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Who needs the Bible when they’ve got Beyond Magenta: Transgender Teens Speak OutOne of the books she swore in on…

Well, we warned you, didn’t we? A public school is no place for your children–especially for Christian children.

A few days ago in Central Bucks, Pennsylvania, an incumbent school board president, recently re-elected, had herself sworn in on a stack of smutty with-it “books” (I use the word loosely) aimed at children to turn them into good little nothings ( In civilized places they swear you in on the Bible.

A bunch of other Democrats got elected, too; so the school board there is now majority-Left and pumped up to indoctrinate the kiddies.

And here’s what we warned you about, boys and girls:

The Democrat Party pumped several million dollars into this local school board electionWhere the devil are they getting all that money?

Are these the people you want “educating” your children?

‘Public School Assignment: Find Mom and Dad’s Sex Toys’ (2015)

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You could win this! The hat, not the person wearing it. She comes extra.

I went to school when such things as “sex toys” did not exist; or if they did, I had certain never heard of them.

In 2015 a public school teacher assigned students to snoop around and find their parents’ “sex toys,” to be exhibited as trophies to the class.

Try to guess what would have happened to any teacher who did that in 1963.

Public School Assignment: Find Mom and Dad’s Sex Toys

The more time passes, and the more I see, the more convinced I am that public education is culture-killing on a lavish scale: it would have made Caligula drool with envy.

We are “educating” ourselves to death.

And civilizations do die. You could look it up.

‘”Why the Good Guys Always Lose” (2013)’

Twas the Night Before Pride

“Educating” our country to death.

Gee, our public “educators” are deeply screwing things up. Guess it’s time we had a meaningful dialogue with the teachers’ unions. [Run screaming to the sidewalk.]

‘Why the Good Guys Always Lose’ (2013)

Rebecca Hagelin babbled this in 2013–and thanks to “public educators” and teachers’ unions running wild, our country’s plight has grown so much the worse.

TAKE THE CHILDREN OUT OF THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS. It’s the only action that will have any meaning. The only thing that will work. The schools are way beyond reform. They can’t be fixed.

If America fails to make it to the 22nd century, it’ll be largely the work of our alleged “education” system.

‘Be a Hero, Give a Zero’ (2018)

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Okay, you’re a kid in public school, and you don’t bother to do your homework, you bomb every test and every quiz, you pay no attention in class (if you even bother to show up)–and what kind of grade would you expect?

Oh, heck! At least a “50,” just for existing.

Be a Hero, Give a Zero

Here’s a teacher in Florida (Florida!) who was fired for giving a student a Zero because he did no work at all. But then I remember a teacher who told me she knew some of her students were cheating on tests, but did nothing about it, just gave them C’s and passed ’em on… “because it’s easier that way.”

I hope there are enough kids being homeschooled to keep our civilization from collapsing.

‘The “Right” to Teach?’ (2019)

See the source image

What they’re really after is the “right” to groom your kids for sex. Go ahead, teacher unions: deny it if you dare.

Teachers’ unions don’t even try, anymore, to hide their disdain for the tax-paying public. More than a few of them have come right out and declared themselves Marxists. And then there are all the sexual misfits–

And this country’s fixing to send its children back to those schools? Gluttons for punishment, aren’t we?

The ‘Right’ to Teach?

Where is it written that freaks and wackos have a “right” to teach?

But it’s out fault. We just keep on sending our kids to those schools, no matter how far-out and toxic it gets. I don’t know what “teachers” have to do anymore to get the parents’ dander up. And as for the local school boards themselves–

Well, once upon a time they represented us and served the community.

But that was once upon a time.

‘Teaching Teens to be Louts’ (2019)


I am so glad I don’t have to teach in public school anymore. Even so, the memories are distasteful. Like this one:

Teaching Teens to be Louts

Why in the world would “school officials” push the message that it’s good to be a thug? I have long since given up trying to understand public education policies. They are not produced by rational people.

Get your children out of there.

Florida Bans ‘Gender Ideology’ for ALL Grades, K-12

Primary takeaways: Abortion politics, DeSantis flexes muscle

Three cheers for Florida!

I’m still waiting for my wife’s operation to be over–and feeling it in my guts–but I suppose I can try to report some good news. And we need more like it.

This week the Florida Board of Education has banned “gender identity instruction” for all grades, K-12, in all Florida public schools–and a “teacher” who tries to evade the law will lose his or her teaching license (

Far Left jidrools are having a cow over this. Hey! Did you know that “children will die!” if they don’t get “gender affirming care” and sex-change on demand? Makes you wonder how the human race survived thousands of years without it.

Last year Florida banned it for grades K-3, much to the consternation of Organized Idiocy. Now the ban is total for all grades. Put that in your pipes and smoke it. The rest of us are praying for a total coast-to-coast ban of Critical Race Theory.

Meanwhile, a word of caution: Far Left teachers’ unions, deranged “educators,” and the LGBT mob are not going to change their minds about this; and the only way to be sure your children are safe from “gender ideology” is to pull them out of the public schools. Our public education system is broken, it has devolved into child abuse, and it has to be torn down and replaced.

It’s the only thing they’ll understand.

‘Teacher’ Threatens to Shoot Students

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Bad enough I have to write about stuff like this: I’m not going to put up a picture of it, too. Here’s a nice goldfinch instead.

I don’t like to cover nooze on Sunday, but I’m afraid this item will disappear if I wait till tomorrow.

A “transgender” public school teacher in Florida has been “removed” for making threats against students–but no action was taken until the Florida Dept. of Education intervened ( Only then did the county school district yank the loon.

Hello! Anybody home? Why would they hire a tranny in the first place? And why in Heaven’s name are they all walking on eggs when it comes to easily avoidable foolishness like this?

Dig this, from the report by The Postmillenial: “A teacher–” did you get that? teacher. Meaning only one–“made threats of harming students and themselves…” What??? Since when is “teacher” promoted to “themselves”? I mean, you’ve got this effing nut-case threatening to murder children, and these gavones at The Postmillenial are sodding around with pronouns?

And they wouldn’t have fired, wouldn’t even have suspended this wacko, unless the state Dept. of Education intervened. Loony-pants would still be there, complete with itchy trigger finger.

When will our poor, abused country have had enough of liberals’ Transgender utopia? When do we get to throw it overboard and go back to not having it?

Unless, of course, you think shooting someone full of hormones year after year, and surgically mutilating him or her (no, you are not going to get me to say “them”!), does absolutely no harm and leaves the ol’ psyche as sound as an anvil.

And every time a tranny flies off the handle… somehow that’s our fault?

But that comes from Biden.

Too Weird for Words (The Latest Public Schooling Outrage)

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Do they get extra credit for this?

Here’s a new one on me–a whole new way of using “public education” to make people stupid.

A middle school teacher in Florida has been suspended and is being “investigated” for arranging fights between sixth-grade girls in her classroom: a kind of in-class “fight club” (

The teacher is 23 years old–not much older than her students. In what may be the understatement of the year, she admitted having “poor classroom management skills.” Supposedly there are videos of her sitting at her desk admonishing girls “no screaming, no pulling hair, no phones” as they battled it out on the classroom floor.

Sheesh. How long was this going on before anybody noticed?

But don’t worry–it’s only one of tens of thousands of completely isolated incidents involving other people’s public schools. Your public school is bound to be just jim-dandy.

Confessions of a Blindfolded Newsman

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In the 1970s the U.S. Dept. of Education was founded, and various states set up their own departments of education, or else greatly expanded the powers of those already in existence. These steps drastically altered the state of public education in America… not that it ever was all that good an idea in the first place.

I was a newspaper reporter and editor in those days. Among other duties, I covered three school boards and had part-timers covering the rest. When a major story came along, we worked on it together.

Very important changes were put in place back then. These happened right before my eyes: and I’m ashamed to tell you that I didn’t see them. Right out there in front of me, and I might as well have been wearing a blindfold. I can only say I couldn’t see the forest for the trees. Too many distractions kept me from seeing the big picture.

I saw the state education bureaucracy swallow the authority of the local boards–and didn’t realize what I was seeing. I remember now a meeting of the Matawan Board of Education, in which a nerd from the state came and told the board members what New Jersey would be expecting of them from now on.

One member objected. “What is this?” he said. “It sounds like one of those old Soviet five-year plans!” The response was a coy “Tee-hee! Once you buy into the program, you’ll have a clearer understanding.” What I didn’t realize was that he already had a very clear understanding of exactly what the state was doing! But he wound up resigning, and it never occurred to me to sit down with him for an in-depth interview.

Dammit all! I was a newsman, and this was news! I had it in my power to inform the public that they were all being taken for a ride. That they were down there in Trenton growing the government at the community’s expense. That the teachers’ union had the state wrapped around its little finger.

So the people who paid for the schools, and sent their children there, would no longer be getting what they thought they paid their taxes for, but what Far Left teachers’ unions and quasi-Marxist, grey ponytail “educators” in Trenton thought they ought to get.

By and by the newspaper workload became too heavy a burden for me and I resigned, too.

People who don’t much like us, and want to change our way of life, have been working on our schools for fifty years.

Pull your kids out of there. That’s all that’s left for us to do.