Is This Cat Crazy?

No cat in our family has ever done this, but here it is on video. Why does this cat go to so much trouble to hide in the depths of the couch (along with lost dimes and pennies)? When I was a boy I used to love to feel around couch cushions for lost change; but I never found a cat down there.

It’s a mystery that needs an explanation.

Cats and Babies: The Return

(Please excuse the portentous title. I’ve always wanted to write one.)

Our cats get plenty of cuddling, but we are careful not to sit on them. I marvel at the patience shown by the cats in this video. They’ll put up with stuff from babies and toddlers that they’d never tolerate from us. Is it love?

Dogs & Cats on Ice

As long as you don’t land on your head or break something else (like your coccyx!), sliding on the ice is lots of fun. I still enjoy it, and I’m not even a dog or a cat.

You can’t tell me these critters aren’t having fun.

Cats Take No Guff from Bears

Here are five confrontations between cats and bears; and in only one does the bear come out ahead.

Why are these bears afraid of cats–and why aren’t the cats afraid of the bears? Seems like the whole thing is going backwards.

Fun False Fact: In 1948 cats drove all the bears out of Ireland.

Playing With A Grumpy Chicken

Here’s a little cat who wants to play, but there’s no one around to play with. (We’ve all been there.) But wait! There’s a nice chicken, I’ll go play with her.

What a surly reception the poor cat gets. Chickens don’t impress me as all that playful, although they do have their good qualities. If a chicken chases you, it’s because you’ve cheesed her off.

Live and learn, kitty. Live and learn.

Cat & Pheasant

[Achh, I’m late! Cockup on the catering front…]

What’s going on here? I’m assuming the pheasant is a wild bird. Isn’t he supposed to be afraid of cats? The cat is a born predator. Isn’t he supposed to hunt birds? But no–he lets the bird eat the rest of his kibbles.

Just when you think you’ve got animals all figured out, you see something like this.

Trampled by Kittens

This is a bug’s-eye view of a whole bunch of kittens charging out of the sun room. If it were a human’s-eye view it wouldn’t be so scary.

These are rescue kittens, kept in the sun room for the night and let out again when the humans get up in the morning.

Please note: If you can accurately give the exact number of the kittens, you will be appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court.


Count the Kittens?

You have 30 seconds in which to count, accurately, the number of kittens appearing in this video. If you’re able to do it–well, then, you’re the one we’re looking for to count the guppies in our fish tank!

Cats On Ice

I’m told, by persons who know, that it’s not so easy to keep your fish pond going through the winter. You have to prepare the fish with a special diet, because you won’t be able to feed them if the pond freezes over; and if it’s shallow enough to freeze solid, it’s adios muchachos.

But if you do succeed–look at all the fun you can have, watching your cat try to get at the fish.

Airborne Cat

Don’t you wish you could do this?

Our cat Buster used to jump as high as he could and kick himself off the wall–and didn’t need the encouragement of a ball, either. He just did it!

Gee, that looks like fun. I wonder what would happen if I tried it…