‘Teachers’ Want Parents to Butt Out

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Here they are, “Red for Ed.” “Red” as in openly communist. Your tax dollars at work.

American public education is the most costly fiasco in all of history.

And now it’s come to this–“teachers” and “educators” complaining about “outsiders”–that’s what they call parents–“overhearing the discourse” and not liking what they hear.

Well, that’s the virtual classroom for you. With the schools closed on account of the coronavirus panic, and millions of kids doing “remote learning,” unionized “teachers” are upset. A big-name, er, educator, Mathew Kay, has voiced his fear of “many potential spectators… overhearing the discourse. What does this do for our equity/inclusion work?” That’s teacher-talk for leftist indoctrination.

Kay views the students’ parents as a threat to “honest conversations about gender/sexuality.” That’s more teacher-talk for indoctrination. He wants some kind of “secure barriers” erected to keep parents from hearing what their kids are being taught.

How in the world did we ever let it come to this? We’ve been warning you for years that this is what our classrooms have become. You didn’t listen, did you? “Oh, no, not in our schools!” Uh, yes in your schools. Most emphatically yes. Even the math lessons are tainted by Far Left propaganda.

If we had half the common sense we think we have, we’d all pull our kids out of public schools and watch the teachers’ unions shrivel up and die.

‘”Hate America High” Rescinds Flag Ban’

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This is the kind of thing we’ve allowed for way too long in our country. We let it happen way too often, and now we’re paying for it. And now we have to put a stop to it–while we still have a country left to save.

‘Hate-America High’ Rescinds Flag Ban

Hello! Yoo-hoo! All you people out there who want the kiddies back in school. Are you missing what’s happening on center state? This is public education, sunshine! They “teach” your kids to hate America and despise your values.

In South Carolina, of all places–just imagine what they do in a place like Portland, Oregon–a high school principal takes it upon himself to ban the American flag from his school’s football games. He should have been instantly fired and then forced to leave town, never to return.

Public education in America is the costliest (in more ways than one!) failure in all of human history. It has to go!

Teacher Unions: Headed for the Scrap Heap?

Learning to Adapt with Personalized Homeschooling

When the school failed, my father taught me math. And it wasn’t all that hard for him to do.

More and more people are clamoring for the public schools to be re-opened, supposedly so that parents can go back to work while their kids are in school. But the teachers’ unions, by and large, don’t want the schools re-opened.

Are they cutting their own throats?

According to The American Thinker: maybe (https://tmp.americanthinker.com/blog/2020/07/have_the_teachers_unions_cut_their_own_throats_homeschooling_interest_surges_amid_covid_shutdowns.html).

They’re afraid of the Chinese Doomsday Virus, of course. In fact, they’re so afraid, they’ve been threatening to strike if the schools are re-opened.

And they’re afraid of homeschooling, too. Interest in actual in-person homeschooling, taught by a parent or a tutor, is overtaking remote online schooling as a more popular alternative, John Solomon has reported. It appears kids don’t do all that well, just being tutored by robots. But tests show that homeschoolers, taught by parents or tutors in person, do just fine. In fact, they’ve always done just fine, academically.

So they trot out the old “socialization” argument: the kids’ll grow up weird if they don’t have their classmates around them every day. As if families and neighbors couldn’t socialize children. The “socialization” kids get in school has never been anything but an ongoing lesson in conformity. The kids in school get socialized by other kids, their age-group peers. Honk if you think that’s a good idea.

America’s costly public “education” establishment is virulently anti-American and, in some cases, downright crazy. Getting the right answer to a math problem is “racist.” And “You can be a boy one day and a girl the next, depending on how you feel.” All sorts of stuff just like that. Critics have been warning you about that for years, but a lot of you refuse to listen. The one thing all those white middle-class useful idiots rioting in the streets have in common is their so-called education. How can anyone in his right mind think America needs more of that?

So the unions find themselves between a rock and a hard place. Either they go back to school, where they think the virus is gonna get them, or they don’t go back to school and millions of American families discover that homeschooling really works and they don’t need teachers’ unions anymore.

No single thing would be more beneficial to America than the demise of the teachers’ unions and the building down of “education.”


Teachers’ Strike Looming?

Smaller class sizes not proven but teachers strike for them

They’re whispering behind fans these days that if anyone dares to re-open the public schools, the teachers’ unions will go on strike.

That is not a bad thing.

Public schooling is a bad thing–and this is America’s best opportunity ever to get out from under an overpriced, underachieving, ideologically poisoned “education” establishment.

Read those professionally-printed signs: “On Strike For Our Students.” Anybody dumb enough to believe that has had to go to public school.

I can’t understand public education’s Svengali-like hold on parents. And instead of waking up, they send their children on to college! For more indoctrination into Far Left mumbo-jumbo!

Do you see those people rioting in the streets? Do you hear what they’re saying? The one thing they all have in common is they learned those ideas, they learned those sentiments, in public schools and college. That’s who taught them that America’s a racist hell-hole that has to be torn down. Don’t you see? Don’t you listen? Where is all that wicked nonsense coming from? It’s coming from what we naively and irresponsibly call “education”!

Oh, let the teachers’ unions go on strike! On strike for long enough for parents to learn their kids can do without those teachers and those schools. And certainly without those so-called “lessons”!

Oddly enough, it’s the alleged conservatives who are hottest to trot for opening the schools again. No wonder conservatism in America has taken such a beating: it’s because conservatives are stupid! I mean, we know what those schools are all about, our own people have pointed it out to us a million times–and we want the kids to be “taught” there–by left-wing jidrools? How dumb is that? All you’re ever going to get out of that is bigger riots.

You’d think the teachers’ unions would be salivating over the chance to get hold of America’s children again and finish the job on their minds. Are they afraid the Chinese Doomsday Virus is gonna kill them if they set foot back in school? Why don’t they want to go back to work? Is it just the pleasure of getting paid while not working?

But the important thing is, this is our best chance to grab our freedom back and never give it up again.

Without public schooling, Far Left Crazy in America is dead.


My Newswithviews Column, July 30 (‘The “Socialization” Scam’)

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Don’t you wish you had a nickel for every time you heard someone say that public schooling is necessary for “socialization”?

The ‘Socialization’ Scam

Incredibly, a hundred years ago, it was the teachers’ unions who stood up to the crackpot “education” theorists and protected America from “educational” experiments–like training kids to hate their country, just to name one of the more popular ones that’s still ongoing. How times change.

Again I ask: are we sure we want our kids back in public school?


Back to School? Are You Sure?

Ways To Deal With Kids Who Have Fallen Into Bad Company - Boldsky.com

I have to wonder about the passel of alleged conservative commentators who keep saying “We’ve got to send the children back to school! Got to!” Even if they have to do all kinds of awkward things to keep the kiddies Safe from the Wuhan Communist Death Virus. Come September–only six weeks away–we’ve gotta re-open the schools.

Why? Millions of kids are now learning at home. Why send them back to public school?

Uh… for “socialization”? Yeah, that’s it! Socialization! They gotta be in school so they can have socialization.

That means socialization by other kids, your age-group peers. God help us.

Weren’t these guys ever kids themselves? Don’t they remember? Hey! Hello! Who encouraged you, when you were a kid, in every bad thing you ever did? Who did them with you, did them first, dared you to do them?

Other kids!

That kind of socialization, the kind offered by the public schools, no one needs. The lesson that your age-group peers are the most important people in the world, way more important than your boring old family, and that conforming to their style, their wishes, and their expectations is the most important thing that you can do–that’s the No. 1 lesson that you learn in public school.

God pity us, how we’re paying for handing our kids over to marxist education theorists and damned fools–to be “educated” by them! And then we’ve got our public colleges and universities to finish the job.

We have a golden opportunity, just now, to get out from under the boot-heel of public education.

Please let’s not blow it.

Teacher Canned… Why?

Walking the plank. A business man nervously walks the plank on a ...

I thought it was only pirates that made you walk the plank.

I don’t know about other states, but here in New Jersey it’s almost impossible for a public school teacher to get fired. I mean, you probably have to commit suicide.

But a Michigan high school teacher and baseball coach has been stripped of his livelihood because he tweeted… wait for it… “Donald Trump is our president” (https://www.newsweek.com/michigan-teacher-says-he-was-fired-tweeting-donald-trump-our-president-1519692).

What? You mean he isn’t? How did I miss that?

Meanwhile, school district officials deny they fired the teacher for supporting the president of the United States. We cannot make out from their statements exactly what reason, if any, they gave for canning the guy. Something about ooga-booga?

Now, if you think it’s good for someone to lose his livelihood because of his actually rather conventional political opinions–well, hey, the Democrat Party’s got an America for you! You’ll love it! Strict punishment for anyone who strays outside the party line. Sort of like they have in North Korea.

Riots and censorship! Biden for president!

‘After Christian School… It All Goes South’ (2016)

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Kids have been out of public school and out of college now for several months, thanks to The Great Quarantine Which We Gotta Have To Ward Off The Extinction Event Etc. But eventually the powers that be will expect you to send them back. Here’s a reminder of what public education does.

After Christian School…It All Goes South

If you’re currently homeschooling your child, or pursuing your college studies online–well, I hope you know when you’re well off.

Because nobody needs what public education does to a human mind.

‘Intellectuals Say the Darnedest Things’ (2013)

They want to take over America. They want to rule us. And this, God help us, is their brain trust.

Intellectuals Say the Darnedest Things

The unholy mess our country’s in today is our payoff for decades of allowing fools and self-anointed “revolutionaries” to, ahem, “teach” our children.

Yeah, they’re funny. Yes, we laugh at them. But they are communism’s useful idiots, Satan’s pet fools–and the enemy has found them very useful indeed.

Public education: it’s killing us.


‘William the Conqueror’s Favorite Movie’ (2017)

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Waddaya mean? Like, the dude was on TV!

You have to expect people to go a little overboard at the end of a millenium. Remember Y2K? Here is one of the calmer facets of the craziness.

William the Conqueror’s Favorite Movie

Yes, the quest to decide “The Movie of the Millenium”–how many brain cells got shorted out, puzzling over that? I’m amazed that hasn’t become a degree program at half a dozen different colleges.