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‘White House Wants Your Doctor to Nag You about Global Warming’ (2015)

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Those bleak days of the Obama presidency were the longest eight years I ever saw. And it’ll take a whole generation or more to repair the damage done–if we can ever repair it. The poisons that man injected into America are hatching out today.

Here’s just one of many. Remember?

White House Wants Your Doctor to Nag You about Global Warming

Of course, in 2020 you’re lucky if you can see a doctor at all. Maybe if you claimed COVID-19 broke your finger, you might get some attention. My wife needs to see a doctor and her doctor seems to have taken the noon balloon.

Right now Racism is the Democrats’ poker hand; but they’ve still got Global Warming/Climate Change on the table, ready to use against us at a moment’s notice.

Remember! National perfection can only be achieved by giving unheard-of powers to the most flagrantly imperfect people in the country.

‘Some Thoughts on Memorial Day’ (2014)

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Not this year

Welcome to our locked-down, 50 degrees of Global Warming, parade-less Memorial Day of 2020. My family always had a backyard barbecue after the parade. Man, it’s cold this morning!

Some Thoughts on Memorial Day

Let’s keep the holiday in our hearts, and keep it in our minds, and resolve never again to shame our ancestors’ sacrifices by trashing the country they died to protect.

May God grant we come out of this pandemic tribulation a better and wiser nation than we were, going in.

Can They Put the Brakes on the Pope?

Pope Francis arrives in United States | | auburnpub.com

Birds of a feather

A priest participating in the virtual Rome Life Forum this weekend called Pope Francis’ weird take on the coronavirus pandemic “the epitome of absurdity” (https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/epitome-of-absurdity-priest-responds-to-popes-claim-covid-19-caused-by-earths-anger).

This is the same Pope who invited Amazonian “Pachamama” idol worship into the Vatican last October, and who last month said the pandemic was “nature’s response to [man-made] global warming” and “income inequality.” Father Linus Clovis sums up the Pope’s position as “nature having a fit.”

Certainly not a sign of God’s displeasure. No, heck, He only troubles disobedient nations with pestilence in the Old Testament: certainly not now!

Question: What greater punishment could God inflict than to leave us to our own devices, ruled over by villains, imbeciles, and thieves?

Nature having a fit, eh? Does that mean Nature is some kind of goddess who ought to be appeased? Maybe toss a virgin or two into a volcano?

Is this Pope, with his merry band of toadies, really Catholic? Is he even really a Christian?

I think we really need to set aside our denominational differences and seek God together, with all our hearts.

The Sky Is Falling–Again!

Submarine to explore why Antarctic glacier is melting so quickly ...

As if we didn’t already have enough on our plates, “climate scientists” are re-heating their catastrophic Global Warming scenarios (“We’re doomed! Doomed, I tell you!”)–and this time it’s the glaciers in Antarctica poised to bring about The End O’ The World (https://getpocket.com/explore/item/the-doomsday-glacier?utm_source=pocket-newtab).

It’s full of nerve-racking language. “The Doomsday Glacier… crumbling ice and rapidly rising seas could spell disaster for a warming planet… a future global disaster… an ice chunk the size of Pennsylvania… Ice Apocalypse…Just one degree of change is a big deal to a glacier…” And so on. How are we supposed to sleep at night?

And it’s all Donald Trump’s fault (of course!), for not accepting as gospel the various pronouncements of the International Panel on Climate Change–and gee wiz, they’ve got computer models and everything!

Only “deep and rapid cuts in carbon pollution, to slow the warming” can save us. And if you think that means no more private jets, no more stretch limos, no more Martha’s Vineyard mansions, no more pricey pow-wows at Davos for the globalist fat cats–man, you need to think again! You, not they, will be called upon to give up your cars, your air conditioning, and lots and lots of things that separate modern life from the Middle Ages.

We have called upon an expert of our own to deliver a reply:

‘The Global Warming Fantasy Factory’ (2014)

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The earth is the Lord’s. He created it, He sustains it day by day, and it belongs to Him. He’s not going to sit there sucking His thumb while we sinful human pipsqueaks Destroy The Planet.


People talk about End O’ the World events as if they thought God had no power, no ownership, no sovereignty.

I write fantasy novels. They are clearly labeled as such.

But I fear those fantasies called “public policy” and “science.” And even more I fear God, who can hardly be expected to put up with this forever.


Is the Pope Catholic?

Five years of Pope Francis: Lots of style, little substance

I get nervous when he smiles.

Gee–what if the answer is “no”?

Well, catch what the Red Pope, Francis, has had to say about the Chinese Wuhan Communist Death Virus–and then you tell me he’s still Catholic (https://www.breitbart.com/health/2020/04/09/pope-francis-says-pandemic-is-natures-response-to-human-inaction-over-climate-change/).

The coronavirus pandemic is “certainly nature’s response to global warming.” (And also to “economic inequality.” Don’t leave that out! “Inequality” causes natural catastrophes.)

“I do not know if it [the pandemic] is nature’s revenge, but it is certainly nature’s response.”

“Nature is throwing a tantrum so that we will take care of her.” The earth “now cries out to us.”

Forget Catholic. Is this guy still a Christian?

He has also called upon the world’s people to switch to “a simple lifestyle.” Yeah! Put all those peasants back into the 12th century where they belong! Wonder how “simple” he thinks his own life ought to be.

Yeah, yeah, I know… Tomorrow the Vatican will be disavowing these remarks, he keeps ’em busy doing that, and that’ll be all until the next interview.

Oh! If only we had that glorious global government! They’d harness that fantastic Scientific power and soon put a stop to Climate Change! And the Pope, he could be the head honcho of a global religion to go along with global government!

And we have blundered into a Left Behind novel.

(Praying for Cardinal Raymond Burke to somehow be made Pope–like, now…)

‘Jackalope Captured Alive!’ (2016)

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If this doesn’t prove that Man-Made Climbit Change is real, I don’t know what will.


Actually, I’m kind of content not to know what proves Man-Made Climbit Change is real. This gap in my knowledge doesn’t feel like a gap at all. More like something’s missing that shouldn’t be there anyway.

Besides, it’s a known fact that only drips are afraid of jackalopes.

Run-Up to Panic

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I dislike conspiracy theories. I was once threatened for not believing in one. Not exactly the way to my heart.

But gee whiz, anyone with half an eye can see that this world sure has become easy to scare. And a lot of people have openly worked to make it so.

Here in New Jersey, our Far Left euthanasia-loving governor has admitted they’re gonna have to shut down all the public schools “for a long time… in a matter of days,” on account of the coronavirus. (Wait’ll they find out how well we can get by without schools and colleges. Heh-heh!) It’s happening all over the country.

I’m not here to propose a conspiracy theory. I’m here to jog your memory.

How long ago was it that the nooze media and certain politicians were trying to scare our pants off with measles, fercryinoutloud?

And then we had that whole Green New Deal/Greta Thunberg business, literally trumpeting the end of the world in–what? ten years? seven?–and this time trying to stampede us into the arms of a world government run by commie wackos. Greta sez How Dare You! Government gotta DO SOMETHING. Etc., etc., blah-blah.

Have we discovered panic can be habit-forming? Let me be the first to say so, in case they’re handing out a Nobel Prize.

So now we can’t buy toilet paper at our supermarket. And now we are asked to believe the same nooze media, the same politicians, who have been caught brazenly lying about Climbit Change more times than you can count with an abacus. Which is not to say the coronavirus isn’t real. But it is to say it’s awful hard to believe people who have become notorious for lying and spreading scare stories. And whose political agenda requires it.

One can’t help being suspicious, anymore.

‘U.N. Ninnie: Communism Can Save the World from Global Warming’ (2014)

Image result for images of communism

How many times do the Greenies have to let the mask slip off before we notice that they’re deep red underneath–commies to the core?


It killed 100 million people in peacetime in the 20th century alone, but they still love communism! Were they looking the other way when people risked death to escape from Cuba, Red China, East Germany, Hungary, and the other workers’ utopias?

Yeahbut, yeahbut! It’ll be totally perfect with the right people running it!

That’s what they always say. And then they set up death camps.

Lib Wants the Virus to Kill You

Image result for images of liberals cheering for coronavirus

Did you know there’s “a silver lining” to the coronavirus? Well, there is! A noozie says so. And he ought to know because he’s a double noozie, simultaneously working for the UK Times and Sky News.

What is that silver lining? Simply this, explains (ahem) journalist Ed Conway: Coronavirus mostly kills the elderly, and most Climbit Change skeptics are old, so us old folks dying out in droves would be, as he put it, “the ultimate weapon against climate change” (https://www.climatedepot.com/2020/03/07/journalist-ed-conway-of-uk-times-sky-news-cheers-coronavirus-for-killing-old-climate-skeptics-calls-virus-ultimate-weapon-against-climate-change/).

I guess the men in the white coats don’t work here anymore.

Other libs are rooting for the virus to kill off lots of people so they can blame it on President Donald Trump and get some left-wing psycho into the White House.

At this point in history, old people dying off would be a calamity. The world would be left in the hands of idiots. I apologize to young people who are not idiots: but you know who I mean. And anyway the idiots would have you shot.

Hey! Remember when Christians and conservatives were accused of rejoicing over AIDS? Remember how conclusively that shut down any criticism whatsoever of any behaviors that heightened the risk of getting AIDS?

Now liberals and state-worshipers are loudly cheering on the coronavirus, and it seems they’ve got a free pass to do that. They’re also rooting for the stock market to tank so they can blame that on Trump, too. If they had the ability to make it tank on purpose, they would do it.

These are not nice people.



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