‘Beware! Excessive Patriotism’ (2017)

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Here he is trying to look serious. Makes you want to weep…

I meant to post this on July 4, but somehow got carried away by excessive patriotism and forgot it.

Beware! Excessive Patriotism

What a clod. If there’s one thing that no Democrat anywhere has to worry about, it’s succumbing to excessive patriotism. All the patriotic Democrats are hanging out with centaurs and unipeds.

America will never be safe until there are no more Democrats in office, anywhere.l

‘You White People–!’

A demonstration drew people to protest Critical Race Theory in schools.

They still think they can force this down our throats.

I received a comment yesterday that went straight into the trash bucket.

This person–I am assuming he really is a person–was there to defend Critical Race Theory. He defended it by saying a lot of things that included the phrase, “You white people.” ‘Cause we’re all alike, ya see–all born bad, according to Hypocritical Race Theory. (Y’know, I think I’ll call it that from now on.)

What if I went around saying “You black people”?

I don’t reply to such persons because I don’t trust myself not to lose my temper and say something which I’ll regret later. I have come to understand that Democrats and other Far Left villains want us to hate and fear each other according to race. They want us at each other’s throats. And I don’t want to give them what they want.

CRT is a war against America. The good news is that virtually everybody really hates it a lot. It may be the only thing that you can get most Americans to agree on.

So we should be able to win this war–if we have the stomach to fight it.

A Man Talking Sense

Armstrong Williams, Author at The Washington Informer

Armstrong Williams

Hmm… a man is a woman with a penis, a woman is a man with a vagina, 2+2 doesn’t equal 4 anymore, all white people are born racists…

The other day, Armstrong Williams talked sense about all this. I hope he hasn’t been arrested.


“We are quickly being pushed,” he wrote, “by the Democratic Party and their cronies in the mainstream [sic] media and in big tech towards a society that does not have standards…”


In recent years the wrecking ball has been “gay rights” followed by transgender mania; and of course “race” is always an excuse to wreck society. The Left homes in on micro-minorities and puts them on high pedestals–and woe to anyone who won’t bow down!

I think Mr. Williams understands that this is war. Us vs. Far Left Crazy–and the loser dies.

I can’t even imagine the kind of society those wackos want to impose on us. Pray we never have to find out.


My Newswithviews Column, July 15 (‘Are You An “Extremist”?’)

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Nope, no extremists here!

Some of you have received these Facebook “extremist” warnings. Honk if you think “extremist” means Antifa or BLM.

Not to Facebook, it doesn’t.

Are You an “Extremist”?

And note the continuing efforts by leftids worldwide to train people to rat each other out. Do you know someone “at risk of becoming an extremist?”

Well, yeah, it happens that I do! Her name is Nancy Pelosi and she’s really gone off the deep end, I think she might be crazy. Isn’t it about time you guys carted her off?

They are out to erase our liberties, and they don’t mean maybe.

Now They Hate the Statue of Liberty

Planet of the Apes (1968) - Climactic Ending BRIEF EDIT - Statue of Liberty  Destroyed - YouTube

From “Planet of the Apes”–is this where we’re headed?

This is positively the last nooze story I’m doing today. Enough is enough.

An “art and architecture critic” for The Washington Post has called the Statue of Liberty (!) “a meaningless symbol of hypocrisy” (https://meaww.com/philip-kennicott-washington-post-colum-statue-of-liberty-racist). And it’s Racist, too. Like everything else. There’s nothing about America that leftids like.

So why are they still here? Is there an answer to that question that does not include a singularly hefty dose of hypocrisy?

Go live in Angola, you jerk.

The Leftids’ Creed

Triggered Feminist | Know Your Meme

To understand this distressing era of history, you need to think like a leftid, if “think” is the word for it. And here’s what to think.

I am one of The Smartest People In The World, everything I say is true, and you have no right to believe anything else.

The rightness of my leftist beliefs authorizes me to do anything to anybody. It’s for their own good!

All the past failures of leftism, all over the world… don’t count! It’s like they never happened.

China, Venezuela, Cuba–they’re all nicer places than America.

Nothing we say can possibly be wrong.

Humanity’s only hope is a world government run by us!

That’s pretty much all there is to it. Keep these simple principles in mind, and you’ll always understand where your unfriendly neighborhood leftid is coming from.

Happy [Censored]

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We’ll say “Happy Fourth of July!” whether Far Left Crazy likes it or not–and if the United States isn’t the best country in the world, then why is everybody trying to get here?

Happy [Censored]

Anyway, they’ll still try to cancel Independence Day–because it isn’t Inclusive, you see. And at various times Wrong Things occurred in America, so it’s clearly disqualified from having any kind of celebration.

Fourth of July! Give me liberty or give me death! God bless America!

Protect us by thy might, Great God Our King.

‘It Ain’t Hate When Libs Do It’ (2017)

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Go ahead, tell me leftids aren’t trying to start a race war. I won’t believe you, but give it your best shot.

“Hate” now means failure to conform to the ideology spewed out by the Democrat Party, the “teacher” unions, and the nooze media. And they themselves–now the biggest racists in the world–are never guilty of it!

It Ain’t Hate When Libs Do It

P.S.–Band together to battle social media censorshop! Come on, Christian bloggers–reblog or link to each other’s posts. Zuckerberg will hate it when you do.

Look, if they thought they could get away with banning us all outright, they would’ve done it by now. Let’s find out what they’re afraid of! Let’s find that achilles heel and jab an arrow into it.

‘Entering the Danger Zone’ (2016)

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One of the weirdest and most unsettling things about our Free & Independent Nooze Media Inc. is the way it just wipes the pieces off the board and expects us to forget that they were ever there. Like, all of a sudden, spoil-sport Republicans invented this thing called Questioning the Election and aren’t they just awful–!

Back up to the 2016 election.

Entering the Danger Zone

From the moment it became clear that Crooked Hillary wasn’t going to be president, after all, every Far Left rotter in the country went full-throttle trying to get Donald Trump kicked out of office–before he was even inaugurated! And they kept it up every hour of every day for the whole four years of his term–longest-running tantrum in all of recorded history.

Well, sunshine, we don’t forget. And we don’t believe you anymore, so why don’t you just take a long walk off a short pier?

They Want Us to Hate Each Other

Do the Riots in Minneapolis Forebode Greater Civil Unrest for the US?

“Divide and rule.” It’s been on page one of the tyrants’ playbook for several thousand years. And it’s very much a part of the Democrat Party today.

What with the schools full to bursting with anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-white, anti-normal “teaching,” our cities torn by riots, social media censorship, Hollywood mocking regular people, and so much more along these lines, it’s easy to lose track of the fact that this is being done on purpose, as part of a comprehensive politics that aims at taking over and “fundamentally transforming” the country.

In short, Democrats want us to hate and fear each other. They certainly don’t want us ever getting together to compare notes. “Well, look at that! We’re both getting screwed!”

No. They’re busy raising up boogie-men and then promising to protect us from them. “Oh, you poor helpless weak minorities! Only the Party can save you from White Supremacy!” Or whatever. Why people are willing to sit there and listen to fabulously wealthy white Democrats harangue them about “white privilege” and “systemic racism” is more than any sane person knows. Is it just because anything is better than listening to Maxine Waters?

They need us hating and fearing one another. That’s the whole point of identity politics. I get this because I’m black, you get that because you’re Hispanic, and Whitey gets to be the villain! Democrats need for there to be one Chief Villain to keep the assorted identity blocs from turning on one another and maybe even biting the hand that feeds them just enough to stay alive.

We have to try to resist the provocation, as hard as that may be. Hate and fear keep Democrats in power.

Work for their extinction.