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Cats & Bunnies

These unlikely animal friendships seem less unlikely by the day. Cats and rabbits–who would’ve thought it? And I’m sure this is the first time I’ve ever seen a bunny chasing a cat–all in fun, though.

How to Wake a Sleepy Cat

I wonder if the world is changing. My dog Rags used to pretend to be asleep, tricking the birds into coming down to steal his dog food. Then he’d catch them and eat them. I don’t know why he did that.

But here’s a little bird determined to wake a sleepy cat, and the cat puts up with him without showing the slightest inclination to eat him. Who thought a cat and a parakeet could be friends?

Another little glimpse of what God’s Kingdom looks like.

A Peek into Paradise (Cats & Babies)

Is it just me being sappier than usual, or is there something especially sweet and beautiful about this video? What gorgeous cats! What sweet little babies! Just about brought tears to my eyes. I think we’re getting a look at something that’s a foretaste of what God has in store for us who love Him.

I’d better go wash some dishes.

Kittens: So Cute, It’s Just Awful

My cats, Robbie and Peep, sure got a rise out of this video.

Admit it–you’d just love to reach out and grab one or more of these kittens and cuddle it like nobody’s business. It might also get them to cool their jets.

If I still had my painted turtle and he heard this sound track, he’d be excited. He had this enduring hope that someday Henry the cat would feed him, in addition to us feeding him. Henry never came across with the goodies, though.

Baby Cat… with Crib and Bottle

Granted: some people do go far out of their way for their cats. Well, we humans are a bit crazy that way. This cat gets warm milk in a bottle, heated specially for him, and his own little crib in which to drink it. In return, his humans get a break from ear-piercing demands for the bottle.

I wonder if they have a stroller for him, too.

Slot Racing for Dogs, and Other Curiosities

Critters are full of surprises. I mean, who would ever think a dog could get into slot racing? Who knew that ferrets could be driven nuts by a plastic tube? Dogs and cats, birds–you never know what they’re going to do next. But often it’s fun to find out.

Dangerous, Menacing Kittens

It was such fun when our kittens discovered they could puff up their tails and jump around sideways–highly threatening behavior! They’ve totally grown out of it, so now we can only see it on cat videos.

A Pet You’ve Never Seen Before

Among this selection of confused pets, keep your eye out for something you may not have ever seen before–a pet bush baby. Wow! These other-worldly-looking critters are primates, distant kind to lemurs.

We also have a raccoon, rat, goat, parakeet, and a bunch of dogs and cats. All trying to make sense of humans.

Guys, if you figure it out, let me know!

Sanity Break: A Playful Kitten

I don’t know about you, but I need a sanity break. I mean, the stuff I have to write about… it gets you down.

So, some of God’s stuff, instead. How about a nice kitten video? Yes, I think that’ll do the trick.

Cats & Dogs on Ice

Slipping on the ice can be a big problem for us clumsy bipeds, but cats and dogs look like they enjoy it. Gee, it’s been a long time since I’ve ice-skated! Or just run onto a sheet of ice to see how far I could slide. Just now, there isn’t any ice available around here.

You can learn a lot about seizing joy by watching animals.

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