We’ve Had Two Carol Contest Winners

“Elder Mike” has also won the carol contest: he asked for We Three Kings, and it go 25 views. Pick your prize, Mike.

We’ve also decided on a new editorial policy here. From now on, we’ll be open for Christmas hymns all year long. I think we need it. I’m sure I do!

We Have a Carol Contest Winner!

Yes, we have a winner in our annual Christmas Carol Contest! In fact, we have two winners, tied with 25 views apiece for the carols that they nominated.

And the winners are Phoebe, for How Unto Bethlehem, and Elder Mike for We Three Kings. 

Prizes! Well, you have a choice. An autographed book in my Bell Mountain series–and you can hold out for the next one, Behold!, if you don’t mind waiting; A red T-shirt that says “If they have to kill us, they’ve lost”; or a little bag of plastic army men for when you’re feeling nostalgic. (Sorry, the gold mask of Tutankhamen is no longer available.)

Guess I’d better play We Three Kings, too.

By Request, ‘Lo, How a Rose E’er Blooming’

Requested by Michele. This is a new hymn for me, one I never heard before: Lo, How a Rose E’er Blooming, by the Cathedral Singers. A choir is a living music instrument: amazing, how they get it to work.

And if you have any carols to enter in the carol contest, now’s the time to do it.

By Request, ‘Christmas Is Always’

Last day of our Christmas Carol Contest! Tomorrow I’ll announce the winner.

Meanwhile, requested by Erlene–Christmas Is Always: introduced by Carroll Roberson, sung by Donna Roberson. The background scenery tells me we’re not in New Jersey anymore.

Encore, ‘Mary’s Boy Child’

Only today and tomorrow, that’s all that’s left of our Christmas Carol Contest. So get those entries in. Meanwhile, I wonder if I should play them now and then throughout the year.

Requested by Ina, Mary’s Boy Child, by Boney M.

By Request, ‘O Come Let Us Adore Him’

Yes, it’s still Christmas-time here! And our carol contest is still ongoing.

Requested by SlimJim: O Come Let Us Adore Him, by Rosemary Siemens (I think).

Do I need to remind you that we’re offering a prize? Autographed book, cool T-shirt, little band of plastic army men… Sorry, but we couldn’t offer a bicycle.

Encore, ‘The Little Drummer Boy’

I’m here! Late, but here.

Requested by Thewhiterabbit, another go-round for The Little Drummer Boy, this one by Boney M.

Oh, this Christmas week is racing by too fast! Let’s keep those carols coming. The contest ain’t over till New Year’s.

By Request, ‘O Come All Ye Faithful’

It’s still the Christmas season here!

Requested by Phoebe: O Come All Ye Faithful, sung by the Yoder Family. Background sets by God the Father.

I wish our camera worked so I could show you our Christmas tree.

By Request, ‘We Three Kings’ (Anne Murray)

Yes, everybody, the Christmas Carol Contest is still on! Share your favorite carols! win fabulous prizes!

This morning, requested by SlimJim, we have We Three Kings sung by Anne Murray. I think she might’ve dropped a verse, but the rest is nice.

By Request, ‘The Boar’s Head Carol’

Wow! Phoebe found one for us–The Boar’s Head Carol, first published in `1521 but surely older than that: “Giving praise to God we sing!” This rendition is by Steeleye Span with Maddy Prior.

Serving the boar’s head for a Christmas feast would probably send me running screaming to the sidewalk–but way back then, it was a glory. And glory’s very much a part of Christmas.