Where Did This Nooze Story Go?

Baby or Biden: Who's More Coherent? - 93.1FM WIBC

“What, me worry?”

I scan a lot of nooze stories, during the course of a day. Late yesterday afternoon, I jotted one down for use today.

Well, it ain’t there anymore. Can’t find it anywhere.

It seems our (ahem!) “president,” SloJo Biden, has said that “Republicans are an existential threat to our democracy.”

What does he propose to do about it? I don’t know: the story disappeared before I could study it. I thought it’d be here for me, somewhere, this morning. I can only think that once again Our Free & Independent Nooze Media has run interference for their fair-haired boy. In this case, by erasing the story. “Never happened!”

Well, Joe-Joe, the feeling’s mutual. I see you as an existential threat to our republic. You’ve already done major damage. Imagine what you could do with two more years in office. God forbid. (I mean that literally, as a prayer.)

I don’t expect this particular nooze story to be brought back. Sort of like that video footage of Palestinians dancing in the streets to celebrate 9/11. Millions of us saw it, but we are told it never happened.

And this will never have happened, either.


Now They Want to Put Their Words into Your Mouth

Force-feeding Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

Just another form of force-feeding!

You knew they’d never be content with just censoring and silencing everyone who isn’t them. True, they’ll never be content with anything: that’s what it means to be a “progressive”: you’re always sitting on a nail.

And so… having created a “Bureau of Misinformation,” which is called The Ministry of Truth in George Orwell’s 1984, the damned thing’s hardly up and running yet and they already want to expand its powers.


Lefty loon Nina Janowicz, tapped to direct the agency, now says she wants “trusty, verifiable people” (whatever the dickens that means) to “add context” to other people’s posts and tweets. ‘Cause Ex-President *Batteries Not Included sez just plain censorship “doesn’t go far enough.”

So let’s say you Tweet, “Joe Biden is a paragon of senility.” One of Janowicz’s playmates sees that and changes it to read, “Joe Biden is a paragon.” Or he could add some context: like, “The person who tweeted this is a Hater and a Neo Nazi!” Actually, it seems they can do anything that pops into their heads.

How do you get truth out of people who say there is no truth, there’s only “constructs”–and their “constructs” somehow get treated as absolute truth?

Work and pray for a total wipe-out of the Democrat Party this November.


Leftids Go Ballistic Over SCOTUS Abortion Ruling

Sen Elizabeth Warren (D-Tartarus) was only one of very many libs who went into orbit when it was leaked that the Supreme Court had ruled against Roe v. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court ruling that “legalized” abortion… without any legislation.

Warren’s outburst was typical,. “I am angry! I am angry that an extremist Supreme Court thinks they can impose–”

Whoa! How many times have Democrats run to the courts to impose something on the country that didn’t have a ghost of a chance of getting passed as legislation? But if these people weren’t allowed to do projection, they wouldn’t be able to talk at all.

This much passion ginned up for… well, for killing babies! To spend so much passion for an evil thing compounds the evil. Are these people quite all there? Some of them sound like they might be possessed. Fauxcahontas certainly does.

Remember–we are talking about an overpaid jidrool who got by for years pretending she was a native American, until a DNA test proved that that was crap. She’s no more an Indian than Angela Merkel. So she’s going to levitate and spin her head around while waving her fists in the air–all for abortion?

And do they honestly think that if they turn this into THE ISSUE, that everybody else is going to forget about gas prices, inflation, Afghanistan, our ruptured border, sky-high crime rates, lockdowns–just forget about it all and vote for Democrats because we’re all totally committed to abortion it’s the biggest thing in our lives and if they take it away from us we’re gonna burn this country down–[pant, pant]! This is going to endear them to the voters?

I admit it: these people scare me. They’d clap a 1930s Stalin regime onto us at the drop of a hat, if they could. They hate us, hate our country, and even hate our God. And they’re the ones who want to outlaw hate. Ah, projection!

May God deliver us out of their hands.

‘An Oracle of Fiddle-Faddle’ (2018)

Thomas L. Friedman - The New York Times

Pretending to have actual thoughts…

It beats me how dindles like this can become highly-paid commentators. I mean, if you put Thomas Friedman’s brain in a bird, it’d fly backwards.

An Oracle of Fiddle-Faddle

Yo, Tom! It’s 2022 now. Do you still think “the worst Democrat” is better than the best Republican? Are you happy with what your party’s doing to the country?

Of course he’s happy. He’s a Far Left nincompoop. He works for The New York Times, of course he’s happy if America gets ruined.

He thinks being a globalist makes him a conservative.

Where do you even begin?

‘Dems Seek Still More Control Over Nooze Media’ (2019)

The Copyright Battle that Gave Cinematic Life to Dracula ‹ CrimeReads

Let’s have some fun! Provide a caption for this picture, and we’ll see whose is the best.

Ah, that double standard! What would they ever do without it?

Remember this? Democrats wanted to punish Fox News for not running a story that would’ve made Donald Trump look bad (that Stormy Daniels flap, if you remember that). Not running an unfavorable story is “a contribution in kind,” and against the law.

But so is running a favorable story. So either way, they’ve got you.

Dems Seek Still More Control over Nooze Media

Good grief! Remember how they all suppressed the Hunter Biden laptop story? Didn’t want that to see the light of day, did they?

It’s impossible to ensure that only strictly true news stories get published for strictly honest reasons. So our country’s founders decided to publish ’em all and let the public sort ’em out.

Libs just can’t live with that much freedom. It makes their skin break out. If other people who aren’t liberals have freedom, the libs can’t sleep at night.

‘Assorted Left-Wing Jidrools: “Religious Beliefs Must Change”‘ (2015)

Hillary Clinton: Trump is too dangerous and unstable to have the nuclear  codes | Hillary Clinton | The Guardian

“Listen up, you peasants!”

Remember how they thought they were going to have Hillary as president and could finally finish off whatever Obama left of America? In anticipation of that happy event, in 2015 libs ‘n’ progs were excitedly babbling about how “religious beliefs”–meaning only Christian beliefs and nobody else’s–would have to “change” to embrace abortion and same-sex pseudo-marriage.

Assorted Left-Wing Jidrools: ‘Religious Beliefs Must Change!’

But they hit a pothole named Donald Trump and the scheme had to be abandoned for the time being. Since then, they’ve had to keep it on the back burner. The idea is, “We can’t open the camps until we lock down our ownership of the entire government.”

They never said just how “religious beliefs” would be made to “change.”

Pray we never find out.

‘NY Governor: “I’m Undocumented”‘ (2018)

Image result for images of foolish andrew cuomo

Well, we’ve dodged this bullet, at least.

What a difference a year makes!

Only a year ago or so, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo–famous for lines like “America was never that great”–was the Democrats’ Great Anti-Trump, he’d come in after Biden and Fundamentally Change our country.

No inanity was too large to escape his mouth. Including this one:

NY Governor: ‘I’m Undocumented’

Posing as an illegal alien was a bit much, even for Democrats.

Sexual harassment charges forced this jidrool out of office. Now, after spending beaucoup bucks on TV and radio ads, Cuomo couldn’t scare up enough signatures to put him on the ballot  for this year’s Democrat gubernatorial primary. Sorry, sunshine, you’re last week’s cat-food.

‘Let’s Shut Everybody Up’ (2016)

Governor's plan for Florence prison inmates surprises Arizona sheriffs

The Regime is always right!

Back in 2016 Democrats were excitedly talking about pitching people into jail for Climate Change Denial–failure to believe in Man-Made Global Warming.

Let’s Shut Everybody Up

Don’t go thinking they’ve changed! If they had a few more votes in Congress, they’d turn this into a clone of Commie China overnight.

Keep your eye on the nooze. They’ll never be content with only Cancel Culture. They want to push tyranny a lot farther than just keeping your comments off the Internet.

New York Grants Non-Citizens Voting Rights

Corruption voting Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

There is nothing Democrats will not do to acquire and keep power.

As they see various states tightening up their election laws to keep what happened in 2020 from ever happening again, Democrats think they’ve found a way to frustrate voting law reform:

Give the vote to non-citizens!

New York City has just done that: some 800,000 non-citizen voters have just been brought on board, and the city’s new Democrat mayor says “I look forward to bringing millions more into the democratic process” (https://www.dailywire.com/news/rnc-sues-nyc-over-noncitizen-voting-rights-law-american-elections-should-be-decided-by-american-citizens). Meanwhile, the Republican National Committee has sued to protect the status of U.S. citizens as the only authorized voters.

Now, why would you want non-citizens voting? You’re either a bad person trying to undermine America, or there’s something wrong with you.

And as long as you’re getting the perks of citizenship without having to shoulder the responsibilities… why would you bother to become a citizen?

You watch: eventually Democrats will have people voting in our elections who don’t even live here.


‘Down with Father Serra!’ (2018)

Stanford Finally Removes Some References To Father Serra From Campus – CBS  San Francisco

Actually it’s not hard to understand. For leftids, anything good is bad and anything bad is good. Down with Christian saints!

Year after year we endure the brainless jaw-flapping of “activists” demanding the erasure of anything, anyone, any words that doesn’t conform to their own claustrophobic world-view. Here’s one from 2018.

Down With Father Serra!

Yes, somehow teaching Christianity has become a hate crime and Father Junipero Serra, a criminal. So they have to tear his statue down and rename the mall at Stanford that for long has borne his name.  I wonder what they want to call it now.