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Some Good News, for a Change

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Why do we let these people teach our children?

Teachers’ unions are the backbone of Far Left Crazy in America, pouring millions of dollars and tens of thousands of unpaid “volunteers” into Democrat political campaigns every year.

But thanks to a 2018 Supreme Court ruling, this could change. The court ruled that a teacher does not have to join the union or pay union dues as a condition of employment. Yowch!

Oregon’s two teachers’ unions, since the ruling, have lost 35% and 36% of their members, and each has lost close to $1 million in revenue (https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/11/13/teachers-unions-see-drops-in-membership-and-revenue/).

Unions have been trying to find ways around complying with the ruling; and as yet, most teachers are unaware that they have been given their freedom. A lot of them are only in the unions because they do not know they do not have to be! Once upon a time you could leave the union, but you’d still have to pay union dues even though you were not a member anymore. The Supreme Court’s ruling has abolished that requirement.

I can’t think of anything that would benefit America more than the collapse of teacher unions–unless it would be the collapse of “public education” altogether. Did we or did we not just find out that the teachers’ union in Chicago recently sent delegations to Venezuela to “study” socialism and sing the praises of the Maduro dictatorship? Why should the American people have to pay for that? Why should we have to let these left-wing loons “teach” our children to be as daft as they themselves are?

It is unjust and intolerable that taxpayers have to fund these schools but have no say as to who teaches in them, or what is taught. If we pay for something, we should own it! “Public education” has stood that on its head.

Teachers, wake up! The court has stricken off your chains.

They Call It ‘Education’

Here’s Tucker Carlson exposing the latest mischief that its perpetrators are calling “education.” It’s “Deep Equity Education,” a teacher training curriculum aimed at convincing undefended children that everything about America is “racist” and it’s all white people’s fault–the usual “social justice” claptrap, with the usual baggage of pseudo-language and lying.

Hey, people–when are you gonna wake up? You pay for these horrible “schools,” but you don’t have any say at all in who teaches there, or what gets taught. All you do is pay and pay and pay! To this day, no one has dared calculate how much you pay, each year, for the total cost of, um, “public education.”

And what do you get for your money? You get Far Left white liberal wackos teaching your children that everything is racist, if they’re white it’s all their fault and they must spend the rest of their lives punishing themselves, and if they’re black or hispanic, well, they’re inept and incompetent victims who need empowered leftists to run their lives for them and give them free stuff.

The idea is to tear down the country so they can build God knows what on its ruins.

Kill public education, and Far Left Crazy dies.

Kill public education. It’ll be worth it.

P.S.–Deep Equity urges teachers to “explicitly reject and resist” any complaint by parents. You’re paying for that, suckers.

Vote for… This?

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We have an election in our town next week. There is no Republican Party in our town. Democrats run unopposed. God help us.

I’ll be there, though, to vote against a public question: the school board’s “Proposal for Additional Funds.” Let me give it to you from the ballot.

“Resolved that there shall be raised an additional $700,000.00 for General Funds in the 2019-2020 School Year. These taxes will be used exclusively to provide a district wide Mental Health/Emotional Support Program, including appropriate staff and services, intervention, professional development, benefits and related costs. Approval of these taxes will result in a permanent increase in the district’s tax levy. These proposed additional expenditures are in addition to those necessary to achieve the New Jersey Student Learning Standards.”

Now, what do you want to bet the poor ignorant voters approve this freakin’ thing? The school district already got its budget passed, but now they want more money–$700 G’s.

Something about this vaguely-worded proposal cries out “Mischief!” Whom will they decide needs “mental health intervention”? Who needs their “emotional support,” and why? What kind of support? And so on.

Educators can’t be trusted. Why do they get to take our money, then go ahead and hire anyone they please to teach our children whatever commie crapola they wish? And why are we so supine, as to submit to this? Sheesh, all King George wanted was a stamp tax, and we ran him right out of America for it.

Let me be blunt. My strong suspicion is that this money will be used to promote and advance transgenderism. But people don’t want to know that, because then they’d have to come up with some reason for leaving their kids in those schools.

If our civilization ever collapses, on its tombstone will be written, “Educated themselves to death.”

*Sigh* Now It’s ‘Social Justice Math’

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We, the undefended taxpayers of America, lay out a fortune every year to fund our public schools (if you even want to call them schools). We pay for them, but we have no say in who teaches and who doesn’t, and no say in what’s taught. How did we ever get roped into a sucker deal like that?

Now the unionized left-wing “teachers” in Seattle’s public schools propose to bring in “social justice math,” based on their lunatic perception of “how technology and/or science have been and continues to be [Is there an English teacher in the house?] used to oppress and marginalize people and communities of color” (https://www.nationalreview.com/2019/10/seattle-public-schools-proposal-teach-social-justice-in-math-class/). It would be more respectful, and just as useful, to rake our money into a pile and burn it.

So getting the right answer to a math problem is Racist or Hateful or whatever–and we pay for these absurd “lessons” that will only serve to make kids stupid and encourage them to be brain-dead little leftids who never run out of things to whine about.

When do we get some pushback?

We pay for these schools. We ought to own them.

Teen Suicide Rate Triples: Why?

Emotionally depressed young male is sitting on the floor with his hands on his head.

(Thanks to Evelyn for the news tip)

Well, nobody knows exactly why. All they know is that the rate’s gone up tremendously in ten years, 2007-2017, according to the government’s Center for Disease Control. Up 56% in those ten years. That’s among persons aged 10 to 14 years old (https://www.westernjournal.com/suicide-rates-among-children-10-14-years-old-tripled-experts-blame-social-media/).

So the Experts reckon social media’s the problem, because “teenagers are concerned about receiving enough validation from their followers on social media…”

Hmmm… Now where could kids ever have gotten the idea that their age-group peers, other kids, are the most important people in the world, and peer approval the most important and desirable thing in all the world? What could possibly have taught them that?

Then there are the perpetual Doomsday scenarios were bombarded with daily: climate change gonna kill us, world’s gonna end in 12 years, ain’t no God, ain’t no purpose to life, we can know nothing–“You” aren’t you, but just a collection of external characteristics that land you in this or that group. Has anyone suggested to these Experts that even without social media, our culture is, like, saturated with these depressing messages? All brought to us by noozies and Democrats and teacher unions and looniversities and all the rest of [trumpet fanfare] The Smartest People In The World.

Well, there is a God and He has counted the very hairs on our heads, there is a purpose in life, the world that He created is not going to fall apart because people have SUVs and toilet paper, or for any other reasons, and you are you because you are made in His image and redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ the Son of God–which makes you pretty important!

Teach your kiddies not to listen to the Doomsday no-meaning-no-God crowd, not ever; and for heaven’s sake, take them out of public education. They need to be socialized and taught by their loving families, not by other kids.

Things That Ought to Bug Us

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There are things that ought to bug us more than they do: that ought to be questioned, for which real answers, not just a lot of double-talk, ought to be demanded. Here are two of them.

We ought to be bothered by the fact that you go into Congress with a salary of $174,000 a year and come out a multi-millionaire. Our country’s founders never imagined public office to be so flaming lucrative. Look at Bernie Sanders: never did a lick of work outside of politics, and he’s got four houses. How do they do it? How do they get so fabulously rich at our expense?

And then there are the public schools. Why don’t the people who pay for the schools, the taxpayers living in the district, get to decide who teaches in those schools and who doesn’t, and what gets taught and what doesn’t? That was the way we used to do it; and Alexis de Tocqueville, visiting from France early in our country’s history, marveled at the overall literacy of Americans. But now, trillions of dollars later, our illiteracy is a cause for wonder. What would happen if people could vote on, say, whether unionized teachers ought to teach our children that America is a racist hell-hole and a boiling cauldron of injustice? How many districts do you think would vote for that?

Have we lost even the possibility of questioning such things, and demanding answers? Is the way it is the way it truly has to be? Heaven forbid.

‘Teacher’ Reassigned for Forcing Opinions on Middle School Students

A middle school teacher in Florida has been “reassigned”–that means yanked from the classroom, but still getting paid–for giving students a quiz in which one of the multiple-choice questions listed President Donald Trump as “Republican. Real Estate businessman. Idiot.”

Do you think any teacher who called Obama an idiot would be allowed to remain anonymous? Think riots. Think hate crime charges. Think nationwide breast-beating outrage.

As icing on the cake, this quiz was administered to a class in computer applications. That’s according to a newspaper article published by GateHouse Media. The reporter probably went to journalism school: the article combines two different “teachers” in two different school districts in two different years into one rather confusing news story. Then again, it might’ve been the fault of clumsy and inept editing.

Hats off to the parent who brought this to the attention of the school principal AND posted the quiz on social media for millions of viewers to see. The embarrassment and public outcry forced the principal to do something about it. Hey, out there! More of you should be embarrassing your local school officials! It’s the only way to get them to remember who they work for.

Will this blockhead of a “teacher” get fired? Generally the only way a unionized public school teacher can actually lose his or her job is by dying. Or wearing a MAGA hat. But I’m sure the school officials did not appreciate being nationally pilloried; and they might find some way to convince the “teacher” not to do it again.


‘The Grand Poobah of Philosophers’ (2013)

Image result for images of john dewey

The whole country would’ve been better off if he’d been a truck driver or a zookeeper.

John Dewey is proof that philosophy is highly overrated.


“We know nothing for certain,” was his teaching. Well, you can’t say “We know nothing” without also admitting, tacitly, that “I know nothing.” Then the question is, why are we listening to someone who doesn’t know anything?

Philosophy divorced from God does fearful damage to a society.

The wounds inflicted on America by John Dewey run deep.

‘D.C. Schools Assign Kids to Compare Bush to Hitler’ (2014)

See the source image

So which one is it, teachers?

This is more confusing than it used to be. It’s five years later–is George Bush still Hitler, or is Donald Trump Hitler now? Does a Democrat ever get a turn to be Hitler?


If you are a Christian and you’re sending your children to be “educated” at a public school run by Far Left Crazy “teachers” and their union, and administrators with holes in their heads that you can actually see through–

Please! What good do you think can possibly come of that?

They are doing a major number on the children in the Western countries, and it’s the parents’ fault.


Ruled by Children

Image result for images of standing on blocks of ice under gallows in berlin

If this is the kind of street theater horse**** that persuades you, then you deserve to be enslaved.

For, behold, the Lord, the Lord of hosts, doth take away from Jerusalem and from Judah the stay and the staff, the whole stay of bread, and the whole stay of water, the mighty man, and the man of war, the judge and the prophet, and the prudent, and the ancient, the captain of fifty, and the honorable man, and the counselor, and the cunning artificer, and the eloquent orator. And I will give children to be their princes, and babes shall rule over them.”  (Isaiah 3:1-4)

So God warned His people, through the prophet Isaiah; and that warning holds for us today. In fact, we have already seen it begin to unfold–children to be our princes, and babies to rule over us.

Could anything be more shameful?

We were treated to a preview of this yesterday, the Youth Climate Strike–lots and lots of hysterical teens all over the world, mindlessly parroting the gloom-and-doom end-o’-the-world mantras pounded into their heads by their… er, “teachers.” Yeah, let’s have our public policies dictated to us by 13-year-olds!

The orgy of Climate Apocalypse, enthusiastically publicized by the free and independent noozies at MSNBC, got really gaudy in Berlin. There they trotted out a little pantomime of three doomed young people with nooses around their necks, standing on blocks of ice because you see they’re all gonna die, die, die when Climate Change melts the ice… (https://www.breitbart.com/clips/2019/09/20/msnbc-highlights-striking-visual-message-of-simulated-hangings-by-climate-protesters/). “A stark call for change before it’s too late!” babbled the MSNBC… uh, “reporter.”

What crap.

Meanwhile, Democrat dunderhead Jerry Nadler took a few minutes off from his impeachment circus to predict that Climate Change will reduce life on earth “to bacteria and maybe a few plants.”

Being ruled by children is bad enough. Do we have to be ruled by ignorant morons, too?

Just for the record:

There is no Man-Made Climate Change.

The world stopped getting “warmer” some twenty years ago.

There is always some “climate change” that is produced by vast natural forces, such as continental drift and solar activity. There is absolutely nothing that any government, no matter what extravagant powers it is given to interfere with people’s lives, can do about it.

The whole Global Warming/Climate action movement is nothing but a power grab by the Far Left Crazy–their ticket, they think, to setting up a world government with themselves lording it over all of us.

If he’s so convinced the sea levels are going to rise, why did that communist twerp Obama buy a multimillion-dollar palace on Martha’s vineyard, within a softball throw of the tide line?

But the Children tell us we’ve got to Take Action Before There Is No Future For The Planet.

What bunk.

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