Yiu can Ownly Eet Socile Jutstus Iyce Creem!!

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Welll our Stodent Soviet we “has” dunn a big Thing!! we has maked it a roole “that” fromb Now on on our Collidge Campas yiu “can” ownly has Benin Jary’s Iyce Creem becose that it “is” The ownly Iyce creem that is “fore” Socile Jutstus and Dyvercity!!!!!

We “are” goingto get “rid” of al other Kyndes of iyce Creamb and ownly has Benin Jary’s fromb now On becose “That” is how yiu get Dyvercity! Benin Jary’s thay ownly make iyce creemb that pro-motes Enviarmintle Juststus and thay aslo are “for” Peple of Culler and Wimmin and E-qualitty!!!! Aslo it must Be “good” becose it comes fromb Benin witch is sombware in Affricka rihght necks to Swizzerland!!!

We aslo maked it a roole that yiu “Has To” eet Benin Jary’s Iyce Crimb evry day!! and iff yiu dont wel that “is” hat speatch and thare Isnt “no Plaice” for Haters and Racists and Biggits on our Campas!!! and anny One who dont “do” waht we say,, thay whill be Flunked Out of Collidge!! but iff yiu do “eet” Benin Jary’s evry day thenn yiu Get All A”s pluss a ottomatick Deegree in Socile Jutstus and Dyvercity Studdies!!! How abote That!!!!

This hear Is waht We Do for Fredomb!!!!!

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