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Educators Recognize ‘Centaur’ as an ‘Identity’

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We were bound to get to this point sooner or later: crackbrained authority figures insisting we “affirm” whatever “identity” someone chooses to adopt–even if it’s a mythological creature that has never existed.

School officials at Hangem High School in Yuggoth, Michigan, now recognize “any and all identities” claimed by students and staff, and compel the entire school population to recognize them, too (http//:www.liketotallyfullofit.com). The school is redesigning the cafeteria to accommodate three students who insist they are centaurs.

Thanks to the revolutionary new policy, Hangem High’s student body and teaching staff now include three centaurs, seven vampires, Prince Charles, two mutually hostile Barack Obamas, a Dilophosaurus, Nancy Pelosi, the Lone Ranger, and Chuck Schumer’s Love Child–just to name a few.

“This has worked out very well indeed!” says Principal Albert “Clarabelle” Fanoogi, who now wears a clown costume when he patrols the school’s hallways, from time to time squirting students with a seltzer dispenser.

P.S.–April Fool!

‘School Honcho: If You’re Angered by Rape of Child, You’re a Racist’ (2017)

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“You peasants, you!”

Too bad it takes a freakin’ pestilence to make us close our borders. It should’ve been done years ago.

Remember this? After a pair of illegal aliens rape a 14-year-old girl right there in the school building, and parents object… the superintendent of schools calls them a bunch of racists and xenophobes.


If things were halfway sane, that horse’s ass would be out on his ear before the day was over.

But things are not sane, and the only thing “public” about public schools is, the public has to pay for them.

How did we ever get roped into such a bad deal?

‘Another Thing We Can Do’ (2013)

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You want these to teach your children because _______. Fill in the blank and win a genuine dunce cap!

A lot of us have been preaching this for years, until we’re blue in the face.

Christians! For the love of God, get your children out of public school!


But parents think they’re “not qualified.”

When I was in elementary school, I couldn’t learn how to add a column of figures: just couldn’t do it. Until my father sat down with me and, in 20 minutes or so, taught me how to do it–succeeding where the qualified experts had failed.

That was a long time ago. Today there are many solid alternatives to public education, all of them better than a public school.

The only purpose of an education system owned and run by leftists is to turn out more leftists.

Giving Children Nightmares

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When I was a boy, the big fear was nuclear war, adios everybody. Fallout shelters. Duck and cover. Gaudy color photos of A-bomb tests. And nightmares. I had nightmares now and then about The Russians bombing us, because that’s who everybody else was afraid of.

Today children have been taught to fear The End O’ the World due to imaginary Climate Change, and a survey finds one in five children in the United Kingdom has nightmares about it (https://in.reuters.com/article/climate-change-children-idINL1N2AV1FF). This is worse than World War III because you can’t solve imaginary problems, they just go on forever.

The purpose of Climate Change Gloom & Doom is to stampede people into clamoring for a world government, which certain evil parties will be only too happy to provide. If people would only stop and watch the behavior of the big-shot Climate terror-mongers, they would quickly perceive that none of these big shots–no, not one–believes for even a moment that scary bull-schiff that they’re shoveling out to us. If they did believe it, they wouldn’t have all those private jets, stretch limos, fantastically huge new mansions just a few feet above the high-tide line on the beach, and fabulously expensive shindigs at Davos.

Who’s freaking out the children? Their unionized “teachers,” of course: they expect to be sitting pretty when global government happens. The, ahem, entertainment industry. And liberal politicians in every country on the globe, all of whom expect to be chowing down on a nice juicy piece of the pie when all those pesky “countries” are wiped out and there’s only Them to lord it over us, from pole to pole. These are the persons who are willing for your kids to grow up crazed with fear: because it profits them politically.

Oh–and these same wicked morons also subject children to “gender fluid” every day, again using the public schools as brainwashing facilities.

Why don’t we stop them from doing it?

Answers, anybody?

‘It’s a Long Way Back to Sanity’ (2016)

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This is what’s being crammed into children’s heads. It will kill our civilization.

I wrote and posted this four years ago, and we’re still as far from sanity now as we were then. Maybe even farther.


Evil lunatics have invested everything they have in “transgender,” in a concerted bid to collapse our society so they can build something they like better on its ruins.

It’s true we have to defeat them in this year’s election. But that won’t help us if we don’t break their stranglehold on our culture.

And I’m telling you the truth–the biggest thing they have going for them is public schooling. Kill that, and they’re goners.

Illinois Schools: Full-Throttle ‘Gender’ Madness

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They call it “education.”

Big hint here: If your state department of education has anything like an “Affirming and Inclusive Task Force,” which issues a report like “Strengthening Inclusion in Illinois Schools,” your state has one department of education too many (https://townhall.com/columnists/toddstarnes/2020/03/02/illinois-task-force-recommends-eliminating-prom-kings-queens-n2562692).

What do these lunatics have to do, before you remove your children from their custody?

The report, intended to apply to all public education from preschool through grade 12, recommends, just to mention a few of the items on the menu:

No more prom queens or kings; no more “gender language” (like, say, “boys and girls”–can’t say that anymore); all activities must be gender-neutral; non-gender dress code; bathrooms and locker rooms open to anyone who wants to use them (boys undressing with girls, and girls with boys–oops, wrong language); and…

Parents are only to be involved “as appropriate.” Translation: “Never, if we can swing it.”

Is this what the people in Illinois actually want? Have they all gone mad? We know the “educators” have.

What is the purpose of this madness? What is it supposed to do for us–besides train our children to be weirdos?

We pay for this. We pay all the bills, but we don’t own it, we don’t get a say, just shut up and pay your taxes. And when the Chicago teachers’ union wants to send its members on junkets to Venezuela so they can learn how to trash our country–well, you’re paying for that, too.

The public has no say in “public education.”

It has to stop.


Why Do We Let This Happen?

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This story is too revolting to be illustrated in the usual way. Here’s a scarlet tanager instead.

The Madison, Wisconsin, Metro School District is in the nooze again!

This time it’s their teachers’ union, which has demanded that children share bathrooms with “transgender educators” (https://www.dailysignal.com/2020/02/21/teachers-union-demands-kids-share-bathrooms-with-transgender-educators/). They claim it as a right.

I’m sorry–did you say “right”? As in Constitutional rights?

Well, yeah, I did: only this is another new “right,” only recently discovered. The right “to exercise their individually identified expression.” Whatever the devil that means.

Why do we allow our children to be “taught” by such people? Why do we, who pay for the whole forsaken mess that’s public education, have no say in who teaches and who doesn’t? We do we, who bear the whole expense, have no say in what gets taught and what doesn’t?

Why aren’t people angry about this? Why do they let it continue?

If you pay for something, you should own it. The schools should belong to us–not to Far Left Crazy teachers’ unions and lunatic “education” theorists who use the schools to experiment on our children. Not their children. Our children.

This really does have to stop. It is unjust, unfair, unreasonable, and unwholesome. It is not sane.

We have to go back to not allowing teachers to have unions. Those unions are all bad, all the time. There has to be a way to strip them of their power. There has to be a way to beat them.

Because as things stand now, they’re beating us.

‘Yes, Someone Actually Said This’ (2014)

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Public education is not your friend.

At a national conference of educators, held in Denver forty-some years ago, the mask of sanity fell off while Chester M. Pierce, Harvard intellectual, was speaking.


Yeah! See, all you deplorables out there–you’re all mentally ill! And us educators, we gotta save your children from you. Etc.

And so we hand our children over to be “educated” by nut jobs who despise us.

Honk if you understand that.

What Do the Schools Have to Do, to Flame You Off?

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This nooze is bad enough without an illustration. Here are some meerkats instead.

Is it even possible, anymore, for public education to come up with an outrage that’ll make parents angry enough to pull their children out? I’m beginning to wonder.

The Madison, Wisconsin, Metro School District is being sued by a group of parents objecting to its new “gender policy”–which is to “affirm” and encourage children to “change their gender” without their parents’ knowledge or consent. The school will “help” kids do that without notifying their parents (https://www.thecentersquare.com/wisconsin/parents-sue-madison-schools-over-gender-policy-claiming-it-deceives/article_120667f8-5325-11ea-a72f-7bc9a632c5e4.html).

What do they have to do to alienate you, people? Is there any line that you won’t let them cross? Except for those who are suing the school district, are the rest of you just cool with this?

So, yeah, the unionized Far Left teachers will fill the kiddies’ minds with all sorts of commercials for “transgender,” let them change their names, use the funky pronouns–and all with the parents cut out of the loop.

Why in the world is this tolerated? Not only evil, but insane. Boys can not turn into girls. Girls can not turn into boys. It’s all make-believe.

And they’re getting away with it. They’re swinging a wrecking ball at our society, and getting away with it.

Someday it’ll be too late to move the children into Christian schooling or homeschooling, where they’ll be safe from being experimented on by wicked lunatics and off-the-wall revolutionaries. At some point or other, the cultural damage will be irreparable.

How badly do you want to get there?

Dems Love… Communism?

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They booed God at their national convention.

And last night they booed one of their candidates for saying communism “doesn’t work” (ya think?).

Here’s what former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg actually said: “We’re not going to throw out capitalism. We tried that, other countries tried that. It was called communism, and it just doesn’t work.”

Moans and boos! Boo, capitalism! That was the audience.

What do they actually want? “Democratic socialism”? But what is that? A Soviet Union with Democrats in charge, probably. They want free stuff. It isn’t really free, someone has to pay for it, but they don’t know and they don’t care. It’s really an immoral mind-set. And it doesn’t create wealth, but destroys it. The Soviet Union collapsed, and Red China, while keeping the communist label, turned to fascism. Even fascism works better than communism.

As someone who grew up in the 1950s and 60s, it’s just about inconceivable to me that any political party, except the Communist Party itself, would ever consent to serve as a haven for communists.

Chalk that change up to public education.

That’s who’s responsible for Americans defending communism.

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