Normal Service Is Being Resumed

How to Tell if Your Lizard is Sick | PetMD

Yup, I’m sick again. This time it’s one of those horrific allergy attacks, sick all day and all last night (I spare you the details). Experience tells me I’ll start feeling better around mid-afternoon today.

I will try to continue. Blog won’t work if I don’t post stuff to read.

10 comments on “Normal Service Is Being Resumed

  1. Aww, Lee, I’m so sorry the allergy gremlins got you. I pray that you feel better soon.

    Pretty lizard, though.

    1. One thing about lizards, my vet told me once: they don’t ever worry about the next time they get sick. I will try to follow their example.

  2. I’m sorry to hear you are still battling that condition. I am here, battling mine, too. So as we struggle along, I will be praying.

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