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Bonus Video: Super-Kitten

This kitten wants to be a gecko when he grows up. But maybe by then he’ll have learned to fly.

Don’t try this yourself: it’s harder than it looks.

Cats vs. Robots

You’d think cats would be pretty quick to catch on that these are not living things. But then inanimate objects aren’t supposed to move, so maybe they are alive, after all…

They do the best they can, adapting to a whole world mismanaged by humans.

Cats vs…. Cats

Cats don’t always play nice together. In fact, some of their interactions, as viewed by this human, are downright inscrutable. What’s going on? Only the cats know for sure.

I apologize for the music. It seems gremlins are providing music tracks for a lot of Youtube videos, these days.

The Feline Gourmet

Really, you never know what your cats are going to eat, or what’s going to make them say “It’s poop!” We try to give ours food that’s good for them and enjoyable to eat. Lots o’ luck with that. Your pet turtle will gobble up just about anything you give him. But cats, as the whole world knows, are picky.

Pay close attention to the cat that steals a whole plate of food.

How Cats Protect Us from Deadly Rubber Snakes

Our cat Henry used to give a string of worry-beads the what-for, if he found it on the floor. I wonder if he thought it was a real snake. He certainly acted like he did.

At what point does the cat realize that the rubber snake is not a living thing? I dunno–I once saw a grown man flee in terror from a rubber snake. The cat, meanwhile, proceeds with caution…

What Are These Cats Doing?

Well, they’re not watching a lot of ca-ca on TV, at least… But I think you have to grant they have their own agenda. Always.

Those first two cats reminded me of my own Buster and Missy–only Missy would never have taken guff like that from Buster. Fur would fly! But only when we weren’t home.

Kittens + Yarn = Fun!

Do you know anyone who loves to wrestle with a ball of yarn? That person is probably not quite all there.

Ah! But what has ever outdone yard as a cat toy? Kittens are especially fond of it. I wonder if my cats would enjoy trashing a ball of yard. But for me there might be adverse consequences if I let them do it…

Why Clothes Were Invented

Everybody knows why clothes were invented. It was to provide cats with cool things to play with–like bras, rolled-up socks, gloves, towels, etc. Also, some cats like to collect them. The cat with the biggest and most varied collection of clothes wins a Pulitzer Prize.

Zany Cats & Dogs

Cats and dogs just love to turn the tables on each other–especially, it seems, when there’s a camera present. “How can I make this dog look like a total doofus?” wonders the cat. Or, “Here’s where I make the cat jump out of his skin in front of all these people!” You’d swear they do it on purpose.

More Cute Cats (plus Puppy)

Our cat Buster used to love to lay his head down on your hand. Which meant you had to stop whatever you were doing; but for that much love, it’s worth it.

And there’s a tiny puppy in here who seems to think he’s about ten times bigger than he is. I knew a little man like that: always picking fights with fellows twice his size. The puppy is cute. He wasn’t.

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