Can You Believe This ****?

Alejandro Mayorkas' Vision for the DHS, Immigration Reform | Time

What circus did this clown quit to join the government?

(I wasn’t going to write any nooze today, but this just has to be mentioned.)

The Biden gang’s border chief, Alejandro Mayorkas, has instructed border patrol agents to address border-jumpers by their “preferred pronouns” (

What else do you need to know about the crowd of clowns currently operating what we laughingly refer to as our government? What’s next? Make sure you use woke pronouns when you arrest an armed robber?

Let me outta here.

Confessions of a Former Biden-Bot

I know this piece is rather long, but it’s very powerful and I am very much impressed.

Sasha Stone dissects her old Far Left self which she has left behind–one might say “fled”–in favor of normal America as normal Americans have always known it. I strongly recommend reading it.

Really, folks–we are looking at a Democrat Party which means to bring an end to our republic, replacing it with some Far Left Crazy hell-hole with themselves in charge, empowered to pitch us into labor camps if we… oh, if we question the results of an election! That they will soon fall to knifing and biting each other is but cold comfort.

Read this essay, and tell me what you think. I think it’s hit the bullseye.

‘Public School Assignment: Find Mom and Dad’s Sex Toys’ (2015)

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You could win this! The hat, not the person wearing it. She comes extra.

I went to school when such things as “sex toys” did not exist; or if they did, I had certain never heard of them.

In 2015 a public school teacher assigned students to snoop around and find their parents’ “sex toys,” to be exhibited as trophies to the class.

Try to guess what would have happened to any teacher who did that in 1963.

Public School Assignment: Find Mom and Dad’s Sex Toys

The more time passes, and the more I see, the more convinced I am that public education is culture-killing on a lavish scale: it would have made Caligula drool with envy.

We are “educating” ourselves to death.

And civilizations do die. You could look it up.

Your Luxury Combat Zone

Camden Harbor View Apartments

What it looks like when nobody’s getting mugged

A luxury apartment complex in Long Beach, California, has become a combat zone–although the combat seems rather one-sided.

Teens and homeless persons have assaulted and robbed the residents, set cars on fire, stolen property, and broken doors (

Rents here start at $2,259. The money has not been used to provide security.

Meanwhile, the governor of California is grooming himself to be a presidential candidate, should SloJo become unavailable for re-election. As governor he presides over a crime wave like America has never seen before. Maybe he’d like to see it spread to other states. Then his party could demand special powers to put out the fire they’ve started. Those would be special powers that are never given up.

If you’re interested in the gory details, you’ll find more than enough in the news link given above.

Godlessness and lawlessness–perfect together.

‘”Why the Good Guys Always Lose” (2013)’

Twas the Night Before Pride

“Educating” our country to death.

Gee, our public “educators” are deeply screwing things up. Guess it’s time we had a meaningful dialogue with the teachers’ unions. [Run screaming to the sidewalk.]

‘Why the Good Guys Always Lose’ (2013)

Rebecca Hagelin babbled this in 2013–and thanks to “public educators” and teachers’ unions running wild, our country’s plight has grown so much the worse.

TAKE THE CHILDREN OUT OF THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS. It’s the only action that will have any meaning. The only thing that will work. The schools are way beyond reform. They can’t be fixed.

If America fails to make it to the 22nd century, it’ll be largely the work of our alleged “education” system.

‘Church Decides to Dishonor George Washington’ (2017)

Image result for images of george washington kneeling in prayer

You know they don’t want to hear that!

A church in Virginia has decided to remove a plaque honoring George Washington–who helped found it–because… get this… its presence makes idiots and jidrools “feel unsafe and uncomfortable.”

Church Decides to Dishonor George Washington

Yeahbut, yeahbut! George Washington owned slaves! A hundred and fifty years ago. Damn this stinkin’ country! It had slaves in it! Naturally we feel threatened when we hear the name of Washington! Oh, if only we had communism! Blah-blah-blah.

I venture to say George Washington on his worst day was worth more than all the nitwits at that church put together on their best.

‘Congresswoman Demands More Censorship’ (2020)

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If you don’t have anything nice to say about the government… you need your mouth taped shut!

Well, it’s three years later, and yes, we’ve got more censorship! Got your wish, you neo-Stalinist harpy.

Congresswoman Demands More Censorship

Rep. Kathy Castor (D-what else? of course she’s a Democrat) made the nooze in 2020 by threatening to sock it to the social media unless they got serious about silencing dissent. I mean, how is anybody supposed to sell a working Climate Crisis if anything like free speech is allowed?

Yo, Kathy–the FBI is coming after parents who don’t like their school boards’ policies. I’ll bet that makes you chortle with joy.

‘Minneapolis: “Defund Police” Isn’t Working’ (2020)

Minneapolis City Council Members Announce Intent To 'Dismantle' Police  Department : Live Updates: Protests For Racial Justice : NPR

Do you ever get the feeling that we’re being governed by babbling lunatics? That America, under their management, is like a gigantic chicken with its head cut off?

Minneapolis: ‘Defund Police’ Isn’t Working

Only a Democrat would even fantasize that defunding the police would make for nicer cities. Pursuing this towering slab of idiocy, their cities exploded with crime. Who would’ve thought it?

No kidding–we could actually destroy our civilization by allowing these jidrools to hold and exercise power. We could actually do it.

But please let’s not.

Get Your Kids Out While You Can

How to handle an anti-vaccine protest against schools - Los Angeles Times

Oh yes they are! Ask any “educator.”

The Chico school district, in California, came up with a “transgender” policy that’s radically different from those of other school districts.Chico requires teachers to notify parents (gasp!) of children who show an interest in “changing their gender.”

So naturally the State of California is suing them ( for “outing” these students…to their parents. “Privacy issues,” don’tcha know.

Well, this has been cooking all year and it’s finally come out of the oven as a lawsuit. They want to force Chico schools to conceal children’s sexual confusion from their parents–as if the parents weren’t parents at all, but merely low-ranking stand-ins for unionized “teachers.” As if the parents had no rights, no rights at all, in their own children.

Question: why do we tolerate this? Were we always so worthy of contempt and disrespect?

They’re going to keep on doing these things to us for as long as we keep our children in the public schools.

Steal our freedom? Steal our families first–and everything else will follow.

‘U.N. Tomfools At It Again’ (2016)

Adriana Cothran ⚓️️️🇺🇸️ on X: "@UN @antonioguterres Defund the UN and its  Corrupt Practices. China and Venezuela sits on the UN Committee for Human  Rights NGOs. This is utter hypocrisy." /

The United Nations Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent–obviously this has no chance to be anything but a towering waste of time. When nations that have not yet abolished slavery demand that the United States pay “reparations” for something that stopped happening here 150 years ago, you know you are treading trails of hypocrisy that only the U.N. could have blazed.

U.N. Tomfools at It Again

As we are slowly asphyxiated by Democrat government, the rogue states of the world are licking their chops in anticipation of a feast.

Can we hold out long enough for Donald Trump to be returned to the White House?

Or have they already stolen that election?