‘Overwhelmed by God’s Love’ (2017)

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I’ve already heard enough hair-tearing bad nooze today–so I’m re-running this post because I can’t believe I’m the only one who needs it. And the post embedded in my post is even nicer.

Overwhelmed by God’s Love

Think about it. All those non-gods worshiped by erring human beings all over the world. “Odin is love.” “Jupiter is love.” “Nergal is love.” How absurd does that sound? But only because it isn’t true.

And then there are those lost souls who worship Science, or The Party, or some other pathetic little idol…

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  1. I’m in a similar vein. Woke up this am and just had to dig into the Bible and find Scriptures to springboard a poem or two off of! Gets awfully lonely out here for we followers of Christ Jesus-!

    1. It isn’t always lonely. We have brothers and sisters thousands of miles away. We’ll never meet them in this life–but we know they’re there.

  2. The god of islam is not known as a god of love. Only the true creator can be called God, and He is a God of love. And of the many wonders He has invented and created, His love toward His created beings, and the love expressed by His created beings is at the top of the list.

    There is one song in particular, I remember about love, that I “loved,” I don’t know the name of the group, nor the name of the song, but its refrain goes:

    It can pick you up,
    it can put you down
    take your world and turn it all around,
    Ever since time nothings’ ever been found stronger than love

    I am going to look for that song and group, I want to hear it once more.

  3. Or the Humanist who worship man, and themselves in particular. Their tower of babel is ripe for God’s judgment. It will be up to God’s people to put things back into their right order.

  4. I found the song, but not the group who sang it. And wouldn’t you know it, the man who had a song for any occasion or circumstance in life, Johnny Cash, also covered this song. “A Thing Called Love.” I like Cash’s rendition, but I favor the groups rendering of this song, whose name I can’t remember. I am going to keep searching.

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