Here Goes Nothin’…

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This blog is supposed to get a whole new look today. I have left it entirely in the hands of Jill at Chalcedon HQ. I don’t know how much time she’ll need to do it, and I don’t know what it’ll look like when she’s done.

To me it feels like diving into a pool blindfolded. (Ignore the woman in the picture above: if you look closely, you’ll see she’s cheating.) You saw it filled with water a minute ago, you expect it to be full of water now–but you don’t know for sure until after you jump off the board.

I don’t know whether I’ll be able to post our customary critter video this evening. It’ll be three hours earlier for Jill, she may still be working on it.

Pray it doesn’t turn out to be a disaster. The whole month of July was a disaster for this blog; we don’t need another one.

S.O.S! Mayday, Mayday…

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I’ve just been informed that my blog is using “an old, retired theme” that’s falling apart bit by bit and losing function and will therefor have to be replaced. First I lost my reblog function, now I can’t access my own older posts.

So Jill at Chalcedon HQ is going to design and install a new theme, and heaven help me if it doesn’t work. Everything will probably look different. And if it works differently… well, that’s all I need. I’ll go right round the bend.

In July we lost three weeks’ worth of Internet access, and now the blog has sprung several leaks which must be addressed before the whole thing capsizes like the island of Guam if they put any more Marines on it.

I pray I’ll see you all tomorrow.

Mushrooms on Our Lawn

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Yesterday there were a few little white mushrooms on our lawn, a few steps from my writing chair. I wasn’t surprised: we’ve gotten a lot of heavy rain lately, and wet weather often brings out mushrooms.

But when I looked out the window this morning, one of those mushrooms was as big as a softball and the others were hurrying to catch up.

Are they edible? Is Russian roulette safe to play? Is ignorance a reliable protection from naturally occurring poisons?

I suppose I ought to remove them, just to be on the safe side. I wouldn’t want any animals eating these. But they do look attractive against the bright green backdrop of the grass. I wonder if deer or foxes or unsupervised dogs would eat them. I’d hate to pull them up if they can’t do any harm.

Gee, It’s Hot!

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We are under another heat advisory today, and I doubt I’ll have the opportunity to lie down in a nest of ice cubes. I could try, I suppose.

But the business at hand is to proceed with writing Behold! The Lord hasn’t yet shown me where this story’s headed–just a few tantalizing hints. What’s going to happen with those strange ships off the coast of Durmurot? Ebed the spy, who’s maybe eleven years old, is the only one who can find out…

Am I writing this so I don’t have to go outside?

Grab the pen, legal pad, and cigar–and go to work!

An Anniversary Memory

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Patty and I both dreaded the very idea of a circus wedding. At the newspaper where we both worked at the time, the photographer and his fiancee got involved in planning a great big splashy wedding–and as more and more people got into the act, the two newlyweds-to-be were fighting like Greeks and Trojans.

We didn’t want that, so we eloped. We went to Elkton, MD–sort of the elopement capital of the eastern U.S. in those days–and got married there.

What a lovely time we had! We did a lot of fishing on Chesapeake Bay. Platters of steamed crabs at the Howard Hotel, with Billy Bob’s Kung-fu School on the floor directly over our table. Crabcakes at Your Family Restaurant. Lovely little town, with polite and friendly people. A lot of them remembered us when we came back the next year.

We got married in The Little Wedding Chapel and then did some more fishing. No squabbling, no fighting, no new grudges formed and old ones rekindled, no eruption of money, nobody falling down drunk at the reception. I’ve been to weddings that came very close to breaking into fistfights. We avoided all that and are much the better for it.

All you really need for a wedding is a bride, a groom, someone to read the service–and God.

I’m PO’d at WordPress

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I’ve been back and forth with WordPress for two weeks, trying to get my Reblog function restored. At first they kept saying they were working on it. But yesterday came the final word: No. No reblog for you.

Bottom line is, I had Reblog, I made good use of it, and then they took it away and won’t give it back. Why won’t they give it back? Something about a Business plan or whatevvuh: snow the poor user with a lot of computer lingo, he might give up and go away.

I like to share posts with you from other Christian bloggers. And it boosts my readership, too. Why won’t WordPress let me do that anymore? Ooh-ooh, wait, I know! I’ll bet they have a policy! You don’t need to think if you have a policy!

My tech support does not know why I’ve lost my Reblog, nor does she know how I can get it back. And WordPress is making out like I never had it in the first place!

What have I ever done to them? Why don’t they just give me back my Reblog and then I’ll shut up about it?

Well, they’re not the only company that thumbs its nose at its customers, are they?

Will We Have Our Anniversary Dinner?

We ordered the crabcakes and they haven’t been delivered. We’re about to go out on another safari in search of filet mignon. Yeah, these are luxury items–but that’s the whole point, isn’t it? You only get one wedding anniversary per year (provided you’ve had only one wedding). You want to celebrate!

But for our anniversary, the gremlins always gather, always try to mess it up. For No. 40 the supermarket had No Lobsters instead of the two I had supposedly reserved two days before. I found that out at 5 p.m. I don’t go to that store anymore.

So we will go all around the county in a little while to see if we can scare up the ingredients for our dinner. Thanks to what liberals gigglingly call The New Normal (tee-hee!), you wouldn’t believe the shortages. Yesterday it was skim milk, rubbing alcohol, latex gloves… and lettuce. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to find a decent head of lettuce.

With our without our dinner, this is a blessed day for us and we invite you all to share in our joy.

Every good thing is God’s gift.

P.S.–The crabcakes just got here. Huzzah!

*Sigh* So Much for Reblogs

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Well, WordPress finally admitted this afternoon that I have no reblog capability and I’m not gonna get any, either.

On the off chance that maybe, somehow, my reblog function got restored–like when you’re looking everywhere for your cat, high and low: and the next thing you know, she’s sitting in the middle of the living room floor, washing–I tried today to reblog a post from Joshua’s blog, “Spread the Word.” It didn’t work. Wouldn’t work for the WordPress “happiness engineer,” either.

Oh, I could study a special video and learn how to do some ridiculously complicated workaround… but that would only give me a hot head. And I can’t contact Jill, my tech support, because AOL Mail is down. Oh, fap.

Things are not working in Computer-Land.

Again, if you’re wondering why I’ve stopped reblogging posts from your blog, the answer is, I haven’t. I have been stopped from doing it. As Sir Thomas Malory would say, That me repenteth.

It’s Our Anniversary!

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Patty and I have only been married 43 years, but 45 was the closest I could come in an illustration. We’re going to celebrate with crab cakes and filet mignon.

But first we’ve got to find a way through the labyrinth which our local government has created by blocking most of the streets in our neighborhood. This is so work crews can dig holes in the street and then fill them in. Somehow it seems… emblematic.

So now it’s an expedition to the store, and Heaven only knows when I’ll be back.

Just So You Know

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Total viewership of this blog has been knocked back down to 2014-type numbers (thank you, Verizon), but that doesn’t stop the trolls from showing up.

Just so you know, I intercept these whenever they appear and consign them to the trash bin so that you don’t have to see them.

Really, I don’t understand why anyone would bother to visit a website obviously set up for Christians, by Christians, and take the time to write insulting messages. Like I’m gonna just sit there and let these wastes of space abuse my readers? I’m not going to delete them the moment I see them?

In their own eyes they’re the smartest people in the world and entitled to the most profound respect and deference. They believe it rained on the rocks and the rocks came alive and evolved into 50 different genders, etc.

I will continue to trash them the moment they appear.