.

6 comments on “The Stupidest Protest Ever

  1. Yes, it does seem like some demon has gotten hold of this nation. Ever since marriage between homosexuals was made legal, the homosexual agenda has run roughshod over everyone expecting their lifestyle to be accepted with no questions asked. So now we see this lunacy about keeping abortion legal and safe for all genders. When it comes to the vaccine, all I have to say is, “My body, my choice.”

    1. We’ll always be allowed to “choose” what tyrants and nanny-staters think we should choose or else. Just don’t make the wrong choice–you could wind up in a camp, getting your organs harvested.

  2. This is what we get in a world where satan is present god of this world. He knows his time is short so he is pulling out all the stops. Until he lands in his eternal torment, he is showing the world what he is like, and amazingly, many don’t seem to mind at all.

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