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‘Whiny Students Demand Warning Labels on Literary Classics’ (2015)

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Yeah, they can’t stand violence.

How did we ever reach this cultural nadir?

Whiny Students Demand Warning Labels on Literary Classics

One thing we do know: we never would’ve got there without our colleges and universities.  More than any other factor, our country’s “education” system–the costliest in world history–has flooded the land with babbling idiots.

In 2015 they wanted warning labels on classic works of literature. We see what they do when they’re turned loose in the street–and they want us to believe they’ll keel right over if they’re exposed to “violence” in The Great Gatsby?

We have a fighting chance to save our civilization–if we defund the colleges and universities, and break the teachers’ unions.

‘More Festival of Idiocy’ (2017)

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Honk if you’re tired of this schiff.

This Far Left tantrum has been going on since Election Night of 2016.

More Festival of Idiocy

The problem is, they did succeed in taking the House in 2018. Well, waddaya know! The endless tantrum worked! Let’s step it up for 2020!

So we have the Diversity mob stamping out every trace of diversity, and the Pro-Choice crowd taking away everybody’s choices–and alleged “polls” that say yeah, you bet, this is how America wants to live!

Maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned any of this on a Sunday… but somebody ought to.

Yiu Has To Maik Peeple Say Rihght Things!!!

The Blanquist: On Grover Furr and the Moscow Trials

Yiu know,, i nevver Useta think Histry it was “good” “for” anny thing butt nhow I “know” Bettur!!! Heer at Collidge we has jist figgred Out “that” it aynt Enugh to Not Alouw Hat Speach–yiu has to maik peeple say The Rihght Things eevin iff “thay” doughnt Want To!!!!

Thay had tryals in Russha a fiew Yeers Agoe and maid Evvry boddy admitt “that” thay done all Bad Things evin thoehgh thay Didnt and gess watt?? Peeple didnt Dare “say” Bad Things no moar!!! And lyfe in Russha it was byootafull!!!!!

Wel we cood D”o” that heer coodnt we!?! Maik peeple has to say Good Things!! We gotted The Idear fromb Younavercitty of Illannnoy,, thay maid “alll” the Conserfatiff Bad Peeple say thay luv Blaque Lyves Mater and iff thay didnt Say “it” thay wood get Expellt!!!!!!!! Thay aslo maid themb Say Amairaca it is No Good and Racist—wel that reely ficksted themb!!!!!

So heer at our Collidge fromb nhow On “we” are goingto Maik evry boddy say All The Things we “say” “In” the Stoodint Soviet and iff thay woont say “themb” thenn thay whill has to be in Censativvaty Traning and then get Kickked Out “of” collidge fore Goo”d”!! And affter a wile thay “wil” Get Useto saying Alll “thoze” things and thay whil jist say themb “all The time” whith-Out evin thincking abuot it and at Collidge it wil Be jist as Nice as The Soviet Yunion!!!!

‘Lib Loons Embrace Big Business’ (2017)

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There are some things money can’t buy, sunshine…

I agree fully with the ancients that it’s possible to contract a spiritual pollution; and here’s a new way we’ve invented to do it.

Lib Loons Embrace Big Business

The ancient Greeks, who did get a lot of things wrong, believed that an individual, a family, a city, or even a whole nation could catch spiritual cooties and from then on, nothing would be right.

Somehow the combination of Far Left Crazy and Big Business suggests a more than usually deadly spiritual pollution.

It is a danger to our country.

Teachers’ Strike Looming?

Smaller class sizes not proven but teachers strike for them

They’re whispering behind fans these days that if anyone dares to re-open the public schools, the teachers’ unions will go on strike.

That is not a bad thing.

Public schooling is a bad thing–and this is America’s best opportunity ever to get out from under an overpriced, underachieving, ideologically poisoned “education” establishment.

Read those professionally-printed signs: “On Strike For Our Students.” Anybody dumb enough to believe that has had to go to public school.

I can’t understand public education’s Svengali-like hold on parents. And instead of waking up, they send their children on to college! For more indoctrination into Far Left mumbo-jumbo!

Do you see those people rioting in the streets? Do you hear what they’re saying? The one thing they all have in common is they learned those ideas, they learned those sentiments, in public schools and college. That’s who taught them that America’s a racist hell-hole that has to be torn down. Don’t you see? Don’t you listen? Where is all that wicked nonsense coming from? It’s coming from what we naively and irresponsibly call “education”!

Oh, let the teachers’ unions go on strike! On strike for long enough for parents to learn their kids can do without those teachers and those schools. And certainly without those so-called “lessons”!

Oddly enough, it’s the alleged conservatives who are hottest to trot for opening the schools again. No wonder conservatism in America has taken such a beating: it’s because conservatives are stupid! I mean, we know what those schools are all about, our own people have pointed it out to us a million times–and we want the kids to be “taught” there–by left-wing jidrools? How dumb is that? All you’re ever going to get out of that is bigger riots.

You’d think the teachers’ unions would be salivating over the chance to get hold of America’s children again and finish the job on their minds. Are they afraid the Chinese Doomsday Virus is gonna kill them if they set foot back in school? Why don’t they want to go back to work? Is it just the pleasure of getting paid while not working?

But the important thing is, this is our best chance to grab our freedom back and never give it up again.

Without public schooling, Far Left Crazy in America is dead.


‘Cardiff Giant Supports Climate Change Summit’ (2015)

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Let’s face it–the classic hoaxes of the 19th century–like the Cardiff Giant–look like absolutely nothing, compared to the hoaxes of the 21st. “Systemic Racism” is catching up fast, but “Man-Made Climate Change” is still in the lead.

Cardiff Giant Supports Climate Change Summit

Genuine petrified man, ten feet tall. You wouldn’t think that would fool anybody, would you?

But look at all the people who believe in public education.

Dems Don’t Want Cops? OK!

When Americans Don't Riot, Politicians Feel Unrestrained - The ...

The Democrat plan for America

Democrats have been yelling “Defund the police!” and making it perfectly clear that they prefer criminals to cops.

Now it seems the feeling’s mutual.

With the Democrat National Convention, in Milwaukee, about three weeks away, more than 100 law enforcement agencies have backed out of their agreements to provide security for the convention (https://townhall.com/tipsheet/bethbaumann/2020/07/28/why-more-than-100-law-enforcement-agencies-backed-out-of-the-democratic-national-n2573328). It seems they don’t want to put their lives on the line to guard a bunch of Far Left political botflies who hate them. Who woulda thought it?

“New policies” adopted by the city’s Democrat rulers, such as forbidding the use of pepper spray or tear gas to break up a violent riot, have made cops think twice about guarding the convention, said the Milwaukee police chief.

If they can’t use any kind of force to stop a violent mob, what’s left? How are they supposed to do their job?

So… never mind! Let the Dems provide their own security, if they can. They’re the ones who egg the riots on, who never speak against them, who tacitly support them. They’re the ones who think rioting is the way to conduct public affairs. And they think they control it.

Wait’ll they find out that they don’t.


‘The United States of Socialism’

United States of Socialism: Who's Behind It. Why It's Evil. How to ...

Here’s my review of Dinesh D’Souza’s new book, The United States of Socialism.


It’s really something, how “helping the poor” always leaves “the poor” just as badly off as ever, while big-name socialists grow fabulously wealthy. But then virtually everything these people do is a contradiction in terms.

They’re Intellectuals, but their program is just plain stupid and has never been anything but a failure, anywhere. They’re “nicer” than capitalists–but who’s more likely to use violence to crush dissenting views?

D’Souza does a thorough job of exposing these hypocrites and thieves for what they are and always have been.

If this information doesn’t convince you that America needs serious re-Christianizing, I don’t know what will.

The ‘Down With White People’ Party

Puppet Strings Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

“Politico” reports that the Democrat National Committee is drafting a platform which blames white people for all the problems of America: in 80 pages so far, “whites” are denounced 15 times (https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/07/24/nolte-draft-dnc-platform-declares-white-americans-too-rich-too-privileged-and-too-evil/?fbclid=IwAR2Lcz8gm3BaJ4hpvwmiZRZ-GeR_xcevb4vFWo4l7zlzkUmKtw7xxeUE-Gk).

Well, heck! It’s all that “Systemic Racism” jazz. You know–if you’re white, you’re born guilty, you’re just a no-good racist no matter what you do or say–

And the rich white liberals who own the government must punish you!

See, white people are too rich, too prosperous, and it’s all at the poor abused minorities’ expense: in fact, white people are “holding our country back” from universal prosperity that would just naturally occur if we obeyed the rich white liberals who govern us.

I do not consent to be blamed for anything done by anyone who isn’t me. I do not consent to be punished for it. I do not consent to be labeled a “racist.” And as long as everything and everybody is irredeemably racist, 100% stuck with it–well, then, I don’t care. I just don’t care about it anymore.

Why do we let these Far Left pin-heads push us around?

‘Our Immoral and Unrighteous Government’ (2014)

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When I wrote this in 2014, America had yet to learn how rotten with corruption the Obama administration was; and although out of power now, it continues to pump its poisons into us.

Our Immoral and Unrighteous Government

They literally don’t care what happens to the country as long as they come out on top.

Forbid it, almighty God. These people are profoundly evil.

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