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‘A Hero for Our Time’ (2013)

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I wrote this six years ago, and we still haven’t found anyone with the courage to protest his neighbors’ personal lives.


Hey, it takes courage to hunker down on somebody’s front law and denounce them for eating meet, having children, and acting as if there were no such thing as Anthropowhatsis Climbit Change that can only be fixed by an all-powerful government controlling every aspect, even the most minute aspects, of everybody’s lives.

Dare to be stupid!

Second Whopper: Miley Cyrus Won’t Have Kids Till ‘Climate Change’ is ‘Resolved’

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One can hardly help saying, “I don’t know where she’s been, and I’m pretty sure I don’t want to know.”

Oh, no! Say it ain’t so! Alas, I am devastated!

Hey, I hope you’re sitting down for this. Maybe you’d better lie down, in case you faint. This has gotta be, like, the worst nooze you ever heard.

Until Climbit Change is “resolved,” Miley Cyrus refuses to have children (https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2019/jul/12/miley-cyrus-i-refuse-to-have-kids-until-climate-ch/). [Thirty-minute break for wailing and gnashing of teeth]

One thing you’ve got to give our era credit for. Thanks to our communications technology, now more driveling doofuses can be heard by more people than ever before. Now any 20-something dullard can harangue the whole world.

Ah, what the world is losing! Just think of the towering egotism, and the profound lack of talent, that won’t be passed on! You could just sit there and cry. I mean, what meaning can my life have, if Miley Cyrus doesn’t have kids? Gee, I hope the Foreign Legion recruiting offices are ready to handle the crowds.

See, she ain’t gonna have kiddies “until kids can live on an earth with fish in the water.” And earth the planet, she instructs us, is female. Yowsah. “We’ve been doing the same thing to earth that we do to women.” Another pampered zillionaire trying to pass herself off as a poor oppressed victim. Hey, chuckles–wanna trade incomes?

It’s demeaning, to be lectured to by persons this stupid. You don’t see the likes of her getting censored in the social media.

It’s an embarrassment that America could ever have bred up such a schnook.

Toldja! ‘97% Consensus’ on Climate Change is a Crock

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“Only global government can save us!”

Not that we should be at all surprised by this, but a libertarian group, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, has filed a formal complain against NASA for the space agency’s 2013 claim, endlessly repeated since then, that “97% of scientists” believe human activity is the chief cause of “climate change” (http://freerepublic.com/focus/f-chat/3763274/posts).

NASA arrived at that figure, CEI charges, by simply ignoring some 8,000 published scientific papers whose authors were “undecided” about the issue.

The Obama administration corrupted everything it touched, including NASA. Like all the rest of the Climbit Change Alarmist Marching & Chowder Society, NASA fudged the figures to come up with the political statement that they wanted. Science and politics is always such a bad mix.

Don’t expect NASA to recant until all the Obama appointees are weeded out. Then maybe the space agency can get back to exploring space.

Until then, they’re just another bunch of left-wing liars making a play for global government.

‘Deplorable People Have Too Many Babies'(2016)

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The great thing for liberalism is that its followers don’t need to procreate. They just use the schools and colleges to take over normal people’s children.

And then they complain that normal people have too many children.


This is a dogma of the Climate Cult. The good news is that the whole Climbit change business is a lie; and even if it weren’t, how would paying higher taxes and giving vast new powers to the government control and altar natural processes on a planetary scale?

(Yeahbut, yeahbut, yeahbut–! Greenland’s gonna go ice-free by the year 3000! Great scott, what’ll I wear???)

If only deplorable people would give up all their modern “toys” and reserve those amenities to politicians and intellectuals!

This Independence Day, let’s declare our independence from the Far Left Crazy–and send them packing in the next election!

We’re Doomed! (again)

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(“We are so ****ed…”)

I hope you’re sitting down for this.

According to research by the University of Alaska, “If the current rates of greenhouse gas emissions remain unchanged,” the vast isle of Greenland may be ice-free–

–By the year 3000! (https://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-blogs/climatechange/greenland-ice-sheet-could-completely-melt-out-by-the-year-3000/70008659)

Alas, alack, and welladay! Game over, man! Why, that’s only… only [breaks out calculator; hands trembling, drops it, picks it up, drops it again]… Good grief! That’s only 1,900 years from now! Everything’ll wind up underwater but the Himalayas!

Well, like, s***, that settles it–all power and all money to a global government, and maybe, just maybe, they can save us! Otherwise when the year 3000 comes around and you find yourself standing around without a lifeboat as the water level rises to your eyeballs–and that’s with you standing on the roof!–don’t blame the government. We told you we had to have absolute power over everything and everybody! We told you we had to have all your money! But you wouldn’t listen! You wouldn’t listen to Science! And now you see what happens to people who won’t listen to Science.

Pack your water wings, folks! It’s gonna get mighty wet in just another 19 hundred years.

‘What Do You Think? Or Do You Just Not Think at All?’ (2013)

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I like to re-post this every two years ago, for the benefit of readers who missed it last time around.

Why people believe in Global Warming…


You can go a whole day without hearing anything that qualifies as reasoning. If you spend a lot of time in the nooze, make it two days.

Somewhere down the line, you have to declare your presuppositions and start from there. The Christians’ presupposition is that the Bible is the word of God and therefor true. We reason up from there.

But the presupposition that all “science” is true… well, today’s settled science is tomorrow’s quaint little superstitions.

For the Climbit Change Crowd, a Question

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It’s summertime! Thursday is the Fourth of July. And you know what that means!

It means the Save The Planet/Grow the Government mob will be howling at the moon, demanding we submit to them or else be drowned by Global Warming, etc. And every week will be ballyhooed as the hottest week ever, no s***, and every month the hottest month AND OMG WE’VE ONLY GOT TWELVE YEARS WHAT’RE WE GONNA DOOOOO–!

Why is it that nobody ever questions these jerks? True, they duck questions, and the Far Left nooze media will never ask them anything but softball questions. I guess you would have to grab one of them, tie him to a stake, and literally put a gun to his head before you could get an answer to your question. Nevertheless, if I could ever ask it, this is what I’d ask:

“How, exactly, do you propose to control the whole earth’s climate–ignoring the fact that there is no planetary climate, but only lots of local and regional climates–and tailor it so that year-round weather conditions are just right? What if they’re just right for you and just too bloody awful for words for someone else? And how will you control factors like the sun’s output, continental drift, volcanoes and earthquakes, El Nino, etc.? Have you got a plan for all that?”

Wouldn’t you just love to see one of those commie ding-dongs even try to answer that?

‘Libs Still Plotting to Jail “Climate Change” Dissenters’ (2016)

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Holding a certain opinion on a deeply controversial scientific issue… “should be a crime”? Really? But it will be, if Democrats get back into power.

Really, folks, they weren’t kidding. This pow-wow of Democrat state attorneys general was held in the spring of 2016. In the summer they formally wrote it onto their party’s national platform: to have their unspeakably corrupt U.S. attorney general “investigate” the new so-called “crime” of “climate change denial.”


It’s vitally important that the American public never forget this. Had Crooked Hillary Clinton been elected president, that platform would have been elected with her–and it included a campaign promise to terrify and punish anyone who held an opinion other than the one approved by government.

Please! In another year, the 2020 presidential campaign will be on us, 24/7. Don’t even think about ever again allowing another Democrat to be president. Because if you vote for any of them, you are voting for a scheme to destroy our ancient liberties enshrined in the First Amendment. They do not mean for us to have those liberties.

And we know that because they’ve said so.

‘Another Really Stupid Argument for “Climate Change”‘ (2014)

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This 2014 post featured two tantrums in one: the gavone who was gonna camp out on an iceberg till it melted, thus proving Climbit Change is real and we gotta give the government absolute power, etc., and the homofascists in New Orleans threatening yours truly.


Theatrical gestures and personal threats are the Far Left Crazy’s substitutes for reasoning. After all, reasoning doesn’t lend itself well to arguments that are wrong, dishonest, and asinine in the first place.

My Newswithviews Column, May 30 (‘Making Humanity Redundant’)

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Ain’t gonna work no more, no more, ain’t gonna work no more…

So The Real Smart People tell the Brits they need to adopt a nine-hour work week–to Save The Planet, don’t you know–and that leaves us wondering: what are they going to do with the 31 hours they just chopped off their work week?

Making Humanity Redundant

I guessed “write neo-Shakespearian tragedies,” but I was probably wrong. Anyway, I needn’t have bothered–the answer was staring us right in the face all along.

You know hi-tech has the answer!

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