‘If We Did Everything the Left Thinks Is Good…’ (2018)

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How do they get to be exalted as The Smartest People In The World, when their ideas are so stupid?

If We Did Everything the Left Thinks is Good…

Abortion. Assisted Suicide. Transgender. These are not wisdom. They’re not even ordinary stupidity.

But they are what we’re up against, and we’d be wise not to forget it.

7 comments on “‘If We Did Everything the Left Thinks Is Good…’ (2018)

  1. I don’t it is wise to do anything they want. There is NO wisdom with people who do not fear God

  2. “Progressives” have to keep progressing or they lose their identity. So even if we did everything they want us to do, they’d have to think up more things to do. In fact, that’s what’s been happening all along.

    1. They’ve already started talking about transspeciesism, transhumanism, and pederasty, and they’ve sent up a few trial balloons in the past about polygamy, incest, bestiality, and necrophilia. Even this new “Metaverse” project ties in with it all, which is the rejection of reality, of truth. And the Devil is the father of lies.

  3. Who knew when we were growing up we would be subjected to such a world of lies like we live in today? The Bible says we are to take every thought captive to Christ. How has the church let these lies get so out of control? Could bad doctrine have anything to do with it? Or does bad doctrine have everything to do with it?

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