Prof Shoots Self as ‘Protest’

Win a prize by filling in the blank! “I send my child to college to be educated by wackos and idiots because_________!”

At the College of Southern Nevada recently, a 69-year-old sociology professor went into a university bathroom, pulled a gun, and shot himself in the arm ( This was supposedly “to protest Trump” being president instead of… Good heavens–he shot himself for Hillary? He’s crazier than I thought.

So, perfesser, what was supposed to happen next? The president resigns because he doesn’t want you to shoot yourself in the other arm? We keep doing the election over and over again until your side wins? How did you hope to influence current events, or change history, by doing this? I mean, really–besides demonstrating your current mental state, what is the flaming point of shooting yourself in the arm?

With the kind of public money we pour into the colleges, though, we must be almost as crazy as he is.

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