Liberals and Perpetual Infancy

Coronavirus: desperate scenes as 10,000 queue for masks at Hong Kong  industrial estate | South China Morning Post

“Unknowable” observes, “It’s as if liberals can’t get enough of authority.”

That’s for sure. I can’t understand that mind-set. It’s like they want to be told what to do. Show me a liberal who isn’t wearing a face mask outdoors, and I’ll show you a cryptozoology specimen. No matter how arbitrary or inane the restriction, the libs lap it up–and stare daggers at you if you don’t.

What? Do they like doing homework? Standing in line? Being sent up to bed when someone else decides it’s time?

The Far Left and authoritarianism go together like H2 and O. You don’t find one without the other.

And here’s something my wife first noticed in the 1960s:

The same teenage rebel who won’t clean her room, and gets into daily screaming fights with her mother… joins a freakin’ commune and tamely does everything the commune big shot tells her to, no matter how unreasonable or degrading. And you wind up with something like the Manson family.

Some pipsqueak like Obama tells ’em, “You’ve got to support gay marriage,” and they fall into line at once, even if it requires a sudden 180-degree turn in their thinking. (I’ve seen it done. It’s rather horrifying, that anyone should be able to jettison his core beliefs so easily.) But let a law come down from God Almighty, and they make a show of breaking it. They rebel against God and kow-tow to the most contemptible and asinine “leaders” that a fallen human race can produce.

Pray for President Trump, standing in the breech against a tide of globalist tyranny. May the God who put him there sustain him.

It Isn’t Camelot

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I went to Keyport yesterday to buy seafood. It was a beautiful clear day, with the sun low in the sky and shining on New York City across the bay. It made me think of a line from America the Beautiful: “Thine alabaster cities gleam…”

It looked magical, a shining city, not of this world. It looked like Camelot. Could you really go there, or was it just a vision?

But it was a mirage. You couldn’t see the crime, the corruption, the ruinous taxes, or the thousands of New Yorkers fleeing the bizarre comedy staged by Mayor Bill “DeBlasio” (not his real name) and Gov. Andrew “America was never that great” Cuomo. It was an illusion.

Like so much else in this era of a fallen world, it was only an illusion.


Oops! Big-Name ‘Scholar’ Caught Cheating

Historian Jon Meacham on the 2020 Presidential Election - KQED

He must be smart, he’s on TV!

What would you think if I wrote glowing reviews of my own books, without disclosing that the author and the reviewer were the same person? Of course, the name on the cover would give me away; but what if my name weren’t on the cover? What if you didn’t know I wrote the books I was reviewing?

Well, who cares what I do? But then there’s Jon Meacham–presidential historian, Pulitzer Humbug Prize winner, former editor-in-chief of Newsweek, and commentator on MSNBC–I mean, wow, what a superstar!

This weekend Meacham came on the air to praise doddering Joe Biden’s “acceptance speech”–he thinks he’s the president–without telling anyone that he, Jon Meacham, wrote the blasted thing. Ouch! That was embarrassing even for MSNBC, and it takes some doing to embarrass them. Meacham has not been fired, but he will no longer be paid for his contributions. How is that not “fired”? Beats me.

Are TV noozies ever honest? Do they ever tell the truth? Certainly not on purpose. But then the guy wasn’t going to stand in front of the camera and say, “Wasn’t that a brilliant speech by Biden? I wrote it, you know! Aren’t I the freakin’ berries?”

O Lord, bring then down in their arrogance, and destroy them in their pride!

‘They’ll Never Learn’

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Remember, five years ago, the Democrats’ pet expert, a Dr. Gruber, bragging about how easy it was to fool the “stupid” American people into passing Obamacare? Not that the people can be blamed for corrupt tricks on Capitol Hill, except in the sense that we elected the villains in the first place. I’ve often wondered why we do that.

They’ll Never Learn

Why do we consent to be governed by fools, idiots, and rascals who rob us, abuse us, insult us, and despise us? How do you explain Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, or Obama himself?

What’s wrong with us?

For Sale, Cheap! Really, Really Cheap!

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Every now and then my old liquidator’s instincts come to the fore–hey, somebody has to get rid of all that unwanted product–and I spot a deal that’s sure to pay off.

And here’s one that can’t miss! Are you ready for… Jeffrey Toobin workout tapes?

It takes a lot of energy to pontificate to America on TV–so easy just to turn into Jabba the Hutt, to say nothing of your social life going downhill because you’re stuck at the studio. So you need a little physical pick-me-up whenever the camera turns the other way.

It’s not exactly Pumping Iron … but it is our ruling class demonstrating once again why they deserve to decide what kind of country we’ll have, and we don’t.

Tubin’ with Toobin: Our Ruling Class

Attack of the slime creatures - Chapter one - Wattpad

Sorry, but I’ve just got to say more about this.

These are the jidrools who place themselves on pedestals and look down on us peasants. They own us. they own our Deep State, our Not-so-deep State, our media, our schools and colleges and universities, and our business corporations. They speak, and we’re supposed to listen.

Is there any one of them who’s not a pervert?

This is our ruling class–heck, the whole world’s ruling class–and it’s garbage. Muck. They have cut themselves off from God and want to cut us off, too.

In between bouts of telling us what to do and what to believe, they do phone sex and masturbate. Jeffrey Toobin. We’re supposed to listen to him. He’s a sage, he’s a decider. He’s also a wanker, but never mind. Can’t keep his mind on his work, can he? But with such a superior mind, who are we, little nobodies, to point our fingers at him? We don’t get to go on TV and tell the country what to do. He does.

Look, if you want some jack-off artist to tell you what to think, go for it. You wonder why our country’s in the shape it’s in? Look who’s running it. Self-anointed liberal big shots. Slime of the earth.

And curiously enough, they all seem to work for the Democrat Party…

Not a Joke: Big-Name Commentator Suspended for Self-Abuse… on Camera

New Yorker suspends Jeffrey Toobin for showing penis during Zoom call

When old Jeffrey Toobin goes boob-boob-boobin’ along, along,/

There will be no shirkin’ but plenty of jerkin’ my dong, my dong…

This is our ruling class. These are the persons who get to decide what kind of country we have.

Jeffrey Toobin–The New Yorker writer, CNN legal analyst, talking-head guest on many a cable TV and radio show, big wheel–has been suspending for masturbating on camera during a Zoom call ( in front of people. It was an editorial conference, preparing for the next presidential debate.

Toobin said he made “a mistake.” What–was he fishing for his car keys? Naw–he just thought he wasn’t on camera at the moment. Could happen to anybody.

Our elites. Our ruling class. Hot dog.

‘What We Can Learn from Bad Movies’ (2015)

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With so much money invested in it, and so many professionals working on it, and checking their work each day, you’d think it’d be just about impossible to make a really bad movie. Nevertheless, bad movies are as numerous as the sands of the seashore.

What We Can Learn from Bad Movies

What’s the difference between a bad movie and bad public policy? With a bad movie, those responsible for it have to pay the price. But with bad public policy, those who created it walk off scot-free and the public pays the price. You know–like with the COVID-19 lockdowns that wrecked everybody but the loonies in the lab coats and their sponsors in the government.

And bad movies do less harm.

This Just In: Sex and Social Distancing

Insane Man Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

Emboldened by the fact that he wasn’t dragged out of the governor’s mansion by an angry mob with torches, California Governor Gavin Noisome has issued another mandate–hot on the heels of his admonition to the public to keep their face masks on “in between bites” while eating.

“I almost forgot to mention that social distancing, six feet apart at least, must continue to be practiced by couples having sex,” he declared. “I realize this might be difficult for some, but where there’s a will, there’s a way! Step-ladders and flexible rubber tubing spring to mind.”

The governor added that his latest social distancing mandate “might go national” if Joe Biden is elected president.

“Remember,” he added, “we only control your lives because we know what’s best for you.”


You Won’t Believe This Latest COVID Crapola

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Are they gonna treat dogs the way they treat us?

Really–this has to stop. But of course Democrats have no intention of it ever stopping. The Great Virus Panic is their ticket to ride–the universal excuse for screwing around with other people’s lives. For instance:

California Governor Gavin Noisome says if you’re going out with your family to eat at a restaurant, “Don’t forget to keep your mask on between bites” (

How long are we supposed to live like this? How long are we supposed to put up with this? You’d think we’d be ashamed to be governed by such nimrods. You’d think we’d cry “Enough! Enough!” and send them packing.

Heaven help us, it’s all been in my lifetime, all this culture rot. We’ve become the Democrats’ squeaky toy. They weren’t able to corral us with Climate Change, but the Doomsday Virus did the trick. They love what it’s letting them do to our country!

May Christ Our Lord deliver us out of their hands.