‘Angels We Have Heard on High’

What gives this morning? No comments, no likes.

What? Is it too late for Christmas cheer?

I don’t think so. But let’s see who’ll hear the carol.

‘Light of the World’

Still sick, zero likes, zero comments–maybe a hymn by Charles Wesley can cheer things up around here. One of my favorite hymns: Light of the World, performed the old-fashioned way by Maddy Prior and the Carnival Band.

We thank you for your prayers.

‘What Part of Christmas Don’t They Understand?’ (2014)

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I wasn’t able to write a Newswithviews column this week. I worked so hard, finishing The Witch Box, that other jobs just piled up on me.

So here’s one from Christmas Day, seven years ago:


What? A Christmas column inspired by 1 Corinthians Chapter 1?

You bet.

Merry Christmas, everybody–and here’s to the day, by the grace and power of God, we get our freedom back.

A Favorite Old Carol: ‘Pat-A-Pan’

I just don’t have it in me to write up any nooze this afternoon. It’s dreary nooze out there. Who really wants to read it?

Instead, I offer up this old Burgundian Christmas carol which, to me, conjures up memories of sitting on the floor by the Christmas tree and loving it–Pat-a-Pan, sung by the Stairwell Carollers. I think they’re singing in Burgundian. Why not?

Christmas is coming. Christ the Savior is born. Someday the dreary nooze will stop. Let Our Lord Jesus Christ reign in our hearts, and pray for Him to reign on earth.

‘Light of the World’

This hymn was in my head all day yesterday. I hope you don’t mind my posting it again, it’s one of my favorites–Light of the World by Charles Wesley, sung by Maddy Prior and the Carnival Band.

If you’re new hear, we take as many hymn requests as we can get. If you have a hymn you’d like to share, just say so, leave it as a comment anywhere… and we’ll do the rest.

Antidote! ‘O Come, All Ye Faithful’

No, it’s not too early for a Christmas hymn! In fact, if you’ve read the previous post and seen that appalling video, there couldn’t be a better time for this–O Come, All Ye Faithful by the Kings College Choir at Cambridge University. And if I were to try to speak out loud just now, I’d burst into tears.

No, the devils haven’t won! Yes, they’re running wild just now, unrestrained in their wickedness, preying on the people they ought to protect: but Jesus Christ has come into the world, and will come again; and He will save us. In fact He’s here already, never farther than a prayer away.

It’s never too early for that.

‘Luke 8-Legion’ (Christian Blogger)

In “Luke 8-Legion,” at the Unashamed of Jesus blog, we revisit Jesus Christ Our Lord as he heals a man possessed by a whole legion of devils.

Luke 8- Legion

The kicker is unexpected: having seen this miracle of healing–proof positive that Jesus is the Son of God–the people are suddenly afraid of Him and beg Him to leave!

Were they afraid of their own salvation? That’s something to think about.

Note: I continue to display work by my fellow Christian bloggers. Really, we have to help each other to get the message out. None of us can do it alone.

‘Gaudete’ (‘Rejoice!’)

I usually save this for Christmas–Gaudete (“Rejoice”), a medieval carol performed by the Choir of Clare College, Cambridge, and the London Cello Orchestra–but has this fallen world ever needed Christ the Savior more than it needs Him now? “Rejoice, for Christ is born of Mary!”

That was the only “reset” that mattered.

‘Luke 6–Jesus Is Our Rock’ (Christian Blogger)

I’m still saying Christian bloggers have to help each other. There are people out there who are trying to keep our message from getting out. They suppress our readership. But we can help each other by re-posting or re-blogging each other’s posts.

We have this from the “Unashamed of Jesus” blog:

Luke 6- Jesus Is Our Rock

Why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say? (Luke 6:46-48)

This is a serious question that Jesus asks, and you can be sure He’s still asking it today. Anyone can call himself a Christian–and then go out and ignore the Lord’s teaching… or even actively oppose it.

Jesus warns us not to build on sand, without Him as the foundation. He warns us not to put our faith in things of this world, because that foundation will surely fail us when we need it most.

But to build on Him, and on His word, is to build upon a rock; and that foundation will endure.

By Special Request, ‘The Hallelujah Chorus’

Phoebe has requested The Hallelujah Chorus, from Handel’s Messiah, even though it isn’t Christmas time; and I am glad to post it. This is the Royal Chorale Society, at the Royal Albert Hall.

We proclaim the Lordship of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, King of kings and Lord of lords: we proclaim his kingship over heaven and earth: to whom every knee must bow, and every tongue confess Him Lord.

We have no king but Christ!