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Concealed Kitties

Our little friend Peep made herself disappear today, when the AC repairman came. And she stayed disappeared for the whole afternoon. Couldn’t find her anywhere! And Patty began to get frantic, worried that Peep might’ve panicked and dashed out the door when someone opened it, and–and–and

And there she was, sitting in the middle of the living room and washing herself. Like, what’s everybody so wrought up about?

I still have no idea at all where she could’ve been hiding.

The cats in this video are much easier to find. They’d have to be; otherwise you’d have no video.

Cats and Snow (a Festival)

Look, if we get some decent snow around here this year, I promise to go out and make a snow angel–and at least a snow baby, if not a snow man. It’s the least I can do to show solidarity with these cats.

Although, come to think of it, when I offered our cat Henry an opportunity to go outside and frolic in the snow, he took just two steps and then, with a loud meow of protest, looked up at me  with a dirty look that made me feel about two inches tall… Can’t please everybody, can we?

A Contest of Wills (the Cat Wins)

Hah, foolish human! Did you really, truly, think you’d get a chance to do that job of yours? Imbecile! Your job is to pet the cat! That’s what humans are for.

They do get a little bossy sometimes, don’t they?

Romping in the Snow

Most of the adults of my acquaintance gripe and moan when it snows; but dogs and cats know better. They go for the gusto! (That was an advertising slogan once upon a time, but I forget what brand of beer it was for. The ol’ memory ain’t what it used to be.) Anyhow, kick back and watch them have fun.

Cat Cuddles Lizard

My iguana used to like to cuddle between a cat and a dog, his friends, so I know there’s no reason why a cat and a bearded dragon wouldn’t do the same. Once a lizard learns that a mammal is warm, his whole attitude changes. You’d be surprised by how responsive they can be.

All any pet lizard needs is a cat who won’t try to eat him.

Pussycats’ Perfume

None of our cats has ever had that silent barf reaction to a strange smell. I wonder why.

They all did the open-mouth thing, but that’s because cats have Jacobsen’s organs and we don’t. When they make that face, it’s because they’re using that sense to evaluate a smell.

But that business of making like the dinner you just put down for them is a lot of poop that has to be buried, toot-sweet–not very subtle, is it?

A Kitten Overcomes His Fear

Do you have a pervasive fear of roombas? Gee, I hope not.

The little kitten in this video is spooked by the roomba at first: he’ll do just about anything to get away from it. (Are all roombas that noisy? I’ve never had one.) But watch him grow out of it in just a couple of minutes.

And now it’s raining, I’ve had my supper… and it’s time I got some cuddles from my cats.

The Bad Cats Club

As cross as Peep was today, after her visit to the vet, she still didn’t get up to any of the tricks displayed by the bad cats in this video. Casual swipes at humans, dogs, and other cats, purposely knocking stuff off shelves, shredding the toilet paper… Oh, well. At least they didn’t engage in fringe political speech.

Cats & Balloons

Balloons were invented (by the Hittites, I believe: them or the Canadians) to be fun for human beings. But they’re fun for cats, too.

Our cats, Robbie and Peep, are much too timid to tangle with balloons. Otherwise I’d buy them some. Most of the cats in this video don’t freak out when they burst the balloon. But I know two cats who would have nightmares about that for a week.

The World’s Most Patient Cat

Over the centuries, many cat owners have learned that you can put stuff on your cat and the cat won’t do anything about it. I used to see how many cards I could put on Buster before they just slid off. Down through the ages, this has been an inexhaustible source of household fun. Provided you’re easily pleased, of course.

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