They’re Pushing ‘Reparations,’ Too

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What could be more pleasing to a tyrant’s heart than to punish people for things they didn’t do?

To that end, termites–oops, sorry! Democrats–in the House of Representatives are whipping up legislation to make white Americans pay “reparations” to the descendants of slaves ( Slavery ended in 1865, and no American living today has ever seen a slave, been a slave, or owned a slave. But never mind!

For Democrat dictatorship to work, Americans have to be kept divided into groups that hate each other. I admit I would tend to hate someone who was taking the fruits of my labors, because the government decreed I must be punished for things other people did two centuries ago. But of course the real focus for hatred ought to be the government that’s using it to stay in power.

They’ve even invented a doctrine for it! Hot dog–“restorative justice”! It’s, um, a little different from regular justice.

Rep. So-and-so from Washington explains: “If you through your history [what the deuce is that supposed to mean?] have benefited from that wrong that was done , then you must be willing to commit yourself to righting that wrong.”

That’s that whole Critical Race Theory horse manure wrapped up in different verbiage.

We all, individually, have enough sins of our own to answer for without diving into the 19th century to take on new ones.

But here’s something we need to get through our thick heads, and the sooner, the better. Democrats hate our country, they are out to wreck it, they are waging a form of war against it, and they won’t be happy until they’ve turned America into something else–something alien and evil.

Come on, I dare you to give it a try–name one single thing currently being proposed or promoted by Democrats that would be good for America. Just one. Betcha can’t.

Bernie Sanders: Voice of Reason?

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Tony and Kolchak go at it

I feel like Karl Kolchak trying to convince his editor that vampires and bayou monsters are infesting Chicago. I mean, I’m about to tell you Bernie Sanders has emerged as the voice of reason on Capitol Hill. Compared to that, demons in a housing development seems rather easier to believe in.

It’s true, though. Democrats have introduced legislation to pack the Supreme Court, adding four more Far Left judges so they can get the rulings that they want; and Bernie Sanders has pleaded with them not to do it (

‘Cause if they do, he warns, the next time Republicans are in power, they’ll do the same thing; and by and by we’ll wind up with 857 Supreme Court justices and no public confidence left in any of its decisions. It would also take years and years of wrangling to reach a decision on anything, but let that pass for now.

C’mon, Bernie! What could go wrong? The special House commission will be led by Jerry “Shoulda Worn a Diaper” Nadler and Hank “The island of Guam might capsize if we put any more Marines on it” Johnson–the best and the brightest among House Democrats. How can this not be a brilliant idea?

Bernie’s not the only Dem trying to keep the car from going off the cliff. Justice Stephen Breyer. Harry Reid. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, just before she died.

When Franklin Roosevelt tried to pack the court, House Democrats turned against him and he couldn’t do it. But today’s blind folly seems to be arising from the House itself, with encouragement from the scarecrow in the White House.

And why bother to pack the court at all, when the justices are already so afraid of riots that they won’t even look at the 2020 election?

‘I Am Liberalism’ (Newswithviews, 2019)

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I wasn’t able to write a Newswithviews column this week. But since leftids have stolen our country out from under us and are trying to kill it before we can get it back, I thought this 2019 essay worth revisiting.

I Am Liberalism

Make no mistake about it: theirs is a country-destroying ideology that littered the 20th century with the corpses of the innocent. Leftist governments create poverty, fear, mendacity, crime, and violence.

As we’ll shortly see for ourselves. It’s already happening.

CNN Admits: They’re Also Out to Get Gaetz

CNN Propaganda Machine - Imgflip

What ever happened to “reporting the news”?

Well, James O’Keefe, of Project Veritas, swung his undercover microphone into action during a chat with CNN Technical Director Charlie Chester–who bragged about CNN’s use of “propaganda” to bring down President Donald Trump and replace him with a scarecrow.

Now we learn that CNN has also been out to get Rep. Matt Gaetz (

Charlie Chester put it so eloquently: “If the agenda, say, is like get, like Matt Gaetz right now, he’s like this Republican. He’s a problem for the Democratic Party because he’s so conservative, and he can cause a lot of hiccups in passing laws and what not. So it would be great for the Democratic Party to get him out… So we’re going to keep running these stories to keep hurting him…”

One of “these stories” was a false report that Gaetz had requested a meeting with the president to ask for a pardon for assorted “crimes.” The story was not true, but CNN kept it on their front page for 24 hours.

So nooze media are going to decide who’s in Congress and who isn’t? I thought the people were supposed to decide that in elections. Then again, we know what they’ve done to elections, don’t we?

These are acts of war against America, and against the American people, by a domestic enemy intent on destroying our constitutional republic and replacing it with a one-party totalitarian regime owned and operated by the Far Left. CNN is in that sense an enemy unit engaged against America.

And right now it looks like the enemy is winning.

Can They Force You to Get Vaccinated?

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We seem to have entered a grey area–a kind of limbo where our liberties can magically be whisked away before we know it.

Can they force you to receive a COVID vaccine?

Oh, the answer’s simple. It’s either “No, they can’t” or “Yes, they can,” depending on whom you talk to. I’m glad I was able to clear that up for you.

By “force you,” I don’t necessarily mean an edict from the government, a ukase from the czar. They’ll be just as happy, as they always are, to let their puppets in the private sector do their dirty work. So maybe your boss, your airline, your local supermarket, or your condo association can force you to get a shot: if not, you’re fired, or you can’t travel, you can’t shop, or you get kicked out of your nice gated community. They’ve got more tricks than a barrel of monkeys.

The only reason the picture’s complicated–see–is because the COVID medicines have not yet received full FDA approval, and are therefor considered experimental drugs. An emergency has to exist before they can be used at all.

The Food, Drug, and Cosmetics Act, Section iii under (A) Required Conditions, protects an individual’s right to refuse any drug that has not been FDA-approved. Furthermore, the government must inform you of that right.

But it does not say what happens if the private sector forces you to receive the drug as a condition of your employment, etc.

Then there’s the 14th Amendment to the Constitution, the law of the land, ha ha, which declares, “No State shall abridge the privileges or immunities of any citizens of the United States…” That would appear to clinch it; but again, what if it’s someone in the private sector abridging your privileges or immunities? Historically, at least in recent history, it hasn’t been allowed: you can’t, for instance, have a restaurant that refuses to serve persons under six feet tall. But it didn’t stop government or anyone else from handing out special privileges and favors labeled “affirmative action.”

It seems that our laws in this respect are so loose and imprecise as to leave us totally in suspense as to what we can expect. Will they force us, or won’t they? And if an experimental drug has hideous long-term side effects that don’t show up until ten years later… well, who you gonna call? Gee, sorry about that.

I’d feel better about all this if I wasn’t increasingly suspicious that it’s part of a clever plan to bury our liberties under a world government–all for our own good, of course–run by perverts and cannibals.

‘School Blasts Mom for Giving Daughter Oreos’ (2015)

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Remember when it used to be that, if you paid for something, you owned it?

Now we pay for public, ahem, “education”–and they own us!

School Blasts Mom for Giving Daughter Oreos

Nothing would be a greater blessing to America than the total repudiation of our entire public education system, from kindergarten on up through the universities. We don’t need it anymore! If we ever did.

Complete the sentence and win a tin foil hat: I send my kids to public schools where the “teachers” mock me and despise my values because __________.

U. of Virginia Headed for Lawsuit Over Student’s Speech Rights

The Rubber Room. – Fred Klonsky

You have to be crazy to ask questions at a university!

A judge has ruled that a student can sue the University of Virginia for trying to cancel his First Amendment right to free speech (

See, they were having a panel on “microaggression,” and a second-year student had the bad manners to ask some questions. Questions! At a university! Whoa! And hard questions, at that–like, what exactly is microaggression, who needs to be protected from it and who doesn’t, etc., etc. Five whole minutes he consumed! And the lecturer was so rattled, she went crying to the looniversity authorities–who suspended the student and advised him to check himself in for psychiatric evaluation–because anyone must be mad, to question the dogma of microaggression. Stark, staring mad.

When the student didn’t go quietly to the rubber room, the authorities expelled him. So he sued them on a laundry list of charges; and most of them the judge threw out, but the suit over the erasure of the plaintiff’s free speech rights will go forward.

We pray he is awarded punitive damages steep enough to make the whole university howl. People need to be fired over this. There should be no place in America that runs just like it was the Soviet Union circa 1970. Including our colleges and universities.

Truly, we are “educating” ourselves to death.


Crazy for COVID

[Warning: contains profanity–to say nothing of a rather alarming unwholesomeness.]

This is what a year of Mandates and masks and social distancing, coupled with 24/7 fear porn from the nooze media, has done to us.

I realize the hysterical woman in this video may have been a good distance out of her tree before she ever heard of COVID. But having encountered this kind of overreaction myself (although to nowhere near this extravagant degree), I think the whole “We’re-all-doomed-I-tell-you!” culture is responsible. This is a person who has literally been driven crazy.

I found this video extremely disturbing. How long is it going to take America to recover from all this? Have we permanently damaged ourselves?

We have to make this stop. Before we’re all like her.

I’d Rather Stay Free

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The new all-purpose salutation is “Stay safe,” and I don’t much like it. I mean… how safe? One hundred percent risk-free?

If by “Stay safe” they mean be extraordinarily risk-averse, tremble in fear of germs here, germs there, germs everywhere, and always believe and obey The Government no matter how many times they’re caught lying and cheating–if that’s what “Stay safe” is getting at, I think the polite reply ought to be, “Thanks, but I’d rather stay free.”

If people are going to give up their freedoms, they ought at least be forced to think about it. (“Honest, we’ll give you back your freedom as soon as we can guarantee a germ-free environment–you have our word on it!”)

Meanwhile, they’re saying almost half of America is in favor of “vaccine passports”–that is, you lose your freedom of movement unless you can prove you’ve had your COVID shot. This is unprecedented in American history, uproariously unconstitutional–and you can bet Democrats are licking their lips over it and just can’t wait to lay it on us.

Freedom is easy to lose, but hard to get back.

In Pursuit of Extinction

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Let me say up front that I don’t believe, not for a minute, that God will allow the extinction of the human race. Nevertheless, the Smartest People In The World are ardently pursuing it. Gotta reduce the human population, say Bill & Melinda Gates.

To that end, our weird and iffy government has enacted policies that seem purposely designed to put us under.

*They’re committed to the idiotic insanity of “transgender,” big-time. And if you really want troubled sleep, start trying to imagine what they’ll come up with after this.

*They’ve ruptured our nation’s southern border, allowing and encouraging multitudes of people to swarm into America illegally, with no checking for diseases. Mass migrations and exchanges of disease is what Bob Bakker thinks killed off the dinosaurs. It certainly wouldn’t have helped.

*They keep trying to expand the abortion industry.

*They allow and encourage rioting throughout our cities, and spice it up by fomenting racial animosities.

*Their government schools, by dint of “Critical Race Theory,” teach children to hate their country, themselves, and each other.

Stop there. It’s depressing enough already.

The question is, for how long can we pursue these crazy policies without turning our country into a train wreck? It’s been done to other countries. Why not ours? And then they can declare, “Well, hell, all that freedom and liberty stuff doesn’t work, we’ll have to be more authoritarian or everybody’s gonna die!” Kiss our republic goodbye.

Another question: will God Almighty stop them?

Pray often. Pray hard.