Something Different: Fun With Newts

Okay, they’re not furry or cuddly and they’re also very small. They’re newts. And the fact that we can have mutually pleasant interactions with them is, I think, evidence that we’re not all bad. And I think they have cute little faces.

I wonder what this person’s feeding them. Nobody I ever heard of makes Newt Chow.

2 comments on “Something Different: Fun With Newts

  1. An appealing little creature, and I agree, a cute face.

    Humans are created in God’s image, but we still have a lot of commonality with God’s other creatures. I have a sheep that greets me when I ride past in my bike, and interact with animals frequently on my rides. I can’t help but believe that this is how God wanted things to be. It’s a symbiotic relationship and we need animals, just as they frequently seek to get along with humans. Even a simple newt seems to understand that human activity is significant in its life. Lots of everyday miracles.

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