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Where I Get Some of My Ideas From

I write about a world that never was, inspired by a world that used to be.

This is footage from Roy Chapman Andrews’ Gobi Desert expeditions in the 1920s, for the American Museum of Natural History. This is Mongolia as it was then, but isn’t anymore.

God has wired into some of us a longing for places we cannot reach, either because they exist no more or because they never did exist. A fantasy writer taps into that. We know the past was real, because we used to live in it: but was it really? Things change. Sometimes they change too much. Places I used to know very well are so gone, so wiped out without a trace, that they might as well have been in Mongolia in 1926: or tucked away in Lintum Forest. Pick one.

Did I dream these places? Were they ever really real? Because I can’t find them anymore.

Oh, but God can. He most certainly can.

A Forgiving Moment

Image result for images of forgiveness handshake

The other day, someone came onto my chess page (“playground player” at http://www.chessgames.com) and posted a most insulting comment. I was rather cheesed off, and couldn’t decide whether to ignore it or come back with some devastating reply.

Before I could decide, he came back with another post handsomely apologizing for what he’d said and asking me to delete the comment. I was very glad to receive that apology! And to accept it.

Repentance and forgiveness are a powerful combination. If only we could turn them loose on this fallen world, it would be a little bit less fallen.

You Need to Know the Heimlich Maneuver

Image result for images of heimlich maneuver

We keep God busy, watching over us. But He has given us some extremely useful resources.

Sometimes people choke to death; but the Heimlich maneuver can save a choking victim’s life.

Once upon a time I had an early evening softball game, so Patty sat down to eat supper alone. By and by, I came home. And I had only just come in when she began to choke–violently. By God’s grace, I remembered the Heimlich maneuver, remembered reading about it in Reader’s Digest years before. I had never done it before, but I did it then. And that wad of fried rice and bean sprouts shot out like a cannonball. It was a narrow escape. Gives me the willies, to think back on it. If I’d been five minutes later coming home–and you know how guys stick around and gab after a softball game–I would have been too late. But by God’s providence, I wasn’t.

Linda has sent us an article on how to perform the Heimlich maneuver on yourself, when there’s no one there to do it for you ( https://fellowshipoftheminds.com/2017/04/19/how-to-perform-the-heimlich-maneuver-on-yourself/ ). This is a really good thing to know, so read the article. The knowledge you acquire just might save your life someday.

Harlem Climbs the Hill

Image result for images of black man climbing hill

We’re back–and Harlem made it all the way to the top of the hill.

He wants you all to know he’s grateful for your prayers. I wasn’t able to ensure that any of the deer would present themselves, but at least we made the climb. He brought his cane with him, just in case. The plan was for me to run back and fetch the car if it turned out that he couldn’t make it. “I think some of my old military training might come back to me, if I need it,” he said.

So he has survived and is recovering from pancreatic cancer, he has stood up against some other, unrelated, medical issues–and he made it all the way up the hill. I did my best to impress upon him the need not to overdo it, we could always try again. “Your wife will kill me dead, if I let anything happen to you.” It was the longest, and very much the steepest, walk he’d made in quite a while; and the weather was perfect, and nothing untoward happened. He also enjoyed seeing the ritzy houses in that part of our town.

Again, everybody, God has answered our prayers for this good man. For which we give thanks!

His legs are going to feel it tonight, but I don’t think he’ll mind that at all.

From India, ‘At the Cross’

This is another beautiful hymn performed by The Voice of Eden, At the Cross. I don’t know where in India these young people come from, but I’m sure their singing pleases God.

And now I’ve got to go, because I promised Harlem I would take him up the hill to see the deer. He’s got his heart set on it. As for me, Cindy will kill me if I let anything happen to him, so I’m there to make sure it doesn’t. He’s clear of cancer now, but has not yet got his full strength back.

See youse later, as we say in Joisey.

Today’s Hymn, ‘Lead On, O King Eternal’

This is the Hastings College Choir, assisted by organ and trumpet, singing Lead On, O King Eternal.

Allow me to take a moment to pay tribute to my cyber-friend, Paul Zimmerman, of Texas, who, some few years ago, left his tabernacle to be with the Lord. A disabled military veteran, Paul emailed daily devotionals to many of his friends. I miss them–and I miss him! Paul was also an enthusiastic fan of my books. O Lord, please tell him that his friends have not forgotten him.

Still More Computer Hell

Image result for images of cursing

Yesterday, last night, and probably today–all devoured by computer hell. By Malwarebytes every five minutes flashing onto the screen its demand to be updated. By outgoing email not going out, or just getting bounced back at us, undelivered. That’s goin’ to make it very hard for me to submit my articles and do my editing.

This machine needs an exorcist.

And who’s the galoot who says we oughta-gotta-gonna merge our minds with computers by the year 2020? Huzzah! Then we can all have long-term and short-term memory loss, basic functions all screwed up, reduced to hopeless babbling–yeah, it does sound like Hell.

So far the chaos has not yet reached into this blog, so I will continue for as long as I can. If I disappear, you’ll know it’s because the computer has murdered me.


Image result for images of monsters

So we want to merge our minds with computers, do we? That way we can all be not only stone-stupid, but totally crackers, too.

After our online banking got all bollixed up, our email stopped working. It took Patty quite a while to fix that. Then I tried to submit my weekly Newswithviews column. No dice! We had to restart the computer; then it worked. Then, as I attempted this blog post, the whole fatzing thing froze on me. Again, restart.

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, this day has turned into a monster.

Now I will try to attach a picture to this post. You will understand if I don’t expect it to work.

I will be amazed if I can actually make it to cat video time later.

Normal Service Will Be Resumed…

Image result for images of man surrounded by chaos

Once again I find myself an hour late before I start, through no fault of my own.

All my wife wanted to do was to pay a bill online, a banking bill, as is her normal custom. This chewed up 45 minutes of our Saturday night and an hour of our morning today, with no result whatsoever.

They wanted our mobile phone number. We do not have a mobile phone. No matter what route we took, no matter how circuitous, no matter how long, no matter how hard, no matter how much time we spent on hold, listening to this awful tinkly music, it always led back to a demand for our mobile phone number. I guess none of the reps we talked to believed us when we said we didn’t have one.

We’re going to have to close the account and not do business with that bank anymore.

Anyhow, we’re an hour late starting our Monday tasks–but the tale of bricks shall remain the same!–and I will get this blog back up to speed later today, if humanly possible. Please bear with me.

A New Phone Scam

Image result for images of robot on phone

So my wife answered the phone this morning and it was a computer-generated robot voice saying that “The federal government has filed a lawsuit against you…”

Ooh, that sounds scary! Would that be the whole federal government, collectively, suing us, or just some part of it? The robot didn’t say. IRS, Dept. of Defense, Homeland Security, NASA, Dept. of Agriculture–you could spend all day listing them, and still not finish. Oh, the suspense! Which agency of the federal government is gunning for us?

Not to worry, though. The robot said all we had to do was call this number which, as a reasonably moral individual, I will not reproduce here. Yup, just call this here number and everything’ll be hunky-dory, we’ll walk you through it… just as soon as you give us a little information…

How stupid do you have to be, to fall for this? Never mind, don’t tell me.

Somebody just explain to me again why it’s so bad to teach our children the Ten Commandments.

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