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The Contest So Far

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Some of you have questions about our first annual Christmas Carol Contest. Fair enough: I’ve never sponsored one of these before, there were bound to be a few bugs in the system.

The first few leaders were: Mary, Did You Know?, Nov. 23, 16 views; then Away in a Manger, Nov. 25, with 17; What Child Is This?, Nov. 27, 22 views; and on Dec. 3, O Holy Night, still in the lead with 25 views. If the contest were to end today , O Holy Night would be the winner.

My idea was to generate excitement by making it possible for the lead to change hands very often. But that hasn’t happened since Dec. 3.

Two points to remember:

You can request any hymn, even one that’s already been entered by someone else. We’re not going to run out of Christmas music. Or you can ask for the same hymn by a different artist.

However, your request can’t win the contest (although it does win in other ways, just by being there: the business at hand is to proclaim the birth of Christ) unless a lot of readers view it on the day it was posted. I’m going with the assumption that you want to hear these songs no matter who winds up winning.

We still have 12 days to go, plenty of time for anyone’s candidate to get a lot of views.

And if you already have all the Bell Mountain books published so far, your prize will be the next book, No. 11, The Temptation, when it becomes available.

Please feel free to ask any questions you might have. Think of it as a way of training me how to administer a contest.

By Request, Two Hymns for One

From The Little Drummer Boy, Guy Penrod segues right into We Three Kings: requested by Jeremy. We’re getting our carol contest back on track!

By Request, ‘Hark! The Herald Angels Sing’

This rates a Wow, don’t you think? Hark! The Herald Angels Sing, performed by Amy Grant: requested by SlimJim. You don’t want to skip this one! Turn up the volume–Christ is born in Bethlehem!

What Happened to the Carol Contest?

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Our first annual Christmas Carol Contest started off with a bang, but there hasn’t been a new leader since Dec. 3, when O Holy Night got 25 views. No entries today.

All right, I’ll up the ante. The winner will get an autographed copy of The Temptation, hot off the press, when it comes out. I don’t know exactly when that’ll be, but everything seems to be just about ready.

How do you win? If the Christmas hymn that you request on a given day winds up with the most views on a day, that’s how you win. Somehow this was exciting when we started it.

But anyhow, if we’re proclaiming the birth of Christ in song, we’re all winning.

By Request, ‘All Praise to You’

Ah, here it is, Joshua’s other hymn–All Praise to You, by GLAD.

The other night Patty said something that set off my imagination. What was it like for those shepherds to whom the heavenly host appeared in the sky, to announce the birth of the Messiah? Really, can you imagine being there for that?


By Request, ‘In the First Light’

Joshua asked for two hymns by GLAD today, but only this one loaded: In the First Light. I’ll have to try again later for the other one. Movin’ kind of slow today…

By Request, ‘Little Donkey’

Requested by Ina, Little Donkey, with movie clips from The Nativity. I was always fond of the donkey, the sheep, and the cow who were there in the stable when Jesus was born. Something about their presence seems very fitting.

By Request, ‘O Come, O Come Emmanuel’ (GLAD)

From Joshua we have this request: O Come, O Come Emmanuel sung in a capella by GLAD.

Keep those Christmas hymns coming, everybody. In the name of Jesus Christ Our King, we defy this fallen world.

By Request, ‘Christ Was Born on Christmas Day’

Let’s start the day with Phoebe’s request, Christ Was Born on Christmas Day, by the Robert Shaw Chorale.

I was sick all day yesterday with a wicked allergy attack, and awake all night with sinus toothaches and eye-aches; but I think I’ll be better sometime this afternoon. I’ve just begun to breathe again.

By Request, ‘Angels from the Realms of Glory’

Jan has requested one of my favorites, Angels from the Realms of Glory. I chose this rendition by the King’s College Choir, Cambridge.

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