Memory Lane: The Cone of Silence

The “Cone of Silence” bits from Get Smart were some of the funniest TV comedy ever. Edward Platt (the Chief) never failed to make me laugh; and of course you had Don Adams, too.

It made me laugh then, and it makes me laugh now. They worked up several dozen variations on this theme, every one of them hilarious. YouTube has a bunch of them, if you want to laugh yourself silly.

Get Smart ran from 1965 to 1970. That’s a lot of Cone of Silence gags!

9 comments on “Memory Lane: The Cone of Silence

  1. The first time I watched that show, it was the first season, not reruns. So very long ago…I would guess, most of the actors from that show, have long since departed.

    1. Imagine the life benefits of a 10 year old having a hopeless crush on you. How could she ignore something like that? 🙂

      The character she played was so kind and so patient with Don Adams’ character that it was hard to believe. I’ve seen interviews with her and she came across as being a nice person who didn’t seem egocentric. She had been a model, a Revlon Girl, if I remember right. It would seem that she had a degree of influence and her hairstyle was somewhat popular with girls of my generation, at least for a while.

    2. Lee Remick totally ignored me. More fool her.

      Barbara Feldon really was a very nice person… with an old cat who’d been with her through all the lean times.

  2. I used to do a Christian radio show on Fridays for a couple of years with Steve Duignan whom I called “Mr. Big” because he was physically big, but also because he was a Christian version of Rush Limbaugh. My wife and I have “Get Smart” in common even though we didn’t meet until years after it was off the tube.

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