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I’m Beat

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All of a sudden I’ve got a book to write, a book to edit, three new books to read and review, not to mention sundry other tasks lined up. And it’s deathly hot, and I think our lamb chops were off a little because neither of us got much sleep last night. In fact, I didn’t get any. None at all until Dawn rosy-fingered came tapping at my bedroom window.

Well, lemme at that pen and legal pad, and I’ll see what I can do.

If any of you feel moved to ask the Lord to give me some extra strength today, I’d much appreciate it.

Have I Been Banned by Facebook?

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All of a sudden, again, I’m getting no Facebook referrals. WordPress says I’m still connected to Facebook–but there are no referrals. Was it something I said, that Facebook’s robots didn’t like?

I don’t know, nobody tells me anything. I suppose a few of you could try to do a referral or two, with one of my posts, and see what happens. I’ll let you know if it works.

I wonder if all speech but lib-speech is condemned as “hate speech.”

Now It’s My Turn to be Sick

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These past couple of days with sky-high temperatures and dirty air alerts have laid me low: up all night with a sinus toothache. My sinuses haven’t drained for several days. Heck, I’m not even dressed yet.

I do feel a little better since I sat down here, but don’t expect too much out of me today. I don’t know how I’m going to write my Newswithviews column, but I’ll try.

A few of your prayers would be much appreciated.

Welcome, Japan!

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This June set a record for a month’s views on this blog, 7,700 and change–wow! This was due in no small part to a sudden, and completely unexpected, surge in views from Japan: like, about six years’ worth in one month.

It makes me very curious. I haven’t got a theory, haven’t got a clue. I’d love to hear from some of you readers in Japan. What brought you to my blog? Are you going to stay? I hope you do.

This has never happened here with any other country, and my brain is going around in circles, trying to figure it out.

‘Bell Mountain Movie’ Contest: Over

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My stats page tells me I got 137 reads for posts about the “Cast the Bell Mountain Movie” contest… and only four entries. And that was after I offered the Stanley Cup as the prize. So it looks like this contest simply isn’t gonna make it. Too bad. Among those four entries were some intriguing ideas.

Well, that’s that. I’m sure I’ll enjoy reading any casting suggestions anyone might care to make. It can be something we do for fun, when we feel like it. But the contest, she’s a no-go. I thank the four of you who entered. ‘Tain’t your fault the bird don’t fly.

I guess I might as well go back to comment contests. Unless some of you have other ideas that might work.

Besides which, I couldn’t raise the $100 million to get the movie into production.

Last Call for the Movie Contest

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I thought it was a terrific fun idea–draw up a cast for a Bell Mountain movie, and whoever has the best cast, wins a prize.

Well, so far I’ve only got four entrants in the contest, and that’s not much of a contest. Obviously the prize, an autographed copy of The Silver Trumpet, failed to inspire a competitive spirit.

All right, all right, so I’ll change the prize.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, if you win the Bell Mountain Movie prize… you win the Stanley Cup! Somebody talked to the National Hockey League and they say it’s okay, they won’t use the Stanley Cup this year.

Hey, this huge trophy is solid silver, has beaucoup historical value, and ought to fetch a great prize on eBay. And all you’ve got to do is name actors for at least six roles in a Bell Mountain movie that’ll be made as soon as I’ve got $100 million. The actors don’t even have to be alive anymore. In fact, they don’t even have to be actors! That’s how laissez-faire I’ve got, trying to pump up this contest.

Gee, that’s two French expressions in one paragraph. Either I’m turning into Hercule Poirot, or this Stanley Cup idea’s a winner.

Hello? Anybody There?

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Maybe all this talk about the social media giants censoring and gagging conservatives is finally getting to me. But it’s unusual–even unprecedented, I think–for there to be zero Likes and zero Comments here as late as 11 o’clock in the morning, and it makes me wonder if some libs out there have found a way to cut me off from my readers. After all, I’m listed, personally, as a Big Hater and a Big Biggit by the Southern Poverty Lie Center–did you know they have a third of a billion dollars stashed in Caribbean banks? So where does the “poverty” come in?–and, although I’m hardly worth their while as a target, they’d probably like to shut me down.

If no one comments all day, I’ll know that a new crime has been invented–kidnapping without the victim knowing he’s been kidnapped.

This Contest Ain’t Workin’

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Recently I announced a fun contest for readers. Cast the Bell Mountain movie, using actors living or dead to play at least six characters, and whoever comes up with the coolest cast wins a copy of The Silver Trumpet.

A lot of people have read that announcement, but so far only three have entered. What kind of contest has only three people in it? Are many of you just waiting around to see what others say? Crikey, I could get three entries into “Name That Tent Caterpillar”contest.

C,mon now, folks–spread your wings and let your imaginations take flight. You can cast anyone you want for any part. If you want to cast Yul Brynner as Ellayne, fine–you won’t win, but you could do that.

This game will only work if a lot of readers play. ‘Nuff said?

A Present for ‘Bell Mountain’ Readers (2017)

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It hasn’t been a whole year since I posted this video, but a lot of you have joined since then, and I think you might enjoy it.


When I was a boy I used to have a dream in which I crouched in the mouth of a cave while a stampede of assorted prehistoric animals thundered by–sort of like in this video. I’d give much to have that dream again!

‘The Silver Trumpet’ Available in Kindle

The Silver Trumpet (Bell Mountain Book 10) by [Duigon, Lee]

Ladies and gentlemen, esteemed colleagues, lovers of fantasy fiction: it gives me great pleasure to announce that The Silver Trumpet is available today as a Kindle book on amazon.com. In fact, if you’ve got Amazon Prime, it’s free. (Don’t ask me how I make any money out of that. I’m sure I don’t know.) And coming out of the starting gate, it’s in the Top Hundred for Fantasy and Science Fiction this morning.

It doesn’t appear that any paperbacks have been sold yet, although they’re now available, too.

Plus there’s a “Be the First to Review This Book” notice up, so I’ll be on tenterhooks to see what kind of customer reviews I get. It suddenly occurs to me that I don’t, in fact, know what “tenterhooks” are.

So there it is, boys and girls. (I promise not to stop with the microaggressions.)

What–you mean you haven’t ordered it already? Well, don’t just stand there–!

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