They’re Pushing ‘Reparations,’ Too

Con Job: How Democrats Gave Us Crime, Sanctuary Cities, Abortion  Profiteering, and Racial Division: Wright, Crystal: 9781621574293: Books

What could be more pleasing to a tyrant’s heart than to punish people for things they didn’t do?

To that end, termites–oops, sorry! Democrats–in the House of Representatives are whipping up legislation to make white Americans pay “reparations” to the descendants of slaves ( Slavery ended in 1865, and no American living today has ever seen a slave, been a slave, or owned a slave. But never mind!

For Democrat dictatorship to work, Americans have to be kept divided into groups that hate each other. I admit I would tend to hate someone who was taking the fruits of my labors, because the government decreed I must be punished for things other people did two centuries ago. But of course the real focus for hatred ought to be the government that’s using it to stay in power.

They’ve even invented a doctrine for it! Hot dog–“restorative justice”! It’s, um, a little different from regular justice.

Rep. So-and-so from Washington explains: “If you through your history [what the deuce is that supposed to mean?] have benefited from that wrong that was done , then you must be willing to commit yourself to righting that wrong.”

That’s that whole Critical Race Theory horse manure wrapped up in different verbiage.

We all, individually, have enough sins of our own to answer for without diving into the 19th century to take on new ones.

But here’s something we need to get through our thick heads, and the sooner, the better. Democrats hate our country, they are out to wreck it, they are waging a form of war against it, and they won’t be happy until they’ve turned America into something else–something alien and evil.

Come on, I dare you to give it a try–name one single thing currently being proposed or promoted by Democrats that would be good for America. Just one. Betcha can’t.

Bernie Sanders: Voice of Reason?

120 Kolchak ideas | darren mcgavin, stalker, classic tv

Tony and Kolchak go at it

I feel like Karl Kolchak trying to convince his editor that vampires and bayou monsters are infesting Chicago. I mean, I’m about to tell you Bernie Sanders has emerged as the voice of reason on Capitol Hill. Compared to that, demons in a housing development seems rather easier to believe in.

It’s true, though. Democrats have introduced legislation to pack the Supreme Court, adding four more Far Left judges so they can get the rulings that they want; and Bernie Sanders has pleaded with them not to do it (

‘Cause if they do, he warns, the next time Republicans are in power, they’ll do the same thing; and by and by we’ll wind up with 857 Supreme Court justices and no public confidence left in any of its decisions. It would also take years and years of wrangling to reach a decision on anything, but let that pass for now.

C’mon, Bernie! What could go wrong? The special House commission will be led by Jerry “Shoulda Worn a Diaper” Nadler and Hank “The island of Guam might capsize if we put any more Marines on it” Johnson–the best and the brightest among House Democrats. How can this not be a brilliant idea?

Bernie’s not the only Dem trying to keep the car from going off the cliff. Justice Stephen Breyer. Harry Reid. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, just before she died.

When Franklin Roosevelt tried to pack the court, House Democrats turned against him and he couldn’t do it. But today’s blind folly seems to be arising from the House itself, with encouragement from the scarecrow in the White House.

And why bother to pack the court at all, when the justices are already so afraid of riots that they won’t even look at the 2020 election?

‘Race-Baiting is a Sin’ (2016)

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Useful idiots

When I wrote this, Obama was still the Racist-in-Chief, with he and his party doing everything they could to foment racial strife.

Race-Baiting is a Sin

And now we have the Portland school board suggesting that trees might be racist–better not use them as school mascots. They might be racist trees.

How far is this inflammatory folly going to be pushed? And what should be the fate of a political party that can only prosper if it can get people to hate and fear each other?

A Movie That Should Open Your Eyes

To the Ends of the Earth (1948)

Here’s a movie that’s older than I am, and yet amazingly, maybe even shockingly, pertinent to today.

To the Ends of the Earth (1948) stars Dick Powell as a U.S. Treasury agent trying to bust up an international drug ring. Set in 1935, it might as well be now.

This film gave me an insight I’d never had before: the drug trade and human trafficking feed on one another: you don’t have one without the other. Agent Barrows gets one look at the human trafficking aspect of the crime–and I ought to warn you, it’s an intense scene–and devotes himself to bringing the criminals to justice.

To do that, he has to travel all over the world–to China, Egypt, Lebanon, Cuba, and then back to New York. Wherever he goes, he has to liaise with his local counterparts–men of all different countries, all working together to protect the world from organized evil. Here we cross over into fantasy-land, because all these guys are brave, unselfish, cooperative, and pure… instead of being unspeakably corrupt themselves.

But the idealism behind the film does come through, and I found it rather affecting. If only things could really be that way!

Alas: how could organized crime exist without criminals in government?

Nowadays we’re dealing with Mexican drug cartels, international bad guys in China and Iran and Russia helping them along, and massive human trafficking across our ruptured southern border. These are evils countenanced by the Democrat Party, whose leaders work hard to block reform. Whether they’re getting paid off by Communist China or just acting out of pure perversity depends on the individual.

We still have the problems dealt with in this film; but the idealism is now in short supply.

The Democrat House of Horrors

The House of Horrors (Le Train Fantôme) | City of Paris Museum of Modern Art

Let’s just deal with all the nooze at once, and have it over with.

Y’know what I don’t understand, and can’t even imagine? What kind of chamber of horrors the Democrats and the rest of our predatory ruling class is trying to create–to replace our country. You’d think it’d be kind of nice to govern peaceful, law-abiding, quiet, prosperous people. But the Dems don’t think so.

Just a few of the abominations they’ve heaped on our country (and quick as boiled asparagus, too!)–appointing some fat guy who says he’s a woman assistant secretary of Health and Human Services; Drag Queen Story Hour; constantly striving to have more abortions; rupturing our county’s southern border so that millions of illegal aliens can come in and create chaos; keeping people out of church; restricting what we can say; trying again and again to disarm the public; defund the police and let rioters control our cities; using public schools, colleges, and universities to turn our young people into useful idiots; creating Cancel Culture; spreading racial hatred as energetically as they can…

This could go on all day. By the time we got to the end of the list, there’d be a new list just as long.

Question! Why do they do it? In what way is America to be the better for any of it? What do the Far Left crazies get out of it? What does “trans” do for them, that they push it as if their very lives depended on it? Why do they say off-the-wall crazy things that are obviously and demonstrably untrue, expect the rest of us to say them, too, and try to destroy us if we don’t?

What will America look like when they’re finished trashing it? What will it be like to live here, with weirdos and freaks–and thieves, of course–in charge of everything?

They promise us utopia, but they will surely give us Hell. Don’t we already know that? Did everybody just sleep through the 20th century? Mao and Stalin and Hitler and Pol Pot and all the rest of it–but how many of you out there have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about?

O Lord our God–we implore you, intervene! For your own name’s sake, forgive our sins and deliver us out of the hands of ungodly wicked tyrants. They hate us for your sake, and hate you for ours. Deliver us, Almighty God! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

‘Anti-Asian Hate’? Really?

Image: Betty Wu, center, and her children, Timmy, 3, and Kayley, 5, at a "Stop Asian Hate" rally Saturday in Pittsburgh.

A lunatic shoots up a massage parlor; and instantaneously our Free & Independent Nooze Media Inc. generate a whole Narrative (noozie for “lie”) about America being the land of “anti-Asian hate.” This springs up full-blown, professionally printed protest signs and all, like Athena from the head of Zeus. (I wonder how many collidge grads have never heard of that.)

I live in a part of New Jersey in which “Asians” are a big part of the population. Chinese, Indians, Koreans–you see them everywhere, peacefully going about their business like everybody else. In fact, there is no “else.” They are part of “everybody.”

We get the impression that the noozies were just waiting for this incident, or any incident, so they could go into their routine. America is evil! America is racist! Bad, bad, bad America!

In fact, the only persons actually practicing discrimination against Asian-Americans are–of course!–liberals. They’re the ones who won’t let eminently qualified Asian students go to the college of their choice: because there are too many Asian students (!) and space has to be reserved for Cherished Minorities–whether those are qualified or not.

Lost in the sauce has been any question as to how those young Asian women wound up “working” in the massage parlor in the first place. Can you say “human trafficking”? Were they there because they’d been unconscionably exploited by wicked and ungodly persons? Betcha they were!

We know it’s in a liberal’s DNA to hate his own country and try to hurt it. This is what they are and they can’t help it. This is why they must be kept out of power. Because they do us harm–all of us.

So now they’ve manufactured yet another “hate” that we can all be guilty of.

Are we going to let them do it… again?

‘Woodrow Wilson’s Favorite Novel’ (2018)

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There’s always some animated root vegetable who wants to rule the rest of us–and always for our own good, of course. President Woodrow Wilson would have liked to have been something more than president.

He was ahead of his time.

Woodrow Wilson’s Favorite Novel

His Bible substitute was a novel with the catchy title, Philip Dru: Administrator: A Story of Tomorrow, 1920-1935. He liked it so much, he made its author, Col. House, his chief foreign policy advisor.

Now we know what Stephen King was doing during the Obama years.

‘Left-Wing Noozie Denounces “Bygone Era”‘ (2018)

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I just realized I’ve made a tautology. All noozies are left-wing noozies. They don’t let you out of “journalism” school, otherwise.

Left-wing Noozie Denounces ‘Bygone Era’

Yessireebob, all that stuff that we hold dear, that’s just part of a bygone era–including church, family, and our country. Leftids are here to replace it all with… what? What do they have that anybody but a villain or a moron wants?

But they’ve got possession of our culture, and they’re killing it dead.

Save us, O God.

Why Do They Do It?

Ranting And Throwing Papers: An Angry Candidate Runs For Congress : It's  All Politics : NPR

Here’s something I cannot, for the life of me, understand. But I do have very smart readers. Maybe some of you can explain it to me.

Why are Democrats so fanatically, maniacally, unhingedly devoted to “transgender”? Why do they push it as if their very lives depended on it? What is it supposed to do for us? How in the world does our country benefit from it? How in the world does this not undermine our culture? To say nothing of its stellar potential for estranging us from God. But then Congressman Nadler says God has no business in the House of Representatives and should just keep out.

Okay, we do a lot of stupid stuff that debases our culture and winds up hurting us. But this is the most stupidest cut of all–demanding that everyone in America deny the reality that there are only two sexes (we got by with that word before they started clubbing us over the head with “gender”) and speak of some fat ugly guy with a wig and a painted face as if he were really and truly a woman. We are expected to spout what we know to be wicked nonsense–not good for our self-respect.

If we rule out demonic possession of a majority in the House of Representatives, and at every other level of government where Democrats congregate, what’s left by way of an explanation? They can’t honestly, truly believe that hormone shots and surgical mutilation actually transforms you into another sex–can they? Because that would make them… insane. And I don’t like the idea of my country being governed by lunatics.

Come on–there has to be a theory that accounts for this. I just can’t think of one myself.

We Told You So: Dems Are Anti-God

Flashback: What Nadler said about impeaching a president in 1998

Governed by… him? God help us.

[Thanks to Erlene for the nooze tip.]

Here’s one from a few days ago that our Free & Independent Nooze Media Inc. didn’t shout from the housetops.

Debating “transgender protections” in the so-called Equality Act, Democrat reps piled on Rep. George Stuebe, Florida Republican, for telling the truth about “transgender”–that is, it’s a sham and a delusion–and saying it’s a business clearly condemned in the Bible ( That got their knickers in a twist.

But the quote of the day belonged to New York Democrat Jerry Nadler, who said, and we quote:

“What any religious tradition describes as God’s will is no concern of this Congress.”

Because it’s a Democrat-controlled Congress. That’s all you need to know.

Is any purpose to be served by pointing out that the very existence of the United States, as we have known it, is founded on the word of God? Our morals, our traditions, and our laws? Does Nadler believe America would’ve been just the same as it is now if the members of the Constitutional Convention had all been Muslims, Hindus, or pagans?

We have nothing left but our prayers, including this one: Oh, Lord! Remember that these things are done without our consent, against our will, and over our objections. In Jesus’ name, Amen!