Am I Out Of Gas? Am I Out of Potatoes?

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I feel like an empty burlap bag.

Maybe it’s because we never get two sunny days in a row around here. That gets to you after a few months. Maybe it’s because nobody living under this roof feels exactly in the pink. Maybe it’s just the nooze wearing me down. Or some combination thereof.

And where is everybody?

All these maintenance errands to do today. Supermarket. Bank. Convenience store (not really convenient at all). Call doctor’s office. Try to get prescriptions refilled, drive to the mall and stand in line, waiting to pick them up. How do I do all that and still do my work?

Ai-ya, time to take my blood pressure…

P.S.–Are any of you seeing these posts as real light-grey letters on a white background, almost impossible to read? That’s what it looks like at this end. *Sigh*

7 comments on “Am I Out Of Gas? Am I Out of Potatoes?

  1. Sorry I don’t have a comforting answer, but I feel like I’m in the same boat. Days on end of high wind, rain, fog, worn out body, fuzzy brain – the fun goes on and on. If it were not for sons who are willing to help me, I’d be in a real mess.

  2. The screen looks fine to me at this end. As for the rest, I’m about erranded out myself, and I still have a gazillion emails to sort through. It didn’t help much that Iggy threw up all over the carpet while I was at church this morning. Or that the gasoline I put in my car later cost more than twice what I used to pay. But at least we’re getting some sun today. And so far Iggy has kept his lunch down. We take the good moments where we find them. 🙄

    1. Here’s something I can’t help wondering about: Why do they make it so bleeding stressful to refill a prescription FOR YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE MEDICATION? (I could just scream.)

    2. It’s obviously so you’ll keep coming back for refills. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    3. Now that you mention it, they may be giving me a runaround over my prescription fluoride rinse every month so I’ll keep gnashing my teeth and having to keep using the rinse. Hmmm…..

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