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M.I.T., EPA Experts: Climbit Change Is a Scam

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In a peer-reviewed scientific paper, reviewed by experts from M.I.T. and the Environmental Protection Agency, we have “conclusive findings” that Man-Made Global Warming and Climate Change blah-blah is a deliberate campaign to deceive the nations of the world (http://www.nowtheendbegins.com/peer-reviewed-report-m-t-scientists-epa-researchers-conclude-man-made-climate-change-bunk/).

In fact, they lay it on the line: “It is quite clear that the [temperature] data have been intentionally tampered with.” So all that stuff you heard about the last three years being the warmest in history, that was just NASA and NOAA and other scam artists cooking the books.

Not that we needed scientists to tell us that Gore and Kerry and Obama and Clinton and all the rest of the Climbit Change Gang, partying all over the world on private jets, yachts, and limousines, living in colossal mansions, and behaving every day like persons who don’t believe a single word of what they’re selling… are totally unworthy of anyone’s belief. (Whopper of a sentence!) I mean, really–if you believe anything those people say, you really are a sap. Get help! C’mon, now–“Save The Planet by expanding our power beyond anything seen by man since Stalin died, and by forking over huge new taxes…!” What is anyone’s excuse for swallowing that line?

Again I thank God for sparing us President Hillary. Under her party’s platform, this scientific paper would constitute Climate Change Denial and might land its authors in prison.

A Not-so-Useful Idiot

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That would be Al Gore–former vice president, presidential also-ran, Climbit Change zillionaire, and world-class hypocrite. If you’ve ever wondered how Al managed to flunk out of divinity school, his recent speech at the EcoCity World Summit, in Australia, should make it clear to you.

Addressing his fellow dorks, Gore likened their campaign against imaginary Global Warming and Climbit Change to historical crusades against slavery and apartheid and for women’s suffrage and “gay rights” (http://www.climatedepot.com/2017/07/13/gore-compares-climate-fight-to-slavery-gay-rights-apartheid-at-aussie-summit/).

So “gay rights” is this high moral aspiration? Not according to the Bible it isn’t. No wonder this guy flunked out of divinity school.

Other speakers at the fraud-fest equated government action on Climbit Change with the achievement of “gender and social equity.” Like, the Climbit she’s a-changin’… so we gotta have a lot of new pronouns for a lot of new genders!

The Godless, and those who wish to act as gods themselves, don’t even make sense anymore. For some reason, their insistence that there’s no such thing as objective truth, and that a text can only mean whatever the reader thinks it means, has led them into a vast thicket of irrationality. Do they even suspect how nutty they sound?

Of course not.

Fake News: CNN Caught Red-Handed

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Oops! Three “top journalists” at CNN have had to resign, blamed for a boisterously untrue CNN “news” story about President Donald Trump’s mythical Russian connection, and the head honcho at CNN, Jeff Zucker, is now getting flak coming his way (http://www.breitbart.com/big-journalism/2017/06/26/fox-newss-sean-hannity-calls-for-cnns-jeff-zucker-to-be-fired-in-wake-of-fake-news-scandal/). It kind of hurt him that he was caught on videotape saying the whole Russia story is–we quote–“bullshit.”

Well, like, who didn’t know that? Except for deeply dyed-in-the-wool liberals?

Our nooze media is an institution that not only doesn’t work anymore, but refuses to function as it should. It’s supposed to give us accurate information, once upon a time called “news,” which we as citizens can use as a basis for rational decision-making. But “news” is now “nooze”–a species of myth-making.

No one has been more complicit than the nooze media in the Global Warming hoax. But even more flagrantly, right before our eyes, they have tried to create the myth, “the Russians stole the election from Hillary!” and use it to undermine President Trump–even to get him ousted from office, if they can.

They’re also busy creating yet another myth: “Obamacare was a fantastic success, America loved it, and if the Republicans repeal it, there won’t be any healthcare anymore for anybody and you’re all gonna die, die, die–eeeyaaah!”

What are we supposed to do, if we can’t get any reliable information about current events? If everything we read in the papers and see on the TV news is very likely to be a lie?  Where does that leave us?

If those questions ever did occur to the nooze magnates as they corrupted and debased their industry, I think the answer must have been, “Who cares?”

An Embarrassment of Poverty

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By now you’ve all heard that a bunch of Republican Congressmen were shot at while holding a baseball practice this morning. One of them is seriously injured. The suspect has been arrested, but we have not been told anything about him… other than a report that, before he started shooting, he first asked if the players were Republicans or Democrats.

I didn’t want to write about that because everybody else will be writing about it, so let’s move on to the Global Warming front. The latest Global Warming study has had to be canceled due to too much ice (http://www.nowtheendbegins.com/canadian-global-warming-study-cancelled-unprecedented-ice-formations/).

Or I could write about the loathsome Democrats’ non-stop campaign, in the total absence of any supporting evidence, to convince America that “the Russians stole the election” from Hillary Clinton our once and future president, blah-blah.

Or Duke University shutting down free speech to protect free speech, which is to remain free as long as you say the right things.

This is an embarrassment of poverty. More bad news than anyone can write about and still stay sane.

God help us.

Al Gore’s Religious Snake Oil

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Don’t you love it when liberals who defend abortion and crusade for homosexual parodies of marriage suddenly start telling you how to be a Christian?

And don’t you wish Democrats who fail in their bids for the White House would just dry up and blow away?

Thanks to reader “Unknowable” for tipping us off to this latest Third Commandment violation by former presidential also-ran Al Bore. I mean Gore: sorry for the typo, but it’s too true to delete.

Hyping the release of his new Global Warming scare-fest movie, zillionaire Al says he speaks for God when he demands we turn our civilization inside-out to fight that devil, Climbit Change (http://www.jewsnews.co.il/2017/06/11/liberal-goon-al-gore-says-g-d-told-him-to-fight-global-warming.html). We have, he says, “a moral imperative” to do what he says… incidentally making him even richer.

(*Sigh* I was so happy writing about yellow cardinals. Why don’t these people just shut up?)

I don’t believe it’s possible anymore for a leftid to speak God’s name without taking it in vain. I am reminded of Bill Clinton lugging around that big old Bible in between trysts with Monica Lewinsky in the Oral Office. Oops, should be Oval Office. Just can’t seem to type today.

This is the same false prophet and B.S. merchant Gore who predicted that New York would be like Daytona Beach by 2015. How many predictions does he have to get wrong before we laugh him off the stage? This is a guy who looks into a mirror when he prays.

And this is what a sinful people gets by way of leadership. It’s God’s way of telling us we’d better clean up our act.

Gov. Moonbeam’s Very Own Foreign Policy

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Wow! California Gov. Jerry “the Brainless Wonder” Brown is in Peking, cobbling together his own foreign policy with Red China. (Note: I deliberately use old-fashioned terms. “Bay-Zhing” is an affectation, and China is still communist de jure if not altogether de facto.)

California, says the Great Moonbeam, refuses to go along with America’s choice to withdraw from the U.S. economy-killing Paris Climate Pact, so he’s gonna buddy up with the Chicoms to Save The Planet (https://www.yahoo.com/news/china-rolls-green-carpet-california-climate-040039702.html). The fact that China is the biggest polluter in the world rolls right off his back.

“We are not moving at the pace needed to prevent catastrophe,” babbled the governor. Meanwhile the nooze media cried real tears over the U.S. “handing China the mantle in the battle against Global Warming.”

Get it? Growing the government to a level of power and intrusiveness never seen before, and taxing everybody’s pants off, will make the global climate nice again. And we can trust the communist government of China to really cut way, way back on their pollution.

Jerry, oh, Jerry! What a huckleberry. Ask someone to give you a knife so you can cut out a slab of Peking’s air and bring it home to California.

Be very, very afraid of the feckless loons who govern the nations of the world today. Not to mention the kooks who govern states.

Global Warming Gore’s $9 Million Funhouse

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For those who still can’t perceive that the world’s Global Warming merchants don’t believe a single word of what they’re preaching to us, cast back your memories to 2010–when Al Gore, the biggest Climbit Change con man of them all, bought a $9 million mansion in Montecito, California… right on top of the ocean (http://content.usatoday.com/communities/greenhouse/post/2010/05/how-green-is-al-gores-9-million-montecito-ocean-front-villa/1#.WTWY1dy1vkU).

I thought he said the sea levels were all set to rise and inundate our coastlines.

Gore’s humble abode features a lush in-ground swimming pool, fountains, spa, a lot of fireplaces, a wine cellar, and other amenities not readily available to us deplorables.

Does the man walk it like he talks it? Do any of them?


This Meens War!!!

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Iff yiu has not joyned #The Resistiance “yet” wel whatt Are yiu weiting for?? Yiu must be a reel stopid Racist Biggit!

Yeasterdday that Donold Trumpt he shuld Not be pressadint it shuld “be” Hillery, he went and busted “the” Intrenatonal Climbit Change Treety! That it was jist “whatt” them Russhans thay wanted him “to” do!! And now he going To Kill Everybody in the Worled and Destroy The Planit jist so he “can” make a big prophit!

Yiu jist weit til Climbit Change it takes Aweiy al the Air and yiu cant Breeth no more and aslo Every place it wil alll be Under Water!!! then yiu willl al be Sorry but it Wil “be tooo” late!! Keeth Odorman he “was” rihgjt wen “he was” on TV and he sayed Al the intellerginces in al The ohther countrys thay has got To get ridd of Trumpt! He wuld Not be on TV iff he wasnt reel Smart!

Butt no! No boddy thay didnt lissen “to” him and Now look waht hapens!

I has alyaws sayed The onely thing this evel Racist contry fill of De-Plorribles has got goin for It that “is” Us Interllecturals hear at al The Collidges and now We Are “the” only Ones that Can Save The Worled witch meens al yiu Odrinary Dum Peple yiu got to Obay us from now on!! And the frist Thing yiu got to Do is overthrough Trumpt!! Befour The Planit it runs Out “of” air and We al gets drownded!! This gots to Be done rihgjt now!!!! and then we musst make Hillery the pressadint and Pressadint Obamma he musst be Pressadint of The Worled becose onely he “is” smart enuhgh!

Rememember, thare cant be No more life On This Planit unles yiu obays us Interllecturals!!!

Thank You, Mr. President!

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It’s actually amazing, to see a president of the United States stand with the people who elected him. We are so used to being betrayed, ignored, insulted, etc. So when the president sides with us instead of with our predators, we are temporarily speechless with surprise.

But that’s what President Donald Trump did yesterday, when he announced that he would pulled the United States out of the bad joke that is the Paris Climate Treaty. A president siding with the American people! Almost unheard-of.

That treaty, by the way, was never ratified by the Senate as it ought to have been, but slid through via executive order,  courtesy of the last joker in the White House.

Now won’t the liberals, statists, globalists, and climate-mongers be mad!

Every villain on earth is going to be plotting to take our president’s scalp: the only ally he has is the American people. He stood by us; now we must stand by him.

O Lord our God, thank you for giving us this man to be our president! Guide him, and protect him from his enemies. In Jesus’ name, amen.

P.S.–I know this is impossible for liberals to perceive or understand, but nevertheless I’ll repeat it: Not one of the big shots who is pushing Climate Change/Global Warming acts for one minute like he believes what he’s selling. Not one! And if they don’t believe it, why should we?

Does the President Have to Do What an Actor Tells Him?

Leonardo DiCaprio has spoken, and to hear is to obey!

Any minute now, President Donald Trump is expected to announce his decision on whether the U.S. remains a party to the international Big Fat Boondoggle climate change treaty. And DiCaprio, actor and self-proclaimed climate savior, has called on him to “make the moral decision to protect future generations” (http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/trump-expected-pull-us-paris-climate-deal-1008919).

Who, then, will protect future generations from liberals?

An important point to remember is that “Global Warming” is a hoax. It is being used as a tool to strengthen government at our expense.

Yeah, but Leonardo once made a movie about a beach! He must know what he’s talking about!

Don’t you love it when liberals, who spend every day working to tear down what’s left of our morality, demand that we “make the moral decision” to obey them and let them have their way?

How big a load of 100% pure crapola is this? Well, check out how they try to explain record cold temperatures currently prevailing in Europe:

“Lack of heat.” Hot diggity-dog.

This just in: Resisting pressure from all the world’s big shots, our president, Donald Trump, has announced that the U.S. will withdraw from the Paris Climate Treaty. Thank you, Lord! The president has left the door open for renegotiating the treaty in terms more advantageous for America’s economy–but what matters here is that the global government mob isn’t getting what it wants.

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