‘Democratic Republic’ Bridge Collapses… During Ribbon-Cutting

You do know, I hope, that “democratic republic” is a euphemism for an authoritarian socialist regime. Like “people’s republic” means “communist.”

And you’ve surely heard the mantra, “Socialism really works if you only give it a chance!”

The Democratic Republic of Congo built a foot bridge over a stream recently, and regime officials gathered there for the ribbon-cutting ceremony (https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/sep/07/drc-officials-bridge-collapses-ceremony).

The bridge collapsed in the middle of the ceremony, as government officials scramble to escape a ducking while “spectators shout in apparent glee.”

This bridge ought to be adopted as a symbol of socialism. It says it all. Imagine the spectators’ joy when they thought the tyrants would be drowned, right before their eyes. Okay, it was hardly the Golden Gate or the Tappan Zee Bridge–but that’s the point. Socialism can’t even give you a footbridge that’ll last a week before collapsing.

I wonder if DR Congo will put this image on a postage stamp.

5 comments on “‘Democratic Republic’ Bridge Collapses… During Ribbon-Cutting

  1. There are a lot of social and political problems there. As Reagan once said, government is not the answer, government is the problem. If government enforces just laws, to protect its citizens from the unlawful, people can be counted upon to work in their own best interests and productivity follows. We could use some productivity about now.

    1. Could we ever! It looks to me like a lot of people forgot how to work, after being locked down like criminals for all those months.

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