‘Did Jesus “Hate”?’ (2019)

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He didn’t want the moneychangers in His Father’s temple, and he didn’t want the Nicolaitanes in His churches: Jesus Christ Our Lord did NOT “accept,” “affirm,” or even tolerate everyone and everything.

Did Jesus ‘Hate’?

Time has erased the memory of what, exactly, the Nicolaitanes said or did that earned Christ’s condemnation: but the condemnation is in no uncertain terms, and He does use the word “hate” to describe how He feels about them and their teachings.

Maybe we’re better off not knowing what those were.

‘So What Are They Gonna Do About It?’ (2017)

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I like to run this piece around graduation time each year, as proof that normal people can win if they stand up to the crazies.

So What Are They Gonna Do About It?

“School officials” at Beaver High School, Pennsylvania, forbade the valedictorian from invoking the name of Jesus Christ. (“It’s against the law!” Oh, please: what law?) She praised Him anyway, and the audience gave her a long round of applause.

As it turned out, there was nothing the idiot “school officials” could do about it.

They want to throw you in jail for using “incorrect pronouns.”

They are evil. They are despicable. And if we ever found the courage to stand up to them, we’d wonder how we ever permitted these fools to frighten us.

By Request, ‘The Lighthouse’

We have a hymn request from Erlene: The Lighthouse, sung by John Starnes.

Jesus Christ is our lighthouse… and our Lord.

‘Our True Citizenship’

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Mark Rushdoony’s essay today, “Our True Citizenship,” reminds us that we have a higher citizenship in Christ’s Kingdom, above and beyond our earthly citizenship in the United States of America.


And if we were good citizens of both, the two would not conflict!

One line stands out: “[N]o matter what men do, the cause of Christ will move forward.”

Can we have an “Amen!” to that? It is, after all, the message of the Resurrection.

Bonus Hymn, ‘Hu Yavo (He Will Come)’

Requested by SlimJim: Hu Yavo means “He will come,”–and when He does, Our Lord Jesus Christ, you’d better believe He’ll sort it all out. This hymn seeks no compromise.

Sung by Joshua Aaron, performed live in Jerusalem at the Tower of David.

Memory Lane: Jesus’ Back Yard

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I grew up in a neighborhood where children freely wandered into neighbors’ yards, and even played games there. Nobody seemed to mind–except for my friend’s mother, next door. She took about 25 years to warm up to me.

One day, no one else around to play with, I went into my friend’s back yard to play in their sandbox. His mother came out and told me to get lost. “Don’t you understand that this is my yard, not yours?”

I think I was only four years old at the time. And my answer was, “It’s Jesus’ yard!”

What made me say that? I don’t know. All I do know is that Jesus Christ was as real to me as this neighbor. His picture hung in my house, as it did in the homes of all my family members. We sang “Jesus Loves Me” in Sunday nursery school. We said our prayers at night. And special prayers for special needs, like when you were scared of something.

I wasn’t propounding a theological argument. Of course it was Jesus’ yard. They were all Jesus’ yards. I was merely stating a fact. I wish I could remember how Mrs. G reacted to it. I don’t think she yelled at me.

Sometimes children are wiser than they ever know.

‘Election, 2024: Sure-Fire Predictions’ (2019)

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I don’t know why I was looking at 2024, with 2020 breathing down our necks–and what a disaster that’s turned out to be.

It’s amazing, though, what you can see in a jar of Miracle Whip.

Election, 2024: Sure-Fire Predictions

In Jesus’ time no nation had the right to change its government. You lived as best you could with what was imposed on you by brute force. You’d better believe His kingdom was not of this world. This one’s just a mess. He came to sort it out. In the meantime… ugh.

If elections are made corrupt and meaningless, we’ll be going back to that.

‘Mary Magdalene on Easter Morning’ (2015)

Christ Appears to Mary Magdalene on Easter Morning - Noli me tangere  Painting by Peter Paul Rubens

No! No nooze today. Let it be drowned out by the Good News–the resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Can you imagine what Mary Magdalene experienced, that very first Easter morning?

Mary Magdalene, on Easter Morning

She knew He was dead; she’d seen Him die. She was at the tomb to minister to the body. The ministry, the message, the miracles–it was all over. No more.

Then they found the stone rolled away, and the tomb empty. At that moment the world changed. It would never be the same again. Sin and Death are dethroned. Christ shall reign forever.

And then she saw Him, and He spoke to her…


‘Up from the Grave He Arose’

This has become one of my favorite Easter hymns–Up from the Grave He Arose, sung by the Voice of Eden–our brothers in Christ by way of south India. It was fun to sing this in Sunday school. It’s inspiring to hear it now.

By Request, ‘Via Dolorosa’

“Via Dolorosa” means “the Road of Suffering.” It was the road upon which Our Lord Jesus Christ traveled to the hill of Calvary.

Requested by Tessa, sung by Sandy Patti–Via Dolorosa.

Not an easy thing to contemplate.