No More Constitution!

Collidge Big Shots Shred Constitution (Literally) – Lee Duigon

Wait a minute! We’ve got two law professors and The New York Times saying we’ve got to get rid of the U.S. Constitution–but they never tell us how. All they offer is a scheme to pack the country with a lot of new states so they can abolish the Electoral College–which is something they’ve always wanted to do anyway: let New York and California dictate to the rest of the country.

So how do you get rid of the Constitution? Here are some of the proposals currently floating around in the ether.

*Pretend it’s lost. Shoot, where did it go? Oh, well–we’ll just have to draw up something else. Hillary Clinton can be in charge of it.

*Claim that the Constitution that we have is not the real one, it’s just the world’s longest-running hoax–and then produce a “real Constitution” that’s totally different from the original. Get the teachers’ unions on board for this! Give ’em more money and less work, and they’ll eat out of your hand.

*Discover that our War for Independence was an unlawful act and put America back under the British Parliament. All actions taken by an illegally independent USA would now be null and void.

*Add another half-dozen liberal justices to the Supreme Court and get them to rule that the Constitution is unconstitutional and we’ll just have to get by on executive orders and mandates until further notice.

*Announce the discovery of another serious disease requiring immediate and perpetual suspension of all liberty until such time as there are no more germs.

See? There’s all sorts of things that they can do! We shouldn’t have needed a couple of law professors to tell us this.

[I shouldn’t have to say so… but this is a satire.]


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  1. Or just redefine selected words in the Constitution, the way they’ve done with words such as “vaccine” and “woman,” so that the Constitution means whatever you want it to mean.

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