It’s Columbus Day

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Far Left Crazy is wailing and gnashing its teeth today, as normal people celebrate Christopher Columbus’ successful crossing of the Atlantic Ocean.

It was an incredibly brave thing for anyone to do in 1492, but Columbus did have grounds for believing that it could be done–sail into the west to get to the Far East. Educated persons had believed in a spherical earth for over 1,500 years. Sometime around 240 B.C., Eratosthenes accurately calculated the globe’s circumference. And in all likelihood Columbus had heard of the Norse discoveries of Vineland. So it’s hardly likely he was afraid of sailing off the edge of a flat earth.

His voyage led directly to the founding of our own country–an unrelieved disaster, according to liberals. I wonder what you’d hear if you were to sit in on public school today. Actually, I don’t wonder that hard; I think I already have a pretty good idea of what I’d hear. They’ll either pretend there never was any such person as Columbus, or indulge in an orgy of America-bashing. That’s those teachers’ unions that cost us so much freakin’ money.

As for those who believe America is a historical tragedy and a hell-hole–well, I’d buy you a ticket to Venezuela if I thought you’d stay there. But you’d only come back and complain some more.

My Writing Day (Huff-Puff-Pant!)

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Okay! I’ve written half a dozen blog posts, finished another chapter of The Witch Box, and now have to write this week’s Newswithviews piece. And it’s already 1:30.

I can’t avoid writing about the arrogance of America’s school boards, their contempt for the people who elected them and who pay for these wretched public schools, and for their continuing efforts to poison children’s minds with “Critical Race Theory” and transgenderism–just to name two money-wasting abominations. These matters must be addressed, and the abuse of America’s children stopped cold.

I remember when our local school boards actually represented the communities they served. Where did that go? Swallowed up by state and federal government! Now our school boards have asked the Justice Dept. to sic the FBI on us. Because we have dared to reject their agenda.

This must not stand.

And now to work!

Parents Are Domestic Terrorists? Hostile Regime Gets Pushback

So parents who don’t want public schools to teach their children Critical Race Theory and transgenderism are “domestic terrorists”? And the Attorney General has ordered the FBI to “investigate” them? (God help us, I remember when the FBI used to investigate gangsters, not parents!)

So, yeah, they’re gonna investigate all these alleged “threats” made by angry parents, not one of which has been carried out. We already know how leftids like to create phony “hate crimes” so they can pretend to be victims.

Meanwhile, parents and their representatives are already pushing back.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis says Florida will protect its citizens’ free speech rights–period!

Sen. Josh Hawley chastised a Justice Dept. minion in the Senate yesterday.

And parents’ groups, headed by Parents Defending Education (over 400,000 members already) are hopping mad at The Regime for “criminalizing parenting” ( The school boards that begged The Regime to unleash the FBI against parents who don’t like the curriculum “refuse to listen” to the people they’re supposed to represent. They also point out that Attorney General Merrick Garland’s daughter works for a big company that sells materials for CRT classroom lessons.

I’ll have more to say about this later, it’s too much for one blog post.

Heaven forbid America’s parents take this lying down.

‘Zillionaire Comedian: “Say Yes to Socialism”‘ (2018)

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We didn’t work or vote hard enough to stop them last year, so now we stand in shock as Democrats dismantle our country and try to bankrupt it–so they can claim it’s all a disaster and the only cure is for them to have absolute power over us for as long as the grass grows.

But in 2018 Hollywood fish-heads like once-upon-a-time-hot-shot comedian Jim Carrey showed us precisely where his party was headed.Straight down the socialist rat-hole.

Zillionaire Comedian: ‘Say Yes to Socialism’

For all his praise of Canada and its brand of socialism, Carrey never went to live there, did he? But if all the hypocrisy were drained out of leftids, there’d be nothing left inside. Dig the reader comments from a friend of mine who lives in Canada, “Jessicafischerqueen.”

Well, now they’re stuffing socialism down our throats. And they won’t be happy till they’ve ruined America.

And only then will it dawn on them: “Now where will we live?”

‘Another Warning from History’ (2018)

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It’s too bad so few of us read history (or anything else) anymore. We might learn from the experience of others.

Another Warning from History

Our country’s founders read Thucydides. From his experience they knew that hysteria and naked lust for power made an exceedingly poor basis for public policy. Thucydides warned them, and they took it to heart.

Does anyone appreciate what almost happened to us in those Brett Kavanagh Supreme Court confirmation hearings? We almost tossed our entire legal doctrine out the window! Presumption of innocence, the requirement for evidence, and simple decency–Democrats were willing to chuck it all, as long as they could get their way.

Now these people are actually in power over us. They don’t like our country, they don’t like us, they don’t like our history, they don’t like our way of life, and if they were honestly elected by the American people, I’m the Sultan of Swat.

Yes, we could wreck our country. All it takes is hysteria and power-lust.


‘Piling On’ (2018)

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Far Left Crazy–that is to say, Democrats–demand instant and total agreement and submission; and if you don’t give them what they want, you’d better duck because an explosion is coming.

Piling On!

Here’s someone whose only offense was to type “Who cares?” onto her Facebook page–her own page, by the way. And the roof fell in! Leftids swarmed to attack her. She never expected it and was completely taken aback.

They know they can’t get you to agree with their bullschiff, so they try to intimidate you into silence.

I say just delete their comments, list the senders as Spam, and never, never, never give in to them. We’ve had them here. They make a mess, so you clean it up. Listing them as Spam keeps out the repeat offenders.

Remember this–there are nowhere near as many of them as there are of us; and if we refuse to be deceived, then what do they have? Not much!

‘The World the Libs Would Build’ (2017)

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Let’s revisit a Newswithviews column from four years ago–when all Democrats could do about enslaving us was to dream about it and rant against our president.

The World The Libs Would Build

Now, though, they can do much more than dream! In just eight months they’ve ruptured our borders, returned us to being energy-dependent on not-so-friendly foreign countries, trashed our economy, lit a bonfire of inflation–and all of that is nothing, compared to what they want to do! Building a one-party socialist failed state hell-hole is their dream; and now they’re working on making it a horrible reality.

In just eight months, look at what they’ve done to us…


National Archives Glues ‘Harmful Content’ Warning to U.S. Constitution

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We’re supposed to have a representative government; but the government we have today doesn’t represent us anymore. In fact, it doesn’t even like us very much.

Example: the National Archives has flagged the United States Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and the rest of our founding documents for “harmful language” (

According to this particular attachment of the government that doesn’t represent us, our country’s founding documents are “outdated, biased, offensive, and [include] possibly violent views and opinions.” (Yeah–especially if your name is King George III.)

The language of our country’s founding, say the loup-garous at the Archives, is chock-full of “racist, sexist, ableist, misogynistic/misogynoir [What the hell is that?], and xenophobic opinions and attitudes” which of course must not be allowed, even among the dead.

Well, the doops at the Archives say they’re “committed to diversity and equity” [undefined term: probably something bad], and that’s why they have to warn Americans off getting too attached to America.

When this abomination came to light, and the taxpayers who fund the Archives complained, the weasel-out excuse was, “This alert is not connected to any specific records, but appears at the top of the page while you are using the online Catalogue.”

You might interpret that to mean, “Everything about America sucks!”

Our entire government–especially those vast regions of it not filled by election, but appointment–is infested with Far Left termites who are trying to overthrow the house. It needs a thorough clearing-out. Not even our history is safe from them.

‘And Then They Booed God’ (2012)

And here’s what they cheer for.

I watched this live on television, so I’m immune to efforts by Our Free & Independent Nooze Media to convince me that I didn’t see what I saw and didn’t hear what I heard.

And Then They Booed God

At their 2012 national convention, Democrat Party delegates booed God. You might say they booed a transparently dishonest effort to put God’s name back into their platform after they took it out. But either way, the Lord gets booed.

Why should we expect our country to prosper, as long as there’s a Democrat Party?

Biden Says ‘They Will Pay!’ (Don’t Hold Your Breath)

The New York Post cover on August 27, 2021. NIGHTMARE.

Tell me you’re surprised. The Taliban are running wild, killing people, blowing things up, Americans are dying in Afghanistan… but hey! Our doddering puppet of a president says, “They will pay!”

What’s he gonna do–make ’em all go into sensitivity training? Don’t go asking our generals what to do in any wartime situation: they’re concerned with white privilege and Climbit Change.

Is any bad guy in the world afraid of America now? Does anyone think our “leaders” are any more than d*****bags?

Yeah, well, at least this president (if you want to call him that) isn’t makin’ any mean tweets!

God help us–so much damage done in just eight months…