We Has to Roon Thancks-Giving!!!

How to Avoid a Food Fight This Thanksgiving

Thancks-Giving it shood “Not” be aloud no moar!!!!!

Heer “at” the Stoodint Soviet we has cumpozed a Ee-male and sended It to awl “the” famblies arowned The Collidge to oardur themb “to” Dee-Collinize thare stopid Thancks-Giving dinnor!!! Becose Thancks-Giving it “is” No-Good stinkin holladay that’s awl abuote Shooting Peeple Of Culler!!!!!

Wen the Pillgrimbs thay kame heer fromb Itally or sombplaice thay shooted awl the Indains who come heer Fromb Indier!!!!!! Then thay starrtid Capatolizm!!!! and aslo brung in Religgin!!!! Thay rooned evry-Thing!!!!!!!!!!

So we sayed In our Ee-male “”Haow dair yiu cellarbrate this Badness!?!? Yiu are jist No-Good durty Capatolist Collownolists!!””! We “are” Glaad we done it becose we fouwned Out that awl the skools in Warshingtin DeC thay done “it” too! And thay has got a Equitty Teemb to teech famblies how To Be Mizrable on Thancks-Giving insted “of” hapy!!!!! We shood has “one Of” thoase too!!!

And we thanck Jobydin the Pressadint for maiking this stopid holladay Cost “so” mutch!!! We woont be hapy “un-till” al themb famblies Thay “are” Un-Hapy!!!!!

Becose “thats” Socile Jutstus!!!!!!!!!

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  1. People seem to want to evaluate the past from the comfort of today. This cannot work. 400 years ago, most people were happy just to survive, because survival was far from assured. The history of those days describes a precarious life in which many of the religious separatists that came to Plymouth did not survive even the first year. There were examples of both cooperation and conflict between the settlers and the Pokanoket that lived in the area. The narrative has changed many times over the years, and I imagine that there will be no agreement from this point on as to what really happened.

    However, the religious separatists that settled in Plymouth were here because they sought freedom from religious oppression. They came in search of freedom and setup an imperfect community, but they helped to establish the freedoms which have allowed the US to grow into a force which brought human rights to new heights. They weren’t perfect, but they were certainly an improvement over the hegemony of the Church of England and the Crown.

  2. Amen, and these things used to be discussed in public schools no less. Sad that these historical teachings have been set aside for the garbage that passes for education these day.

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