‘Who Do These People Think They Are?’ (2019)

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“You’re all racists, and you know it. Vote Democrat and wash away your guilt!

Any minute now, we’ll be launched into the race-baiting portion of our 2024 national elections… Everyone’s a Racist but the Democrat candidate. And America’s a racist hell-hole.

Here’s how it’s done, vintage 2020:

Who Do These People Think They Are?

Yep! All it takes is a Democrat demogogue to “Explain” to us white folks just how bad and low-down we are, and we will self-hate ourselves into a utopia.

Run by Them. Always by Them, for Their benefit.

‘We Want Our History’ (2017)

Image result for images of book burning

Good little Germans burning books! That’s how it always starts.

Statue-toppling and book-burning seem to stop whenever a Democrat slimes his way into the White House–almost as if these incidents were actually directed by the Party,

We Want Our History

Only cowards and creeps make war on the dead. Democrats do it because they want us all to hate our country as much as they do.

Merciful heaven, I’m tired of this! They hate “hate” and I hate their hating hate.

God grant there’s enough of our country left next year to wipe out the Democrat Party forever.

‘How Wacko Dems Will Reach Out to America’ (2017)

Fact Check: Viral Photo of Joe Biden Looking 'Embalmed'

“Listen up, you fascists…”

This is six years later, and we’ve got SloJo calling half of us “fascists.” Like he would know a fascist from a hot tub. Really, Joe–just look in the mirror.

How Wacko Dems Will Reach Out to America

Yeah, they’ve made a lot of progress since then, reaching out to us normal people. Threats of jail time for using “wrong pronouns.” Jail for “Climate Change Denial.” Jail for just the hell of it. Don’t let them find out you didn’t vote for them.

The enduring symbol of this age will be Biden falling up the steps of Air Force One.

Kerry: Confiscate Farms

Too bad it wasn’t a vacuum cleaner.

How to capture, in words, the hypocritical vileness that is John Kerry? I’m not sure I can; but maybe his own words can.

This America-hating Far Left fossil, who was almost president once, says the federal government just might have to confiscate farmlands and put the farmers out of business… To Save The Planet From Climate Change, of course (https://tunerbn.com/hypocrite-john-kerry-declares-war-on-us-farmers-govt-farm-confiscations-not-off-the-table/).

Nope, confiscating farms is definitely “Not off the table,” the crawling worm said at the ongoing “Climate Summit.” Under one scenario he entertained, farmers would either have to sell their land to the government or be removed by force.

This is why we have the Second Amendment, our God-given right to bear arms. Take the land from my cold, dead fingers, Lurch!

Oh, but they’ll sic the military on us!

And maybe the military, rather than make war on their families and neighbors, might just turn around and bite The Government in the ass.

Listen, Lurch. I don’t care what they do in Holland or anywhere else in Europe. We have a Constitution that says you cannot do that here. What you need is a damned good flogging, confiscation of all your assets in America, and perpetual banishment–if you come back, we shoot you.

St. Patrick drove the snakes from Ireland.

Who will drive them out of Washington?

[P.S.–Yes, I know the equation: No farms = No food= Human race dies out. That’s probably not off the table, either.]

My Newswithviews Column, Feb. 23 (‘Non-Presidents’ Day’)

Could Democrats really destroy Mount Rushmore? - Quora

Mount Blushmore, for Democrat non-presidents

It occurs to me now that we could actually create a monument to these three villains who never got to be president. We could call it Mount Blushmore. They could add Pocahontas Warren to make a fourth.

Non-Presidents’ Day

Gore, Kerry, and Hillary Clinton–how lucky can you get, to have had none of those in office? We staggered through eight years of Obama. Now all we have to do is somehow survive Biden.

A revival has started. God is giving us a chance for national repentance and reform. Let’s not waste it.

It’s Election Day

237,463 Scary Eyes Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

And here we are again, waiting to see the fate of our country decided… by whom, we aren’t quite sure. I haven’t had the heart, yet, to visit any nooze sites.

There are things waiting to come out of the dark and savage us. Democrats have already imposed on us race-baiting in the public schools, transgender mania, non-existent borders, towering inflation, military defeat in Afghanistan (we haven’t forgotten that, have we?), censorship–need I go on? Do you think we can take much more of this and still be America? But then SloJo Biden, our so-called president, says “There’s nothing special about being an American.”

It’s also my wife’s birthday. Helluva day to have a birthday.

We are governed by people who hate us, hate our traditions, hate our God, and hate our country and want to turn it into a one-party top-down Far Left anti-Christian hell-hole. I have just described the Democrat Party.

Look at the damage they’ve done in just two years.

Pray for repentance–these things have come upon us as the result of our sin, our arrogance. We really have to stop doing the kind of stupid, evil stuff that got us this far down the road to oblivion.

May the almighty, all-righteous God save us for His great name’s sake! Amen.


*THIS* Is Our President??

Consider this quote by a man who is supposedly the president of the United States of America.

“There’s nothing special about being an American. None of you can define for me what an American is.”

I’m sitting here speechless. The day before Election Day, and this mummy says he doesn’t know what an American is? Just how far out to lunch is he?

For how long will we allow ourselves to be governed by persons who not only despise us, but don’t even know who we are? Can he find this country on a map? Does he look out on a busy street and think he’s looking at Beijing?

Words fail me.

‘”Save Our Democracy”‘ (2018)

Save Democracy Vote Democratic Double Sided Yard Sign, Protest Sign

God forbid

They taught Civics when my mother went to school. Kids were expected to learn how the country was supposed to work.

Now they teach what we could justly call “anti-civics”–heaped-up piles of pure crapola, mostly based on Democrat slogans, none of which venture anywhere near truth.

‘Save Our Democracy’

“Save our democracy” was a big slogan in the 2018 midterm elections and will be even bigger this time out, with their so-called president barking and hooting it. The fact that we do not have a “democracy,” that by law we have a republic, has never registered with Democrats.

Could we please not elect these people anymore? Haven’t they done enough damage to America? Why in the world would anyone want to see more?

Court Snuffs DACA, Dems Pitch Hissy Fit

46 and Done: Why Joe Biden Should Be Our Last President | The Nation

Gee whiz! Didn’t this guy used to love court decisions?

A federal appeals court has struck down “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals”–which allowed persons who came here illegally as children to remain indefinitely–ruling that the policy had been “illegally implemented by the Obama administration” (https://www.foxnews.com/politics/biden-scolds-maga-republicans-5th-circuit-court-strikes-down-daca-orders-new-applicants). (Ya think?)

The court said they weren’t going to kick anybody out of the country, but DACA can’t be used anymore to bring in more illegal aliens. Some 600,000 persons would be allowed to stay–although, having come here illegally, they would not be citizens.

Which has Democrats screaming bloody murder. Curses, foiled again! SloJo Biden blames “MAGA Republicans” for action against what liberals sickeningly call “Dreamers.” The “dream” is free stuff for them and free votes for Dems. For everybody else it’s just more nightmare.

Look–if someone was brought here illegally as a babe in arms, it’s hardly humane, twenty years later, to kick him out. The court is not calling for that. There may even be a way to eventually grant them citizenship without violating justice or common sense. But neither of those is ever at play in any Democrat activity.

Meanwhile… anything that makes Biden and his mob scream is very likely a good thing.

Another Experiment in Fascism

Benito Mussolini | Biography, Definition, Facts, Rise ...

Mussolini, thou art mighty yet!

Reminder: “Fascism” is the term for when authoritarian government allies with a few favored Big Business cronies to dominate and enslave the people.

Just the News has reported that government agencies, led by the Dept. of Homeland Security and the State Dept., collaborated with “private” agencies (including the Democrat National Committee [of course], Common Cause, and the NAACP) to censor into silence at least 20 million conservative posts on social media (https://justthenews.com/government/federal-agencies/biden-administration-rewarded-private-entities-got-2020-election).

Let’s state it as simply as possible:

The First Amendment to the Constitution forbids government from abridging free speech.

The government, especially Democrats in government, want very badly to abridge free speech.

To avoid breaking the law themselves, they find or create allies in the private sector who will do their dirty work for them. In this way they silence dissent while keeping themselves clear of actual lawbreaking–although why they should ever be afraid of legal consequences is a mystery to me. (P.S.: The Biden administration has paid out millions of dollars in public moneys to private entities censoring America.)

And so The Regime has found a way to nullify the First Amendment, and have gotten away with it so far, and expects to get away with it again, going into November’s midterm elections. There have been no consequences to our political class; they have acted against the American people with complete impunity.

“Outsourcing censorship”–brilliant! Mussolini would be proud.