Keep Those Comments Coming!

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G’day! Byron the Quokka, back with comment contest news.

Would you believe it? Yesterday I announce we’ve only got 700 comments to go to get to 70,000, major milestone and all that, comment contest going, winner gets a book, etc., etc.–and today there’s just a single comment. It’s like telling everybody that the contest is reaching its crescendo… well, sort of shut them up. It’s like the director yells “Action!” and everybody just sits on the floor. Go figure!

Well, I told the guy he ought to offer a bicycle as the prize. Look behind me–there’s another perfectly good bike left standing there for anyone to take. Humans are so careless! You should put your bike lin your burrow when you aren’t using it.

Anyhow, the prize for No. 70,000 is an autographed copy of Lee’s new book, His Mercy Endureth Forever (instead of a bicycle–what can I say?), or you can hold out for the next book, The Wind from Heaven.

Comment Contest: Only 765 to Go!

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G’day! Byron the Quokka here, with comment contest news!

Who ever thought we’d someday have 70,000 comments here? Well, that day is coming soon! We have 69,235 comments now, and that means we have only 765 to go to reach 70,000!

That’s a big milestone, if you ask me–well, if you ask any quokka, not just me. And the winner who posts that big No. 70,000 will get an autographed copy of Lee’s book, His Mercy Endureth Forever. Or, if you don’t mind waiting a few months, you can hold out for a copy of Book No. 13 in the Bell Mountain series, The Wind from Heaven. I wish we could offer a bicycle, or a speedboat, or the deed to the city of Rangoon, but nobody ever listens to me.

It shouldn’t take that long to rack up 765 more comments. Everyone’s eligible, post as many comments as you please–and all comments are eligible unless they’re insulting, or include cuss words, or are just too inane to bother with. And if you’ve won before, you can win again. We don’t mind.

Hello? Help?

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I am stumped. I have to write a Newswithviews column today and I’m stumped.

Liberty and the Constitution are melting away before our eyes. No more checks and balances: Far Left Crazy has the whole government sewed up. Every institution which we trusted in has failed us, if not actively betrayed us. In the end, Donald Trump stood alone against a deeply corrupted, anti-American ruling class. Once they finish getting him out of the way, they’ll be coming for the rest of us.

What do we do? There are 75 million of us. There must be something we can do to protect ourselves and our country.

We don’t know what to do. And events are moving so swiftly, the Big Lie is like a freakin’ tidal wave, we are buffeted from one side to another, that we can hardly think straight.

Ideas, anyone? I’ve got to write the column this afternoon. Suggestions, anyone?

Hang on, pray, and wait for God to do His stuff.

That’s as far as I’ve got so far.

Birthday Greetings: Joshua

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G’day! On behalf of the whole faculty and student body at Quokka University, I, Byron the Quokka, present Birthday Greetings to our esteemed colleague Joshua!

Y’know, here on Rottnest Island, we all turn out for Joshua’s birthday. It’s too bad no one thought to film the parade we had. That was to celebrate Joshua’s translating Bell Mountain into Japanese! Now a lot of us quokkas are learning Japanese so we can read it! Sure, we’ve already read it in English–but it’s bound to be just as cool in Japanese.

This afternoon we will have a special Pick-up Sticks match in Joshua’s honor.

Public Notice to All Readers: We’d love to celebrate your birthday, too. Just tell us when it is and we’ll put it on the list. This isn’t just a blog: it’s a fellowship, and that means birthdays are important.

Don’t Forget the Comment Contest

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G’day! Byron the Quokka here, jumping an obstacle course of puddles to remind you that we have a comment contest going, and it’s a big one: shooting for Comment No. 70,000.

Yes, I know we’ve just finished our Second Annual Christmas Carol Contest and we probably shouldn’t be running a comment contest just yet. But 70,000 is a biggie and it only comes around once!

And we only need a few more than a thousand comments to get there.

I tried to get Lee to offer a jet-powered bicycle as the prize, but he just can’t think that big. So the winner will get an autographed book instead. *Sigh*

Oh! And we’ve heard from our cover artist, Kirk DouPonce: he says he’ll have a rough draft for us, soon, of cover art for The Wind from Heaven. We can hardly wait to see it.

And the Winner of Our Carol Contest Is….

May we have a drum roll, please?

Ahem! The winner of our Second Annual Christmas Carol Contest, with Joy to the World by Nat King Cole, is [trumpet fanfare]–

Hey! You! I asked for a drum roll, didn’t I? Look alive up there, willya? Now where was I? Byron, have you seen that piece of paper with the numbers on it? “It’s right there in front of you, boss. Don’t be so nervous.”

Ah. Yes. Our carol contest winner. Y’know, it was a funny thing. The winning entry was posted on the day after the contest opened, got 25 views that day, and no one ever overtook it. I never expected that to happen. I thought the lead would change hands again and again, leading to unbearable suspense and lots of hyperventilating. But the only one who hyperventilated was Byron the Quokka’s Uncle Ulysses, who always hyperventilates around this time of year anyway.

What? What did you kick me for? Who do you think you’re poking? What’s that? “The winner, boss! Who is the winner?”

Didn’t I say? Sorry! Gimme another trumpet fanfare. [Drum roll] (He sighs. There is nothing to be done about it.)

The winner of our Second Annual Christmas Carol Contest is… Erlene!

That means you get an autographed copy of His Mercy Endureth Forever, Erlene–or any earlier book in the series (except Bell Mountain, I’ve run out of those), or you can wait for The Wind from Heaven, whenever it gets published: sometime this spring, I expect. Anyway, send me your mailing address and tell me what book you’d like to get–we’ll do the rest at our end.

Thanks, everybody, for playing and enjoying our carol contest. We’ll keep on posting Christmas carols for as long as you want them–and don’t forget the comment contest, which has started already!

Happy New Year to all!

An All-Time Record Month

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Last month this blog had its first 12,000-view month. Shazzam! But this month, as of late this morning, has more than 14,000 views! Holy moly.

Last year we ran up 122,000 views. Then, for three months in a row–July, August, and September–we had Internet problems and viewership went way down. It looked like we weren’t going to match last year’s total, let alone beat it.

But these two record-setting months gave us 129,000 views. So we grew some after all.

Now I know that a bunch of numbers makes for rather dull reading, so let me plug this in, just to liven things up:

I must apologize for the idiots offstage. It’s one of those things that happens when you show a movie.

Clashing Contests–and Bigger, Better Prizes

Somebody–I think it was either Clyde Beatty or Amenhotep II–once said you ruin contests if you have too many of them. But sometimes it can’t be helped. Our Second Annual Christmas Carol Contest is down to its last few drops, and there really ought to be a contest–about now!–to commemorate Comment No. 70,000 posted on this site.

Byron the Quokka has pressured me to offer bigger and better prizes. Well, all right. How about this for a prize–?

USS New Jersey (BB-62) - Wikipedia

The Battleship New Jersey!

After all, the Navy isn’t using it anymore, they’ve turned it into a museum and surely wouldn’t notice if you or some other reader won it in a contest. I mean, who wants an autographed book by me, when they could have a genuine battleship instead?

And if that isn’t enough to jazz up a comment contest, here’s a prize that should really pack ’em in!

Slovenia Map and Satellite Image

The country of Slovenia!

Nestled in between Italy and Croatia, with Austria and Hungary peering over its shoulders, Slovenia makes an ideal vacation destination. And it can be yours! All you have to do is post the 70 thousandth comment to this blog. P.S.–If you win, they’d rather you didn’t change the country’s name or try to move it to a location closer to home.

Well! I guess I’ve shown Byron who can think big around here! He wants to give out a bicycle for a prize. Well, Slovenia is full of bicycles!

Let the contest begin: we need just under 2,000 comments to finish.

Our Tree Is Done! (And I’m Done For)

tree 002

Two hours of non-stop motion, much of it consisting of bending up and down–and our Christmas tree is decorated! Huzzah! I’m beat!

You’ll pardon for posting a picture of last year’s Christmas tree. Our camera’s been temperamental lately.

Why is it such a big job? my sister wondered. “You must have an awful lot of ornaments.”

Forsooth, we have a prodigious lot of ornaments! And I know the history of each and every one, too. Many of them once belonged to family members who have passed on but are certainly not forgotten. I couldn’t bear to leave those off the tree.

After I sleep, or crash, or just plain plotz, we shall throw open the doors of our imaginary Victorian house for our cyber-Christmas party. I hope you all can make it! We’ll have carol singing (with my imaginary harpsichord), all sorts of games, and food and drink like you wouldn’t believe.

But for now I feel like I just fell down the stairs, so see you in a bit.

A Gift from Me to You

This song, My Love’s an Arbutus, I like to post every year at Christmas-time as a small token of thanks to all of you, my readers, for your support throughout the year. If this beautiful melody seems familiar, you’ve probably heard it as part of the music soundtrack for Scrooge, the classic film treatment of A Christmas Carol, starring Alistair Sim. Anyway, it’s lovely, it’s soothing, and I hope you enjoy it.

A Personal Note: The conviction is strongly growing on me that all we have to do is not give up, keep piling up the evidence and shoving it under people’s noses: and that if we do that, we will win: the theft of the 2020 presidential election will fail, and our republic will be saved.

All we have to do is not give up. The truth is on our side. We can pray to a righteous God, the judge of all the earth; but the prayers of leftids are only an abomination. The evidence of massive election fraud is already heaped up as high as the sky–with more to come!

I don’t think President Trump will give up and hand our country over to Red China. We must let him know that we’re with him all the way: we will not tolerate any election fraud. Not any. We will not accept China Joe as our president, and his rogues’ gallery of commie burnouts as his cabinet.

Work. Pray. Tell the truth. And don’t give up.

With God’s help we will win this thing.