The Greatest-Ever Cat & Dog Video

Yes, I know I’ve posted this before, but gimme a break. I’m tired, running late, and I think this might be my all-time favorite video.

Try to figure out what the participants are thinking as they stage this spectacle. Come on, it’s almost as cool as Ben Hur’s chariot race…

Undercover Cats

Cats playing under the bedsheets–Hobart Smedly said it was a passport to another dimension. But he said a lot of things like that.

You can get a cat to go pretty crazy under a sheet. Watch out you don’t get bitten.

Kitten Makes the World Safe for Democracy

Many things have to be done to make the world safe for Democracy. Stopping dogs from wagging their tails is one of them.

Boldly the kitten shoulders this mission! This is no job for the faint-hearted!

Historical False Fact: The ancient Persian general Henry Goslin used to stay home whenever his dog wagged its tail.

How to Hold a Cat’s Attention

So many people say their cats ignore them. It’s true. You can recite the Gettysburg Address to your cat and it’s like your not even in the room. Even William Jennings Bryan’s “Cross of Gold” speech won’t budge them.

What you need is a popcorn maker. This humble appliance succeeds where history’s greatest orators fail. We could’ve gotten Barry Goldwater elected president, if only we’d known.

Cat Flees from… Guinea Pig?

Isn’t this just too shameful for words? How did this cat ever get the idea that you’re supposed to run away from a guinea pig?

Oh, wait–really? It seems the cat spent four years in college. That would account for it.

Cats: The Art of Sleep

Any ol’ human can just lie down and go to sleep. Or sit up and fall asleep.

But for cats, sleep is an art form. It follows two basic principles.

Try to find a really odd place for your nap–like the middle of a foosball game.

If you can’t find a weird place, try to sleep in a weird position. The more contorted, the better.

And every now and then, you get to do both!

A Cat, a Dog, and Tuna

The cat is sound asleep upstairs, in the bedroom, so it shouldn’t be a problem for you to go downstairs to the kitchen and make yourself some lunch–a procedure which involves opening a can of tuna. The dog watches intently, but doesn’t rat you out.

“Click” goes the can opener–and “thump” goes the cat as she jumps down to the floor.

For animals that do such a convincing impression of deafness, cats have remarkably sharp hearing!

Cats with Funny Friends

Cats are supposed to eat birds. I’ve seen it done. But the cats in this video sleep with birds, groom them, play with them–and one cat gets fed a morsel at a time by an enterprising crow… who also feeds the dog.

Wait a minute. I’m starting to sound like Allen Funt here. Oh, no…..! [Briefly turns into Allen Funt]

Kitten Heaven

If you see a bowl marching across the floor, pick it up. There’s probably a kitten under it.

All right–let’s see who’s still awake by the time this video is over.

P.S.–The kittens are named after the characters of Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women.

Your Furry Baby Sitter

It’s true: some cats have a calling to protect human babies. No turtle would do that. Betcha mommy cat would nurse the baby, if necessary. Meanwhile, even the cat in the video has better sense than to let the toddler play with the electric stove while Ol’ Goofyguts just stood there filming it.