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My Newswithviews Column, March 21 (‘They’re Coming for Your Kids’)

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I will always hate it when adults put children in the front lines of their political battles. But of course liberals do that all the time.


Democrats want an end to our republic, and they mean to get it. Currently, Climbit Chainge is their ticket to ride. If something better comes along, they’ll drop Climate Change like a hot potato. But what could be better than the end of the world? Like, we’re all gonna die these horrible deaths unless we give government absolute power over every flamin’ nuance of our lives…

Dems’ Yang Has Plan to Make Nooze Media Even Worse

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Ah, the good old days, when government owned the news!

Andrew Yang is a pip, and he wants to be the Democrats’ 2020 candidate for president. So first he comes out with a scheme to give every person “in” America–we think “in” includes people who are here illegally–$1,000 a month; and now he’s got a plan for the federal government to take over the news industry (https://townhall.com/columnists/terryjeffrey/2019/03/20/a-coming-attack-on-freedom-of-speech-n2543404).

In Russia they called it “Pravda.”

Waxing nostalgic for “the days of three major networks and a few news programs that said the same thing,” Mr. Stalin–er, Yang–wants to lay down “rules” for any news reporting or commentary on the social media, and appoint a commissar–er, “ombudsman”–to “identify sources of spurious information that are associated with foreign nationals.” Uh-huh. There’s that pesky Russian collusion again! Boo-hoo, Hillary shoulda been president!

Where was I? Oh–Mr. Yang says “fake news and misinformation spread via social media threatens to undermine our democracy.” Actually we have a constitutional republic, not a democracy; but don’t tell him that. There’s much too much “fragmentation of media,” he says, so we’ve got to “re-unify the media.”

What planet is he on? Well, you can never have too much censorship, can you? There should be no news outlets friendly to conservatism, to Donald Trump, or to anything or anyone else that Mr. Yang and his Far Left playmates don’t endorse.

He has also proposed to create a billion-dollar fund of government money for “local journalism.” Journalism that the government likes will be rewarded. It’s sort of a plan for the government to buy the subservience of journalism–not that there’s all that much “journalism” out there that isn’t already abjectly subservient to the Democrat Party.

Man, I’m tired of covering this nooze. Is there any Democrat out there who’s not crazy? Who’s not a flaming communist? Who’s not trying to turn this country into a Venezuela with cold winters? Oh, there are–only they’re just invisible and silent?

Imagine waking up in the kind of America they’re trying to create.

How anybody but a lunatic, a fool, or a villain can vote for any of this stuff is way beyond me.

The Secret Democrat Hate List

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A totally unreliable source has leaked this document to our blog. Here it is.

From: “Bill” Zebubb, consultant

Confidential to: all Democratic office-holders, candidates, operatives, and imps

Hi, everybody! As you all know, we are the party that hates hate! The Republicans are the Haters, not us. Everybody understands that; but even so, a few of us seem a little confused about who we’re allowed to hate and who we’re not. And remember, it’s not “hate” when it comes from us! It’s “justice.”

To make sure the party doesn’t suddenly tip over and capsize, I have provided a short list of people we’re allowed to hate because it isn’t really hate to hate them. To wit:

White people in general; white males; straight white males; white women married to white males; all white persons over the age of 40 (except for our party’s leaders, and entertainers, etc.); all Republicans and their families; Republicans’ dogs and cats; smokers; babies who are being born (remember, it’s not a person: just part of the woman’s body); The Rich (except for our own party’s leaders, athletes who criticize America, movie stars, and TV news anchors: please remember never to diss them!); Christians; Israel; Jews who support Israel; Jews who are not atheists; and, in short, anybody else who isn’t us.

Until further notice, everybody, it’s open season on all of the above; but let’s remember to lay off the nasty cracks about our own party leadership, a la David Hogg. David who? you say. We made him go away; and we can make a certain AOC go away, too: a word to the wise is sufficient.

Remember–His Infernal Majesty is always watching! It’s his Democrat Party now, so handle it with care.

Feinstein: Require Schools to ‘Teach’ Climate Change

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Here’s more mischief that has to be stopped: Senator Diane Feinstein has proposed a “Climate Change Education Act” that would require public school teachers to teach “human-induced climate change” in every school in America (https://www.breitbart.com/environment/2019/02/20/dianne-feinstein-pushes-funding-for-climate-change-indoctrination/).

Here we go again with the “immediate danger” of imaginary “climate change.” Teachers will have to be trained and mobilized (more money! more money!) to convince American children that the “evidence for human-induced climate change is overwhelming and undeniable.

So no one is denying it? Coulda fooled me! And the evidence is not so much “overwhelming” as it is cherry-picked and manufactured.

Climate Change, which used to be “Global Warming,” is the religion of humanism’s End Times scenario, to be averted by ponying up higher taxes and giving government vast new powers that it doesn’t have. To require it to be taught in all our schools can be seen as an unconstitutional attempt to establish a religion.

Our public schools and universities are the temples of humanism, and teachers’ unions and college professors are its priesthood.

The 2016 Democrat platform proposed to give the attorney general power to “investigate” the supposed “crime” of “climate change denial.” Got that? It would be made against the law to disbelieve in man-made climate change. No First Amendment for you! Whoever has the keys to the jail house would get to decide what constitutes the settled science.

There is no bigger threat to America’s survival as a free country than the Democrat Party.

Lower the Voting Age to 16?

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Generally I try to avoid discussing any politics on Sunday. I try to follow the example of Judas the Maccabee who, although he was fighting for his nation’s life, still wouldn’t fight on the Sabbath except in self-defense.

I’ll make this brief. I mention it because it just might be one of those things they put over on us while we’re looking the other way and then, when it’s too late, we wonder how they did it.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (Far Left-California) says she wants to see the voting age lowered to 16 (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6810889/Pelosi-wants-voting-age-lowered-16-capture-kids-high-school.html). She tried to insert the measure into an “anti-corruption bill”–the hypocrisy could actually suffocate you–but couldn’t quite manage it.

In one of those rare moments when a Democrat accidentally says something that is true, Pelosi explained why she wants to do this:

“It’s really important to capture kids when they’re in high school.”

“Capture”? Did she say “capture”? Well, public education has already done that!

There is more that needs to be said about this republic-killing proposal, but I’ll save it for tomorrow.

‘Testicular Bill of Rights’: Legislation or Satire?

Read the ‘testicular bill of rights,’ one lawmaker’s answer to antiabortion legislation

(Oh, please…!)

We think it’s satire; but then a lot of what Democrats say and do these days looks like satire, but it isn’t.

The Georgia Legislature passed a “heartbeat law” forbidding abortions after six weeks, when the baby develops a heartbeat. Unable to prevent the legislation, Georgia Democrats–they really do hate babies–cooked up some legislation of their own: a “testicular bill of rights.” (http://en.protothema.gr/us-dems-propose-bill-requiring-men-to-call-police-before-releasing-sperm/) We think they did it as a protest, not a bill requiring serious consideration, but we could be wrong.

Here are the bill’s provisions.

*A man would need permission from his “sex partner” to buy Viagra

*Outlaw vasectomies

*Sex without  a condom would be “aggravated assault”

*Child support to start as soon as a DNA test can confirm the baby’s father, to be administered one day after the heartbeat is detected. (Actually, that’s not a bad idea. I’d vote for it.)

*24-hour “waiting period” before a man can buy porn or sex toys. At one of those creepy little shops…

*Require any man 55 or older to “immediately report to the county sheriff or local law enforcement agency” whenever he “releases sperm from his testicles.” Of course, he could get around this by releasing sperm from some other part of his body. Ugh.

To make their point, Democrats posed outside the state house wearing costumes a la “The Handmaid’s Tale,” the leftid horror fantasy about poor oppressed women forced to have babies instead of aborting them like any normal feminist would do.

Again, it seems a pretty good bet that this so-called legislation is not a serious attempt at making law, but rather intended as a take-off and a protest. But again, who can be sure? Democrats hate babies. Democrats hate men. And they’re not entirely sane. So just watch out.

Ocasio-Cortez: Capitalism ‘Irredeemable’

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Now be honest–do you really want her running the country?

It was a striking juxtaposition on the front page of the Drudge Report, Sunday night.

Up top, the lead story was the total loss of electric power in Caracas, the capital city of socialist hell-hole Venezuela.

A few inches below, first-year Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, self-proclaimed socialist and the new face of the Democrat Party, blasted capitalism as “irredeemable” (https://news.yahoo.com/ocasio-cortez-blasts-capitalism-irredeemable-013149145.html). That’s ’cause it equals “income inequality.” And Global Warming.

Yeah, Craze–but we’ve got electricity, and your socialist buddies don’t. That should tell you something.

Is it really necessary to remind anyone that “income equality” is a fantasy? Even in socialist countries where everyone is poor, the glorious leaders aren’t. You can bet your private jet on that.

Now They’ve Got to Feed the Monster

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In the wake of one of their new, Far Left Crazy representatives spewing out anti-Israel, anti-Jewish comments, the Democrat establishment proposes to take refuge in “a measure denouncing bigotry” (https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-03-07/democrats-settle-for-anti-hate-resolution-after-furor-over-omar). Yes, they’re going to go on record that they hate “hate.” As opposed to all those other Congress members who are in favor of hate.

They could have censured this first-year Congresswoman, and even kicked her off the committee she’s on, but they didn’t. Then they were going to propose a non-binding resolution–I love those, they’re so gutsy–stating their disapproval of anti-Semitism, but they didn’t do that, either, for fear of being perceived as singling out the only representative who’s been making anti-Semitic speeches. She’s a woman and a Muslim, and therefor untouchable: two Cherished Minorities in one.

So now they’re going to take the bold step of hating hate.

Y’know, they asked for this. For two years after Donald Trump’s election as president, they’ve been pitching daily hissy-fits and throwing open their door to any Far Left kook who came along. When Antifa rioted, when left-wing hooligans harassed Republicans in public places and deposited the bodies of dead animals on the doorsteps of their homes, when a Bernie Sanders groupie opened fire on some Republican Congressmen innocently playing baseball, and almost killed one–while all those things happened, House Democrats never spoke a single word against it. Did they think those incidents were not hateful? Or is hate only hate when someone who’s not a leftid says it or does it? If you get the answer to that question wrong, you don’t understand the Democrats.

Killing babies as they’re being born–that’s not hate. Lying and cheating and trying to overthrow our president–nope, no hate there! Branding everyone who’s not them “deplorables” and “white supremacists” and “facists”–no hate there, comrades!

If we could ever harness Democrat hypocrisy as a source of energy, we’d never need another drop of gasoline again.

So now they’ve got a coven of crazies in the Congress coming out with all that crazy rhetoric, and they don’t dare try to rein it in. They created this monster, and now they’ve got to feed it: because if they don’t, it’ll turn on them and eat them.

Austerity for Thee but not for Me

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If you look inside the crook of his right elbow, you can see a nice big juicy hamburger on a platter–just the kind of meal us peasants shouldn’t be allowed to have.

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, whose name means “ridiculous” in Japanese, has famously told us that we “shouldn’t” eat hamburgers anymore, ’cause we gotta Save The Planet from cow farts or something.

Only she was photographed at a restaurant the other night, with her chief of staff, and her chief of staff was chowing down on a nice big burger (https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2019/02/ocasiocortez_freaks_out_when_photographed_with_chief_of_staff_eating_forbidden_hamburger.html).

What? It’s OK for politicians and their hangers-on to have a burger, but not for us?

Naturally the photographer posted the pictures on Twitter, touching off a storm of comments pertaining to Ridiculous and her hypocrisy. Like, who’s surprised? Like, who ever saw a liberal practicing austerity? And don’t go telling me John Kerry had a pretty plain and humble yacht, as yachts go.

So she called the photographer “creepy” for taking her picture in a public place, doing something she says we shouldn’t do, objected strenuously, and then maybe went out and had a couple of cheese-steaks.

What Does the Poll Mean?

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To hear the nooze media and Hollywood tell it, we Americans are a Far Left Crazy nation with a handful of deplorables colluding with the Russians to stop progress. But Gallup’s tracking poll says we conservatives outnumber liberals, nationally, by nine percentage points.

Nine points, to put it as simply as I can, is not enough.

Nine points is not enough to overcome voter fraud, corrupt government agencies who’d rather play politics than do what we pay them for,  the hostile nooze and “entertainment” media, neo-Stalinist colleges, public schools controlled by Far Left teachers’ unions, and the natural inclination of normal people to live their lives and ignore the freakin’ politics.

We should be uneasy with the fact that Democrats last year took over the House of Representatives after two solid years of public tantrums that should have massively alienated normal people. Antifa riots, the Kavanagh hearings, “The Problem of Whiteness” workshops in virtually all of our publicly-funded universities–really, what do these people have to do to get our dander up?

Be warned. If Democrats ever again take control of the government, they’ll never let go: we’ll be stuck with them for the rest of our lives. There are things we must do, starting now and going all the way, to prevent the 2020 elections from being a disaster.

Go to the polls if you have to drag yourselves on hands and knees, and vote for every Republican on the ballot. Even the ones that stink: we can deal with them later.

Do not waste a vote on some quixotic third-party candidate.

If you have friends or family members who might vote Democrat, work on them until they cry for mercy.

And in the long run, take your children out of public schools before they’re totally brainwashed, and don’t send them off to any Far Left university where their professors will finish the job on them.

What? You want the Green New Deal? You want Open Borders? You want all that stuff the Dems are pushing?

God help us if you get it.


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