‘A Good Christian’

Secular fanatics who don’t believe in God are great ones for giving you advice on how to be “a good Christian.” I’ve been getting more than my share of it lately. Let me distill it for you. According to them:

A good Christian supports “gay marriage” and recognizes that the only thing that counts is “love.”

A good Christian always gives priority to man’s word over God’s, and recognizes that the Bible is just a lot of fiction anyhow, and not an authority on anything.

A good Christian defers to secular Science every time as the ultimate authority on everything. He wouldn’t dream of questioning Evolution or Global Warming.

A good Christian is always happy to support abortion, even to the extent of cheerfully paying for other people’s abortion. He supports groups like Christian Clergy for Choice.

A good Christian is careful to keep his religious beliefs to himself, expressing them only when he is actually inside a church. All the rest of the time, mum’s the word.

A good Christian understands that secularists are infinitely more intelligent than he can ever be, and is glad to have them in total control of public policy.

A good Christian keeps his lip zipped whenever he hears any atheist or a homosexual militant pouring out abuse against God the Father.

Are you getting as sick of this as I am?

Sad to say, there are a lot of these good Christians around, these days, especially among the flatline Protestant churches. I think they believe the world will approve of them, or at least tolerate them, if they actively seek its approval.

I think they’re wrong. Do you?


Well, Then, Should I Just Change My Value System?

Someone has told me he’d never buy my books for his kids, no matter what he thought of the books’ content, because he wouldn’t want his children ever to be exposed to this blog, where they would encounter a nasty value system…

So what is my value system?

Jesus Christ is Lord.

The Bible is God’s word.

Freedom under God is good. Freedom without God is no freedom at all, but only slavery to sin.

Government that tries to set itself up as God is evil, and must be resisted.

God’s immutable laws of morality, as given in the Bible, are not to be broken. Yes, we break them every time we sin, and we are all sinners: that’s why we need a Savior. But to deny that we sin, to deny God’s authority and try to replace it with trendy systems of “new morality” invented ten minutes ago by a lot of academic pin-heads–well, that’s being a servant of Satan.

Science + Left-wing politics = Bunk

I have held these values for most of my life. I was brought up with them. My years in college led me very far astray, and it took me a long time to find my way back: but I dare say these values used to be mainstream in America–and that America was a better country when they were.

Hey, I’m sorry to lose readers! I need all the readers I can get.

But there’s a price that’s too high to pay.

New Interview

Check out my Interview by Tim Wildmon.


Should I Change This Blog?

Somebody suggested I would sell more books if I laid off the “right-wing rants” on this blog.

What do you say, O readers?

Should I maybe do left-wing rants? I could yowl about Climate Change Denial, Income Inequality, Homophobia… and maybe spontaneously combust before I got much farther. But the whoopee crowd would love me.

Maybe I could rake in even more popularity if I changed the way I write my books, too. Throw in a lot of social pathology, let the Thunder King conquer Obann and put all the other characters to death, add a bit about gender choices and disgusting alternative lifestyles, and soak the whole thing in a stinking broth of atheism. (And don’t forget the sexy vampires!)

Wit you well, the American Library Assn. would like it! I might even be picked up by Scholastic Press. The finished product would be right smack dab in the middle of the mainstream of Young Adult fiction today.

But then, of course, I would deserve spontaneous combustion.

Waddya think, folks? Don’t be bashful–speak up.

I’ve Got My Copies of ‘The Palace’

As I was thinking up all sorts of things I should’ve said today on Mr. Wildmon’s show, the UPS man came with my author’s copies of The Palace.

Unless you’ve experienced it for yourself, it’s very hard to describe what goes through your mind when you hold in your hand a printed, published book, with a beautiful cover, that once was nothing but some thoughts and images in your mind, and then handwritten words on a legal pad, and then bits of chapters printed up so your wife and editor could read them…  And I ask myself, “Did I do this?”

Gee, I can’t wait to read it.

Does that seem ridiculous? After all, I wrote it–why should I want to read it?

That’s another thing that’s hard to explain.

But one thing I do understand is that this is God’s blessing–God gave me the story, and the ability to tell it, and brought together a lot of people who worked together to turn it all into a book: and I am thankful, and I give Him the glory.

Probably tomorrow I’ll go back to writing about controversial issues, etc. But that’ll be then. For now, I’ll just enjoy my book.

I’m on the Air Tomorrow

Yes, tomorrow I return to Tim Wildmon’s American Family Radio ( http://www.afr.net ) for 15 minutes of fame, at 11:15 a.m. Eastern Time.

I’ll be there to launch my new book, The Palace, No. 6 in my Bell Mountain series. All six books are available in both paperback and Kindle, and can be ordered right here on this blog–just click “Books.” If you’ve already got them, tell your friends about ’em.

I’m not just fooling around here. I think it’s important to offer Young Adult readers stories that are clean, exciting, edifying, thought-provoking, and that they’ll remember, and come back to, for years afterward. Currently this market is stacked to the ceiling with vile stuff you wouldn’t use on the floor of your bird cage, once you read it. Help me and my editors elbow some of this junk off the shelves to make room for something better.

Meanwhile, editorial work has begun on No. 7, The Glass Bridge, a book which I think you’re going to like a lot. But I’m pretty sure you’re gonna like The Palace, too.

See you tomorrow!


A Simple Formula for Tyranny

To understand events in this fallen world, in this haunted age, keep in mind this simple formula.

                         Science + Politics = Trouble

Trouble for who? Why, for you and me, of course. But also for those suckers who think they’re gonna be on top, but will surely wind up on the bottom with the rest of us.

Folks, this has roots running deep into the 19th century–this depraved dream that, if we harness the limitless and infallible powers of science to a political agenda, we’ll have paradise on earth. It rests on an elitist conviction, or rather a pagan religious conviction, that most people are hopeless idiots and they need a ruling class of scientific experts and political administrators to run their lives for them. Sort of like the way the Morlocks run the lives of the Eloi.

This is what Global Warming’s all about. This is why I spend so much time on it.

But it’s also what a great many people simply will not understand.

Please, people, please–open your eyes. Look at the world around us. To what country has more government ever brought more happiness?

As John Adams observed, if we were angels, we wouldn’t need any government at all. But there aren’t any angels in the government: and who is to govern those sinners who’ve been given so much power over others?

Be assured that they mean to cut down the tree of liberty and burn it to ashes. We can see them already floating their little trial balloons for communism. “Oh, well, sure–it didn’t work when Stalin did it: or Mao or Castro or any of those others. But now we are gonna run the show, and it’s gonna be great!”:

Please pay attention.

These people are more evil than you think.

NASA: ‘Your Money or Your Life!’

So, modern industrial civilization’s gonna collapse and we’re all gonna die… unless, of course, we give up all our freedom. So says NASA, the bunch who used to put men on the moon, but who now moon mankind ( http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2582286/NASA-study-industrial-civilization-headed-collapse.html ).

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, which used to have a space program but is now charged with issuing ideological proclamations on behalf of the Hugo Chavez wannabes in Washington, has issued a “study”–whatever that means–warning that, “to avoid collapse, inequality must be reduced and population growth must be strictly controlled.” And guess who’s gonna do the reducin’ and controllin’.

If this were a 1959 TV commercial, you would have a guy in a lab coat exclaiming, “Here’s scientific proof that communism really works!”

Do these people have any idea what they’re talking about? NASA used to be a prestige institution. Now they sound like a lot of political hacks who’d have trouble setting off a bottle rocket.

Do they even know what “inequality” means? Of course not. They’ve become mere left-wing chatterboxes. Have they even noticed that the poorest countries are the ones where the government does the most managing and controlling–North Korea, Zimbabwe, Cuba, and so on?

As for “strict control of population growth,” countries like Japan and a few others are already so far below the break-even birth rate, that they’re well on the way to extinction.

Let this explosion of twaddle from NASA be a lesson to those who cling to the belief that “scientists” are smarter and more honest than the rest of us. They’re just as depraved as the rest of us sinners, and just as unworthy of our trust.

Servants of Satan

For people whose chief mode of discourse consists of shouting and calling names, any time they encounter someone who doesn’t go along with them, libs ‘n’ progs and atheists and other specimens of the Far Left are surprisingly thin-skinned.

Like yesterday, when I referred to some of them as “servants of Satan,” there was a bit of yelling and screaming over that. Half of these people say they don’t believe in God anyhow, let alone the Devil–so what are they so riled up about?

Well, they seem to think it’s just me calling them names because they don’t agree with me.

Actually, there are a number of key moral issues in which God’s Word is clear and unambiguous–such as murder, adultery, homosexual acting-out, denial of Christ, and blasphemy against the Holy Ghost, to name a few. There is no verse in the Bible that endorses, justifies, defends, or promotes any of these behaviors. It’s not a matter of my opinion or interpretation. God has condemned these behaviors, and no two ways about it.

Being a servant of Satan involves more than just sinning. After all, we are all sinners; otherwise, we wouldn’t need a Savior. It’s like the difference between an ordinary homosexual, a sinner like the rest of us, and a flatline Protestant minister who performs same-sex parodies of marriage in his church. The latter is a servant of Satan. And in this day and age, we’ve raised up a bumper crop of them.

I don’t see why that should be hard to understand, except to those who don’t want to understand–maybe because a lot of their heroes are servants of Satan. Margaret Sanger, Richard Dawkins, Alfred Kinsey, the current occupier of the White House, Mikey Weinstein–we could spend a whole day listing them. But they are all servants of Satan, because they all preach and teach that evil is good, and good is evil; they all seek to nullify God’s laws; and they have all labored to create a world from which God’s laws are erased.

If that’s not serving Satan, what is?