‘This Is My Father’s World’

It’s positively freezing, up here in Jersey-land; and yet all the trees are suddenly in bud, and even our ancient dogwood tree has opened up its blossoms. God’s stuff is on the move.

Here’s a new rendition of a classic hymn, This Is My Father’s World, performed by Keith & Kristyn Getty… with plenty of beautiful things to enjoy.

2 comments on “‘This Is My Father’s World’

  1. Oh, this is one I sing to myself all the time. As I behold the beauty outside, it just comes to mind.

  2. Sometimes I sing this song when I am outside on our road picking up garbage, planting flowers, and other things. And sometimes people ask me, “Why are you cleaning this road? Knowing I do not own any of it. It’s then, that I get to talk to people about my “Fathers’ World.”

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