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By Request, ‘Faith of Our Fathers’

Phoebe requested Faith of Our Fathers–the real one, with “in spite of dungeon, fire and sword.” I think of the souls waiting below the altar in Revelation 5: 9-11. God will avenge His saints.

This plainsong version is presented by Brother Alphonsus.

By Request, ‘May the Peoples Praise You’

This is another worship song by Keith and Kristyn Getty, requested by Susan–May the Peoples Praise You.

I’ve been recycling a lot of my favorite hymns lately, so readers’ hymn requests are much appreciated: they bring in hymns I haven’t heard before. So if you have a hymn request, the ol’ hymn shop’s always open.

By Request, ‘O Church Arise’

I was hoping for some hymn requests, and we have this one from Susan: O Church Arise, by Keith and Kristyn Getty with an assist from Chris Tomlin. Inspired by Isaiah Chapter 60, “Arise, shine, for thy light has come.”

By Request, ‘Joy to the World’

Christmas in July? Well, I don’t turn down hymn requests. Requested by Joshua, Joy to the World, performed by Jannik and David Doring, on pan-flute and guitar.

I admit I’m partial to Christmas music all year round.

By Request, ‘It Is Well with My Soul’

Requested by Erlene, It Is Well with My Soul, performed in an empty silo–how did they ever think of that?–by Sounds Like Reign. Great acoustics in there, with singers who know how to take full advantage of it: and glorifying God as they sing.

By Request, ‘I Want My Life to Bring Glory to God’

I can’t always find the hymns I’m asked to post, but I do the best I can. This is for Erlene, I Want My Life to Bring Glory to God–but I don’t know who this is who’s singing it, and I don’t know where they are. But at least the title’s right!

By Request, ‘All Glory, Laud, and Honor’

(Okay, we’ve got this computer working again–kind of, sort of–and let’s pray it’ll keep working.)

Finally I know the name of this hymn! Requested by Joshua, All Glory, Laud, and Honor, sung by the congregation at Grace Community Church. Does anybody know if this is John MacArthur’s church?

By Request, ‘His Mercy is More’

Susan has been coming up with some wonderful new hymns for us lately, like this one: His Mercy Is More, by Keith and Kristyn Getty, performed here by Matt Papa and Matt Boswell. “Our sins they are many, His mercy is more.” They got that right!

By Request, ‘Have Thine Own Way, Lord’

Here’s another new video from Fountainview Academy, this one requested by Lydia (the hymn shop’s always open)–Have Thine Own Way, Lord. I remember this one from Sunday school.

By Request, ‘My Worth Is Not in What I Own’

Boy, was my soul ready for this!

Requested by Susan, My Worth Is Not in What I Own, by Fernando Ortega with Keith and Kristyn Getty. Feel free to play it more than once!

Yeah, this is more of that gospel foolishness that Real Smart People laugh at.

But we know the foolishness of God is wiser than men–by a long shot.

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