The Democrat Blame Game

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Gold star for Virginia! Not only did you reject Clinton bagman Terry McAwful as your next governor: you also ran a lot of Democrats out of the legislature. Bravo!

And now the real fun begins: watching the Far Left Crazy trying to explain its defeat (

*An MSNBC noozie blamed it on “relentless right-wing media.” Gee–where did he find any? This man needs a rubber room. He did stop short of blaming it on Rush Limbaugh, though.

*Another fat-head said it was because of “the racist dog whistle” of Critical Race Theory–which of course “isn’t real,” even though it’s listed as an “important resource” on the official Virginia Dept. of Education website. People truly, deeply, passionately hate Critical Race Theory, so Dems are trying to pretend their teachers’ unions haven’t brought it into the public schools.

There’s no such thing as CRT, Republicans just made it up.

*Another noozie: White people are just plain stupid. In addition to being evil.

I noticed all the way back in college that a lot of white liberals hated themselves for being white.

And we’ll have the rest of this glorious menu of defeat. We didn’t bring in enough illegal immigrants! We brought in too many! We didn’t run far enough to the Left! We ran way too far to the Left! This is going to go on for months.

I’m guessing Doddering Joe will be blamed for it. A) He won’t know what they’re talking about. B) He’s totally expendable; nobody likes him. C) He’s white.

Meanwhile–hey, you other states! If Virginia can do it, you can, too!

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  1. Mr. Youngkin will need our prayers for sure. I’m so thankful for this election outcome and hope that this will begin the pushback of craziness that we so desperately need. I hate seeing where our nation is heading and this election result was very encouraging.

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