Oh, That Public Education!

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Ooh-ooh, here’s something that we really need! A new sex education textbook for kids aged 9-13, featuring “cute illustrations” and “diverse characters.” I mean, a book is goin’ nowhere if it hasn’t got “diverse characters”! And of course it’s chock-full of sex education, from those sages at the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Only trouble is… who’s gonna be able to read it?

Take Baltimore’s public schools, for instance. (Take them far away?) A teacher has reported–and test results back her up–that 77% of Baltimore’s high school students can only read on an elementary level (https://gazette.com/news/77-of-students-at-baltimore-high-school-reading-at-elementary-levels-teacher-says/article_4b290ca7-1ac5-5138-85d1-9957678ec34f.html). And some, of course, can’t read at all.

School officials blame the Pandemic for their students being unable to read. Yeah, that’s probably it. We won’t even suggest that public schools waste vast amounts of time, money, and human resources teaching bilge like “sex education,” Critical Race Theory (you’re all racists!), and “transgender” drivel. Besides which–reading? You gotta be kiddin’. Reading isn’t Social Justice! Reading is… racist!

But how are they supposed to read this “You-ology” sex ed book? Good thing it’s got cute illustrations? And maybe 77% of them can’t read the hot, steaming porn they’ve got in the school library… but maybe Teacher could read it to them. Just before nap time.

Honk if you think public education should continue.

7 comments on “Oh, That Public Education!

  1. Surprise, surprise! They can’t read? Well no wonder. They are not being taught to read, do math, or any of that stuff, just “new world order” that’s all they need. yeah, right.

  2. And besides, learning to read is (shudder) work. According to the Smithsonian, the concept of hard work is part of whiteness and white supremacy.

  3. Leftist would defund the police before they defund public education…and there’s a reason why since public education an indoctrination opportunity and removing police remove an important barrier to a Marxist revolution

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