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Are Cats Part-Octopus?

The octopus is well known for its ability to slip into or out of tight places. It’s not so hard to do, when you don’t have a skeleton.

Cats do have skeletons, or so I’ve heard. Otherwise they’d wind up folded in your wallet or seeping outside under the closed door. Watch the one cat in this video practically pour himself into a glass jar that you’re sure is just too small to hold him.

Why do they do it? Free tin-foil hat to whoever knows.

Some Naughty Cats

When you sternly rebuke your dog, he hangs his head, cringes, and does that weird little frantic tail-wagging.

When you sternly rebuke your cat, he looks at you like you don’t have the foggiest idea what you’re talking about. Of course he shredded the paper towels! You got a problem with that?

Disclaimer: My cats simply don’t do things like that. They just get yelled at for fighting.

Bed Bandits

There are dogs that simply wouldn’t let the cat steal their bed–I mean, there have to be. Right? Alas, none of those dogs made it into these videos.

What do you want to bet these cats have beds of their own but would much rather usurp the dog’s bed? It must be fun.

Four-Legged Funnies

Four-legged, furry pets are just more fun than centipedes. (Giant millipedes are nice, but have no concept of fun.) Behold the sound of food being poured into a bowl, and how fast the cat can get there! You could make a movie about it.

Cats & Kittens (without Bigfoot)

Yes, you read that right: there is no Bigfoot footage in this video. Just a lot of cats and kittens.

Just as rare as Bigfoot, these days, are phone booths. But one of these cats has invented a new way to drop a dime…

Why Do Cats Have 9 Lives?

Why do cats have nine lives? Because they need ’em! I mean, look at some of the situations they get themselves into, just in this little 6-minute video.

By the way, we have a clip here of a cat who’s actually on a tin roof. It doesn’t appear to be hot tin.

Cat Talk

Holy moly! Did you see the size of that owl, trying to get in through the window? No wonder the cat made a fuss about it!

Here we are treated to a sampling of cat vocalizations, some of them already infamous, like to two Siamese objecting to their human’s taking a shower. Actually, these sounds all mean something. H.P. Lovecraft wrote about talking cats as someone who would’ve given just about anything to speak their language. But we can all learn some of it.

Like, I know which sounds mean “Feed me!”

One Bag, Two Cats

People think it’s so easy to find a serviceable cat video! It’s not. We don’t want situations which some human obviously set up just so he could be on Youtube. When it comes to cat videos, humans should neither be seen nor heard. You don’t see a cat horning in on the balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet. Although that might improve it.

Anyway, here are two cats and only one can fit inside the paper bag. Sounds like the plot of a not very successful movie. Probably with Kevin Costner. Enjoy.

Furthering Your Cats’ Education

Wishing only to expand their horizons, without subjecting them to college, I ran out and bought my cats one of these fidget spinners. It held their interest, mildly, for 15 minutes: my cats have black belts in blase. Now I’m the only one who bothers with it.

I do love the solemn, pensive expression on that grey-and-white cat’s face. Grey-and-white cats are very good at doing solemn.

Cat Gymnastics

The act that the cat does on the chair, in this video, beats the dickens out of all that poncy “floor exercise” goop that they do in the Olympics. We are also treated to some exciting balancing acts, not all of which were successful, and some sanity-defying leaps, not all of which were successful. But the cat on the chair–hey, check it out.

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