Cats & Dogs & Irritating Toys

None of our cats ever showed the slightest interest in any kind of mechanical toys. Too busy writing sonnets, I guess.

In this video, though, cats and dogs show the toys who’s boss. Better you should just give them paper bags or cardboard boxes.

3 comments on “Cats & Dogs & Irritating Toys

  1. When my grandson was spending a lot of time at our home, a beautiful stray cat moved in with us. Our grandson loved him, and named him Vanilla. That was his color. Vanilla took naps with Drew, and when I bought him a toy trail set, Vanilla loved to join him and play with it, but he was gently and didn’t hurt anything.

  2. To an animal, if something moves, or makes noise, it must be alive. You have to admire the bravery of a creature willing to attack a toy helicopter. For that matter, you have to stand in awe of the technology that makes a flyable toy helicopter possible. That really amazes me.

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