By Request, ‘Speak to the Mountains’

How mad at me will my readers get if I knock off doing nooze today? I mean, the nooze is all about what’s abnormal. Hymns, comedy, prayer requests, pet videos–these are normal things. I feel like I need more normal today.

Well, I’ll know I goofed if the viewer numbers tank. But really, how many teachers’ union stories can we tolerate in one week? And could we please just forget the word “racist”…for just a little while?

Here, instead, we have a hymn request from Susan–Speak to the Mountains, by Chris McClarney. There are echoes of the Psalms in here: follow the lyrics, you’ll see.

9 comments on “By Request, ‘Speak to the Mountains’

  1. You sure won’t upset me by not reporting “news”. We get way more than enough of that junk without half trying. Every moment away from that is a blessing.

    1. I report it because we need to know what we’re up again, and too many people are in denial about it. But I need a break, too.

  2. This is a moving and so true song. It’s what I needed today as I battle a painful and major health issue. Sometimes we forget the kind of God we serve and the power He has.

  3. I went to Youtube to bookmark it, and there were 666 likes…ha, ha, ha. I thought that was funny, I had to make it 667.

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