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Consensus? What Consensus?

Hey, 97% of all “scientists” believe in Man-Made Climate Change!


According to a report in Breitbart News today, at least 485 published scientific papers in 2017 took issue with the Climbit Change crowd, thus undermining the “consensus” (http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2018/01/10/report-485-scientific-papers-published-in-2017-undermine-supposed-consensus-on-climate-change/).

I don’t know how “consensus” ever got to be a scientific standard. You’d think the history of science shows that whenever you’ve got a consensus, the science stops and ossification sets in.

I’m sorry for all the liberals I’ve offended with that statement.

Anyhow, the report breaks down the 485 published scientific papers into four categories. 1) “Climate change” is caused by natural processes, not by people. 2) The “unprecedented weather events” cited by consensus-mongers are not unprecedented at all, but really quite abundant in history. 3) The computer models used by GW alarmists are all wet. 4) The corrective actions recommended by GW alarmists have been ineffective at best, and sometimes even harmful.

To which we might add:

The Age of Dinosaurs: Who’s Telling the Truth?

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Did dinosaurs die out 65 million years ago, or only thousands of years ago?

I’ve been reading up on this today, because I came across a startling claim that Carbon-14 has been found in dinosaur fossils and can be used to date them. C-14, an isotope of carbon, has long been useful and reliable for dating archeological finds. The thing that makes it useful is that C-14 decays into nitrogen at a consistent, predictable rate. The thing that makes it less useful is that after 100,000 years ago or so, tops, there’s no C-14 left to measure.

A site called “newgeology” has a long article about C-14 dating of dinosaur fossils, an article which makes some eye-popping claims (http://newgeology.us/presentation48.html). Let me very briefly discuss three highlights.

One: Creation scientists who found C-14 in eight dinosaur fossils presented a paper to a conference of the Asia Oceania Geosciences Society. This is the right protocol to follow. The paper was at first accepted, but then abruptly deleted from the program without a word to the authors. Because, said the chairman, “There is obviously an error in these data.” An error not even worth discussing.

Two: Creation scientists submitted samples of dinosaur fossils to the Center for Applied Isotope Studies, without revealing what the samples were. After allowing for the usual variations, the lab found the samples to be about 30,000 years old.

But when someone informed them that the items they’d tested and dated were dinosaur specimens, the lab president hit the ceiling. “The scientists at CAIS and I are dismayed by the claims that you and your team have made with respect to the age of the earth and the validity of biological evolution. Consequently, we are no longer able to provide radiocarbon services in support of your anti-science agenda.” Which does not address the issue of whether their testing procedures are all they’re cracked up to be.

Three: A part-time employee studying C-14 in dinosaur fossils at the Biology Dept. at Cal State U. Northlands was swiftly sacked after the department head found out what he was doing. “We are not going to tolerate your religion in this department!” raged the objective scientist. No emotional commitment to atheism here. That was in 2013. In 2016 the–ahem–university paid $400,000 to settle the employee’s wrongful termination lawsuit.

Can I vouch for my source, “newgeology”? No, not really. It’s a creation science website. That does not mean its writers are incapable of any kind of prevarication; nor does it mean that their claims here aren’t true.

I want to believe my fellow Christians, but the Old Earth/Evolution paradigm was so deeply instilled in me, for so long, that it’s hard to break away. And who am I to say that my interpretation of Genesis Chapter 1 is the one and only right interpretation? I’d be laughed out of the room.

At the same time, I confess to a deep distrust of Establishment Science. The Global Warming/Climbit Change Scam has abundantly demonstrated a profound lack of integrity among scientists as a subculture. Anything for politics! Anything for power! High priests of a New World Order! (And those who know me well, will understand that I have to be pretty riled up to use that turn of phrase.) Plus the fact that this subculture is riddled with atheists of the most rabid variety.

The supremely funny thing about it all is that it really doesn’t matter when the dinosaurs died out. And yet this question has been turned into an emotional battleground, with other things at stake that do matter, that matter very much: like whose word has authority, God’s or man’s? Is science divorced from God still science, or just a kind of idol worship? And so on.

I can’t prove that anybody’s telling the truth, and that does trouble me.

a Not so Hapy Newyeers Four Me!

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Well dammit thanks to Wite Privlidge and Globble Warming i had a reely Stinky no good Newyears!! in facked i wond Up “in” the hopsitol!!

See it was “so” coled on Newyeers Eave that we culdnt has our annul Fire Works dissplay “hear” at Collidge! Globble Warming it makes The “wheather” reel coled and we culdnt be “out Side” so we desided to has the Fire Works indors in the LBGTQZ Stodent Centaur and this Wite Soupremist Deen he tryed to stopp Us!!! he sayed it “is” Not Safe but he ownly sayed that becose he wuld Not checkk his Wite Privlidge and aslo he got Homo Fobier!!

So we “has” The Fire Works any how in-side the Stodent Centaur and it was Going “jist find” until al Of A sodden the bilding it cought Fire!!! and we knowed “it was” that knotsy Deen his fallt and “The” hole damm thing burnt Down! and I dont know How “evry boddy” thay got Out and no boddy thay “got” burnt to Daeth but Me I got one of my Moth Antenners burnt offf!! O man did that “hurt”!!! and i had to Go “to” The Hopsitol and i ownly jist Got “out” Twoday!

Thare woodnt be No fire exept that Wite Privlidge Deen he wanted “it” to start A Fire “and” so it did!! and No boddy thay seen him “sints the” Fire!! He is hyding Out “and Boy” iff we evver “find” him he wil reely “Get It!!@

Baby Jackalope Sighting!!

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You can’t argue with a picture! A person who wishes to remain anonymous spotted this baby jackalope on his back porch yesterday and just managed to snap this candid photo before the critter hopped away. And this in New Jersey, even!

The jackalope, a hybrid of a rabbit and either a deer or a pronghorn antelope, long dismissed as legendary, scientists now know becomes real as a result of Transphobia and Climbit Change. They may look cute, warns Dr. Azog Pongo of the Science Institute, “but they can be deadly. And the only defense against them, ultimately, is for the federal government to collect all money and redistribute it as a guaranteed income, an equal share for all, except scientists and politicians and movie stars and football players, they get more.”

As Man-Made Global Warming continues to blanket most of North America with unseasonably cold weather, look to see more jackalopes on more back porches.

We Dodged a Bullet (2015 Post)

Just a little reminder of one of those bullets that would’ve struck America right between the eyes, had Hillary Clinton won the last election. Meanwhile, around here we’ve been freezing like mad since before Christmas Eve: Climbit Change strikes again!


‘New York Has Not Become Daytona Beach’ (2015)

Here in New Jersey, adjacent to New York, we are freezing our keesters off. Oh, I know, the bitter cold is caused by Global Warming, by Climbit Change Denial, and Trans-phobia. And it will all go away if we give the government more power over our lives.


My Newswithviews Column, Dec. 28 (‘What Hath #MeToo Wrought’)

I was so peeved over the stupid typo that was left in here this morning, that I forgot to post this column on the blog. So here it is–late, late, late!


P.S.–The title I’m using here was my original title.

What We’re Up Against

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All Christians ought to read Humanist Manifesto II (https://americanhumanist.org/what-is-humanism/manifesto2/), to see what we’re up against.

True, every pack of douchebags has a “manifesto,” starting with the the Communist Manifesto itself. But that’s no reason not to take it seriously. These are dangerous douchebags, with academic creds galore and all kinds of prestige. They and their kind have soaked into the institutions of Western civilization and corrupted it. So read what they have to say for themselves.

Here’s their sales pitch. You give up God, because He isn’t real, and all that “unproved and outmoded” religion stuff like forgiveness of sins, redemption, the hope of eternal life, the hope of justice and the hope of mercy–you give that up, see, and transfer your hope and trust and allegiance to us, The Smartest People in the World.

In return, we’ll give you goodies like you won’t believe! “Using technology wisely,” because Science, don’t you know, has all the answers, we’re gonna end war, end poverty, wipe out disease, drastically increase the human life-span, provide everyone with fantastic jobs that they really like, and even “direct the course of human evolution”–I mean, how cool is that? Just give us the power, give us the money, and we will do all these things that God shoulda done but He didn’t because there is no God, etc.

That’s the deal. Like, really–a baby in a manger? You gotta be kiddin’! Prayers? Oh, come on!

But we know what we wind up with when we turn away from Jesus Christ, our only Savior and our rightful King. We’ve seen them break their eggs to make their omelets: only the omelet never gets made, and the landscape is littered with gulags and mass graves and prisons.

They ask us to worship them as gods, claiming to be able to do all the things–eventually, at least, through Science–that God should be able to do. Since Manifesto2 was written, they’ve also cooked up a Climbit Change apocalypse and promised to Save The Planet from it… if we’ll just give them that world government that they’ll need to do the job.

Read history.

What they never fail to give us, these Smartest People in the World, is cruelty, folly, shame, and failure. Those are the gifts of fallen man, cumbered by Original Sin.

All good gifts come from God, and only from Him. The humanists’ “Good without a god” slogan is surely the biggest single line of fat-headedness ever written.

There is no good apart from God. Period.


Canadian Government Website Tries to Freak Out Children

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Hey, you can’t blame me for this! This is an official Canadian government website announcing that “Santa is moving to the South Pole” because of Climbit Change melting the North Pole (http://www.horizons.gc.ca/en/content/santa-is-moving-to-the-south-pole).

The site is called “Weak Signals,” because it’s supposed to scan the environment to detect “weak signals of possible change.” I think it also denotes a very, very weak commitment to the truth.

Santa Claus, says the Canadian government, has signed “an agreement with the international community”–whatever that is–that will help “relocate individuals and corporations facing the impacts of climate change.”

They want world government so bad, they can taste it. A world government run by themselves. And if they think it might be helpful to scare the kiddies with visions of Santa and his elves drowning as the ice suddenly gives way–well, they’re immoral enough to do that.

See, if they can seal the deal on Climbit Change, they win all the marbles. Once you establish that everything you do is to Save The Planet, you can do anything you please. Sort of like the way ordinary liberties get suspended or trampled on in wartime, when the state doesn’t have time for all the niceties. It used to worry Winston Churchill that World War II might go on long enough for the government to grow addicted to “wartime measures.” As it was, rationing in Britain went on for years after the war was over: the government just couldn’t give it up.

Don’t let “the international community,” whoever the blazes they are, get a hammerlock on Lady Liberty: because they won’t let go.

‘It Was on the News!’

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I’m in the doctor’s office, waiting to pay my bill, and two women behind the counter were arguing about whether their iPhone could or couldn’t do a certain thing. The one had her phone in her hand and said, “Look! See! It can’t do that!”

But the other only said, and she must have said it twenty times, “But I saw it on the news! It was on the news!”

So “the news” is now the gold standard of absolute truth? Even trumping the evidence of your own senses? If it’s on the news, it must be true?

What about stuff that wasn’t on the news? Never happened? Doesn’t exist? Can’t be true because it wasn’t on the news? I think of people that I know who never heard of the Climategate scandal because the Democrat TV nooze refused to report it. This was proof, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the whole Climbit Change business is a fraud. But no–it wasn’t on the news. Global Warming was, though, so Global Warming must be true.

Even when the noozies aren’t just plain lying to us, or suppressing unwelcome information, leaving things out that would otherwise refute The Narrative, the nooze can always fall back on sloppiness or ignorance. I have been a reporter and an editor: I know. Very little effort is made, anymore, to tell the truth.

There were, of course, other news outlets, many of them from Britain, that did bother to report Climategate. With a little extra effort, and the Internet, you could find out all about it. But if you’re just going to sit in front of Democrat TV and take only what they give you, there’s no hope you’ll ever get the straight story. It’s distressing to think there are so many people out there to whom that description applies.

The power of the nooze media is a terrible thing, and it’s doing us no good.

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