COVID Legacy: Waste-of-Space Workmen

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I can’t shake the suspicion that something bad happened to America during our stupid COVID lockdowns–something subtly bad that no one saw happening at the time.

Let me put it this way: Since the lockdowns, a lot of people have forgotten how to work.

F’rinstance: We drink bottled water. Once a month we get four bottles, five gallons each. This we’ve been doing for some 30 years. We put the empties in the foyer and the delivery guy takes them away and leaves the new bottles there.

This week the delivery guy left our new bottles out on the sidewalk in the broiling sun and never bothered to open the foyer door, let alone take away the empties. Lazy! Shiftless! No idea how to do a simple job! I called up the company and read them the riot act. “I hope he doesn’t get fired,” said the office guy. “If he makes a hog’s ass of the job,” I said, “he should get fired!” I guess I made myself clear: they sent the driver back to take the empties and put the new bottles in the foyer.

But we’re seeing this stuff all the time now, aren’t we? It’s like all these sloppy, incompetent, who-gives-a-rap, what-me-worry workmen have their own personal Joe Bidens in their heads instead of brains. They really seem to have no idea of what “work” is, as if they’ve never seen it before. And who knows–maybe they haven’t. Not in school. Not in college. Maybe nowhere.

Can we straighten ourselves out from this? It won’t be easy!

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  1. I totally agree with you. People have gotten so lazy and don’t seem to care if they have a job or not. Of course not everyone has this attitude, but enough people do that you will encounter this phenomenon eventually.😬

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