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Cats Who Want to be Alone

Alas! Late with the cat video tonight! That’ll cost me points.

Anyway, here are some cats who, like Greta Garbo, want to be alone. That’s why they disappear on you, you know. And they can do it without setting foot outside the house. Think kittens burrow into your box springs.

When Cats & Dogs Don’t Get Along

My two cats fight incessantly. They must have been really something in the womb. But some of the critters in this video have them beat. I am especially intrigued by the one dog that insists on sitting on the other dog’s head. It must mean something.

This Cat Learns Fast

Watch how quickly this cat adapts to a bizarre addition to his environment–a radio-controlled toy dinosaur. It freaks him out at first. Of course it does! What do cats know from robots? (Our old family dog, Rags, would’ve had this thing in bits and pieces before you could scream, “No, no, that’s expensive!” And then he would’ve smirked.)

I can’t say for sure that the cat figures out that the dinosaur is not, in fact, alive, even if it moves and sounds like something that’s alive. But he does figure out it can’t hurt him.

Cats are smart; and if they had hands, we’d be in trouble.


Sleepy Peepies

Did I see that right? A cat climbed into the lizard’s tank to take a nap? I have known a lot of lizards who’d object to that.

If you’re one of those who insists that cats can sleep anywhere, and in virtually any position, this video’s for you.

Cats Who Won’t Share

Don’t think you can solve this problem by giving each cat his own dish of food. Note that a lot of these selfish little guys are kittens. I have no idea how to adjust their attitude. At least my cats don’t mind if I pet them while they eat. The only thing that really annoys them is each other.

Cranky Critters

Sometimes you just can’t please a dog or cat. Doesn’t this video make you glad you don’t have huskies? Anyway, who knows what these critters want? They’ve got a mood on, and there’s no getting it off.

We Love Cats in Boxes

There’s something about cats grooving on cardboard boxes that just brings a smile to my lips, unless they’re doing it in my living room and turning the cardboard into confetti. For that I don’t smile.

Really–when the cat dives into the box and slides across the floor, doesn’t it make you want to fling out your arms and yell, “Saaaaafe!”?

Cats Raid the Fridge

These are incidents that were not disasters, because somebody was standing there with a camera, filming them. So no cats accidentally put themselves in cold storage. And the owner now can worry about what goes on when he’s not there.

This video also raises the question of just how acutely cats understand the human-centered world in which they have to live. Just how smart are they, anyway?

Why Do Cats Rob Purses?

“Because that’s where the money is,” silly–don’t you know your Willie Sutton?

Seriously, though: don’t you ever wonder whether cats have been with humans longer than is good for them? Here they are stealing money. Who knows what they mean to buy with it? Baseball cards, X-ray glasses, Pop Rocks–your guess is as good as mine.

Pets on Parade

They’re all in this video–cats, dogs, hamsters, raccoons–even a feisty monitor lizard. Dig the dog visiting the meerkats at the zoo, and the parakeet figuring out how to tote a new ladder into his cage. Be honest, now: if you’d been creating heaven and earth, would you have thought of animals as pets? God did!

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