D.C. Diplomacy: Amateur Night

Saudis trolled as embassy in Washington now on 'Jamal Khashoggi Way' |  South China Morning Post

(Who’s the dindle with the mask?)

In 2018 a Saudi Arabian journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, was murdered in Istanbul by men said to be Saudi agents acting on orders from the crown prince.

Briefly world opinion was scandalized. How dare they kill a journalist? But the heat died down when other journalists began to turn up information on Khashoggi’s “long and complicated” friendship with terrorist kingpin Osama bin Laden.

The Washington D.C. city council has raked it all up again by renaming the street upon which the Saudi Embassy is located. Its new name is “Jamal Khashoggi Way” (https://www.ndtv.com/world-news/jamal-khashoggi-way-washington-renames-street-in-front-of-saudi-embassy-3071254).

This just a month before SloJo Biden plans to go to Saudi Arabia and beg our supposed allies to pump more gas (because, you will remember, he shut down the freakin’ pipeline!) and would they please let us be dependent on them for our energy supply?

So let’s provoke them!

Most people believe the Saudis had Khashoggi killed, however much the crown prince denies it. Some of us think Khashoggi played a dangerous game and it caught up with him.

Now I am not privy to the details of Khashoggi’s career, nor do I approve of murder. History tells me that sometimes you have to hit the bad guys before they hit you.

But I think I do know that a bunch of amateurs who don’t know any more about this business than I do are only virtue-signalling so they can grin at their reflections in the mirror. And we wouldn’t need Saudi oil at all if we had kept the Keystone Pipeline open.

Democrats did that to us.

Free Special Bonus Joke!

We hear Hunter Biden’s ex-wife is writing a tell-all book.

Really? How many volumes? [dissolve into hilarious laughter]

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