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‘Entering the Danger Zone’ (2016)

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She won’t stop until she overturns the 2016 election.

Three years ago I knew it would be bad–but who would ever have guessed how bad our politics would be in 2019, headed into 2020?


Democrats are determined that the results of the 2016 election shall not stand. They are determined to undo the election, oust our elected president, and impose some Far Left wacko on us so they can carry out their Far Left wacko policies and “fundamentally transform” everything they touch by turning it into trash.

Makes you wonder why “Beto” dropped out of the race a few days ago…

Not a Satire–He Really Is That Stupid

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So there’s New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on MSNBC a few days ago, masquerading as a normal human being. But of course the truth slipped out, as soon as he said “We didn’t have hurricanes” (or tornadoes or “superstorms”) before we had Climate Change, and, like, it would be “delusional” for anyone to disbelieve in it (https://pjmedia.com/video/andrew-cuomo-we-didnt-have-hurricanes-before-climate-change/).

Yeah, it’s the same Gov. Andrew Cuomo who tried to pass himself off as an illegal alien a year or two ago, and whose political creed is, “America was never that great.”

Living proof that no one’s too stupid to be governor of New York.

Anyway, there it is–liberalism in all its glory. No such thing as truth, no such thing as facts, no such thing as history. Say whatever you think it takes to get your way, and use brute force to silence your opponents.

What’s anybody’s excuse for voting for this man?

Donald Trump’s Place in History

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President Donald Trump has become a key figure in our nation’s history–not so much for anything he’s done, but for what he is: a lightning rod. A focus for hate that can’t conceal itself.

Because of Donald Trump, we have learned for certain that a Deep State does indeed exist, with its own agenda, stealing the sovereignty of the American people, with its claws sunk into everything. To them, our votes in an election are an empty exercise: they, not us, are to rule America.

Because their rage against Trump has overcome their caution, and moved them to cast away the mask of sanity, we have now been able to see how deeply corrupted are so many of our public institutions, pursuing ends inimical to the American people’s interests. From global government to the propagation of transgenderism, we’ve now seen enough to make it impossible to deny we have a problem.

Had Hillary Clinton been elected, as the elites desired, we would by now have lost all control over our country, all ownership of our republic. And most of us wouldn’t even know it. But Donald Trump’s presidency has brought all the madness out into the open.

What we’re up against is evil, dark, and fearsome.

May the Lord our God fight for us.

The Loving Left at It Again

I’d almost watch this, just because libs hate it so.

For liberals, everything is politics–even such a content-free TV show as Dancing With the Stars.

See, they’ve got Sean Spicer, who was once President Trump’s press secretary, as a guest celebrity contestant–and the home audience keeps voting him back onto the show (https://bigleaguepolitics.com/liberals-freak-out-over-sean-spicers-continued-success-on-dancing-with-the-stars/). This makes leftids very, very angry.

How angry? Well, the show’s host says one of these loving sweetness-‘n’-light lefties spotted his son on the sidewalk and went chasing after him in his car, screaming at him and threatening him, scaring the child out of his wits. And of course the host had to delete his Twitter account because “progressives” submerged it in a torrent of hatred and abuse. Like they always do. Always.

And all because a former press secretary to the president they hate is a contestant on the show.

Can you imagine what they’d be doing to Donald Trump’s milkman, if he had one?

Requiem for a Thug

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It must be borne in mind that liberals always root against their country, especially in wartime, and get all down-hearted if anything bad happens to the enemy. This is in their DNA; they can’t control it.

So we’ve killed off the head honcho of ISIS and now we’ve iced his No. 2 (https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/10/29/donald-trump-triumphant-after-potential-al-baghdadi-terrorist-successor-terminated/#)–and Democrats are howling blue murder over it. Boo-hoo, the top two homicidal maniacs in ISIS are dead!

But here’s a truth: If exactly the same things had happened with Ol’ *Batteries Not Included in the White House instead of Donald Trump, Democrats would be hailing him as the greatest military figure since William the Conqueror.

Do you get the impression that Dems and libs kind of like ISIS and want ISIS to succeed?

‘Cause of Death: Politics’ (2013)

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It was six years ago, that I wrote this, and our political class, as crazy as it was, couldn’t begin to compare with what it is today. In only six years they’ve gone from all class warfare to total “transformation” of reality itself.


Do you know people who think it’s a punishable crime for anyone to have more money than they do? In 2013 that’s what Jersey Democrats were selling. And the voters were buying it.

Envy, savage envy, as the foundation of civilization–yeah, that’ll work!


They’re ‘Not Afraid to Burn in Hell’

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What do we keep telling you about Democrats?

Yet another illustration: a commercial aired the other night in the middle of the Democrat “debate”–Ron Reagan, speaking for the Freedom From Religion Foundation as “an unabashed atheist,” who, he bragged, is “not afraid to burn in Hell” (https://www.wnd.com/2019/10/not-afraid-burning-ron-reagan-atheist-ad-airs-dem-debate/).

Well, Ron, I like a man who has a goal commensurate with his talents. By all accounts, winding up in Hell is rather easy to achieve. Just keep goin’ as you’re goin’.

Meanwhile, he and his atheist playmates are “alarmed by the intrusions of religion into our secular government.”

What about the infinitely worse intrusions of the secular government into our Judeo-Christian culture? What–“gay marriage” was not an intrusion?

Anyway, there you have it: the party that booed God on live TV at its national convention holds a public event sponsored by atheists.

We need a Freedom From the Freedom From Religion Foundation Foundation.

The Dems’ Red-Hot Game Show

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I’ve just learned that tonight there’ll be another installment of the great new game show, “Who Can Give Away the Most Free Stuff?”, and I am eagerly looking forward to not watching it.

Free Medicare for all! College tuition! School lunch! Free, free, free!

The winner gets a four-year vacation in the White House and a lifetime of ever-increasing fabulous wealth, paid for by the American people. In fact, it’s just about certain that the winner will never again, for the rest of his or her or xer life, ever have to pay for anything at all.

Produced by the Democrat Party and Unspeakably Corrupt Productions, this show easily outdraws “Moesha” reruns and that other show about that fisherman who never catches anything.

Lies, Damned Lies, and Hopeless Whoppers

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“We choose truth over facts!” –Joe Biden, 2019

Lying has always been a part of politics; but once upon a time, lies had to be crafted skillfully enough to be believed. That’s the part of it that’s missing now.

When Joe Biden told a crowd at the Iowa State Fair, “We choose truth over facts,” we thought it was just another Biden gaffe. After all, he’s made a million of ’em.

But now I think we have to take him literally. He wasn’t kidding. Democrats really do dispense with facts, ignoring them or even badly denying things that everyone knows are true.

Last week the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff, stood up in front of the nation and read what he said was a transcript of a phone conversation between President Donald Trump and the president of Ukraine (https://thefederalist.com/2019/09/26/adam-schiff-makes-up-his-own-transcript-of-call-between-trump-and-ukraine-president/). The president has released a transcript of the call, but that’s not what Schiff read. What he read, he made up–fabricated every word of it himself, and attributed it to President Trump. When called to task for it during the very same hearing, Schiff took refuge in the excuse that it was–at least in part, he said–a parody. Only of course he didn’t introduce it as a parody. He introduced it as the president’s actual words.

This is what is commonly called a lie. Only it was a lie that couldn’t possibly survive, because the president had released the real transcript for everyone to see.

On the basis of this lie, Democrats have gone forward with impeachment. ‘Cause that, as ol’ Hambone Biden might say, is “truth over facts.”

Look for a steady diet of it from now on.


‘Prayerful’ Democrats (and Jumbo Shrimp)

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She’s praying to… who???

Squeaker of the House Nancy Pelosi says she and her Democrat playmates are “prayerfully and patriotically” going about the business of annulling the 2016 election by impeaching President Donald Trump (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvFxmUVFqBY).

Somehow the idea of Democrats praying is inherently grotesque, like pirates collecting for the UJA. Who would they be praying to?

Well, that would be a god who 1) really likes abortion, right up to and including the moment of a baby’s birth, 2) wants to see boys turned into girls and girls turned into boys, 3) endorses and blesses sodomy, 4) blesses atheism and idol worship, 5) recognizes and confirms innumerable and mutually contradicting versions of “truth,” to the point where there is no truth at all, and 6) leaves it up to well-paid liberals here on earth to decide whatever might be sin on any given day.

Now, what god fits that description? [Cue “Jeopardy” theme music]

Bzzzz! Ooh-ooh, I know, I know!

It’s Satan!

Give that man a genuine Elizabeth Warren teepee!

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