What? College Is Not Forcing ‘Submission to Its Ideology’?

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Ah, college! Let me quote directly from the Campus Reform website so you don’t think I’m making it up as a satire. I wish it were a satire.

“At George Brown College [Toronto], students must reportedly admit to benefiting from the ‘colonization and genocide’ of the local native population before they can access online courses” (https://campusreform.org/article?id=19647).

But this is “not intended to force students into submission to its ideology.”

Coulda fooled me!

The college’s website defeats my efforts to find out how much those online courses cost. But what’s your self-respect worth, in Canadian dollars? Admit to guilt for crimes committed by other people in another century. Seems like too high a price to pay, right there.

Self-flagellation–your tuition dollars at work.


4 comments on “What? College Is Not Forcing ‘Submission to Its Ideology’?

  1. Sure makes you wonder, doesn’t it? Have people been fed with something that creates docility?

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