‘Stupid Authorities Crash Down on 9-Year-Old for Calling Brownies “Brownies”‘ (2016)

Florida Cops Arrested An 8-Year-Old Boy At School. Now His Family Is Suing  - NowThis

See? This is one of those things we normal people should have put a stop to, years ago. But because we let all this wicked foolishness go unchallenged, we’re in the mess we’re in now–lorded over, lock, stock, and barrel, by the Far Left Crazy. Who stole our presidential election.

Stupid Authorities Crash Down on 9-Year-Old for Calling Brownies ‘Brownies’

Yes! Activate the full panoply of government! A 9-year-old child has called brownies “brownies”! It’s a racial incident! Police! County prosecutor! State Division of Making Mountains Out of Molehills! Everybody’s gotta get into the act. Make sure the siren’s working!

We let stuff like this go by. We didn’t stop it. We didn’t toss out of office those addle-pated “officials” responsible for it. We’re normal people, we have lives to lead, families, jobs, etc. We don’t have time to try to kick out a county prosecutor. We don’t have time to see what kind of loonies run our school system and find out how we can get rid of them.

That’s why we woke up this morning with the enemy holding all the cards–and probably a derringer, too, aimed right at us.

We are in very deep trouble now.

‘Which is Stupider, Government or Public Education?’ (2015)

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It’s never, never wrong when they do it!

For leftids, everything is a one-way street. Only white people can be Racists. Only white men can be Sexists. And only non-leftids can be guilty of bullying.

So you know, when libs talk about “anti-bullying,” what they really mean is they get to use the apparatus of government to bully anyone they please. This is especially flagrant in what we laughingly call “public education.”

Which is Stupider, Government or Public Education?

Yowsah, yowsah! If a… “teacher”… decides you’ve “bullied” someone, she can fine your parents and even hand out other punishments, like “community service” (humiliation by means of forced labor) or “counseling” (treating you like you’re evil or crazy because you’re not like them).

And you wonder why our country’s so screwed up?

‘Now It’s a Racist Robot’ (2017)

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Never having been alive in the first place is no defense against a charge of Racism.

Now It’s a Racist Robot

If robots can be racists, can toaster-ovens, hair dryers, waffle irons, or cinderblocks be far behind? And if inanimate objects can be guilty of Racism, what about sexism, homophobia, transphobia, or phobophobia?

And we are asked to believe that a majority of Americans, now invisible, voted for this schiff…

‘Child Suspended from School for “Threat” to Use Magic Ring (2015)

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They thought it was real…

As we wonder how to save our country, we must not forget to keep asking “From what?” And the answer should include “public education.”

Bad enough our teachers’ unions are out-and-out communists. But look at some of the tricks they get up to in their classrooms: like suspending a child for “threatening” to use a magic ring he saw in a movie, The Hobbit.

Child Suspended from School for ‘Threat’ to Use Magic Ring

I have revisited this case today as a reminder that our problem runs a lot deeper than the politics. Think about it. Did the “school officials” actually believe this little boy had a magic ring, which he could use to make another child disappear? I wish I had one that’d make them disappear! What kind of, uh, “education” would these schnooks provide?

And what in the world can we be thinking of, subjecting millions of our children to such a travesty of education? And that’s when they’re not “teaching” gender-bending and what a no-good rotten country America is, etc.

It’s not just our sins that have brought us to this point, where we have to fear for the destruction of our republic. It’s our follies, too. And our so-called education system is the biggest folly of them all.

A Few Minutes in a Public School

Bride of Chucky (1998) - Images - IMDb

I was substitute teaching at a public school, fourth or fifth grade, sometime back in the 1990s; and the regular teacher had left an assignment for the kiddies: write a brief little essay on “My Favorite Movie.”

Almost all the children wrote that their favorite movie was Bride of Chucky, a slasher movie about horribly ugly dolls that kill people.

I was surprised. I would’ve thought these kids were too young to be allowed into the theater to see Bride of Chucky, and I couldn’t imagine any parent taking his 9 or 10-year-old to see it.

Bigger surprise: None of these kids had actually seen the movie–just the ads on TV. So this was their favorite movie even though they hadn’t seen it and probably wouldn’t.

Honk if you think our popular culture has gotten any better since then.

‘Educational Disaster, and the Racial Grievance Industry’ (2017)

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I suppose they’re going to accuse Walter Williams of being a White Supremacist for pointing out the deficiencies–one might call them intentional crimes–of our overprice, over-funded public education system.

Educational Disaster, and the Racial Grievance Industry

And he doesn’t even get into the cultural aspect of that education system–the purposeful campaign to turn young Americans against their country and all it stands for.

Now, Democrats having stolen a presidential election, we are an inch away from losing our republic. “Education” has played a major role in putting us into jeopardy.

We’d have been better off with no public schools at all.

‘School Board Puts Lid on Homework’ (2017)

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Following a national trend to avoid stressing out the students, my hometown school board put strict limits on the amount of homework that could be assigned.

School Board Puts Lid on Homework

“Ten minutes per grade level,” eh? Not that every teacher is going to assign homework every night, because then they’d have to grade it. But what if the same assignment takes Moe only five minutes to complete, Larry ten minutes, and Curly twenty? Shut up, he explained.

Public education is destroying us.

‘I’m Back… but Not for Texting’ (2015)

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So they did a study and found out that a fair number of teenagers are literally addicted to text messaging–addicted as in “can’t stop.”

I’m Back… But Not for Texting

Seems a rather unsatisfying thing to get addicted to; but then heroin addicts probably have a hard time understanding how anyone can get by without heroin.

Again, this is the kind of thing we get for warehousing our children at the public schools and immersing them in “entertainment” created by warped minds.

‘Ooh! That’s Religion!’ (2012)

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I can’t forget this incident, which happened in the same school in which I spent grades K-5.

Ooh! That’s religion!

A friend sent her daughter to this school, and the girl came home babbling about “the power of the earth,” magical spells, and whatnot. So it’s not like the Educators forbid all religion. Just Christianity.

And, my fellow Christians and conservatives–have you thought about all the trouble we’ll get into if Democrats win this year’s elections? They won’t settle for teaching kids to make shocked noises at us.

‘Teacher to 7th Graders: “Deny God or Fail”‘ (2015)

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Do you think public schools have gotten a lot better since 2015? Do you think teachers’ unions have toned down their radicalism?

Really, you’re a bit old to believe in fairy tales.

Teacher to 7th Graders: ‘Deny God or Fail’

If you think your kids are safe because you live in a red state, think again. The same teacher unions control public education in all 50 states. And their job, as they see it, is to turn children against their country, their families, and their God.

And you pay them for it.