Confessions of a Blindfolded Newsman

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In the 1970s the U.S. Dept. of Education was founded, and various states set up their own departments of education, or else greatly expanded the powers of those already in existence. These steps drastically altered the state of public education in America… not that it ever was all that good an idea in the first place.

I was a newspaper reporter and editor in those days. Among other duties, I covered three school boards and had part-timers covering the rest. When a major story came along, we worked on it together.

Very important changes were put in place back then. These happened right before my eyes: and I’m ashamed to tell you that I didn’t see them. Right out there in front of me, and I might as well have been wearing a blindfold. I can only say I couldn’t see the forest for the trees. Too many distractions kept me from seeing the big picture.

I saw the state education bureaucracy swallow the authority of the local boards–and didn’t realize what I was seeing. I remember now a meeting of the Matawan Board of Education, in which a nerd from the state came and told the board members what New Jersey would be expecting of them from now on.

One member objected. “What is this?” he said. “It sounds like one of those old Soviet five-year plans!” The response was a coy “Tee-hee! Once you buy into the program, you’ll have a clearer understanding.” What I didn’t realize was that he already had a very clear understanding of exactly what the state was doing! But he wound up resigning, and it never occurred to me to sit down with him for an in-depth interview.

Dammit all! I was a newsman, and this was news! I had it in my power to inform the public that they were all being taken for a ride. That they were down there in Trenton growing the government at the community’s expense. That the teachers’ union had the state wrapped around its little finger.

So the people who paid for the schools, and sent their children there, would no longer be getting what they thought they paid their taxes for, but what Far Left teachers’ unions and quasi-Marxist, grey ponytail “educators” in Trenton thought they ought to get.

By and by the newspaper workload became too heavy a burden for me and I resigned, too.

People who don’t much like us, and want to change our way of life, have been working on our schools for fifty years.

Pull your kids out of there. That’s all that’s left for us to do.

‘Parental Rights’? Not in New Mexico Schools

The Teachers' “Red for Ed” Movement Is Far From Dead

They’ve got your children where they want ’em, folks.

It only takes a few minutes for me to find a new public education outrage to report. Here’s one from New Mexico.

Attorney Andrew Sanchez, who “trains teachers and school boards,” has recently declared, “Parental rights end when you send your kids to public schools” ( And that’s the way he likes it. He says it’s the job of public schools to “replace values” that the kids have learned at home.

Go ahead, “educators,” spit in our faces once again. No one’s stopping you.

How many times must we say this? The only meaningful and effective response to the schools’ Marxist indoctrination of our children is to take them out of those schools and educate them at home. See what happens when 50 million Christian children are pulled out of public schools.

It’s been a long time since local school boards actually represented the people who elect them and pay the exorbitant school taxes. The Far Left teachers’ unions have America by the throat and won’t let go.


Do You Want a Real Revival?

Happy frogs = healthy people | Fox Gully Bushcare

Almost a full-fledged frog: just a bit of God’s stuff, on our way to bigger things.

We pray the revival that started at Asbury University, Kentucky, moves all around the country and ignites Americans’ spirits everywhere. We hope it turns our hearts to Jesus Christ our Savior.

By all means pray, sing hymns, shout, wave your hands, jump up and down… but at some point or other, shouldn’t we actually do something?

There is nothing we can do, to amplify revival and save our nation’s soul, nothing we can do more effectual or more meaningful than to remove millions of our children, or even tens of millions, from the malign influence of the public schools.

It mystifies me that any Christian parents choose to leave their children in those schools. Don’t you know your kids are being “taught” by Far Left elitists who despise you, and hate your way of life–and will “teach” your kids the same? Don’t you know by now what teachers’ colleges and teachers’ unions stand for? Where have you been?

Public education is broken. It cannot and will not be fixed. It is the single biggest cause of spiritual and moral pollution in our country. We cannot be successfully revived for as long as those “educators” hold our children hostage.

What excuse can there be for not knowing this?

Teacher: ‘I’ve Got a Master’s Degree! What Have Parents Got?’

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Don’t even think about coming back!

Once upon a time a public school “teacher” who copped this attitude would have been chased out of town–and she’d better not come back, not even in disguise.

But this week in Arizona, during a hearing on a bill to get pornography out of school classrooms and libraries, a “teacher” lectured the legislators like so:

Education is all about “socialization,” she said. “The purpose of public education is not to teach not only what parents want their children to be taught, it is to teach them what society needs them to be taught” (

But wait, there’s more!

“I have a master’s degree! What have parents got?”

Not to keep you in suspense: the Senate committee passed the bill and moved it on up to the next level.

But meanwhile, who or what does this jidrool mean by “society”? Teacher unions? Her nutty professors at the teachers’ college? Where do parents fit into… “society”? Maybe at the very bottom? As in “Just shut up and pay your taxes”?

People! America’s unionized public school teachers are not going to change! They are not going to wake up some morning and say “Let’s try being sane and decent for a while.” These characters are grooming your children for sex. They are committed to the erasure of the family. They are not going to stop.

But you can stop them. Pull 50 million children out of the public schools and see what happens to Far Left Crazy.

Say ‘Black Lives Matter’–Or Else!

Black Lives Matter Yard Sign 12" x 18" inches Double Sided UV Print, Weatherproof Corrugated Plastic Anti-Racism Banner with 15’’ H Metal Stake for Outdoor Lawn Patio Garden (Multi-Colored, 1-Pack)

And you’d better believe it, or else!

Gee, you wouldn’t think anything bad could possibly happen if you hammer kids’ heads full of Racial Grievances all day, every day, and go far out of your way to foment racial strife. I mean, c’mon, really! This is public education! This is Racial Justice!

At Kenwood Elementary School in Springfield, Ohio, Critical Race Theory came to life when a bunch of black kids grabbed some white kids and made them recite, “Black Lives Matter”–or else get beaten up ( Police are… investigating. What more could we ask?

School officials demonstrated acute chuckleheadedness by declaring Kenwood “a safe learning environment, where they look forward to attending every day.” Except those days when the black kids beat them up.

Oh, forsooth. I went to elementary school in the Fifties. It was wall-to-wall bullies. I taught in public schools in the Nineties. It was wall-to-wall bullies. This is the sort of thing that always happens in public schools. Usually it’s because some kids are just born nasty. But in this case it is the direct result of stupid, evil, racially charged doctrines that dominate public education in our time.

You sure you want to send your kids there? Really?

Report: 65% of 4th-Graders Can’t Read

When to actually worry that your kid still can't read - Today's Parent

Just in case you were wondering about how well our public education system’s working, there’s a report out by Emily Hanford, American Public Media, stating that some 65 percent of our fourth-graders “can’t really read” (

No, it’s not due to COVID Etc. It’s due to trendy teaching methods that just don’t work–and, I might add, to enormous amounts of classroom time wasted on Far Left crapola.

They can’t read, but I’ll bet they can rattle off a couple dozen “genders” if given half a chance.

Parents! Are you absolutely, positively sure you can’t do better than this? You can’t do better than the teachers’ colleges and teachers’ unions?

Shame on you, if it’s so. Time to homeschool!

DeSantis Wins a Big One–For Us

Florida Gov. DeSantis battles what he sees as indoctrination in public  schools. : NPR

He knows how to beat the super-villains!

See, this is why we need Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis where he is. He’s accomplishing things in Florida, winning key victories against the Far Left, which other governors in other states can emulate.

His latest: going head-to-head against “education” behemoth College Board, DeSantis has forced them to delete almost all “Critical Race Theory” horse**** from its Advanced Placement African-American Studies curriculum ( Big chunks of Far Left crapola have been removed from the tests and the curriculum.

They’ve even deleted the section on Queer Black Studies!

Yes, the teachers’ unions will “teach” all that garbage anyway; but they’ll be under the gun for test scores. The kids still have to pass the tests to get into college… and of course Everybody Goes To College! If too many kids can’t pass, their school district will lose aid money… and maybe, hopefully, some of those weirdo teachers will lose their jobs.

Is this enough? Of course not. As long as children are put in classrooms with unionized “teachers,” the students are at risk. Any definition of “enough” would have to entail a total dismantling of “public education” and a restoration of the community’s authority over its schools. And that mostly means parental authority. Let the unions go pound salt.

As for Gov. DeSantis–keep it up, man, keep it up! We need more like you!

Why Are They Doing This?

Susan said I ought to watch this, just to see what we’re likely to come up against in the next election cycle–a run for the White House by Gavin Newsom, the governor of California.

Newsom’s wife, Jennifer, is a wealthy documentary film-maker whose agenda may be described as “Obama-Plus”–pursuing a “fundamental transformation of America” into a Far Left hell-hole. This time the tool will be Jennifer’s bizarre, sexually-charged documentaries now finding their way into our already wretched public schools.

Investigative reporter Adam Andrzejewski broke it down into three steps: lay out a comprehensive “gender” curriculum for young children in the schools; promote her husband as the star with all the answers; and make tons of money, doing it. The films, he said, feature “triple X-rated images” for 11-year-olds to see. And meanwhile, he said, she will be “quadruple-dipping into taxpayers’ funds” provided by the state.

The objective is to gin up Newsom’s run for president, with Jennifer actively and aggressively serving as a “co-president”–Hillary Clinton 2.0.

Hello! Parents! What do you suppose you and your children are going to get out of this? Why in the world do you tolerate it? That’s what I can’t understand. What do you think will happen to our country if crazy stuff like this isn’t stopped?

Teacher Union Prez Embezzled $400K, Investigators Say

Former Virginia Teacher Union president arrested for embezzling over $400K  | Fox News

Police have arrested the former Arlington, Virginia, teachers’ union president and charged her with embezzling $400,000 in “faulty bonuses and other self-rewards” during the six years she served (

Sounds like she shot the moon: credit card fraud, all sorts of finagling. Ingrid Grant, that’s her name.

Earlier this month a teachers’ union treasurer in Reading, PA, was arrested for embezzling more than $400,000.

Well, we’ve told you about those teachers’ unions, haven’t we? Give ’em half a chance and they’ll suck the public dry. While grooming the taxpayers’ children for aberrant sex. 

They are not going to change, people. They are not going to wake up good, one of these days.

The only effective and meaningful response to what “public education” has become is to withdraw our children from the public schools.

When the Schools Want More of Your Money…

Pot full of thousands of 24 carat gold coins from the 9th century  discovered in Israel! | Times of India Travel

A chief auditor has found that a dozen school districts throughout Pennsylvania concealed their budget surpluses in reserve accounts so they could say they were short of funds and needed another tax increase (

They’re hiding “hundreds of millions of dollars of budget surpluses,” said the state’s House Republican leader.

Over the past four years, the auditor reports, the 12 districts collectively have gulled the voters into approving 37 school tax increases. The auditor concluded that the practice must be quite common, because the 12 districts he audited are scattered throughout the state.

All sorts of hair-splitting excuses have been made for this. It seems to fall into a grey area, legally… so school officials won’t be charged with stealing public money.

They also get away with grooming children for every kind of aberrant sex you can think of, fomenting racial paranoia, and working tirelessly to estrange children from their families. That’s public education. What’s a few hundred million dollars that disappears along the way?

Extra: Lame Excuse They Haven’t Used Yet: “Oh, yeah? Well, what about what the town council does with the snow removal budget? They’ve always used it up by Labor Day!”