The Lost Tribes of the Whole Foods Parking Lot

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As the actual community breaks down, a host of mini-communities, created artificially, springs up in its place. When we lose America, we’ll have a thousand fake “communities” instead.

It’ll be like one gigantic Whole Foods parking lot.

Our local Whole Foods has reserved parking space for all sorts of special people. Reserved for Parents with Small Children. Reserved for HOV (“high occupancy vehicles”) with Three or More Passengers. (Were they expecting the Beverly Hillbillies to stop by?) Reserved for Fuel-Efficient Vehicles. Reserved for Vehicles Carrying Heads of State Who Are Traveling Incognito.

If you took these signs seriously, you’d be a long time looking for a parking space.

In the broader scheme of things, each and every one of our mini-communities demands and expects to be appeased. Hence segregated housing and segregated graduation ceremonies at our colleges. Not imposed by any Southern Democrat, but howled for by the Far Left Crazy.

Reserved for Persons Who Resemble U.S. Senators With a Lisp.

7 comments on “The Lost Tribes of the Whole Foods Parking Lot

  1. What, no “Reserved for British vehicles with steering wheels on the right” signs?

    Actually, almost every time I’ve seen a parking lot with spaces marked “Small Vehicles Only,” there’s bound to be a pickup truck in one of them.

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