Your Pet… Prairie Dog?

Prairie dogs seem to be catching on as pets. The one in this video is quite a little charmer.

But how does the cat know that this is NOT a prey animal? I’d love to know how a cat can understand a thing like that!

6 comments on “Your Pet… Prairie Dog?

  1. Prairie Dogs are fun to watch, in the wild. We don’t have them where I live now, but there were Prairie Dog villages in the Colorado Front Range, where I lived for years. You couldn’t get anywhere close to them, or they’d duck into their burrows and disappear.

    I imagine that a Prairie Dog raised around humans could be fairly tame, and a good pet. I would have to wonder how a domesticated Prairie Dog would manifest its burrowing instinct.

    1. That’s something I’d definitely want to know before I considered having one as a pet. It’s not that I’m thinking of getting one, but any wild species of animal, would have instinctive behaviors that are not necessarily home friendly.

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