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Hello? Hello, Out There

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After setting a record for viewership in December and getting off to a lively start in January, this blog’s readership has gone far south, these past three days.

I pray you’re all all right, out there, and that large pieces of the country haven’t broken off and drifted out to sea. That would mess up communications, although I doubt the nooze media would notice it.

Should I start a new comment contest? Would that get the ball rolling again?

About Those ‘Disabled’ Comments

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From time to time you will wish to comment on a post, only to be told “Comments are disabled” or “comments are off.”

This is because WordPress automatically disables comments without my asking for it, and I must take an extra step if I want a post opened for comments. That would be all of them. But occasionally I’ll forget to take that step, and that’s when WordPress swings into action, disabling the comments in true mindless, pointless, idle Artificial Intelligence fashion.

Eventually I’ll find out about it, one way or another, and correct it.

I’m afraid to ask the WordPress Happiness Engineers to step in and remedy this, lest they replace it with a worse problem that I can’t so easily correct. You know I’ve had my share of those lately.

And so, when you want to comment but you can’t, because they’ve shut down the comments, either let me know about it by commenting on another post, or just patiently wait for me to discover the error and fix it.

If a human employee ever worked like a computer, he’d be fired. And maybe get a damn good thrashing to go with it.

Our Top Posts of 2017

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We’re off to a very slow start here for 2018, so let’s take a few minutes to see what were the top posts of the year.

No. 1, way out in front with 964 views, The BBC’s Old ‘Narnia’ Was Better Than the Movies. That was posted several years ago, and it’s still going strong, still the all-time favorite post on this blog.

No. 2, with 726, from 2015, Did the Queen Really Say It? No one is able to find this legendary on-camera speech by Queen Elizabeth in which she supposedly suggested that 2015 would be the last Christmas ever, meanwhile admitting that the Royal Family had Princess Diana bumped off because “she knew too much.” This goofy item never goes away. We’ve had two more Christmases since then, so go figure.

For 2017 itself, the most-viewed post was Antifa Calls for Nov. 4 ‘Revolution’–a scheme which totally fizzled out, causing Antifa’s credibility to take a major dive.

And No. 2 for 2017, posted Oct. 13 and garnering 113 views so far, The Leaven of Idiocy, in which a bona fide gynecologist mentioned “pregnant people,” as if somewhere out there, she’d encountered a pregnant man or two.

I don’t know if this is going to work at all, but nothing ventured, nothing gained, so I might as well ask you, the readers, to name your favorite posts this year: anything that might have stuck in your memory for good or ill. It would interest me to know this, and it just might interest some of you. I won’t mind if it turns out to be a cat video, a Joe Collidge post, or an installment of Oy, Rodney. It doesn’t have to be a news item, and I’ll be kind of surprised if it is.

Made It! 7,000 Views

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Here it is, the very last day of a year that went by like it was shot out of a cannon, and I’m late. Sorry, couldn’t help it! Tired: moving very slowly this morning. Well, these last two weeks have been kind of on the hard side–and also deadly cold. After a while it gets to you.

But yesterday, calloo, callay, we got our first-ever month with 7,000 views–didn’t need the extra day. I thank everyone who’s been a part of this, and I hope this blog will grow throughout the coming year–not just in viewer numbers, but also as a means for some of us to fellowship in Jesus Christ Our Lord. I think it still counts if you’re doing it online.

I wish I could invite some of you over for tea and Mille Bornes.

Straining Toward a Milestone

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It’s practically within my grasp–this humble blog’s first-ever 7,000-hit month. All it needs is not to run out of gas in the very last lap.

We grow very slowly here; but we do grow.

So… tell your friends about us, get ’em to give it a try. Hey, we’re commercial-free, except for those rare occasions when I try to get folks to buy my books. Latest sales figures just came in… ugh.

And if you haven’t done it already, or even if you’ve already done it several times–request a Christmas hymn. We want to go out of 2017 with a bang.


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If you wanted to reply to my Newswithviews piece today, and couldn’t because it said “Comments off,” it’s because I forgot to do the extra step that stupid WordPress has imposed on me if I want to enable comments. Otherwise stupid WordPress automatically disables them.

I had this blog for years without any problems at all, and now there’s a new one every day or two.

Hey, everybody! Let’s all hook our brains up to some kind of super-computer so we can all be as smart as WordPress!

Eeeeyahhh! I just forgot again! I’ll fix it right away.

Where Will I Be This Morning?

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I’m hustling to get this blog started today because I have a 9:45 appointment with the eye doctor and I’m sure to be stuck there all morning, and maybe into the afternoon. When your work is piled up as high as High Olympus, there’s nothing like a few hours in a waiting room–with daytime TV!–to get the ol’ blood pressure going…

There’s one more base I want to cover, and then it’s out the door and into limbo.

‘Comments Have Been Disabled’

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The WordPress gremlins are already at work this morning, disabling comments on every post as soon as I post it. I’ve already had to correct this on three posts, and I expect to have to do it on this one, too.

Hey, everybody! Let’s be super-smart! Let’s all hook our minds up to one great big super-smart computer!

Better living through imbecility…

(Yup, I was right. WordPress automatically disabled the comments for this post. I have corrected that. And so yet another unnecessary step is added to the process of posting an item on this blog.)

While Nobody’s Looking…

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Hi, Lord Chutt here–thought I’d sneak in while no one’s looking.

For those who don’t know, I’m one of the villains in Lee’s Bell Mountain books. It rather ticked me off the other day, when Lord Reesh got a say and I didn’t. He thinks he’s the primo villain in the series. Ha! Even that creep Ysbott is better than Reesh.

I may not be as flashy as some of the others, but I have a very special gift. People who are involved with me, for any length of time, go bad. Real bad. Left to their own devices, they’d be harmless. But I turn ’em into villains.

I admit I don’t know how I do it. It just happens. I understand you have some public figures in your world who contaminate everything they touch. It’s probably the same thing.

While I don’t appreciate speaking to a mostly empty house that I had to sneak into, it’s better than not speaking at all. As long as I’m here, let me urge you to get hold of these Bell Mountain books: there’s a new one, The Silver Trumpet, coming out next month, I hear. Read ’em and decide for yourselves who’s the baddest villain!

[The management now promises there will be no more commercials this year.]

Ah, Cripes! More WordPress Problems

I have a post today about “Self-Esteem Games,” and it seems the comments are disabled for this post. I have no idea how that happened, let alone what to do about it. How do I un-disable comments? Search me! I looked it up and all I got was some malarkey about installing some kind of plug-in. All I know about plug-ins is, the last and only time I tried to install one, it let me in for hours and hours of horrendous technical problems.

Trying to contact a WordPress Happiness Engineer, all I got was “email us.”

Oh! And our oven has stopped working, and the “Check Engine” light is on in Patty’s car, we don’t know why, and how I’m going to get anything done this week beats me.

Looking for somewhere to hide…

All right, now it’s fixed. They sent me an email and told me how to fix the problem, and it seems this was successful. That leaves the oven and the car, and a big fat eye doctor appointment on Tuesday that will chew up the whole day. My coping mechanism seems to have broken down today, along with a lot of other things. I am not at liberty to mention serious health problems that have suddenly cropped up for friends and family members.

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