‘Climate change Gang Sinks to New Low’ (2016)

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It’s always sickening when political activists, having no real arguments to offer, turn to “The Children” to make their point. Truly disgusting.

And this was before Greta the Teenaged Witch came on the scene with her “How dare you!”

Climate Change Gang Sinks to New Low

The massive cheating that now threatens to propel Democrats to power over America is an existential threat. We are in danger of being “governed” by the most dishonest, venal, treacherous, slimiest, and wicked people in the world.

We need God’s intervention! Pray for it today.

‘Party’s Over for Global Warming Mob’ (2016)

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Look at that. It’s been four years since Science discovered–to its dismay, we might add–that “global warming” is caused not by common people’s air conditioners and toilet paper, but by vast natural processes that no one understands and no amount of government can control. In this case, an overall warming of the Pacific Ocean: “El Nino,”

Party’s Over for Global Warming Mob

Well, you weren’t expecting leftids to give up “Climate Change,” did you? It’s the best excuse they’ve ever concocted for grabbing control of other people’s lives. It’s kind of a sickness with them. Like alcoholism.

Oh–and over here it’s twenty-some degrees this morning… Hoo-hah, Global Warming.

What bunk.

‘What We Can Learn from Bad Movies’ (2015)

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With so much money invested in it, and so many professionals working on it, and checking their work each day, you’d think it’d be just about impossible to make a really bad movie. Nevertheless, bad movies are as numerous as the sands of the seashore.

What We Can Learn from Bad Movies

What’s the difference between a bad movie and bad public policy? With a bad movie, those responsible for it have to pay the price. But with bad public policy, those who created it walk off scot-free and the public pays the price. You know–like with the COVID-19 lockdowns that wrecked everybody but the loonies in the lab coats and their sponsors in the government.

And bad movies do less harm.

‘How Stupid Do They Think We Are?’ (2014)

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Would you trust this guy to make a paper airplane?

“Roses are red, violets are blue/ Climate Change means that I dictate to you!”

Yes, they thought they’d convince us with… a poetess.

How Stupid Do They Think We Are?

Come on, all you chowderheads out there! Sign away your liberties! Let us take your money! Like, if you can’t trust Obama and the UN and Kerry and Al Gore–!

And they’re still pushing it, six years later.

Because they think we really are that stupid.

Do Fairies Migrate?

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Fungo State University has received a $330 million grant to find out whether fairies migrate.

The project director, Professor Ginger Vitus, says, “We’re glad we got this money! It would have otherwise gone to some really stupid project. ”

The first thing to be done, says Dr. Vitus, is to capture a number of fairies, band them–“Just like you band birds or fish”–release them, and wait to see where they turn up.

“We think the fairies in the Northeast migrate to Burkina Faso, where there are some famous fairy resorts. But we’ll learn more about it down the road.”

Researchers will have to be careful, Dr. Vitus added, not to get “a fairy curse put on them–some of these little folks are pretty ornery and don’t take kindly to being caught in a trap and banded with an uncomfortable metal band that they can’t take off. So I always remind my staff of how important it is to explain to the fairies that the only purpose of all this is to combat Climbit Chaange and Save The Planet.”

And if more money is needed to continue the project past its sell-by date, the university can always raise the tuition just a little higher.

‘Loopy Thinking Gets Around’ (2013)

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Remember the solar eclipse of 2017?

Remember the kooks who said it was a hoax?

Loopy Thinking Gets Around

Well, heck, why not? The Russia Hoax was going on, at the time. And our civilization hasn’t gotten any saner since then. Still, faking a solar eclipse that was seen across North America–that’s really stretching it.

‘How to Relate to a Liberal’

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Maybe you could talk about salamanders.

Seven years ago it was just embarrassing to be related to a liberal. But that was before Biden voters started burning down neighborhoods. Now it’s getting dangerous.

How to Relate to a Liberal

I suppose we should have more compassion for them, but it’s hard to come by. Especially when they reach for your wallet and try, with all their mind, to erase your liberties.

Well, as Churchill said, the time to be nice to them is after we defeat them.


‘Scientists Say It’s OK to Lie for Climate Change’ (2016)

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Here we had a couple of credentialed scientists, in an official scientific publication, with a peer-reviewed paper that said it’s okay to lie about Climate Change if that’s how you get people to do what you want them to do.

Scientists Say It’s OK to Lie for Climate Change

What do you get when you mix science and politics?


Now, we’re supposed to believe them to the point of gutting our economy and giving up our liberties? Them we’re supposed to believe?

Is there anybody out there who’s not lying to us?

‘Cardiff Giant Supports Climate Change Summit’ (2015)

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Let’s face it–the classic hoaxes of the 19th century–like the Cardiff Giant–look like absolutely nothing, compared to the hoaxes of the 21st. “Systemic Racism” is catching up fast, but “Man-Made Climate Change” is still in the lead.

Cardiff Giant Supports Climate Change Summit

Genuine petrified man, ten feet tall. You wouldn’t think that would fool anybody, would you?

But look at all the people who believe in public education.

‘White House Wants Your Doctor to Nag You about Global Warming’ (2015)

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Those bleak days of the Obama presidency were the longest eight years I ever saw. And it’ll take a whole generation or more to repair the damage done–if we can ever repair it. The poisons that man injected into America are hatching out today.

Here’s just one of many. Remember?

White House Wants Your Doctor to Nag You about Global Warming

Of course, in 2020 you’re lucky if you can see a doctor at all. Maybe if you claimed COVID-19 broke your finger, you might get some attention. My wife needs to see a doctor and her doctor seems to have taken the noon balloon.

Right now Racism is the Democrats’ poker hand; but they’ve still got Global Warming/Climate Change on the table, ready to use against us at a moment’s notice.

Remember! National perfection can only be achieved by giving unheard-of powers to the most flagrantly imperfect people in the country.