‘I’m Back… but Not for Texting’ (2015)

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So they did a study and found out that a fair number of teenagers are literally addicted to text messaging–addicted as in “can’t stop.”

I’m Back… But Not for Texting

Seems a rather unsatisfying thing to get addicted to; but then heroin addicts probably have a hard time understanding how anyone can get by without heroin.

Again, this is the kind of thing we get for warehousing our children at the public schools and immersing them in “entertainment” created by warped minds.

‘Ooh! That’s Religion!’ (2012)

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I can’t forget this incident, which happened in the same school in which I spent grades K-5.

Ooh! That’s religion!

A friend sent her daughter to this school, and the girl came home babbling about “the power of the earth,” magical spells, and whatnot. So it’s not like the Educators forbid all religion. Just Christianity.

And, my fellow Christians and conservatives–have you thought about all the trouble we’ll get into if Democrats win this year’s elections? They won’t settle for teaching kids to make shocked noises at us.

‘Teacher to 7th Graders: “Deny God or Fail”‘ (2015)

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Do you think public schools have gotten a lot better since 2015? Do you think teachers’ unions have toned down their radicalism?

Really, you’re a bit old to believe in fairy tales.

Teacher to 7th Graders: ‘Deny God or Fail’

If you think your kids are safe because you live in a red state, think again. The same teacher unions control public education in all 50 states. And their job, as they see it, is to turn children against their country, their families, and their God.

And you pay them for it.

Real Heroes Submit Tamely to the Party!

Heroes Wear Masks: Elmo's Super Adventure (Sesame Street Scribbles): Sesame  Workshop: 9781728236599: Amazon.com: Books

Wow, what an adventure–wearing a mask to school! Eat your heart out, Tarzan!

Attention, comrades! Our comrades at Sesame Street have published a new book intended to “calm school anxiety” so the children can go back to learning about what a no-good rotten racist country America is!


Yes, comrades, Heroes Wear Masks teaches children that it’s easy to be a hero–just obey the party! And here you were, thinking you had to do something special or heroic when all you have to do is wear a face mask! And if you want to be a superhero, just be sure and wash your hands as often as Comrade Teacher tells you to.

Then you can settle down and be taught by Elmo and Big Bird that America is up to its eyeballs in Racism and you must support Only Black Lives Matter and it’s perfectly safe to riot–the coronavirus never interferes with a riot.

And, kiddies, be sure to let the Party know if any of the grownups in your family ever says anything hateful or non-inclusive or triggering or racist or anything else that the Party doesn’t like. If we send the offending party to the Camp, the Party will give you a lollipop!

Down with the ‘1619 Project’

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Three more cheers for Donald Trump!

Now he’s taking aim at the New York Times’ “1619 Project,” intended for use in the classroom to teach kids that America was, is, and always will be all about slavery and nothing but slavery, blah-blah… He’s directed the Dept. of Education to look into reports that this anti-American hate package is actually being used, so that they can defund it wherever it exists.


And oh, the Far Left has its knickers in a twist! Predictably, they’re calling it “censoring American history” and “American journalism.” “Eradicate racism” by creating more racism! I’m surprised anyone can generate that much hypocrisy and not explode.

I know I’m not the only one who’s been asking why we should have to pay a bunch of unionized left-wing creeps to “teach” our children that our country sucks. I mean, come on–is that fair? Why in the world should our tax dollars fund these assorted hate-America programs?

It’s time we put a stop to it–and God bless President Donald Trump for starting the ball rolling.

My Newswithviews Column, Sept. 3 (‘Now, Will You Listen?’)

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I know I wrote about this outrage a few days ago, right here on this blog; but I’m still highly cheesed off about it, and I thought there was more that ought to be said.

Now, Will You Listen?

I wonder what the public schools would have to do, to turn people off them. Well, they haven’t set the buildings on fire yet, with the kids in them. Maybe that would wake people up.

And if you can truly say “Not in our schools!” today, enjoy it while you can; because you won’t be able to say it tomorrow.

‘Transgenderism… for 3-Year-Olds’ (2017)

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The school as sexual predator

Are you sure you want those public schools back open? Positive? ‘Cause this is the kind of stuff they’re going to be teaching in them.

Transgenderism… for 3-Year-Olds

Yup, Planned Parenthood is deep into public education. Remember, their goal is to stop human reproduction by any means that come to hand.

You can’t have decency and “transgender” at the same time. It’s not sane. It’s not right. And our public schools are teaching it.

Tell me again why you think our kids should learn it.

‘Making the Grade’ in Homeschooling

About Andrea Schwartz

There’s a lot of talking about re-opening the public schools this fall, pandemic notwithstanding. But we hope more people are thinking about homeschooling as a permanent solution for their families.

Chalcedon’s Andrea Schwartz has been working for homeschooling for many years. In 2005 she wrote this essay about acquiring a homeschooling mindset.


Well, if we’re not going to homeschool now–! How many news stories do we have to read about the ongoing scandal of public education? And now we’ve got “school officials” in Tennessee demanding that parents sign a waiver not to listen in on the, um, “lessons” served up to their kids in virtual classrooms.

Andrea urges homeschooling parents to be clear, in their own minds, about their mission. The Far Left Crazy teachers’ unions are pretty damned clear about their own–turn the next generation against their God, their families, and their country.

Please don’t send your children back to public school! Really, it’s not good for them.

‘School “Investigates” 5-Year-Old Girl for Thought Crime’ (2017)

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Could we please, please, please think again about re-opening our public schools?

Why re-consider it? Well, because of incidents like this:

School ‘Investigates’ 5-Year-Old Girl for Thought Crime

The little girl was made the subject of an “investigation”–who do these maggots think they are–because she was slow to recognize and applaud some little boy’s “transitioning” into a phony parody of a girl. This was in California, of course, where else–there, “misgendering” is a crime. They’ll let you go scot-free for robbery, but don’t you dare use the wrong pronoun!

This is what our public schools have been doing, the last few years, and this is what they will go back to doing when we re-open them.

They won’t stop unless we stop them.

‘Boy, 13, Jailed for Burping’ (2016)

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The kid burped! Quick, call the cops!

(We still haven’t recovered from five disastrous weeks of intermittent internet access, and viewership here has subsided to 2016 levels. So we might as well run a post from 2016, too. It’s a kind of time travel.)

It’s always just about impossible to decide which was the most outrageous public education story for any given year. But this one would certainly be up there.

Boy, 13, Jailed for… Burping

That year, in Albuquerque, saw police–had they nothing better to do?–bust a 13-year-old boy and throw him in jail for… burping in class. Yes, idiotic “school officials” who couldn’t deal with a kid being silly called the police. And the police came.

What kind of lesson does that teach? Go ahead, pick one.

The government has too much of our money and they spend it foolishly, if not insanely.