Cats get spooked by the darnedest things. Banana peels, a bunny, stuffed toys, toasters–our Robbie is (I blush to say it) afraid of shoelaces… and my writer’s chair.

We laugh at their reactions; but out there in Natureland, those backward leaps might save a cat’s life. After all, they’ve only got nine of them.

Naughty Cats

My, there are a lot of naughty cats out there! A long with a lot of silly humans who are really just asking for it.

Robbie wouldn’t let me make the bed today; but at least she doesn’t knock things off shelves just to see them fall.

Cats Helps Make the Bed

Our little Robbie must be feeling better, because lately she’s decided to get involved when I make the bed. She jumps onto the bed and hunkers down on whatever major wrinkles I’m trying to straighten out. She doesn’t go all combative, like this cat does; but boy! is she stubborn.

The Squirrel Wants to Play

If you watch squirrels in your yard, you know how playful they are. A broken twig will serve as a toy, if there’s no other squirrel to play with.

Here’s a pet squirrel pulling out all the stops to get the family cat to play tag with him. I don’t think the cat is up to it.

Cats Raid the Fridge

I am so glad none of my cats ever got into opening the refrigerator. I did once live in a house where the cat opened the fridge every day and pushed food out for the dog. The humans were not amused.

Notice somebody put some little plastic doohickey on their fridge to keep the cat out. Notice it totally didn’t work.

Pushy Cats

The cat wants to take a nap. The two little dogs want to play. Guess who gets dumped into the swimming pool. (It’s okay, little fellas–cats will do that to anyone.)

“Let sleeping dogs lie” also goes for cats.

Cats Who Play Fetch

Our cat Missy loved to play fetch, usually with pipe cleaners. She was the only one of many.

Watching cats at work or play, you can almost see or hear the wheels turning inside their heads. What are they thinking? Wouldn’t you love to know?

Cats Show Paper Bags Who’s Boss

It’s the old, old story: you buy your cats some fancy playthings, and all they really want is the bag it came in. An Anglo-Saxon king complained about that. He had to quit his job because his cats perplexed him so.

Playful Kittens

This video’s a little long, but what the heck–live it up.

Included in these selections is a tiny little kitten who barks instead of meows. Aristotle hasn’t much to say about this phenomenon. It’s futile to consult him.

Cat Finds Show Is for the Birds

“What’s with these funny-looking birds? Why can’t I touch them? Why don’t they act like birds?” First frustration… then it dies down into boredom. “Y’know what I think I’ll do? I think I’ll curl up on the keyboard, on top of all those keys. See how ya like that, human.”