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Let’s Have Some Easter Hymn Requests!

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Easter will be here before you know it. Whatever you think about the date assigned, Christians use it to proclaim that Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead is a historical fact–a thing that really happened. The thing that changed the world.

I would love to post Easter hymns every day for the next two weeks, but I wouldn’t much enjoy being the only one selecting them.

If you’re new to this blog, or simply if you haven’t yet requested a hymn for posting here–well, come on! The invitation’s open to all. Request your hymn by name, and if I can find it on youtube, I’ll post it here. Requests can be made in the former of a “reply” to any other post.

We do this for Christmas every year. So let’s do it for Easter, too!

Why Is This Lizard Smiling?

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The gecko is grinning because he’s heard there are less than 200 comments to go in the race to post Comment No. 25,000 on this blog and win an autographed copy of The Silver Trumpet, Book No. 10 in my Bell Mountain series. Which is still at the printer’s, it seems.

Anyone can win, so what’re you waiting for? Make a comment! All comments are eligible, except for those which abuse anyone else on this blog, contain blasphemy or profanity, are really just thinly-disguised ads and an insult to everyone’s intelligence, or remarks just too inane to bother with.

Sorry, but I have not been able to guarantee that any countries will be re-named after the winner of this contest.

Comment Contest: Less than 300 to Go

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The comments keep coming, and we are approaching the fantastically exciting climax of our latest comment contest. Whoever posts Comment No. 25,000 wins an autographed copy of The Silver Trumpet, if we can ever get it printed–and there are fewer than 300 comments to go.

Everyone can play, and just about any comment is eligible, except for: comments abusive to another reader, blasphemy, profanity, ads disguised as comments, or remarks simply too inane to bother with.

I don’t know how long it will take to reach No. 25,000, but at the rate we’re going, it won’t be long at all.

The winner will probably become rich and famous, although I can’t quite guarantee that.

My Next Book

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It’s been cold today, and we have a major snowstorm forecast for tomorrow, but warmer weather’s coming; and when it gets here, I want to be in trim to write my next Bell Mountain book. All I need is a plot, a title, and about 70,000 words of story.

First, though, I’ve got to read The Temptation–because I don’t remember what’s in it! You work very intensely on a book, and when you finally finish it, you hear a loud “Whoooosh!” as it all rushes out of your head. A few months later, it’s like you never wrote it: speaking only for myself, of course. I did leave several story lines that will have to be picked up. That’s somewhere to start, until the Lord gives me more to work with.

Yes, I know The Silver Trumpet (No. 10 in the series) comes before The Temptation, but I’m still waiting to get it from the printers. So for the time being I’ll devote my full attention to The Temptation. Ever since I lost 18 members of Lord Reesh’s personal staff between The Thunder King (No. 3) and The Last Banquet, I have had a dread of making an even bigger error. We do have Cathy, our great copy editor, to catch the ones that get away from me; but I’d rather not muff it in the first place.

“Why,” I pretend I hear you ask, “have you illustrated this post with a picture of The Palace? That’s Book No. 6. It doesn’t fit in here.”

Well, it’s only because The Palace, for some unfathomable reason, continues to lag behind the rest of the series and I would love to drum up some readership for it. And some customer reviews on amazon.com. Trust me: you don’t want to miss King Ryons’ hunt for the white doe, or Coronation Day in Obann.

Anyhow, I’ve started reading The Temptation and have already assuaged my fear that it might not measure up. I think it does.

But first we gotta get The Silver Trumpet printed!

I Need a Break from the News

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Both my wife and my editor agree I need a break from news, before it burns out my brain.

So I’m going to try to lay off for three days, hoping to recharge my batteries. I just hope this doesn’t cost me my audience. What with a new book coming out any day now (he keeps saying that!), I need all the views I can get. Keep your eyes peeled for The Silver Trumpet. It’s been with the printer a week now; what can possibly be taking so long?

And would you believe it? There’s another Silver Trumpet! I found out yesterday. It’s a children’s book by C.S. Lewis’ friend, Owen Barfield, published in 1968. Way too late to change my title now. *Sigh*

P.S.–I will, of course, keep publishing any comments made by you, the readers, on any news stories. So please feel free to take the podium!


Any Day Now!

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I received a notice this morning that The Silver Trumpet has finally gone to press. It’s Book No. 10 in the Bell Mountain series (starting, oddly enough, with Bell Mountain), so after you read this one, you’ll owe it to yourself to read the preceding nine.

What’s it about? Well, you’ll find out why the people of Obann have such a horror of the sea. There’s a big surprise in store for Gurun, the Queen. And an even bigger one for the army that marches out to sack the town of Ninneburky. And a divine vision has been given–not to sage or saint, but to a young chieftain of the Heathen.

The Silver Trumpet ought to be available in paperback, through amazon.com or the publisher (Storehouse Press, per The Chalcedon Foundation, http://www.chalcedon.edu )–in fact, I probably ought to go and check right now.

Off to the Vet’s…

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Well, now I’ve got to catch Robbie so I can take her to the vet. Just for a checkup, see how her thyroid numbers are–everything, I expect, should be all right. Then we can come home and Peep can spend the rest of the day hissing at Robbie, hissing at me, and at the furniture. By then it will be raining. Maybe it’ll put the cats to sleep. They haven’t figured out yet how to fight in their sleep.

Time for Another Comment Contest

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I don’t know what else to do today, and we currently stand at 24,068 comments on this blog, so, what the heck, time for another comment contest.

This time the prize will be a signed copy of The Silver Trumpet, Book. No. 10 in my–ahem!–award-winning Bell Mountain series, for the reader who posts the 25,000th comment here. I consider 25,000 a milestone, and I’m throwing the contest open to everybody. Even if you’ve already won. And if The Silver Trumpet is the first Bell Mountain book you get, it may move you to acquire the earlier books in the series.

Actually the book ought to have been published by now, but it’s been delayed by several last-minute glitches. Still, it’s coming soon. I don’t know how soon, but soon.

Anyone can win with any kind of comment, except for the following: comments containing blasphemy or profanity, comments abusive of anyone else on this site, thinly disguised commercials masquerading as comments, or remarks simply too inane to be of any use to anybody. Other than that, anything goes.

How long will it take to ring up another thousand comments?

Well, we’ll find out. Soon.

I Thought I Was Going to Write Today

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I can’t seem to rev up my writing motor today. There’s news out there that I ought to comment on, but the prospect of having a couple of teeth pulled on Friday is something I find rather distracting. It won’t seem such a big deal, once I get it over with, but today it troubles me.

So I had a cigar; and then, because the sun was shining and it wasn’t freezing cold for a change, I went for a bike ride. For years I’ve been riding almost every day, but this winter has put the kibosh on that. I like a nice, peaceful bike ride. The opportunity having presented itself, I took it.

But how to keep the traffic flowing to this blog today, I know not.

Maybe announce a comment contest? Might that work? Well, give it a try.

I’m Back… Sort Of

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Well, it ain’t the crown coming loose. It’s the whole blamed tooth. Seems it somehow got fractured under the crown. And that means–trumpet flourish, please–a trip to the oral surgeon on Friday morning. My turn to take a little drive down Tribulation Alley.

I’m not good at stuff like this.

Well, meanwhile, Erlene and Phoebe are back with us, I’ve got a hymn request to see to, a bit of blogging–and then, I think, a cigar. Tomorrow it’s off to the vet’s with Robbie, for her checkup, and nothing bad has been scheduled for Thursday yet…

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