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You won’t get a grey tree frog out of it, but at least I can give you a nice picture of one.

I am advised by WordPress to ask readers to please subscribe to this blog. I don’t know, I thought I was doing that, but apparently I wasn’t.

We don’t ask you for money, we don’t bother you with ads, and I can really use the extra views. So if you haven’t subscribed yet, please consider doing so.

This concludes the commercial message–the only one you’re ever likely to see here.

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So I’ve Started It

Super-sticky saliva helps chameleons catch huge prey, scientists say - Los  Angeles Times

I pray I can be as on-target as this chameleon.

Okay, I’ve got some pages written and I’m on my way–the early life of King Ozias, compiled by Obst from the Scriptures.

It’s a daunting task, but also an exciting one. Can I bring this story to life? I have to go back in history 2,000 years and a lot of things in Obann were very different then. There were still some Wild Men left in Lintum Forest, for instance. Obann’s Empire, and the Day of Fire, were some thousand years in the future. A lot of shapeless ruins were thriving cities.

It’s only 2 o’clock. I think I’ll go out and write some more.

I Can’t Hear You (Anybody There?)

How To Get Your Dog To Listen To You | Dog Won't Listen - Cesar's Way

Listening, but not hearing

Has WordPress done it to us again? It’s telling me there have been no comments here–zip, zero, nada–since midnight, and hardly any views, for that matter.

I wouldn’t be suspicious, except that yesterday several of you had difficulties seeing the comments that you tried to post. Maybe today it’s my turn not to see them.

Please drop me an email and let me know if you’ve tried to comment today and couldn’t do it. Not that that’ll do any good! But at least I’ll know something’s up.

Or if you haven’t tried it and been frustrated yet, you could try to post a comment and see if it gets through.

Anybody else having problems like this?

A Party for Violet?

How to Throw a Mad Hatter's Tea Party - Party Delights Blog

Not long ago, Phoebe suggested we throw a party for Violet Crepuscular to celebrate 500 chapters of her epic romance, Oy, Rodney. It’s as good an excuse as any to have a party. Hey, how many writers manage a book with 500 chapters in it? (“But look at all the chapters she skipped, to get there!” Killjoy.)

We could have the party right here on this blog, a space equally convenient to all. We’ll need a menu of snacks and foodstuffs, a roster of fun activities (Anybody got one of those forbidden “Jarts” games?), party favors and decorations, and music. A wading pool is optional. We might also vie with one another in composing laudatory poems to the guest of honor. Like, “No matter how you dial it, the Queen Of Suspense is Violet.” Ooh! I’d better disqualify myself.

Okay! Now I’m waiting for the suggestions to come rolling in.

P.S.–Imagine what a big party it’ll be if everybody reblogs this post somewhere! I’d love to see what would happen.

I Can’t Get Into Gear!

The Lizard Lab on Twitter: "Hot off the press! Our new paper on  anti-predator behaviour in newly hatched Australian water dragons.  @JamesBG_27 scared a lot of baby lizards! e-mail us  for

There’s too much to do!

After going on a passel of errands this morning, I find myself stymied. What to write about? Can’t get the new book started: thunder has been rumbling, can’t sit outside and write. And as for nooze…


Yo, folks, what should I write about today? I mean, that everybody else isn’t already writing about. I think I’ll try to have a cigar and read some of Rodney Stark’s book before it starts to rain. That’ll give you some time to offer suggestions. I need some helpful hints for getting my viewership back up to speed.

A Quick Question

Cat Speech Bubble Question Mark - Free photo on Pixabay

Most of you know computers better than I do, so maybe somebody out there can explain this to me.

Every day for the past week or so, I find my viewership down 50 to 75 views per day. This is discouraging, to say the least. Why do you suppose this is happening? Is Big Tech burying us at the bottom of the search engines? I haven’t received any scolding messages from anywhere.

Anyway, I’d like to know if it’s something I can fix.

Thank you.

Late, Late, Late!

The White Rabbit Clip Art | Disney Clip Art Galore

Bad stormy weather this morning, dark and dreary–so of course I overslept. Now I’m running late and I’ll have to play catch-up all day… and I never win at that game.

But I have to try. My viewer numbers have been way, way down for the past week. Fellow Christian bloggers–has this happened to you, too? I can’t help suspecting Big Tech censorship. At the very least they’ll finagle the search engines to bury our blogs well out of sight.

Huff-puff, huff-puff! And we’ve got all those stores to go to today, too.

Still wearing our winter coats, in May. So much for climbit chains.

Normal service will be restored as soon as possible.

I’m in Suspense

Suspense Stock Photos, Royalty Free Suspense Images | Depositphotos

Last night my laptop, on which I do at least 90% of my work, totally conked out, could not be revived. I mean, we are getting totally crushed, this year so far.

This morning–the laptop came back on. I’m typing this on Patty’s computer while I wait for the icons. This coming week I face another car repair bill and I dread spending any more money.

Pray for us, keep your fingers crossed for us, and let’s just hope the laptop can hang on a while longer.

Hymns and Prayer: Our Country Needs It

Wolf die zich voordoet als oma Cartoon Clipart Vector - FriendlyStock

When she gets out of bed, she’ll go teach kindergarten.

Anybody out there got any hymn requests? Anyone got any prayers?

It has gotten to be the easiest thing in the world, to find and post “education outrage” stories… every single day. In fact, there are always, always, more than one. I just posted a great big one a few minutes ago.

Now the crooks in Washington are enlisting foreign intelligence agencies to crush individual American citizens–right here at home! Look at the suddenly-arisen herculean efforts to protect “groomers.” They’re teaching in our schools, running Disney Corp., and doing everything they can to push children into sex at an early age. Can we even imagine an innocent reason for this? Crikey! We had that idjit Psaki actually weeping over a few states’ efforts to rein in the groomers. Presidential spokes-creature. Hot dog.

Our country has fallen into terrible trouble; and the very worst of it is the way we use  our schools, from kindergarten through college, to “teach” and “celebrate” self-destructive evil.

The only truly productive thing we can do about it is to take the children OUT! of public school and teach them at home. Get them away from the groomers.

America needs our prayers, we need each other’s prayers, we need hymns, we need the Bible–O Jesus Christ our Lord and King, our champion: we need you!

And We’ve Got 85,000 Comments!

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We have reached our milestone of 85,000 comments! And the winner is… let’s have a big hand for our friend Ina, in Scotland.  This isn’t the first comment contest she’s won, but we allow multiple wins around here.

We have expanded the choice of prizes to include 1) an autographed copy of any published book of mine (except for Bell Mountain–I’ve run out of those), 2) a copy of the next book to be published, Behold! (whenever that happens), 3) an autographed cover on my 1990 horror novel, Mind Stealer (no one else on your block will have one), 4) this cool T-shirt that says “If they have to kill us, they’ve lost,” 5) a bag of nice green plastic army men (not kidding).

Ina, let us know which prize you want to claim.

And Byron, old Quokka, start laying the groundwork for the next contest!