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Some Very Silly Dogs

The dogs in this video are terrified of cats. Isn’t that disgraceful? Like, they should have to turn in their dog badges and apply for positions as mice. But I’ve also seen videos of cats who are afraid of mice. Shameful.

P.S.–Please, please don’t let your cat or your dog out on the street. It’s dangerous enough for humans, the way folks drive these days.

Sanity Break: Kittens Galore

Whether kittens are using your leg for a ladder, or cuddling on your shoulder while a tiny duckling cuddles on the kitten, you can count on kittens for a shot of sanity. And all things good, all things loving, all things wholesome and life-giving… they’re all God’s stuff. All His gifts to us–to keep us going till we receive eternal life.

Cats vs. Parrots: The Video

I want to know why these birds are totally unafraid to tussle with cats that could easily eat them. Okay, a parrot as big as the cat probably has an even chance. But those little parakeets? Only two explanations suggest themselves: either these birds have a death-wish (not likely), or else they know the cats won’t hurt them. And the cats could, but they don’t. They just have fun together.

Again–is God showing us something about Creation’s future?

Kooky Kritters

All right, time for a sanity break. Critter video. Cats & dogs & all. With a couple of babies thrown in.

I’ve never seen a dog and a mongoose trying for a meeting of the minds before. And there’s the cat and the baby holding hands. Priceless.

The Battle for the Bed

Poor dogs. They take such guff from cats. (What am I saying? I take guff from cats, too.) And much of this interaction winds up focused on the dog’s bed, commandeered by the cat.

Go ahead–explain it. I can’t.

Confused Cats & Dogs

I’ve seen a lot of cats (and one lizard, but that doesn’t count because it was in real life) get confused by their own reflections in a mirror; but this is the first time I’ve seen a dog barking at his own shadow. And watch both a rat and a chipmunk find unexpected solutions to being hunted by a cat.

Assorted Critters

I don’t know why, but watching critter videos is always soothing to me: and they do come up with a lot of stunts that make me smile. Like rolling in thick, black mud. Pulling the toilet paper off the roll. What makes me smile is the fact that those are not my critters.

By the way, if the guy with the lizard understood basic lizard body language, he would realize that his Australian bearded lizard has taken a very strong dislike to that computer. That’s what those head-bobs mean.

Cats Do the Darnedest Things

Some of these vignettes have already appeared in other cat videos, but what the heck, they’re worth seeing again. Especially the grey cat who has a vendetta with his tail.

I would get my cats a treadmill, but the only exercise they’d get would be running under the bed when I turned it on.

By Poplar Demand, ‘Cats & Babies’

I don’t generally re-run cat videos, but when a loyal reader asks for one by name, I just can’t refuse. This one’s for you, Unknowable… because… you asked for it!

Cats make excellent baby-minders: ask anybody who’s ever been raised by a cat, they’ll tell you.

Meanwhile, the gavone who lets his toddler fiddle with the knobs on the oven needs his head examined. Good thing the cat has more sense than he does.

Cats as Chick Magnets

Well, here’s something you don’t expect to see–cats and baby chicks cuddling up together. Yes, I mean chicks with fluffy yellow feathers: not the kind that make you sit through a TV movie about Amy Fisher. The little cuddly kind that go “peep.”

Why are we seeing more and more of this, unlikely combinations of animals in peace and amity together? Was it always there, just waiting for a video boom? Or is God trying to tell us something?

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