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Break Out the Crystal Ball

Hillary Clinton – nourishing obscurity

LEAD STORY, Oct. 19, 2021–

Chief Justice George Soros ruled yesterday that the “Thank You Tax,” payable to the Clinton Foundation, is “a perfectly constitutional response” to the second round of the coronavirus pandemic.

The other eight justices of the court were declared “non-essential” and sent home last week.

“It’s not like it’s going into my own pocket,” said President Hillary Clinton. “I only get just 5% of whatever the foundation takes in. That’s only 5% more than some deplorable out there!”

The “Thank You Tax” must be paid on any medicine, medical treatment, masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, or testing having to do with the coronavirus, now called Trump’s Damned Virus (officially renamed such last week by Congress). It must also be paid along with any purchase of food, clothing, or household items made by Republicans–“since it’s their party’s fault that we got this virus,” said Speaker of the House Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

NEXT: Mandatory Transgender or Mandatory Abortions? Schumer Can’t Make Up His Mind.


‘Idiocy from the Top Down’ (2013)

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When did “policy” get transmuted into an all-purpose magic word? A substitute for making any kind of sense?


Somehow just saying “We have a policy” does away with all semblance of thought–especially for petty bureaucrats and corporate ninnies.

Can you imagine them running a global government? Saints preserve us!

They’ve Got the Answers!

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Yesterday alone, the world’s smartest people came up with three sure-fire solutions to the coronavirus pandemic.

Solution No. 1: Jihad. I forget exactly who said this, but the idea is, if you’re out there killing the infidels, you won’t catch the virus. Of course, if the infidels kill you back, you definitely won’t catch the virus.

Solution No. 2: Abolish Capitalism. This from Hollywood, from actress and sage Fran Drescher, who was on TV as “The Nanny.” Amazing, what a difference a single vowel can make. She should’ve been “The Ninny.”

And now for the most awesome solution of them all: Solution No. 3: Global Government. This from Gordon Brown, Labour Party, who was prime minister of the UK from 2007-2010.

Yup! We need a global government! Haven’t they been telling us that all along? And it hardly needs to be said that it’ll be only “temporary.” But let’s let Mr. Brown throw the sales pitch.

“Hello, you poor sods! Our global government will also include a special international task force to coordinate our battle with the virus, and we want the United Nations in on it, too! And we’ve got a whole gang of spare world leaders to run the show! Barack Obama! John Kerry! Theresa May! Kofi Annan! Bill and Hillary Clinton! Michael Bloomberg! And Bernie Sanders, too, if he’s doing nothing else. Bring ’em all back to solve the problem! And I’ll pitch in, too.

“Now don’t worry! It’s only gonna be temporary. Once we solve the problem and get everything back on an even keel, we’ll give you back your countries. Honest! We’ll just go away and let you run your lives again! Heh-heh!”

There you have it–straight from the horse’s… mouth.

‘It’s a Long Way Back to Sanity’ (2016)

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This is what’s being crammed into children’s heads. It will kill our civilization.

I wrote and posted this four years ago, and we’re still as far from sanity now as we were then. Maybe even farther.


Evil lunatics have invested everything they have in “transgender,” in a concerted bid to collapse our society so they can build something they like better on its ruins.

It’s true we have to defeat them in this year’s election. But that won’t help us if we don’t break their stranglehold on our culture.

And I’m telling you the truth–the biggest thing they have going for them is public schooling. Kill that, and they’re goners.

‘Chelsea Clinton: Genius?’ (2017)

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Relax, Chelsea! Honest Abe never wore his MAGA hat in public.

The worst thing about having a ruling class: you always wind up getting ruled by morons. Like Chelsea Clinton, obviously destined for great things which she won’t have to earn.


In 2017 she was afraid Abraham Lincoln was supporting Donald Trump. Since then, she has become an adjunct professor of “health policy and management” at Columbia University (https://www.mailman.columbia.edu/people/our-faculty/cc3459). I have included the link because it would be only natural to think I was hoaxing you.

So now she’s lecturing America on coronavirus, and now we know how it feels to be lectured to by a fence-post. Man, the doors that open up to you, if you’ve got rich and famous parents who are really powerful and have a reputation for real unpleasantness if you don’t give them what they want!

Illinois Schools: Full-Throttle ‘Gender’ Madness

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They call it “education.”

Big hint here: If your state department of education has anything like an “Affirming and Inclusive Task Force,” which issues a report like “Strengthening Inclusion in Illinois Schools,” your state has one department of education too many (https://townhall.com/columnists/toddstarnes/2020/03/02/illinois-task-force-recommends-eliminating-prom-kings-queens-n2562692).

What do these lunatics have to do, before you remove your children from their custody?

The report, intended to apply to all public education from preschool through grade 12, recommends, just to mention a few of the items on the menu:

No more prom queens or kings; no more “gender language” (like, say, “boys and girls”–can’t say that anymore); all activities must be gender-neutral; non-gender dress code; bathrooms and locker rooms open to anyone who wants to use them (boys undressing with girls, and girls with boys–oops, wrong language); and…

Parents are only to be involved “as appropriate.” Translation: “Never, if we can swing it.”

Is this what the people in Illinois actually want? Have they all gone mad? We know the “educators” have.

What is the purpose of this madness? What is it supposed to do for us–besides train our children to be weirdos?

We pay for this. We pay all the bills, but we don’t own it, we don’t get a say, just shut up and pay your taxes. And when the Chicago teachers’ union wants to send its members on junkets to Venezuela so they can learn how to trash our country–well, you’re paying for that, too.

The public has no say in “public education.”

It has to stop.


Food for Us Peasants

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[Warning! The information contained in this article may upset your stomach and lead to real discomfort.]

Listen up, you deplorables!

Your betters are gonna Save The Planet whether you like it or not, so you’d better learn to like it. And one of the things they mean to do is to replace real butter, which comes from cows, with this goo that comes from… well, maggots (https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2020/feb/28/larva-fat-sustainable-alternative-butter-cakes).

How dare you be grossed out? This is scientific! C’mon, now–what could be more appetizing than “black soldier fly larvae”? And you thought toothpaste sandwich cookies were horrible! Schiff, man–it’s “more sustainable”! If that doesn’t perk up your appetite, what will?

Now, don’t go expecting John Kerry or Barack Obama or Michael Bloomberg or Bernie Sanders to sit down to a nice stack of pancakes with maggot butter (and don’t even try to guess what they want us to use in lieu of maple syrup). This soldier fly goop is for us, not them. It won’t be on the menu at Davos, so don’t get your private jets in a twist, trying to get there before the fly butter is all gone.

We need to save the planet from the idiots who anoint themselves to Save The Planet.

What a Krop O’ Kooks!

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Pretty soon it’s gonna be time to start voting.

After this week’s food fight–oops, I mean “debate”–which one of these do you want to see become our president?

The loopy vice president, as crooked as they come, who says things that make you question his very sanity. Like, the other night: “150 million people in the U.S. have been killed by gun violence since 2007.” Dude, you were in office for eight of those 13 years. Didn’t you notice it then? This guy is about two legs short of a three-legged stool.

Then there’s the compulsive liar who always gets caught in her lies–you know, the phony Native American, who lied about her father being a janitor, lied about being fired because she was pregnant. Never tells the truth.

And the socialist upchuck who went to the Soviet Union for his honeymoon and has stocked his campaign team with hooligans. He’s the front runner, so far.

Don’t forget the revolting little sodomite who was a mayor once: who says there’s no place for you in his Democrat party unless you’re gung-ho for abortion, says religious liberty ends where “gay rights” begins, and has the chutzpah to wave a Bible around and pretend that he’s read it.

And the billionaire who says the Party owes him something–owes him a presidential nomination, by thunder–after he spent $100 million in 2018 to elect enough Democrats to capture control of the House of Representatives. “I bought those seats!” he started to say; but he caught himself and changed it to, “I got those seats.” Mr. Tact. Then he brags about his perfect understanding of virtually everything, and talks about how most people are just plain too dumb to run their lives without his direction.

Which of these do you want to be president?

Can you believe a major political party has actually generated this gaggle of candidates?

It looks like the old commie’s going to have enough delegates, going into the convention, to nail down the nomination. Unless something…er… happens (heh-heh). I’m sure they can buy him off; but the thugs and wackos who support him might react a little violently to that. “I am, regrettably, dropping out for reasons of health…”

And in the wings, like a spider, waits… Hillary.

Well, some of us have prayed the Lord to put the Democrat Party out of business, forever.

Maybe this is his way of doing just that.

‘Yes, Someone Actually Said This’ (2014)

Image result for images of professor in strait jacket

Public education is not your friend.

At a national conference of educators, held in Denver forty-some years ago, the mask of sanity fell off while Chester M. Pierce, Harvard intellectual, was speaking.


Yeah! See, all you deplorables out there–you’re all mentally ill! And us educators, we gotta save your children from you. Etc.

And so we hand our children over to be “educated” by nut jobs who despise us.

Honk if you understand that.

Stand Up!

The bogus “impeachment” has gone down in flames, the Democrats’ Iowa caucus has gone up in smoke, and Nancy Pelosi has thrown a spoiled-child tantrum on international TV. Democrats don’t have a candidate or an issue that anyone but a monkey would ever vote for–and yet with all this in our favor, there’s still doom and gloom among us: a sense of defeat, a belief that Far Left Crazy has already won all the marbles and it only remains for them to scoop them up.

I give thinks to God for honoring me by giving me a place in the line, to stand or to fall for Christ’s Kingdom. That is the kingdom that shall stand forever; and if we fall, the Lord shall raise us up.

What? Surrender to transgender? To Hillary Clinton, Adam Schiff, John Kerry? Surrender to a whining mob of pipsqueaks? Surrender to mere numbskulls–who shout “Hail Satan!” without even knowing what they’re saying?

Sometimes the bad guys win. God has allowed that much scope for free will. There are times when the enemy looks invincible.

But it doesn’t matter. What matters is, Never give up. Never give in. Not even if they put a gun to your head. There is nothing they can do that God cannot undo. Never, never, never give up.

There is a quote by Tolkien which seems apt:

“Will shall be sterner, heart the bolder, spirit the greater, as our strength lessens.”

Never give up.

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