A Blogger’s Day

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I’ve done my weekly Newswithviews column, don’t ask me how, I’ve put up what were intended to be really interesting blog posts, and have been trying to forget the latest sales figures for my books.

Viewer traffic here has gone way down this month. It’s like working at CNN. I don’t know why. Some of you are Christian bloggers–has this been happening to you, too?

Maybe what I need is some posts by really hot guests. Celebrities! Yeah, that might do it. I emailed a big one last week, but he hasn’t answered me. How big? Well, put it this way: if Oprah Winfrey asked me for a guest spot, she’d have to stand in line behind this celebrity. That goes for Joey Bishop, too.

Let’s go check the email again…

4 comments on “A Blogger’s Day

  1. I no longer have a blog. it was taken down shortly after my late husband passed, and I was too busy doing a lot of business things, and etc. Haven’t really felt like going through all that again, but times they are a changin now.

  2. My views are higher than before but that’s probably because I recently began posting once a week instead of intermittently. I’m trying to get back in the habit of checking out what my favorite bloggers are writing (yes, you’re one of those).

  3. Here is another absolutely glorious, beautiful hymn by Carroll Roberson: He Looked Beyond My Fault
    whenever you have time for it. We all could use this reminder.

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