Bell Mountain (Bell Mountain, Vol. 1)Bell-Mountain-1400

The world is going to end … as soon as Jack and Ellayne ring the bell on top of Bell Mountain. No one has ever climbed the mountain, and no one has ever seen the bell. But the children have a divine calling to carry out the mission, and it sweeps them into high adventure.

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The Cellar Beneath the Cellar (Bell Mountain, Vol. 2)

A world’s future lies buried in its distant past. Barbarian armies swarm across the mountains, driven by a terrifying vision of a merciless war god on earth. While a nation rallies its defenses, a boy and a girl must find the holy writings that have been concealed for 2,000 years; and the man who was sent to kill them must now protect them at all costs.

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The Thunder King (Bell Mountain, Vol. 3)thunder_king

Can Obann be saved? Must the West’s great city fall to the barbarians? Welcome to the third book in The Bell Mountain Series!

The Thunder King’s vast army encamps against the city, a ring of fire and steel. But treason brews inside the city walls…

The tiny army of the Lord is on the march against the undefeated horde, in bold obedience, to a divine command; but the boy king, Ryons, marches all alone across an empty land. The Lost Book of Scripture have been found, but they may be lost again before the human race can read them. And Jack and Ellayne have been captured by the Heathen.

Prophets rise up in unexpected places, unlikely men and women perform deeds of desperate courage, and fantastic monsters stalk the night — while the Thunder King stretches forth his hand to seize the world.

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The Last Banquet (Bell Mountain, Vol. 4)LastBanquet1200

In the wake of a barbarian invasion, chaos sweeps across Obann. The boy king and his faithful chiefs try to restore order before the Heathen come again – not knowing that this time, the Thunder King himself will lead his armies.The Great Temple lies in ruins, but another Temple has arisen in the East. And the heroes of Bell Mountain, Jack, Ellayne, and Martis, captured by the Heathen Griffs, are to be brought before the Thunder King.What is the secret of the man behind the Thunder King’s golden mask? Who is the girl from an unknown northern island, swept all the way down to Obann by a storm? What will be the fate of the new nation being born in the foothills of Bell Mountain?Who will survive God’s shaking of the world?For the shaking of the kingdoms continues unabated…

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The Fugitive Prince (Bell Mountain, Vol. 5)FugitivePrince

The powers wielded by the men of ancient times destroyed all their cities in a single day. Will those powers now be turned against Obann?

There is a new Thunder King in the East, and new threats against the West. The City of Obann seethes with treason and plots against King Ryons – and an ignorant slave-boy must defend the rightful king’s throne. And from the Lost Book of King Ozias emerges the first glimmer of God’s promise of a Savior.

In an age of treason, with the Temple laid in ruins and no First Prester to lead it, what will be the fate of the man who betrayed the Temple to destruction? Will the nation turn to the New Temple in the East – or to the words of their God?

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The Palace (Bell Mountain, Vol. 6)palace450

In the sixth enstallment of the Bell Mountain Series, God’s judgment hangs over the great city of Obann; but in the endless maze of halls and corridors and offices inside the Palace, power-hungry men enter into secret dealings with Obann’s archenemy, the Thunder King.

Queen Gurun and the boy who doubles for King Ryons; Jack, kidnapped from his home and forced to serve the traitors plotting against the rightful king; and a new lord of Obann’s Temple, bearing a weapon with unthinkable powers of destruction… All are converging on the Palace.

For the first time in two thousand years, Obann will have a Coronation Day, and a king will wear his crown. But it is not the plotters’ attention that he shall wear it for long.

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The Glass Bridge (Bell Mountain, Vol. 7)glassbridge

In the seventh installment of the Bell Mountain Series, can faith do what pride and power can’t? In obedience to God, the boy king, Ryons, with only half his tiny army, crosses the mountains to invade the Thunder King’s domains.

The new First Prester, Lord Orth, a man of peace, is called to lead a savage nation in a war for freedom and survival—and to deliver God’s word to Heathen peoples who have never known it.

At the top of Golden Pass, wealth beyond calculation lies waiting for whoever can take it.

Will it be the king’s man, Baron Roshay Bault, or an unscrupulous lord with a renegade army behind him?

Confronted by perils they can barely understand, with no safe choices set before them, the heroes of Obann must risk their lives on the glass bridge that can only be crossed by faith.
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The Temple (Bell Mountain, Vol. 8)Temple

King Ryons has led his tiny army into the heart of the Thunder King’s dominion. Ahead lies the impregnable fortress of the enemy, defended by the destructive powers of the ancient world.

The First Prester, Lord Orth, continues his missionary work among the Heathen: for God has commanded him to establish a new Temple, one not made with human hands. But in the great city of Obann, they reject Orth’s vision and seek to rebuild the old Temple with tainted gold amassed for the Thunder King by crime and violence.

In Ryons’ absence, his enemies work to abolish his kingdom and restore the defeated Oligarchy. They now control a vast treasure in gold, to be used against the king, and no scruple hinders them. Can the boy king’s few remaining loyalists stop them? Can they protect the kingdom until the king returns to claim it?

That is, it the king returns at all: for the way to the Thunder King’s fortress is perilous beyond measure.
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The Throne (Bell Mountain, Vol. 9)thethrone

The Thunder King has been destroyed—or has he actually reappeared in Obann’s greatest city, to claim it as his prey?

In city and in forest, the boy king’s loyal servants struggle to preserve his throne. But it will be a long journey home for King Ryons and his army, while ambitious and unfaithful men scheme to take away his kingdom.

Nothing in the city of Obann is what it seems to be: evil masquerades as good, while good must hide behind a semblance of evil. The king’s chief spy must pose as the usurper’s trusted adviser—but will he be able to find the help he needs to mount a successful resistance?

For God has chosen Ryons to be king, and Ryons’ people must find friends in unexpected places.

Join the heroes of Bell Mountain as they fight for Ryon’s throne!

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The Silver Trumpet (Bell Mountain, Vol. 10)SilverTrumpet

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22 responses to “Books

  • liberatedexzombie

    Have you, or do you plan to, write any non-fiction books? I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts, but I find science-fiction tedious and distracting. Of the thousands of books I have read in the past sixty-plus years I have been a reader, the only fiction I have enjoyed (since my early teens) have been other-than science fiction. I would purchase and read non-fiction books that you might have written or might still write.

    • leeduigon

      Oh, I could write some non-fiction, but who would print it?

      I admit that much of science fiction is tedious. The good news is that my novels are fantasy, not science fiction. The bad news is that there is an enormous amount of fantasy that is not only tedious but totally idiotic.

      I wish you’d give my “Bell Mountain” a try and then get back to me. It costs practically nothing if you get it in Kindle format. I’d be very interested in your reaction.

      • Angela L

        I second your recommendation. I’m a very practical mom with no time to waste on junk fiction. But this series has such a strong allegorical purposefulness with a great plot, attention grabbing turns to the story, not too slow, not too fast … I can actually let myself enjoy the story without feeling like I wasted my day. I’m chomping at the bit to get a copy of volume 9!

      • Ben

        I am a fan of science fiction and fantasy, i have read your whole series and it is great. I think the way you blend the story along biblical lines is genius. I beleive that it is a great way to introduce children to teh bible itself. Cannot wait for 10. Thanks,

    • Shari Salzman

      I will say that I generally do not like fantasy either, but these books are great all of them one after the other through book 8 and then i just read book 9 yesterday. I love these books and cannot wait until book 10 comes out. I am a 62 year-old mom and grandma and very picky about the things I read. I say give them a try!

  • Tra Olive

    My 10 year old daughter enjoyed reading Bell Mountain. Thank you for writing it!

  • Linda

    hi your books look very interesting

  • Jaroc Swift

    Very good! I love the Last Banquet the best for now, since it was the most exciting book that I have yet encountered. Reading the Fugitive Prince now… your books are exciting!

  • Savannah Zimmerman

    I started reading through your series and have really enjoyed them! I’m on Book 5 now. I just started it Saturday(July 16th) and I am already about halfway through it. Thank you for writing these books! I look forward to reading the rest.

  • Shari Salzman

    I am a 61 year old homeschool mom and I love your Bell Mountain Series. I read 1-8 in a couple of weeks and will reread them now a bit slower! 🙂 I am anxiously awaiting #9. I normally don’t like fantasy that much, but your books are great and I have recommended them to others. Keep up the good work!

  • Tim

    Any idea when The Throne will be out as an E-Book? Thanks.

    • leeduigon

      I expect it pretty soon. The editor preparing it got a bit overworked, but she says the ebook will be coming soon. I would guess in another two weeks. I hope!

      • Tim

        Thanks for the quick response. I have family members (including myself) who are chomping at the bit to get hold of it… 🙂

  • Ingrid Dekker

    Hello Lee. I am involved in a Christian bookshop in Western Australia and having read your interview in the Reformed Perspective would love to stock your books. (It is very difficult to find great fiction books for (pre) teens so we get a bit excited when we hear of “new” ones) Does your bookstore have any arrangements for Bookshops? Do you know if the books are available in Australia at all.
    Ingrid Dekker

    • leeduigon

      Ingrid, you need to get in touch with The Chalcedon Foundation at the ministry’s offices in California, where my books are published. I’m sure they will be happy to make an arrangement with you.
      I’d rather not post phone numbers on this page, but if you can’t find their number on the Internet, please let me know via email at , and I’ll take care of it.

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