Let’s Hear from You!

Listening Ears & Vocabulary —

Hey, I’ve found a new hymn by the Voice of Eden–and I will post it today if you guys want to hear it. I’ve never heard it before, but I’m sure it’ll be great.

But I do want to know your pleasure! This blog needs waking up! King COVID has cast a spell of drowsiness over the whole world, drowsiness and forgetfulness–don’t tell me you haven’t caught yourselves forgetting to do certain errands that are important but you forgot them anyway. That phenomenon is spreading all over the earth.

We can fight it with hymns! Our King Jesus Christ is mightier than theirs.

As another hymn puts it, “Rise up, O men [and women!] of God.” And as we sometimes sang in Sunday school, with more understanding than we could have realized, “Wise up, O men of God.”

A Parable of a Pogo Stick

Here’s a boy who wants to set a record for pogo stick jumps; and I think there might be a lesson here. To wit: “Keep on jumping and jumping and jumping some more, and eventually you’ll fall.” Ouch.

I was a great pogo stick artist in my boyhood. If my mother had ever seen some of the tricks I got up to, she would’ve plotzed. And before I could fall and suffer a real injury, another kid borrowed my pogo stick and wrecked it.

Today I seem to be battling writer’s block. (“Well, of course you are! Why else would you be writing about a pogo stick?” I just can’t generate a Newswithviews column this week–after I don’t know how many weeks in a row. I mean, there’s so much really bad nooze out there, I can’t decide what to write about.

So I guess I might as well sign off until the evening, when I’ll have the pleasure of selecting and posting a cat or dog video. Or some other nice critter.

And then tomorrow morning I can try again.

Calling in Sick

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Just so you know, and don’t wonder what happened, I’m calling in sick to Newswithviews this week. It’s been at least two months since I got a single referral from there, and it’s too much work to do for too little results.

I admit the nooze is getting to me. I admit I’d give practically anything to stay in bed all day with my books and have my mother bring me ginger ale… but it’s only a temptation, I won’t do that.

We are living in the evilest time I can imagine–in its own unique way, worse than World War II. Can a cabal of power-hungry globalists do to us what Hitler and Tojo with all their fleets and armies couldn’t do? We outlasted the Soviet Union, only to be poisoned by Obama & Co.? That’s a depressing thought.

We all need a breather, but we’ve got to keep working. At least keep praying.

As far as we can, for as long as we can…

A Visit from Tajikistan

Tajikistan - Country Profile - Nations Online Project

I’ve been feeling downhearted this week, as my view numbers continue to shrink. They’re really off today so far–but! I’ve got one view from… Tajikistan.

Tajikistan! Wow! Now that’s exotic. Mountains, lakes and wooded hills packed into a little space in central Asia, lovely scenery; and maybe Alexander the Great passed through there, once upon a time, and maybe he didn’t.

A view from Tajikistan. Who was it? What did he or she read here, and what did they think of it? What do they know about America? But the only information I have is “Tajikistan: 1 view.”

I wonder if any of my books has made it as far as Tajikistan.

Hello! Welcome aboard! If you’re still there, tell us about yourself. We’d love to hear from you!

Preview of Tomorrow’s Blog Posts

Why do I have a video of a jack-in-the-box to introduce this post? Search me.

Here’s some of what we’ll have tomorrow.

*Hymn and “best of,” as usual

*Daft intellectuals thinking maybe it’d be better NOT to cure disabilities. Easy for them to say…

*And what if you had total control over the lives of ten families, control over everything they do, knowledge of everything they say? Wouldn’t that be great! Only if you’re a leftid.

I can’t wait to see the comments.

Name the Movie Star That Looks Just Like This Mouse!

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Well, this new contest is off to a paralyzingly slow start. I guess that’s just as well: I haven’t thought up any rules for it yet. The idea is to name the movie star who most closely resembles a toy mouse. The prize will be universal awe and admiration.

For those of you who have been on tenterhooks, waiting for results to be announced, I’m afraid there aren’t any results yet, not really. But don’t worry–I can always make some up. I’ve learned how to do that by watching the nooze.

Hey, though, take a swing at it–you might hit a home run. Tell us which movie star you think has the most to fear from a passing cat with a yen for toy mice.

The contest isn’t open to anyone with an extra coccyx.

3,000 Comments to Go!

Meet the Quokka

G’day! Byron the Quokka here–your comment contest manager.

Some of you might not have noticed yet, but the other day tech wiz Jill created a running Comment Count for the home page. No kidding–you could sit there by the hour and watch the comments pile up.


You’d think, what with this exciting new feature, and unique special T-shirts now available as prizes, that the comments would be pouring in and we’d get to 75,000 in no time. But whatever happened to this blog on Jan. 17 is still happening and we just can’t get the kind of traction we had a couple months ago.

Anyway, like the Leester says, in anything like this, 90% of what you want done gets done by 10% of the people. Be it a chess club, a softball team, a company, or a church.

I’m happy to say that doesn’t apply to quokkas!


Update: We’re Back in Business

Jill has fixed it so we can always find out how many comments we have at any given moment–I knew she’d do it–and the comment contests can continue.

G’day! Byron the Quokka here, returning to somewhat normal activities in a bid to soothe my troubled spirit. In other words, WordPress cheesed me off. They’re lucky I didn’t bite somebody. When quokkas get riled, watch out!

So it’s a standing “O” for Jill, and some nice tasty leaves for me…

They’ve Done It To Me Again!

Angry Quokka 4" Poster by johngill | Redbubble

G’day! Byron the Quokka here: Lee is too cheesed off to write about this.

Overnight, WordPress changed the blog editing format so that now we can’t see exactly how many comments we have at any given time. That makes it really hard to run a comment contest! (And just after we ordered all those shirts, too! Grrrrr!)

Our only hope is that our tech wiz, Jill, can straighten this out. There’s this big fat long link we can use, and if she can paste it to a tool bar someplace where I can get at it, all will be well.

So keep commenting! We have quite a ways to go to hit 75,000, and we should have time enough to solve this stupid problem. You want to win a shirt, don’t you? Or a book.

I cannot imagine why WordPress keeps throwing unwanted changes at its users. Anyone would think they were trying to chase us away!

This would never happen if quokkas were running it.

Ask the Author! ‘Bell Mountain’ SAQ

Bell Mountain (Bell Mountain, 1) - Kindle edition by Duigon, Lee. Religion  & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.

Wait a minute–what does “SAQ” mean?

It means “Seldom Asked Questions.” I might even say “Never Asked Questions.” But that would miss the point.

I’m opening the door to any and all questions about my Bell Mountain books–how they got written, where my ideas come from: anything at all except “How long did it take you to write it?”

I thought it’d be kind of neat to ask a question of any author whose books I’ve enjoyed. Then it hit me: we have the Internet now, we have this blog. We can do that very thing.

Seriously–whatever you want to know about the world of Bell Mountain, its people, their stories, the weird animals, the total absence of robo-calls: just drop me a line and ask. Specifically, drop it here, on this page, where everybody can read it.

Come on now–when do you ever do this? You could never ask the writers of Perry Mason about the pizza delivery guy breaking down in the courtroom and admitting he was the murderer. But me you can ask.

Go ahead, ask me anything. We’ll have fun.