By Request, ‘Because He Lives’

Requested by “Thewhiterabbit”: this is the Gaither Vocal Band, with help from their live audience, going to town on Because He Lives. We start another blogging day with praise of the Lord.

By Request, ‘In the Garden’

Phoebe asked for this hymn, and that’s one of the jobs we do, so here it is–In the Garden, sung by Alan Jackson: with lyrics, too.

Consider this a sanity break. So much evil, so much madness out there…

‘By the Mark’

We have this from my chess buddy, “Ohio Chess Fan”–By the Mark, performed by Dailey and Vincent, presented by Bill and Gloria Gaither.

Remember, the hymn shop’s open all day, open to all. If you have a favorite hymn you’d like to share, just let us know.

By Request: ‘Holy, Holy, Holy’

Requested by “Thewhiterabbit,” an old church and Sunday school favorite–Holy, Holy, Holy, sung by the Altar of Praise Men’s Chorale. Background sets by God the Father, maker of heaven and earth.

By Request, ‘Fairest Lord Jesus’

This is a good old Sunday school favorite. Our church’s hymnal said it went back to the Middle Ages.

Fairest Lord Jesus–requested by “Thewhiterabbit,” sung by kids from the Fountainview Academy.

By Request, ‘Great Are You, Lord’

When I great hymn request at night, I hold it over to the next morning. I can’t keep track of everybody’s time zones.

Requested by SlimJim, Great Are You, Lord, performed by All Sons & Daughters.

Keep ’em coming, folks. It’s snowing and icing and sleeting out, and I seem to be stuck here today–might as well work, can’t get to the grocery store.

By Request, ‘Blessed Are Those Who’ve Never Seen’

This hymn by Carroll Roberson is based on Scripture: the story of Thomas’ doubt of Christ’s resurrection, told in John 20:26-29.

Requested by Erlene.

By Request: ‘An Evening Prayer’

Well, we do have a hymn request by now, from Erlene–An Evening Prayer, by Carroll Roberson.

Still wondering why no one viewed the morning’s hymn today…

By Request, ‘How Great Thou Art’

Requested by “Thewhiterabbit,” How Great Thou Art–and I chose this rendition by Alan Jackson. My granda and my mother both used to sing this as they did their housework. How we long for the presence of the Lord, sometimes!

Beautiful Bonus Hymn, ‘Oh, the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus’

We have to thank Joshua for requesting this–Oh, the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus, sung by Audrey Assad and Fernando Ortega. Another lovely hymn, Morning Has Broken, also goes with this melody.

I’ve been scanning and listening to nooze this morning, lacerating my soul. But this hymn shares the good news that heals the soul.