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Extra-long, Extra-cute Kittens & Puppies

I hardly ever post videos this long; but if you’ve got ten minutes to invest in funny, sanity-inducing frolics by puppies and kittens, this one’s for you. Make believe it’s two regular-sized videos played back-to-back. And don’t miss what happens when a boxful of sleeping kittens all wake up at once.

Cat Minds the Baby

What do you do when the baby gets antsy and looks like he might any moment erupt? Search me. But some babies apparently can be left to… the cat. Somehow the cat knows what to do. This won’t work with a large frog, but some cats are really good at minding a baby. My mother probably missed a bet by not having a cat for her babies.

Tantalizing Your Cats

You just can’t help it sometimes: it’s fascinating the watch the way your cats react to things. Indeed, you can never be quite sure just how they’ll react. The guy in this video is probably lucky he didn’t get a set of claws dug into him.

Don’t worry–he doesn’t do anything mean to any of the cats. I don’t post videos like that. I like this one because it nicely displays the cat’s inner conflict, outwardly manifested, between curiosity and caution.

You can’t have that conflict unless you have intelligence.

Sanity Break: Kitten Defies Fierce Tennis Ball

Let us move on from the dreary events of the day and contemplate something really important: how do you defend your living room against an intruding tennis ball?

This kitten may be young, but he’s got all the right moves–puffy tail, running sideways, jumping straight up on stiff legs, the works. When’s he gonna pounce on that tennis ball and give it what-for?

Anti-Gravity Cat

This is a small cat–and watch her go! And from inside a hamper, no less. How high could she jump, if allowed to get a running start? This would  be the equivalent of me jumping onto the roof of this apartment building from a stationary position. I wonder what that would be worth to a basketball team.

Does Your Cat Help You Make the Bed?

We got new sheets today, and I wanted to put them on the bed. Peep was sleeping on the bed, already cheesed off at me for taking Robbie to the vet and coming back with a funny smell on me. I waited all afternoon, but she wouldn’t budge.

So, as Sir Thomas Malory would say, “maugre Peep’s head,” I went ahead to strip the bed and put on the new sheets. That’s what I thought I was going to do, at least. She had other ideas. And put them into practice with quite a lot of hissing.

Even with the film speeded up, the couple in this video have an easy time of it, compared to the ordeal Peep put me through today.

And guess where she is now…

Let Sleeping Cats Lie

Every time I see that grey cat sleeping on the arm of the chair, I crack up. Our cat Peep likes to sleep face-down: blamed if I know how she breathes. But in this video there are cats who sleep in stranger positions than that. How do their skeletons put up with it?

Cats in Hiding

Our cat Buster was a whiz at making himself disappear. And you couldn’t find him, either. Eventually you’d see him come out under the comforter on the bed, where he managed to conceal himself without making a lump in the comforter. He’s probably lucky nobody ever sat on him.

So here are cats with some creative hiding places. Looks like one of them’s a Michael Crichton fan.

Pet Peeves

Actually, what I mean here is pets that peeve us and each other. Puppies, cats, and birds can get up to some pretty creative mischief. I couldn’t call my editor the other day because some of her cats unplugged her phone. But that’s nothing, compared to what puppies can do to a phone.

Oh, well–it’s foolish, but it’s fun.

Cats as Critics

You know that funny facial expression cats make after they’ve smelled certain things? Like feet with sweaty socks on, for instance. They’re processing the aroma through a sense that we humans don’t have. Which means we are at a loss to describe it.

But it’s not all feet and socks here. Some of these cats are very definite about smells that they don’t like. And whatever was in that dish on the table, that the cat decided ought to be buried forthwith–well, it couldn’t have been good for the cook’s self-esteem, to see that.

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