Democrats–and ‘The Deplorable Word’

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(I’ve got to write a Newswithviews column today, and I guess I might as well go with this as my topic. But first let me see if I can make it go. Consider this a preview.)

In the Chronicle of Narnia called The Magician’s Nephew, by C.S. Lewis, we learn of a world called Charn where two queens once battled for supremacy. As she was about to lose the battle, Queen Jadis spoke a magic spell, The Deplorable Word, which wiped out every living thing on Charn.

It makes me wonder: are the Democrats getting desperate enough to speak their Deplorable Word? Like, “If we can’t rule America, then let there be no America!”

Look at their policy proposals. The Green New Deal, which would bankrupt the country and plunge its people into poverty. More lockdowns. A pledge to destroy the oil industry–which, if done, would leave us without the energy needed to sustain modern life. A scheme to pack the Supreme Court, thus removing any check on their power. Massive tax hikes. And the encouragement of riots and civil strife by insane Far Left groups like Black Lives Matter: nothing like a lot of terror and violence to make people obedient to the power.

The only way they could get any closer to a real Deplorable Word would be to promise, if elected, to start a worldwide nuclear war. They haven’t proposed that yet, but give them time. God only knows what they’ll do if they lose this election. They’ve erased almost all the “Stop” lines.

They are fast approaching the point where there is nothing they won’t do to gain power. Power to impose their socialist fantasies on 350 million people. Power to shred society.

They scare me, and I think they should scare you.

A Website for the Undecided?

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One of the problems we face here is that we’re usually preaching to the choir. I don’t know any undecided voters, although I do know a few who voted against President Trump in 2016 but now say they’d crawl over broken glass to vote for him this time out.

Most of us here are going to vote to re-elect him. Few liberals visit this site; and of those few, I’ve had to ban most of them for coming in and peeing on the carpet (a figure of speech). They feel entitled to insult other readers; and I certainly am not going to publish what they say about me.

I’d like to visit a website for the undecided–but how long would such a website last before it was inundated by cursing, threatening Democrat trolls?

So I don’t know how to reach the undecided. Maybe some of you could share some of my posts on Facebook, or link to them from your own sites.

Well, if you’re even thinking about voting for Biden or any other Democrat–please don’t. Even if Biden were something other than a mere figurehead for the Far Left Crazy, he isn’t fit to hold any public office. The other day he forgot Trump’s name. He has bragged about his party creating “the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud in the history of America.” Sometimes he forgets where he is, or what office he’s running for. I have visions of him wandering around the White House in a bathrobe at night, wondering why he can’t find the door to his basement at home. Do you really think our nuclear launch codes are safe in his keeping?

But then he’s also called people “the dregs of society” for not supporting “gay marriage,” and has advocated setting up a “national register” of churches that conform to Biblical teachings–because, he says, “Christians are like terrorists.” And don’t forget the massive corruption centering around Biden’s son, Hunter, and Biden himself. They like to sell government access to foreign powers, not all of whom are friendly to our country. But it’s netted millions of dollars for the Bidens.

The Democrat Party has gone full-blown Far Left Crazy, and Democrats will try to carry out all their dozy schemes, including massive tax hikes and the Green New Deal. It would be suicidal to vote them back into power: the end of America as we know it. Passing off Joe Biden as a “centrist” is the most dishonest thing they’ve ever done.

Please don’t help them end America.

California Governor Bans Thanksgiving

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No full-family get-togethers. No uncles, aunts, or cousins. If you have a big family, some of your children have to stay away.

No dining indoors, and so what if it’s late November. No turkey on a platter: all food must be prepackaged in containers.

No singing allowed–unless you sing very softly, with the face mask over your mouth.

Welcome to Thanksgiving 2020 in California!

Gov. Gavin Noisome has thought up a whole passel of new “regulations” to load onto the people of his state (–“regulations” affecting just about everyone in California. Gee, they’ll need a lot of people ratting out their neighbors, to enforce them.

Who knew a mere governor had so much power? This reminds me of World War II movies set in occupied France, with the people suffering under an SS colonel who has absolute power over them. All our governors are missing is the firing squads.

But, see, COVID-19 is gonna kill you dead, wam, bam, on the spot, unless you obey each and every mandate your governor can think of. It’s gonna kill you personally. Not like Climbit Change, which kills everybody. This virus has a bullet with your name on it.

Except it’s OK to riot, the virus will let you do that. Naturally–it’s for Social Justice. Loot, burn, assault, and freak out all you like.

But don’t have the family over for Thanksgiving!

Well, that takes care of Thanksgiving in California. Next target, Christmas. If they can ban Christmas, they can ban anything.


Disney Corp’s Self-Denunciation

Things you didn't know about Disney's "Dumbo" - Insider

Let’s revisit an item we reported yesterday–the Disney Corporation’s “disclaimer,” recently attached to many of its classic films, denouncing its own product as racist (because everything is racist, don’t you know).

What is the purpose of this?

Self-anointed revolutionaries, coast to coast, are busy wiping out our history, pulling down statues, banning books, and teaching “Critical Race Theory” (all white people are racists!) in our schools, etc. If we know our history, we know that Mao promoted these activities as part of his Great Cultural Revolution–everything in Chinese culture had to be torn apart and replaced with communism. “Intellectuals” were favorite targets–forced to denounce themselves as counter-revolutionaries and enemies of the people, they were crowned with dunce caps and paraded through the streets.

This is what the American Left is working toward.

If you can convince the people that they are irredeemably guilty of some heinous thing–like “systemic racism”–and force them to “confess” and humiliate themselves, you’ve gone a long way toward enslaving them. Take away their self-respect and you’ve got ’em where you want ’em. They aren’t going to dare to speak up for themselves after they’ve been coerced into believing they’re despicable. Public humiliation does that to you.

Disney can’t afford to get rid of all its classic films: too many people buy them, rent them, watch them. But they can make you feel guilty for doing it. “Ooh, I just watched Dumbo! What a worthless, racist piece of junk I am! I deserve what they do to me.”

We don’t have Mao Tse-tung, but we’ve got the Democrat Party, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and George Soros. We don’t need Mao.

I believe this coming election will be our last chance to put a stop to this.

If we don’t, Democrats and their revolutionary henchmen will bury our republic.

Disney Corp.: All Our Classic Stuff is Racist!

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Does this mean that Peter Pan Peanut Butter is racist, too?

Remember those self-criticism, self-denunciation sessions the Chicoms used to have, during The Great Cultural Revolution? Well, the Disney Corp. has caught up to them.

Disney has attached an “unskippable” disclaimer to some of its most popular, classic movies and cartoons–including Peter Pan, Dumbo, The Jungle Book, Aladdin, Lady and the Tramp, and The Swiss Family Robinson ( Bottom line: they’re all racist.

Peter Pan goes one step further: cultural appropriation.

The corporation is also apologizing for not having more “LGBTQ+ content” in classic movies intended for an audience of children.

If Walt Disney were alive today, each and every one of these self-censoring Far Left nitwits would be unemployed.

You can’t avoid an accusation of being a racist by saying nothing about a Cherished Minority–’cause then you’d be racistly ignoring them. No, no–you have to praise them. As extravagantly as possible. And anyone who thinks he can make any kind of movie without slipping into some kind of racism trap or other is just kidding himself. Because everything is racist!

And your guilt is how they mean to control you.

Biden: 8-Year-Olds Should Decide They’re ‘Transgender’

Joe Biden And The Power Of Breaking The Fourth Wall | Cognoscenti

Look: if this is what the American people really want, then we’re already done for, lights out, we’re finished.

At a so-called town hall last night, hosted by ABC Nooze, the Democrat candidate for president, Joe Biden, came out strong for “transgender rights” ( I will not attempt to reproduce his garbled language here. If you want his verbatim comments, click the link.

Biden said children as young as eight years old should have the “right” to decide they’re transgender and he’d do everything he could to help them exercise that right. “I will flat-out just change the law,” he said, and went on to add some babble about “too many transgender women of color are being murdered” and “a young man who became a woman,” blah-blah.

Yeah, let’s let 8-year-olds decide. And why not give them credit cards and driver’s licenses while we’re at it? There are probably 8-year-olds who have more going for them upstairs than this doddering old hack.

Millions of people are going to vote for this wretched man, transgender rights and all–to say nothing of tax hikes, Green New Deal, arming Iran with nuclear weapons, packing the Supreme Court, and whatever additional follies he can think of to excite his Far Left Crazy base.

That our country could produce such a man to run for president–!

God help us.

Are We About to Be… Lemmings?

This video has no sound, but it still speaks eloquently enough.

These are lemmings jumping off a cliff, into the sea. Now all they have to do is swim across the sea. They’re going to die.

Will America someday do the same? Will we do it this November? Vote in the candidate and the party that stand for riots, high taxes, Green New Deal, packing and destroying the Supreme Court, letting robbers and rapists out of jail so they can jail persons for having the wrong opinion on Climate Change, or using the wrong pronoun–I mean, hey, everybody, Democrats have either already done these things or stated their intention to do them. And if enough Americans vote for them–the human equivalent of a mob of lemmings dashing into the sea–well, that’s all she wrote, boys and girls: America is over.

Forbid it, O God.

’60 Minutes’ Worth of Fake Nooze

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Democrat shills, one and all

(Thanks to Erlene for the nooze tip)

“Journalism.” It makes me sick.

The once-influential 60 Minutes this weekend spewed forth an hour-long contribution in kind to Joe Biden’s Democrats, denouncing President Donald Trump for all they were worth ( Which isn’t very much.

Yes, these five “lifelong Republicans” have endorsed Gibbering Joe and rallied to the cause of elitist globalism. They don’t care if they help Democrats back into power so they can finish their “fundamental transformation” of America into a socialist hell-hole. They have endorsed the Riot Party. The “Everything is Racist” Party. They don’t care what the Democrats actually stand for. All they care about is destroying Donald Trump.

How is this not an in-kind campaign contribution? How much would the Biden campaign have had to pay for this if it were an ad, instead of an ad disguised as a nooze show?

Democrats are threatening to do to our country what Hitler and Tojo couldn’t do with all their fleets and armies. Our constitutional republic is at risk. Because these people will tear it down. And these phony “Republicans” are in bed with Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

It’s disgusting.

God help us if we lose this election. If we do, we lose our country.images

Stealing Mail-In Ballots

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Normally I don’t cover political nooze on a Sunday. But the time is growing short, and we need to know what we’re up against: because we need to turn out in overwhelming force to win this election and preserve our country.

In Escondido, California, someone’s been stealing mail-in ballots from residents’ mail boxes ( Nice, huh? Steam ’em open, destroy the votes for Trump, and only count the Biden votes. The Democrat Party in action.

We are told by assorted “experts” that voter fraud with mail-in ballots is virtually unknown.

Pray for the deliverance of our country. And work for it! We are up against real, solid, steaming-hot evil–and may God fight for us. Amen.

‘Let’s Bash Christians!’ (2012)

A man and his Ray-Bans: The story of Joe Biden's sunglasses - The Washington Post

Still wondering what he’s hiding behind those shades

I’m re-running this post because it’s necessary to warn America’s Christians what to expect if we let Democrats recapture the White House next month.

Let’s Bash Christians!

If you think the Obama regime was heavily into Christian-bashing, wait’ll you see what Obama 2.0, aka the Biden regime, gets up to. After all, we are talking about a candidate who, only last year, recommended putting churches on some kind of “terrorist watch list” if they fail to hop aboard the Organized Sodomy bandwagon. You can find that nooze in this year’s archives (

We’re not kidding when we warn you that if the Dems win this one, America is over. If anyone among your family or friends is still sitting on the fence, do your utmost to get them out to vote for Donald Trump.