I Triple-Dog Dare You…

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They were bragging about it all weekend, but suddenly the picture’s gotten a bit foggy.

Will they arrest President Donald Trump tomorrow, or chicken out? Arrest him for being blackmailed. It’s a crime. Unless it happens to a Democrat. Then it’s nothing.

But today there seem to be a fair number of Democrats frantically shouting “Stop! Wait! Are you crazy? Don’t do this!”

Why not? ‘Cause it’ll drive 75 million Trump voters crazy and fill them, in Admiral Yamamoto’s words, “with a terrible resolve.”

It would surely inspire such hatred, such disgust, for the Democrat Party as has not been seen before. Might even drive the bastards out of business.

It could touch off violence. Democrats usually encourage riots and try to profit from them. But I don’t think they’d profit by these riots.

It would drive a stake of cynicism into America’s heart.

But hey, Democrats–if you’re up for it, go for it! See what happens. Go on, I dare you! Let all the poisons that lurk in the mud hatch out. Let’s just see if America’s ready for full-blown, Mao-style socialism.

And don’t forget to run Hillary again in 2024.

$5 Million a Pop: San Francisco ‘Reparations’

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“It’s only money! Just throw it away!”

Mathematical wizards have begun to question the soundless of San Francisco’s proposed payment of $5 million a head to “long-term black residents”… $5 million each as “reparations” for slavery which was abolished 158 years ago and never existed in California anyhow (https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2023/02/28/report-no-math-behind-san-franciscos-5m-per-person-reparations-proposal/).

You don’t need to be any kind of wizard to see that this scheme, in addition to being a towering waste of money, is not only foolish, not only unjust, but downright evil. Making people pay penalties for acts performed by other people better than a century and a half ago–really?

And who has enough integrity not to trade it off for five million smackers? If it were being offered to you–in return for nothing at all!–would you say “no”?

It’s evil because it will corrupt people who might not have been corrupted otherwise.

Who knew that that was the role of government–to lead people into sloth and wickedness?

This is indeed a shameful epoch in our history. We’ll be lucky to survive it.

‘”PROMISE Act” Shields Criminals’ (2018)

See the source image

“Democrats coddle criminals”–it used to be a cliche, but now the Party has made it a reality.

Here’s a little caper from the Obama presidency. Hey, how do you lower the crime rate? Simple! Just ignore the crimes. Pretend they never happened.

‘PROMISE Act’ Shields Criminals

Of course, that’s pretty small potatoes compared to the felony-storm unleashed by SloJo. You’ve got to be nuts to ride a big-city subway today. And open a business there? Don’t make me laugh!

Democrats: killing off America, one felony at a time.

‘Feds Go to War Against “The Gender Binary”‘ (2016)

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It’s difficult–no, let me change that to “impossible”–to see in any Democrat administration anything but an exercise in cultural and political vandalism. If they have any purpose but to wreck this country, it’s very well hidden.

Here’s an Obama-era caper: cost us $18 million from which we derived no benefit whatsoever:

Feds Go to War Against ‘The Gender Binary’

Donald Trump was only one man and he only got a single term of office. As good a president as he was, he wasn’t Hercules and the Augean stables are still chock-full of horse-****: too much damage that he couldn’t get around to fixing. Now he’s gone, and Democrats are suffocating America under their pet Transgender project.

No one has ever explained how this is supposed to do society any good at all.

But for Democrats good is evil and evil is good.

The Far Left Idiot Quote of the Year

Lost Children Archive' Is A Meditation On Family, And Children Detained At  The Border – Houston Public Media

Here are some teens who’ve already been captured (the barbed wire is a tell).

It’s only January, but former Squeaker of the House Nancy Pelosi already has it sewn up for the year. And don’t be too surprised if a teeny bit of truth slips out of a corner of her mouth.

House Democrats recently offered legislation to lower the voting age (in federal elections) to 16. It didn’t pass. And here’s what Pelosi said.

“I think it’s really important to capture kids when they’re in high school…”

“Capture”? You’ve already got ’em captured in the public schools, getting brainwashed by Far Left teachers’ unions. You’d think they’d try to tunnel out… but I guess it doesn’t take that long to make their minds right. Then they’re ready for college.

And ready to vote, too! Can’t get married at 16, can’t sign a binding business contract, but boy howdy, you can help decide the fate of our country! And you’re almost certain to vote Far Left because even if you eventually grow out of it, it’ll be years too late.

Oh, you’ve captured them, all right. That’s what public schools are for and that’s what they do.

The one and only purpose here is to keep Democrats in power. Forever.

‘Fire Chief Fired for Having Christian Views on Marriage’ (2015)

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Yeah, well, at least the Fire Dept. is solid for Gay Marriage! Even if they can’t put out a fire.

Remember this? Wow–you can’t serve the public in any capacity unless your mind is right about “gay marriage.”

Fire Chief Fired for Having Christian Views on Marriage

When I was a boy, they used to make fun of the Soviet Union for politicizing everything. Then Red China did it. And now we do it! Welcome to America!

Who cares if they don’t know how to put out a fire, as long as the fire chief’s solid for “gay marriage”?

GM Funds ‘Transgender’ Push in Schools

Gender unicorn' handout from teacher shut down by middle school

This is “public education.”

[Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip.]

General Motors has joined the Groomer Brigade!

General Motors Funds the Transgendering of Kids

We keep telling you the public schools are no place for your children–unless, of course, you want them indoctrinated into the wonderful world of Transgender. And General Motors has just given a grant to Organized Sodomy to assist its “Rainbow Library” program. Hey, it’s “inclusive”!

Why is a car manufacturer promoting Transgender? What do they think they’re going to get for it? What’s the payoff?

I have absolutely no idea.

But I do know this. If we all do the things that Far Left Crazy says we ought to do–transgender, homosexuality, abortion on demand, assisted suicide, etc.–if we do these things, the human race will surely die.

Pray for divine intervention.

And pull your children out of public school.

They’ll Stop You When They Want to Stop You

The Control Voice… courtesy of Big Brother–for our own good, of course.

Gee, wouldn’t it be just fabulous if the, um, “authorities” could remotely turn off your car whenever they think you shouldn’t be using it? Hum baby! Just flick a switch and stop the getaway car.

The more power the Authorities have, the better than can project you!

And so, included in the $1.7 trillion de luxe fun-pak that Congress passed a few days ago, we have a provision to install a “kill switch” in every new car, to be pursued in earnest sometime within five years (https://news.yahoo.com/law-install-kill-switches-cars-170000930.html).

They say the technology in the new car–what they mean is, it’s spying on you!–will detect any signs of impairment of the driver and shut off the engine for safety’s sake. This could be a problem if you’re cruising down the freeway at 70 mph and suddenly your engine stops. But technology marches on: they’ll surely find a way to control more and more of any highway scenario.

And this way, if the Authorities want you, they can always catch you. No driving away to escape! The line to the gulag forms to the left.

There are people out there who have a lust, a craving, a mania for controlling other people’s lives right down to the most mundane and trivial details. Because they’re smart, y’see!

Lord, Pharaoh’s army needs another drowning.


Enough, Already! (Nooze Is Driving Me Crazy)

What was the Indus Valley Civilization? | Live Science

Nothing left of this but ruins!

Once upon a time, millions of people lived in a multitude of cities in the Indus River Valley. We do not know the name of a single one of them. By 1300 B.C., the whole civilization there went belly-up after a highly successful run of some 2,000 years. Nothing left but very impressive, nameless ruins.

I can’t read or write up any more nooze today! I’ve had it. Got to rest!

Savants like to say the Indus Valley Civilization went bye-bye because of Climbit Change. But that can’t be right, because we have no evidence that these people had SUVs or air conditioning. We do not know what happened to it.

Is our civilization going to wind up like this? Our leaders seem to be doing everything in their power to make it so. Hey, let’s wipe out our nation’s borders! Let’s indoctrinate our children into “transgender”! And let criminals loose without bail! And teach them that there is no God but that’s okay because there’s always government!

O Lord our God! We need a course correction! Bring us to our senses, Lord–in Jesus’ name, amen.

Judge Strikes Down Insane Illinois ‘Law’

Get Out of Jail Free Card - METAL - 0.45mm thick - Logo - FREE SHIPPING

A judge has ruled unconstitutional a more than usually absurd provision of a new Illinois law that allows criminals to be released without cash bail (https://abc7chicago.com/illinois-safe-t-act-safe-t-lawsuit-safety-cash-bail/12626684/).

Damn! They really wanted that! And dig the name they gave this little caper–the SAFE-T Act, the acronym standing for “Safety, Accountability, Fairness, and Equity–Today.”

[Two-minute puke break]

“Safety”? Whose safety? Not the public’s, that’s for sure: we’re talking about letting the bad guys loose within hours of the police arresting them. “Accountability”? Whose? Certainly not the legislature’s or the governor’s. “Fairness”? Why haven’t these hypocrites been struck by lightning? “Equity”? Ignore that: the word has no meaning anymore.

It used to be a cliche, a rhetorical flourish: “Democrats coddle criminals.” Well, now it’s literally true. For reasons unknown to anyone, Democrats act as if they’re passionately in love with crime and criminals and ardently desire more and more of it.

Imagine–a great big state like Illinois where muggers, rapists, armed robbers, thieves, and violent lunatics have a “Get Out of Jail Free” card.

Let’s pray the judge’s ban remains in place.