Study Finds ‘Zero Evidence of Climate Emergency’

The main lesson here is not “science,” but common sense.

In the absence of evidence, we should stop squandering our money on stupid “climate change” gimmicks and policies. Otherwise the money won’t be there when we need it!

Bird-killing “wind farms,” acres of solar panels filled with all sorts of toxic stuff we don’t know how to dispose of, inane restrictions on economic activity–we are wasting labor, thought, and money!

The international study cited by Sky News deplores the “naive belief in immature climate models” when the data shows… nothing! No emergency. No major changes. Nothing but the normal variations.

But that’s not how you rake in tax moneys and endow the government with undreamed-of power over people’s lives, is it?

And that’s what “Climate Change” is all about.

‘Deplorable People Have Too Many Babies’ (2016)

Graphene Shield Shows Promise in Blocking Mosquito Bites - NIH-funded  project shows graphene could provide alternative to chemicals in insect  repellant and protective clothing.

Mosquitoes suck our blood. Leftids suck away our posterity.

Go ahead, ask any Climbit-Change-spouting liberal–do regular, normal people have too many babies? Betcha you can guess what they’ll say.

Deplorable People Have Too Many Babies!

With the way the Far Left Crazy has been pushing abortion, puberty blockers, transgender surgical mutilation, it’s a wonder we have any babies at all. What are they going to do when there are no more normal people’s children left for them to propagandize and parasitize?

But then most parasites wind up killing the host, don’t they?

‘Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire’ (2016)

One Eyed Melting Snowman stock image. Image of melting - 199132539

In the midst of a presidential election campaign, in which Democrats floated the idea of throwing people into prison for “Climate Change Denial,” the National Snow and Ice Data Center came up with a bunch of reports of shrinking polar ice caps–reports that were rather easily shown to be untrue.

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!

Oh! But now, having stolen the next election after that, they’ve got what they want! Trillions of dollars spent on “Climate”! And dissenters, beware–that’s the FBI banging on your door in the middle of the night.

We have just about completely lost our country.

Does anyone know how to get it back?


‘What Do You Think? (Or Do You Just Not Think At All?) (2013)

Funny and EPIC FAILS of Man On The Street Interviews - YouTube


Far Left Crazy will never, ever give up on Global Warming/Climbit Change. They have way too much invested in it, and it’s the ideal excuse for them acquiring more power and crushing us with it.

What Do You Think? (Or Do You Just Not Think At All?)

Thinking for oneself is not exactly in fashion anymore. You can become an Enemy Of The People. Don’t you know that Science is right all the time? Therefor every thing said by Scientists is also right!

Now they’re back to trying to destroy our economy and ravage our standard of living. They want to finish the job they started in 2021.

God defend us.

‘We’re Doomed! (Again)’ (2019)

See the source image

Hang onto your hats, boys ‘n’ girls, and don’t send out your laundry!

It’s official: The Science at the University of Alaska says the fun’s over, we’re finished–if things keep goin’ the way they’re goin’, the whole giant Greenland ice-cap will melt down and drown us all!

By the year 3000.

We’re Doomed! (again)

Oh, if only we’d given much more power to the government! Alas and alack, Bernie Sanders was right! Al Gore was a prophet! An all-powerful government would have saved us… but no, we had to have our stupid freedom! See what happens to people who don’t listen to Science?

‘The Crime of… Plastic Straws!’ (2018)

What Can Adults Learn From Children? – Michael J. Fite

Remember this? Several California cities wanted to make it a crime–punishable to prison time!–to hand out plastic straws.

The Crime of… Plastic Straws!

Y’see, plastic straws were *Destroying The Planet*, every day some half a billion (!) of ’em were being handed out, we’re doomed, I tell you–doomed–!

Then they found out the “information” on which the policy was to be based came from a 9-year-old kid who’d phone some straw manufacturers to get some material for his school science project. The noozies, of course, were eating it up, never questioning the source (because they’re gonna Save The Planet, too)… Damn! We can’t chuck someone into prison for that!

It’s all crap. Everything that comes from liberals is crap.

‘How to End Income Inequality’ (2014)

See the source image

To combat make-believe Climate Change, the insane Dutch government has been ordering farmers to kill off most of their herds.

This has happened before in history, with catastrophic results.

How to End Income Inequality

The Xhosa committed national suicide because a prophet told them to. Not so different from destroying your nation’s economy to achieve **Income E*q*u*a*l*i*t*y! Not so different from Saving The Planet From The Climate Boogieman.

Do you still doubt whether our “leaders” have a hot line to Hell?

‘UN: Only 12 Years Till Doomsday!’ (2018)

Climate Change: Best Photos of 2021

“Oh, if only we’d let them have that carbon tax!”

Well, that was four years ago, so now I guess we’ve only got eight years before Climbit Change–and lack of government control over our disorderly peasant lives–wipes us all out.

UN: Only 12 Years Till Doomsday!

Of course, they don’t mind wiping out the human race by turning all the boys into fake sterile girls and all the girls into fake sterile boys, promoting homosexuality, and aborting every baby they can get their hands on. That’s Far Left Crazy globalism for you.

How about it? Do we give them all our money, and vast new powers over us, in hopes that they can save us?

Or should we treat them as we treat extortionists and racketeers?

‘Your Tax $$ at Work: The Columbia U. School of Climate Change Hysteria’ (2015)

Statue of Liberty History: 20 Enlightening Facts About The Iconic Sculpture

Doomed, doomed, doomed I tell ya!

Sane people don’t believe in Man-Made Climate Change and certainly don’t care about it–not when Democrats have tanked the national economy. But “Saving The Planet” is the all-time best excuse ever imagined for any kind of villainy, and those who would devour our freedom aren’t about to give it up. In the meantime, they create comedies like this:

Your Tax $$ at Work: the Columbia U. School of Climate Change Hysteria

Yowsah! Spend almost $6 million for ninnies to create hysterical we’re-all-gonna-die-I-love-you-ma fake phone messages, reflective of those last few moments before
Climbit Chains does you in! Who says college makes you stupid? (I do, actually.)

It’ll be with us like a giant tapeworm until we can find some way to get rid of it.

‘Why I Don’t Believe in Global Warming’ (2014)

Real Snow | Outside My Window

Once upon a time I wrote this on a cold and snowy winter’s day.

Why I Don’t Believe in Global Warming

I thought you might be interested in revisiting this post, which comes with a lively discussion. Even now, eight years later, there are still persons who believe in Global Warming, although now they prefer to call it “Climate Change” because that covers absolutely everything.

How do you communicate with these alarmists? They trust Science! Ain’t no politics in Science! Oh, save us, they trust Democrat politicians! They are more than willing to give vast new powers to the government, sign away our rights… oh, oh, oh! They believe in the wisdom of John Kerry, the sincerity of *Batteries Not Included, the integrity of… sheesh! Elizabeth Warren.

No one in America will ever be safe in his person or his property until the Democrat Party is annihilated as a factor in our politics.