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Cats & Dogs & Babies

I saw a sign in my doctor’s office that said that babies who interact with dogs and cats develop stronger immune systems than babies who don’t. So the cat licking the baby’s face, or the dog sniffing the baby’s ear–those are not bad things.

When I was still only three years old or so, I tried to change my baby brother’s diaper. I’d seen my mother do it; how hard could it be? All you’ve got to do is dump half a bottle of baby oil on him and then liberally coat him with baby powder. That’s when my mother came in and put a stop to it.

No cat or dog would ever do that to a human baby.

Cats Who Make the Best of Things

Cats are very smart–smart enough so that they try to understand things like printers, washing machines, and metronomes that can’t possibly have any relevance to them. In this they resemble human beings.

That’s why, when you watch a cat trying to figure something out, you can almost hear the wheels turning in his head.

Cats Love Laundry Machines

I heard there was a cat aboard a submarine who learned how to fire the torpedoes–most embarrassing for the Navy.

Washers and dryers aren’t as good as a submarine, but cats do enjoy them. If only they’d actually do our laundry for us… I guess you haven’t lived until you’ve curled up on top of a washing machine going full-tilt.

Cat Shows Baby Who’s Boss

There are a lot of videos of cats head-butting people, but this is the only one in which the cat is bigger than the human. It looks like he’s trying to convey some important lesson to the baby. Please note the baby doesn’t cry: the cat isn’t hurting him.

It only hurts when they butt your hand while you’re trying to do a crossword puzzle.

Cats Grapple with the Humans’ World

Some of these clips have appeared in other compilations, but they’re still funny. Especially the two cats trying to teach the treadmill who’s boss: the confounded thing just won’t learn its lesson.

A few of these cats tolerate being mildly and harmlessly teased by their humans: sometimes a cat will humor you. But don’t try any of those little tricks on your pet monitor lizard.

Grumpy Cats

What makes these cats so cross? People, mostly. And one rabbit who’s really going out of his way to get smacked. Cats will only take so much guff before they let you have it.

It reminds me of my friend who wanted to show off by sticking his tongue out at his iguana. How disappointed he was, when the iguana nipped off the tip of it.

Cats don’t generally remove pieces of you when they get annoyed.

Cat Yoga

How do they do it? We are told that cats have skeletons, just like we do. And yet they get themselves into positions that defy the skeleton–and then they fall asleep in those positions! Just imagine how you would feel, if you slept like that.

One of my friends in high school once got himself into lotus position in study hall, and then couldn’t get out. But that will never happen to a cat.

Unpredictable Cats (with a couple of dogs thrown in)

You can always predict exactly what some people are going to say or do (you can think of as many examples as I can); but no one can predict what a cat is going to do. Who knew the cat could operate the water cooler? Use the dog’s leash? Turn on the overhead lights? I’ve heard there’s a cat in Albuquerque who can do long division, but I don’t believe it.

‘This Way to the No-Kissing Section…’

All the cats I’ve ever had just loved to be kissed, couldn’t get enough of it. Ditto my family’s dogs. So what’s with the cats and dogs in these videos? Do the humans have bad breath (“Your best friends won’t tell you…”)? Yeah, that must be it! The things some people do to get on Youtube…

Besieged by Kittens

If you were the mother cat, would you go down there with all those kittens? It looks like they could wear you out in a hurry.

This reminds me of a mouse I had, whose babies had decided they were not going to be weaned and she’d better keep on nursing them, or else. She would up sitting on top of the water bottle, where they couldn’t get to her, and chattering angrily at them to cool it.

It’s okay, they all grew up to be pretty good mice.

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