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By Request, ‘I Surrender All’

Erlene asked for this one, I Surrender All. I hope you like this rendition by the Newsboys.

“All to Jesus I surrender”–there has never been a better strategy for staying sane. The very name of Jesus Christ is wholesome to us.

By Request, ‘Rock of Ages’

Rock of Ages, by Rev. A.M. Toplady, was first published in 1775 and has remained popular ever since–but you’ve never heard it sung like this before. Requested by Joshua: Rock of Ages, sung a capella by GLAD.

By Request, ‘Blessed Are Those Who’ve Never Seen’

Thomas believed in Jesus because he saw the wounds in His hands and feet and side; but Jesus said, as the hymn tells us, “Blessed are those who have not seen, and believe.”

Requested by Erlene, Blessed Are Those Who’ve Never Seen, by Carroll Roberson.

Sanity Break, ‘The Love of God’

Enough already with the politics! Happily, a hymn request popped up. Let’s go there instead.

Requested by Erlene, The Love of God, by the Gaither Vocal Band. Wow! Can these guys sing, or what? Make a joyful noise unto the Lord!

By Request, ‘God’s Own Child, I Gladly Say It’

Here’s one I’d never heard before, from the 17th century–God’s Own Child, I Gladly Say It, sung here by a traditional children’s choir. Requested by TheWhiteRabbit.

By Request, ‘How Firm a Foundation’

Requested by Joshua: How Firm a Foundation, sung by Francis Ortega.

I have to admit I was feeling a little overwhelmed, this morning, by all the bad nooze out there. They really are purposely trying to destroy our civilization.

But this hymn is a tonic. Drink up and get back to work! We have a war to win for our King.

By Request, ‘May the Mind of Christ My Savior’

Susan asked for this one, after having heard it for the first time in church this weekend: May the Mind of Christ My Savior, by Jake Amerding.

If you’re new here, we take hymn requests every day. If you have a hymn you’d like to share, make your request by leaving a comment anywhere. If I can find the video, I’ll post it.

‘Abide With Me’ (the Other Half)

Here’s the hymn that Dave requested, only performed by the Antrim Mennonite Choir–Abide With Me.

If you’re new here: we take hymn requests, and I do my best to find the ones you ask for.

But they’re all good that glorify God.

‘In the Sweet By and By’ (Half a Request)

TheWhiteRabbit asked for Abide With Me by Nathan and Lloyd et al, but although they had some new videos up on Youtube, they didn’t have that. So I guess the best I can do is give you first the singers you requested, and then the hymn.

By Request, ‘At the Cross’

Requested by Erlene–At the Cross, sung by the congregation at The Church of God. This is a classic written by Isaac Watts, published in 1707… and still going strong!

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