Stay Tuned!

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I have to go to the store now, but stay tuned for some huuuuge big nooze a little later!

Joe Collidge will check in, but there’s bigger nooze than that–

–Has the Pregnant Man returned already? He hasn’t been defenestrated?

My bloodwork is in, by the way: looks like I’m good for another year. I did have COVID, though: but we thought so. Now I have natural antibodies. Ditto Patty. But we think it was COVID that carried off our little Peep.

Gotta go before it starts raining…

7 comments on “Stay Tuned!

  1. Good report. Ditto for me so far as covid is concerned, but doesn’t explain why I feel so dizzy, brain fogged,
    weak, etc. They don’t want to bother talking about that – just remind me I’m old. Hah! never would have
    suspected that LOL

  2. I’m dragging today, but I’m looking forward to hearing the yuuuuge news, which I assume from your tone is good news and not nooze.

    1. My silence isn’t disappointment but exhaustion. I can barely sit up at the computer and I have a hard time typing on my phone. I hope to be better tomorrow, although I have to clean the house in the morning. I have lots to say but not enough energy to type it. 😴

  3. Your bloodwork, good to hear you are fine.

    Phoebe…typing on your phone… When I wrote my first book way back in 2000, I had to send a printed copy through the mail to the publisher, and again, through the mail, the publisher sent the corrected copy…back and forth until completed. Now, I can just attach the file to an email.

    1. Oh, I have no trouble typing on my computer keyboard. It’s the itsy-bitsy screen keyboard on my phone that I find awkward and slow. And in order to send a ms. back and forth, I’d need to be at my computer anyway, for access to Word files — or else load it to my phone first, probably in an editable PDF file. No, it’s not the computer that I find hard to use; it’s that blasted teeny phone keyboard.

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