I Can Too Fyned My A*__!!!

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Soawry I wassnt heer Yeasterday ware “I” amb souposed “to-Be”!”!” It was a Merjintsy!!!

We was hasing A de-bait abuot tying yore Shoos it “maiks” yiu A Racist! and this Biggit Hater he sayed “to” me “Yiu Are “a” toettle Doofus,, yiu cuddnt Fyned yore A-*-* whith Boath hands!!!”! And i sayed “I” “can tooo!” and he sayed “Proove it!”

And that “is” ware I was awl Day, prooving it.

Imadjin “my” horrar wen I turnt Aruound reel fasst and stil cuddnt See My Hynie!!!! Frist i looked “alll oaver The” roomb but it Wassnt Thare and thenn I looked Out-Syde and it wassnt thare neether and I stukk my Hands “in” the Goal-Fish Pond and fellt awl aruound “the” bottum but no luck!!! And aslo the Fish thay bitt me!!

Well I looked awl oaver “The” Kampas and i cuddnt fyned My A*-*- no-ware!!!!! Nhow i was Gettting whurried!! Maby Elecsion De-Nyers thay Took It!!! Oar Fobo-phobes!!! Probbly Wyte Strupremeists!!!!!!

I looked awl Day and awl Nite and i got Tyred and so I whent “to” Sit Daown and sumb boddy thay puled “The” Chare oaut fromb Undder “me” and i falled daown and it Reely “huerted”–And soddenly i Knowed ware “it was!!”” Becawse I yellled Oaut “Oh my A-S-S!””! And thare it Whas!!!! Ware i cudd Rubb “it” whith boath hands!!!! Watt a re-leaf!!!!!!

3 comments on “I Can Too Fyned My A*__!!!

  1. Lee, I can’t decide whether to laugh or shake my “naughty-naughty” finger at you. So I’ll do both at once. 😁

  2. Finally, Joe has developed a real world skill. It’s a basic skill, but it’s (slightly) better than nothing. Next comes walking and chewing gum at the same time, Joe. You’d better get a padded suit and a helmet, before you try that one. 🙂

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