A Cat Falls in Love

All right, so he fell in love with a coconut. Is that so terrible? And he got music by Mozart to go with it. I can admit that as a single man in my early twenties, I would’ve been better off dating coconuts.

Cats & Dogs & Pop-Pop-Pop!

You should be able to guess what will happen, once a cat or a dog starts playing with balloons. Many years ago some scientists in Michigan did some experiments on cats and dogs and balloons, but the results have always been kept secret.

Cats With a New Box

You know how cats love cardboard boxes–especially the kind that really expensive fancy cat toys come in. Love the box, ignore the toy.

Here are a couple of cats responding to a new box some thoughtful human has provided for them. All are welcome to try to explain what that first cat seems to be looking for.

Cats & Dogs & Tails

Why do cats and dogs chase their tails (or someone else’s)? Parakeets don’t do it. Iguanas don’t. A hamster wouldn’t even think of it.

I’d also like to know why they don’t get dizzy, doing this. I’ve seen cats get dizzy: helped them do it, in fact. But this is a mystery.

Kittens and Free Will

Cats are endowed with free will at a very early age. These little kittens, only 24 days old and still a little shaky on their feet, already understand that just because some human wants to film them “discovering their tails” doesn’t mean that have to do it. Much more fun just to toddle around the room.

Substitute Kittens?

Where did these four baby bunnies come from, and why is the cat so cozy with them? Anyone would think she saw them as–well, sort of funny-looking kittens.

The wild bunnies in our neighborhood left much to be desired as mothers. It wouldn’t surprise me if a cat could do a better job.

Snuggle Time

Aren’t cats and dogs supposed to be mortal enemies? Here’s a cat who’s expecting kittens, you’d think she’d steer clear of the dog–but heck, no. Some of you are probably familiar with that feline gesture of affection, the ol’ heiny in the face trick when you’re lying down. Doggie doesn’t mind it, though.

Cats Undercover

I don’t know. I see the blankets heaving up and down and I think of M.R. James’ classic ghost story, Rats. Ugh.

But really, our cat Buster liked nothing better than to burrow under sheets and blankets and pounce on any human hands or feet that happened to be available. Then again, he never read that story.

Cats Trying to Train Human

There must be something wrong with this guy; but then you can say that about a lot of humans. Here two cats try, very gently, to get the human to modify his strange behavior. There are cats who wouldn’t be so patient.

Cat: ‘So Who Needs Hands?’

(Hmm… what’ll I do with these cat food bags so the cats can’t get at ’em and make a mess? I know: put ’em in the top drawer under the kitchen sink…)

You can see how well that worked. In dealing with cats, always remember that if they have the will, they’ll find a way.