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Bedtime for Kitty

Cats love to sleep, and as you can see from this video, a lot of them are really good at it. Note the many cats who love to knead their bedding material as they drift off to dreamland. You, although human, can learn to do the same. My cats assure me it really helps you get to sleep faster.

Cats & Candles

And then there was the gavone whose house burned down because he wanted to film his car snuffing out a candle and the cat smacked it off the table and into the curtains…

True, most cats can deftly put out a candle. But a few aren’t really all that good at it, and we are all better off not leaving candles untended with cats on the premises. But some people will do anything to get on Youtube.

Cats and Turtles

Cats don’t know quite what to make of turtles. Our cat Henry used to sit contemplating our painted turtle, who would swim around and around in hopes that Henry would feed him, because he was always fed by hand. Henry never came across with any snacks.

The turtles in this video have absolutely no fear of cats. They have given up hoping for snacks from that source.

Kitten Oratory

What are these fuzzy little characters trying so hard to tell us?

I don’t know. My cat, Robbie, knows at least 50 different ways to say “Give me something to eat.” She and her sister, Peep, also excel at pulling wistful little faces. They’ve practiced this a lot over the years and have gotten really good at it.

If Your Bunny’s Mommy Is a Cat…

Cats are really good at being mothers, and pretty generous about it, too. If kittens, or a human baby, aren’t available, well–bunnies will do. Even a baby chick will do. Anything, as long as it’s nice and fuzzy and needs a mommy. One of these cats has her own kittens and still adopts–and nurses–a bunny. And somehow a dog nursing a kitten got in here, too. Plenty of love to go around.

Cats & Babies: The Epic

How do these cats know they have to be gentle with human babies, and make allowances for them? What is it about a cat that so delights a baby? Too bad we can’t ask either one of them. Well, we could, but what’s the point?

Cats Who Love Their Toys

I don’t know… Whenever I buy nice cat toys for my cats, I wind up watching them play with cardboard boxes or paper bags. They really like the little curly scraps of cardboard that they peel off the boxes. I would like them to get exercise by some method other than fighting; but have you ever tried to get a cat to do anything she doesn’t feel like doing?

Sleepy Kitties: The Showdown

Cats have many ways of resisting the urge to sleep, none of them successful. They do much better resisting the urge to wake up. And I’m sorry, but that grey cat sleeping face-down on the armchair makes it into every cat video compilation. Besides, my cat Peep likes to sleep face-down. How she breathes, I just don’t know.

Do You Feed Your Cat Ice Cream?

I wouldn’t know about this, because my cats have no interest in ice cream, but scientists at the University of Lilliput call it “brain freeze” and have obtained a $215 million federal grant to study it. Along the way, they hope to discover what is any cat’s favorite flavor of ice cream.

More Kooky Critters

Cats and dogs get up to a lot of funny things. If we carefully examine these behaviors, applying a scientific something or other, they look, well, silly. Why do cats and dogs do silly things? I mean, if you had a pet starfish, it wouldn’t do anything silly.

Something’s going on inside those little furry heads–and we just might never find out what it is.

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