A Handyman, I’m Not

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I am not a handyman. But that doesn’t get me out of doing handyman chores.

I had to get rid of our bulky old TV cabinet and then assemble some shelves to take its place. This entailed dropping very small screws onto the carpet and strewing cardboard and styrofoam packaging all over the place. Eventually I got it done. It has made me tired. Very tired. Could barely manage to smoke my cigar.

But it’s done. The next herculean task will be the Christmas tree.

(How come so few readers are viewing our Christmas hymns today?)

I Love These Lizards!

I had three slowworms once; I don’t think you can get them anymore. They were about the nicest lizards you could ever meet. They had these bright little faces, grew to be really tame in next to no time, and seemed very quick to learn. Honest, they’re not a bit like snakes.

My slowworms died because of stuff in the environment. I fed them worms and slugs and bugs that I caught outside, never suspecting the ground was tainted with assorted pesticides from years back. Their appetite for pests is why they’re so welcome in English gardens.

Yes, I miss my good little slowworms. If it seems strange to talk about lizards having personality–well, no one who really knows lizards would think that.

A Pet Peeve

Old-Fashioned Christmas Candy | Wisconsin Cheeseman

I love classic Christmas candy, both hard and filled–but lotsa luck trying to buy any in the store.

With the exception of candy canes, which may well be made in China and therefor not appealing to me… everything is chocolate! It’s the exact same chocolate I can get on any day of the year. All they do is change the wrappers. Grrr!

I finally found some today in Walgreen’s: Nice! (store brand) Old-Fashioned Mix. But it didn’t say on the package where it was made, so I had to call corporate HQ customer service to find out. After a computer search that proved more extensive than I would have ever expected, the rep discovered that these candies are made right here in the USA. Perfect! I can buy them and enjoy them.

But what’s with all those other stores? Nothing but chocolate? I don’t like all this conformity! And I’ll just betcha all those companies involved have some kind of stupid “diversity officer.” But no diversity on the shelves!

And now I must calm down.

***Now Our Sink Is Fixed!

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I just did all the dishes that we have, that were in range of that gunk that was coming up from our sink–scrubbed ’em all, put ’em in the drainer, pulled the plug on the sink, and voila! It works, it works!

Mr. Rooter said he found the cause of the problem–lots and lots of baby-wipes flushed down someone’s toilet! Why do people do that? Don’t they know what will happen? Baby-wipes, sanitary napkins, Play-Doh–all sorts of things get flushed that shouldn’t. I remember a whole housing development, brand-new, in the 1970s, where everybody’s toilet backed up because of sanitary napkins. Another time it was a chunk of tile from an ancient water main.

And so hooray, thank you for your prayers, we can have our proper supper tonight and thank you, Lord!

No, Our Sink Isn’t Fixed Yet

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Well, twenty minutes after Mr. Rooter left yesterday–his parting words were, “You’re good to go!”–our kitchen sink again filled up with dirty water. So he’s back today, he’s in the cellar. The building’s whole system is clogged, he says. Yesterday the sink spat up this stuff resembling bellybutton lint. I wonder what it was.

I have to try to work anyway, with all this stuff going on around here and some doubts as to whether Patty will be able to make our supper tonight: can’t have supper if you don’t have a sink.

Okay, it’s not coming down with cancer or someone in your family died. Compared to those, this is just a little thing.

But it’s the little things that drive you crazy.

Your prayers would be appreciated!

Our Kitchen Sink Is Back (We Hope!)

Photo Gallery | Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Greater Baltimore | Plumbing Services

Mr. Rooter got here pretty fast and was two hours on the job; and at last we heard those blessed words, “It’s fixed, you’re good to go.”

It was a much bigger job than anticipated, and our landlord got hit with most of the cost because it wasn’t just our apartment–the whole building was clogged. We never suspected everything was in such a mess. I’m happy to say it didn’t result in a fight with the landlord; I was surprised he took it so well.

But there’s a whole afternoon’s work that never got done, I don’t know what Patty will do about supper–but we thank the Lord that it got done at all.

(Meanwhile, our bedroom air condition gave an agonized cry in the middle of the night–so that’ll have to be seen to. Thank the Lord it hasn’t happened in the summer.)

Gee, I’m tired…

There was some asinine nooze I meant to cover today, but it’ll have to wait for tomorrow.

Check that! The sink has once again stopped draining. It waited till Mr. Rooter left. Words fail me.

Normal Service is Kaput (for Now)

Came home to sink filled with black water, smells like dirt. Did my pipe  collapse? I live in a condo. : r/Plumbing

No, we haven’t struck oil! That’s our kitchen sink.

We were putting our groceries away when, for no reason we can imagine, our kitchen sink began to fill with black water. It came up from the drain. I took the plunger to it, but that only made it fill with filthy water faster. I had to grab a pail and bail it out.

We called Mr. Rooter and supposedly the guy is on his way, Mr. Rooter to the rescue.

I pray he can fix this problem.

So much for working on my book today.

Normal service will be resumed as soon as I get my sanity back.

‘Love Endures’ (2018)

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Our family used to get together for Thanksgiving feasts. Now we don’t. Most of us have died. The rest have moved too far away to be visited by any of the others.

Oh, I miss them! And yet in a real sense, they’re still here. Still together.

Love Endures

I do wish I could have persuaded my family members not to move so far away. But we were all younger when they did it, and of course no one anticipated getting old and not being up to four hours on the Parkway anymore.

But love does not get old.


9,240 Weary Photos - Free & Royalty-Free Stock Photos from Dreamstime

Look at that, it’s 1:00 already! Where is this day going?

Well, we did have extra shopping to do, for Thanksgiving. I guess I can table the Newswithviews column for a day or two. I’ve got to get The Witch Box all typed up. And I want to read Rushdoony’s Politics of Guilt and Pity… because it’s a gold mine full of insights.

I’m tired. Please feel free to browse the blog archives. So much work to do!

See yiz in a bit.

‘Werewolf of Washington’

The Werewolf of Washington (1973) - IMDb

Patty and I like to watch movies on the weekends. Sometimes it takes a while to select one.

Today I was just about to say, “How about we watch Werewolf of Washington today?”–and she beat me to it by one second flat. “Could we watch Werewolf of Washington?” she said, just as the words were about to come out of my mouth.

Now that’s marriage!

Dean Stockwell, who just died recently, starred in 1973 in this weird and funny little horror movie in which a presidential aide is bitten by a werewolf, becomes a werewolf himself–and then becomes the president’s press secretary. What could possibly be more apropos to 2021? Who’d be surprised to learn that any member of our current government is actually a werewolf?

Be careful of what you predict. It might come true.