Creating the Earthly Paradise

Beijing's opening ceremony touts a different China from 2008 Olympics

Have you noticed that tyrannical regimes always seem to come up with silly walks? Hitler, Stalin, Peron–they all had their soldiers adopt peculiar styles of locomotion. The ones in the picture up there are Red China’s.

They’re having the Olympics out there, as we speak. Gee, I missed the opening ceremonies.

China is a bloodthirsty communist dictatorship which everyone currently pretends is a civilized country. Actually, the global ruling class is very fond of China, thinks they’ve got a lot of cool ways of doing things. Name an American Democrat who doesn’t admire and want to emulate Red China.

Have we learned nothing from that disastrous 20th century? Every time you turned around, there was more barbed wire and another pile of dead bodies.

Ye shall be as gods, Satan promised Adam and Eve, and launched the DIY Divinity project that’s still going full-throttle today. We break eggs to make the omelet. It’s gonna be great. Just give government enough power over people, enough money, and the right technology… and it’s gonna be paradise on earth. All our sins, all our hardships, all our follies will be engineered out of the system by The Smartest People In The World.

Barbed wire. Dead bodies.

Red China is this fallen world’s hangover from a whole century of dictatorships. It seduces stupid intellectuals. It promises great things!

Just as soon as they get rid of the Uighurs. And anyone else who’s in the way.

7 comments on “Creating the Earthly Paradise

  1. Yes, I have always noticed those ridiculous steps, and thought I’d hate to be one of those nuts.

  2. Utopianism has led to the greatest atrocities this world has ever seen. Yet people keep trying to bring heaven to earth themselves.

  3. The idea of the scripted walks is to keep the marchers concentrated on a difficult and often painful exercise. This prevents thinking about other things — but it also creates a tribal identity that gives the marchers an illusion of superiority even while they’re being trained in mindless obedience.

    See also: masking.

    1. That’s it. The idea is a tribal identity. Cults frequently have somewhat silly practices for the same reason. Likewise, cults use nuanced language, possibly redefining words to support their notions. It’s all about setting people apart and making them feel like they are part of something special.

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