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Prepared for Life… as What?

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A personal anecote: a man who operates a Lindt candy shop in one of our New Jersey malls wished to hire part-time help, as do many small businesses during the Christmas season. So he hired a recent high school graduate.

As he tried to instruct her in her not-terribly-complicated duties, she interrupted with an objection. “I can’t count nickels.” “What?” “I can’t count nickels.” What she meant was, she couldn’t count by fives: 5-10-15-20-etc. Never learned. She can probably tell you all about Diversity, though. In case anybody comes into the shop looking for that instead of chocolate truffles.

He wrote her a short list of what she had to do. Another objection: “I can’t read that.” Turns out she can’t read cursive writing, never learned how.

What were they doing with her, all those years in school? With all those $100,000-a-year teachers and administrators? With all those tax dollars spent on her, ahem, “education”?

On second thought, I think I’d rather not hear the answer.

What We’re Up Against

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Why do we have to pray so hard, sing so many hymns, and speak the truth?

Because we live in a fallen world that’s falling farther every day: but we proclaim our loyalty to Jesus Christ the King of kings.

For instance: The principal of Manchester Elementary School in Omaha, Nebraska, has been “placed on leave,” whatever that means, for banning candy canes from her school’s classrooms. Candy canes, she explained in a memo to all staff, when you turn ’em upside-down, make a “J” for Jesus and that’s not allowed, it is forbidden… (http://thepoliticalforums.com/threads/103592-Principal-bans-candy-canes-says-%E2%80%98J-shape%E2%80%99-stands-for-Jesus). “Historically, the shape is a J for Jesus,” she wrote. We wonder how close she came to banning the letter “j” altogether.

She also banned the colors red and green.

It seems the school board took action because they were scared of being sued for showing overt hostility to Christianity and Christians. Supreme Court recently said you can’t do that. But don’t look for any “human rights” commissions to stop doing it.

As it is, the traditional Christmas holiday that always used to be observed by schools is mostly now a thing not to be mentioned: now the holiday is usually spoken of as some kind of “winter” celebration.

Secular tinhorns can’t make up their minds about which religion they’re trying to establish as the official state religion of America–atheism or retro paganism. Either way, public education is on board. Anything but Jesus, is their motto.

And Christians continue to send their kids to these schools because ________?

We live in a dark age. Sing louder! It may let in some light.


Is ‘Transgender’ the Left’s Shari’a?

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Ah, the dreck we have to put up with as “news”!

By a vote of 5-0–how does this happen?–the school board in West Point, Virginia, has fired a high school teacher for refusing to use the “preferred pronoun” of some mentally ill girl who says she’s now a boy (http://joemiller.us/2018/12/teacher-fired-for-using-wrong-pronoun-for-transgender-100-students-protest-firing/).

See, he didn’t recognize her “gender transition” into a him, and that’s “misgendering,” which is a form of “hate speech,” and… and… and!

Just for the record, because truth matters even if our high-and-mighty school boards say it doesn’t, there is no such thing as a “transgender person.” All we have here is a mutilated girl who suffers from a delusion–and a lot of evil liberals who demand the rest of us kow-tow to that delusion.

And you can’t earn your living if you don’t at least pay lip service to something that you not only know is flat-out untrue, but is also an abomination–and it diminishes your dignity every time you allow them to force you to say it.

Hey! Suddenly I think I know why liberals are so in love with Islam! They’ve got a lot in common. The details of the law are radically different, but both of them have a kind of sacred law that they seek to impose on everybody else–a law that brooks no dissent, and punishes every deviation harshly. If that doesn’t describe the Left, I don’t know what does.

For how much longer are we in America going to be forced to bow down to the “transgender” delusion? How did these kooks acquire a “right” to our subservience?

When are we going to rediscover our self-respect?

‘Principal to Parent: “Shut Up”‘ (2013)

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Remember this? Remember asking, “Who the devil do these people think they are,” and getting no answer?


Just because President Trump’s administration has throttled way back on Common Core–that was the Obama project of having the federal government micro-manage all the public schools in America–doesn’t mean it’s gone away. It’s only waiting for the next Democrat president to come roaring back.

Sort of like an unexploded bomb ticking away in the cellar…

‘Poll: Ninnies Reject Capitalism’ (2016)

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So they polled a bunch of Millenials (I don’t like where that label is headed, but never mind) and found 51% of them said they don’t like capitalism and would rather be rid of it (https://leeduigon.com/2016/08/03/poll-ninnies-reject-capitalism/).

But only 31% said they wanted socialism instead–so they don’t really know what they want. Three wishes, probably.

America is “educating” herself to death.

Pre-Election Post-Election Thoughts

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As you read this, I’m probably behind the wheel of my car, trying to find the doctor’s cunningly-concealed office so my wife can begin to have her tests. Remember, we couldn’t find it last week: Mapquest gave us a bum steer.

Anyway, I’m typing this yesterday so it will appear here today, and that makes it hard for me to say anything wise, let alone coherent, about our recently-concluded midterm elections. Despite heavy, nasty rains, my local polling place had a rather high turnout–which struck me as unusual. Like, our town’s evil Democrats are running unopposed, so why all the excitement? We do have a senatorial race, but this benighted state of New Jersey hasn’t had a Republican senator since I was a kid in college.

Looming up in the background, still some distance off, is this year’s Supreme Court decision that unions can no longer suck money out of their members’ paychecks for use in politics. This practice is how the teachers’ union came to own New Jersey. Watch what happens to liberalism once people are no longer forced to contribute money to Democrat political campaigns.

Point 2: Regardless of the outcome of the election, the chief enabler of Far Left Crazy is our hideously overpriced public education system, which indoctrinates whole generations into socialism, sexual hyperactivity, hatred of America, racism of the anti-white variety, and anti-Christianity. Stop funding public schools and colleges, and they’ll have to stop funding and cultivating Far Left Crazy.

Christian children belong in Christian schools, either at home or somewhere around the block. Stop letting people who hate you “educate” your children.

Unless you like what they’re teaching them.

P.S.–Confound it!!! Phone call after phone call, distraction after distraction–and naturally I wind up posting tomorrow’s post today, and wasting time… &%$#&@!

‘Yes, Someone Actually Said This’ (2014)

Public education in America has always been a Trojan horse, and we dragged it right into the middle of our city.

Most of what’s wrong with America is the education establishment’s fault.

Consider carefully the remarks by this “educator,” who thinks ordinary sanity is tantamount to mental illness.


And we want roundworms like this educating our children because __________?

Fill in the blank and win a tinfoil hat.

Build an Exciting Career as a Drag Queen!

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If you think I’m going to post a picture of this abomination, think again. Here’s a nice Red Salamander instead.

Some parents are a little miffed at the Rocky Top Middle School in Colorado, the Pot-head State, for featuring a “drag queen”–that is the polite term for a spiritually twisted man who dresses and makes up like a woman, and is hailed as one by spiritually twisted noozies and “educators”–as a speaker on Career Day (https://denver.cbslocal.com/2018/10/22/adams-county-career-day-drag-queen/).

Did I hear that right? I thought you said “Career Day.”

Yeah, that’s what it was. Career Day. Like, in case your 13-year-old son is pondering a career as a drag queen.

The school has apologized–not for having some perverted mess held up to the students as some kind of mondo bizarro role model, but for not notifying parents in advance. In the future, says the principal, parents will be “allowed the opportunity” to exempt their children from having to listen to an objectionable speaker. Allowed. How magnanimous.

How’s about we allow you to get out of town in one piece?

The weirdo, calling himself “Jessica L’Whor,” discussed such career-focused issues as “inclusiveness,” “bullying,” “negativity,” and “hate.” Notice in the linked article how careful the noozies are to use female pronouns to describe this man. Noozies always do that. That’s one of the things that makes them the bad guys.

All right, fill in the blank and win a prize: “I send my children to public school to be ‘educated’ by a drag queen because _________.” The winner gets a berth on the Titanic.

‘A Millenial Want Ad’ (2016)

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Just what kind of work do today’s college graduates intend to pursue? What are they best suited for?


In a spirit of charity, we must always remember that such stupidity, such slothfulness, such ignorance is very rarely born but must be laboriously and carefully cultivated. From kindergarten to grad school, trillions of dollars are spent on making young people as dumb as brickbats.

To an alarming degree, the effort has succeeded.

My Newswithviews Column, Aug. 30 (‘Public Schooling: A Waste of Time and Money’)

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Sometimes talking to people about public education is like talking to tree stumps. Our culture is melting down around us, largely due to the malign influence of public schooling, it’s turning into a garbage-heap right before our eyes–and still they send their kids to public school.

But what can we do, but to tell the truth?


You are letting kooks and perverts “educate” your children.

It will not turn out well.

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