Hapy Laber day!!

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Twomorrow it is Laber Day and that “is” kindof a Funny “holladay” for us hear at Collidge becose i amb a Intallectural and us interllecturals We know Work It Blows! No boddy shuld has to work axept mayby christins and Wyte hetrosexules becose “thay” are no good for anny thing Elsse!

Butt “even” If thare is no moar Work thare stil shuld be Laber unyins!!! i can not State “this”” Stronglie enuohgh!!

Becose Laber Unyins thay transsend boarders and contries and stuff,, thay “Are” Trooly Intronatoinal and thay Can surve as the Bassis for a Globble Guvermint!! Thats waht my prefesser he says!! He teached us “All Abuot” this grate gye his “name” it was Jimy Hoffah and the Catipillists thay killed him”so” he culdnt be Pressadint it was Evin as bad “as” whatt thay done to Hillary, Trumpt and The Russhins thay had Jimy Hoffah kild!!!

Yiu see them repubicans thay alyaws trying to Stop “Whorld Guvermint becose thenn “thare” wood be Socile Jutstus and evry boddy “thay wood” has to be Gay and Lezbien and aslo thare wood Be “no” moor Religgin!!!

That it “is” waht Laber Day it is al aboat and i Cant weiht to joyn a Unyin!!!