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We got good news today from Robbie’s vet. They’ve done the blood work: her kidney numbers are back down to normal, and so are her thyroid numbers. She won’t need to be checked again for six months. It’s a great relief to us.

Robbie recently had her sixteenth birthday, and that makes her a “senior cat.” You might well think she was younger than that, to look at her. She’s had more than her share of serious medical problems in her life, but she’s still ticking.

Meanwhile, the weather here has not been friendly to any writer who needs to work outdoors. I want to start writing my next book, the early life of King Ozias, who lived two thousand years ago. I think I’d like to frame it as a tale told by Obst, King Ryons’ teacher. The tale is told in Obann’s Scriptures, in bits and pieces scattered here and there. Obst will have to put it all together into a coherent narrative.

To start a new book is exciting, but also a little bit daunting. Can I do it? Can I make it work? Will it serve God? The only way to find out is to pray for guidance and write the book.

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  1. The answer to your questions in the last paragraph is “Of course.” We have complete faith in you.

  2. Hello, Mr. Lee Duigon. I would like to ask you something. Did you really make up the bell mountain story from a dream you had?

  3. Hello, Mr. Lee Duigon. Did you really make up the bell mountain story from a dream you had?

    1. Fantastic! Me and my sister are going to make a video for our youtube channel about your book Bell Mountain. I would llike to tell about your dream. Could you tell it to me?

    2. I would love to–and I’d very much love to see your video, so don’t let me miss it!
      Now, how do I tell you about my dream? Would you rather I did it in a blog post, or an email? Please let me know.

    3. A blog post, Mr. Lee Duigon.
      My channel is called Kakel Kids, it’s aimed at children and adults, too. We make videos with our dolls family, teaching about God and making stories with biblical values, and other things. I haven’t made the video about your book yet, but this is the link if you want to know the channel:

    4. Very nice channel, cute videos (I don’t speak Portuguese, but I get the point). Let me think about how to write my post for you. I’m very happy to do this.

    5. I wrote and posted it today instead of tomorrow–couldn’t wait!
      Please feel free to ask any question you might have.

    1. For a change of pace, we’re sending you some nice heavy midwestern thunderstorms. Chalk them up to Climbit Chains if you will. We call them spring weather.

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