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My Newswithviews Column, Sept. 19 (‘Dumbed-Down Kids for Leftist Folly’)

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Whoopee! Tomorrow is the Youth Climate Strike!

Having turned them into zombies, it only remains to order them to march. They protest what they’ve been told to protest. It’s both pathetic and appalling.

Dumbed-Down Kids for Leftist Folly

How many times do we have to say this? The Far Left, the Democrats, will do absolutely anything to acquire power: tell any lie, cook any election, destroy anyone who stands in the way. “Climate change” is their biggest lie to date, and the reason that they cling to it is because they view it as their best chance to create a global government with themselves in charge.

These people are not your friends.

And sending your children to be “educated” at schools run by Far Left teacher unions borders on the suicidal.

Ooh-ooh-ooh! Another Youth Climate Strike!

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Well, now we know why they want all those children’s books in the library touting Far Left Crazy public figures…

This Friday there’s to be another Youth Climate Strike protesting Climbit Change and demanding government action ’cause the world is gonna end in twelves years, etc., etc.–and the New York City schools have given the green light to students to cut classes so they can take part in the protests (https://www.axios.com/climate-strikes-nyc-1m-students-can-skip-school-fdc414c6-1496-4107-85cb-ef6522e4d512.html). In some quarters this is called government sponsorship of a particular opinion and would not be allowed.

And three days later, also in New York City, we’ll have the United Nations Climate Action Summit.” Oh, boy. “Organizers expect millions of people to leave work, home and school” to march for “action” on Climate Change, which used to be Global Warming until it stopped getting warmer.

They think that if they can manipulate enough intellectually defenseless school kids to march mindlessly in protests organized by thieves and liars, they can get us to surrender our freedoms and sacrifice our republic on the altar of world government.

Serves us right for sending our kids to those public schools. We really do have to stop doing that.

My First Day of School

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Last night on Youtube we watched some people reminiscing about their first day of school. Well, that brings back memories!

We lived right next door to the school. My mother took me there the first day. And then, to my horror, she left me there. What was she thinking?

My first day in class I found both boring and stressful. Then I found out I couldn’t leave until they said so. What? You mean I’m stuck here?

The principal, my first two years, was Mr. Popke, an angel who loved children. He made the place bearable. He was succeeded by a smarmy character who excelled in tricking little kids into admitting to mischief they hadn’t actually done. He was succeeded by an angry crone who communicated by shrieking at you. It went downhill from there.

As for the teachers, my mother, father, grandparents, aunts, and uncles were all way more interesting than any teachers. What did I ever learn in school that they couldn’t have taught me? Some of the teachers I had–well, the less said about them, the better. I was a homeschooling fan before I ever heard of homeschooling. There is very much to be said for children being taught by adults who know and love them.

Later on in grade school, I had the devil’s own time trying to learn how to add up a column of numbers. “Carrying” really stumped me. The teacher couldn’t solve it. My father sat down with me one evening after supper and taught me how to do it in twenty minutes.

And this was long before public education came to be all about sex, socialism, and detesting your country. It wasn’t toxic then. Just boring. I could have learned all the material a lot faster than I did, but the teaching was geared to accommodate the slower learners.

This was before the teachers’ unions sent delegations to places like Venezuela to praise the dictator and his socialist policies and then, upon their return, teach such piffle to the kiddies.

Public schooling is an idea whose time has come and gone. Long gone.

‘Schooling vs. Education’

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This insightful piece by Andrea Schwartz appeared in 2010 in the Chalcedon Blog.


Think about it: you knock yourself out to give your child a good, solid homeschooled education… and then you send him off to “college”? Plug him into “the artificial environment of college,” with peer pressure and arrogant left-wing professors taking the place of family and church? “To funnel these bright, homeschooled graduates into the modern education system makes little sense,” Andrea writes.

Even in 2010, nine years ago, there were good alternatives to a public college “education.” Today there are even more.

Homeschooling is a key to re-Christianizing America and saving it from dumbed-down socialism. Don’t abandon it just because your kid turns 18.

Kill public education, and Far Left Crazy dies.

‘Kids Taught Bill of Rights is Outdated’ (2013)

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Communist teachers–totally in charge

Another full year of educational malpractice has begun. Ready for some Far Left Crazy, boys ‘n’ girls? Oops, sorry! I should’ve said “purple penguins.” There’s no such thing as boys or girls.

For our first lesson, class, we’ll talk about getting rid of pieces of the Bill of Rights! You don’t really need all those silly rights, do you?


They should stop calling it “public education.” The only thing public about it is our taxes. We, the undefended public, have no say in who gets to teach, or what they teach, or how much to pay for it. We just pay. And let the teachers’ unions indoctrinate our kids.

When the bill for this comes due, it’ll be high. Very, very high.

My Newswithviews Column, Aug. 15 (‘Where’s the “Public” in “Public Education”?’)

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Somehow virtually all our education choices got taken away from us, leaving us with no role in education but to pay–and pay, and pay–for it.

Where’s the ‘Public’ in ‘Public Education’?

But that’s what the “pro-choice” mob does. They take away our choices.

The ones that own the schools have decided that our children need to be raised as sexual anarchists, and are busily doing just that in public schools from sea to shining sea. And we let them do it.

Again, the only vote we get is with our feet. Normal people’s children have to be rescued, physically removed, from public education. Homeschool or Christian school: either one is vastly better than the parody of learning that goes on in public schools.

NJ Schools to Teach ‘LGBT Contributions,’ etc.

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Having saddled themselves with a Democrat governor and a Democrat legislature, the people of New Jersey are about to reap what they have sown.

Starting in the next school year, a new state law requires New Jersey public “schools” to teach “LGBT history and contributions,” blah-blah.

The mayor of Barnegat Township, Alfonso Cirulli, has asked the people of New Jersey to demand the repeal of that law (http://freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/3771390/posts).

“No group has a right to force others to comply with their beliefs, deprive them of their First Amendment rights, and strip the rights of parents of how to morally raise their children,” the mayor said.

Excuse me while I put on my Barnegat T-shirt.

So once again the “pro-choice” crowd removes yet another choice from the undefended public. Once again, they’ll make the choice for you. They’ll stir the drink for you because you can only stir it bad.

We pay for those schools. We pay plenty. But we get no say in what is taught, or who teaches it. The only say we’ve got is to pull our children out of those Far Left indoctrination factories and educate them at home or in a Christian school.

Which is exactly what we have to do.

Otherwise we are allowing our culture to be killed, “educated” to death–and there will come a time when it’s just too late to save it.

Teaching Teens to be Louts

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I’ve been remembering an incident from my school-teaching days: not a nice incident.

In P_____ High School they had closed-circuit TV in every classroom, and in the morning those TVs were all tuned to the same public school channel. The programming came with ads, and one of these stood out. We’re talking maybe 20 years ago, so I don’t remember what product the ad was meant to sell. But it was certainly meant to be viewed by captive audiences in high school home rooms.

The protagonist of this charming commercial was a teenage boy with his baseball cap on backwards and hair over his eyes. During the commercial he was shown slamming a door in an old lady’s face, kicking over garbage cans, and pushing people around.

This was the public education channel actively teaching young people that it was desirable, praiseworthy, and cool to be an antisocial misfit. And I’m here to tell you that a lot of the kids in that high school took those lessons to heart.

Since I last saw that ad, our society has generated an innumerable host of video games, movies, TV shows, music videos, and social media messages celebrating and glorifying behavior that once would have been strongly condemned and usually punished. The consumption of those messages as “entertainment” is a passive, ongoing, and powerful form of self-education.

And our culture is showing its effects.

Kill the culture, and it will kill you back.

The ‘Right’ to Teach?

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Where does it say that anybody has a “right” to teach America’s children? Like, you get to stand in front of your class and “teach” the joys of communism, whether the town that pays your salary wants you or not?

Watching teachers’ unions, one after another, throw off the mask of sanity and stand before us as out-and-out Marxists, one must truly wonder: Have we got a national death wish? How can it possibly be a good idea, to have people who hate our country teaching our children—in the public schools that we’re stuck paying for?

It was always a mistake to allow teachers to unionize, and now that mistake is coming home to roost. Teachers ought to serve at the pleasure of the public–period. They are employed by the public, paid by the public, pensioned by the public (heaven help us), equipped by public money–I mean, what part of that is so hard to understand?

We have a right, or flamin’ well should have the right, to decide who gets to teach our children and who doesn’t. If we don’t want commies teaching communism, we shouldn’t have to pay for commies teaching communism.

Teachers’ unions have been bad for education, bad for children, and bad for America. Once upon a time, over a hundred years ago, teachers provided the most articulate opposition to the crazy plans of “educators.” Now it’s the teachers who carry out those plans.

Public education will destroy us.

If You Can’t Believe the Truth, Believe a Lie

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They’re not on your side, boys and girls…

We keep wondering how anyone who is not clinically insane, or abysmally stupid, can believe in socialism. Well, here’s how.

The Chicago Teachers’ Union has sent a delegation to Venezuela to “learn what we can” from the socialist nation and proclaim the union’s “solidarity” with the dictatorial regime that has turned one of the more prosperous countries in South America into a hell-hole (https://wirepoints.org/viva-maduro-the-chicago-teachers-unions-trip-to-venezuela-wirepoints-original/).

Y’know, we keep telling you about those teachers’ unions–the ones that run your schools–and you don’t listen…

Anyway, the Chicago teachers have nothing but high praise for every aspect of the socialist regime. All the–ahem!–little “problems” that you hear about–people starving, no electricity available, zoo animals devoured because there’s nothing else to eat, everything done at gunpoint–well, those are all America’s fault, no one else’s. According to the “Radical Educators’ Collective”–again, your teachers’ unions, folks–the delegates from Chicago were especially impressed by Venezuela’s wonderful “communes.”

Now, if you know history, you know that during the 1920s and 1930s intellectuals and journalists from all the Western countries flocked to Russia to marvel at the glorious wonderfulness of the Soviet Union; and you know that mostly they were shown what are remembered as “Potemkin villages”–stage sets, as it were, put up as a show for gullible foreign visitors who really wanted to believe that communism had finally found the answers to all life’s problems… and returned to their home countries babbling about what a fine job Comrade Stalin was doing.

They know it’s crap, but they make a conscious choice to believe it and to blot out all evidence to the contrary.

It’s one of those things that never changes.

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