SloJo: More ‘Threats to Democracy’

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Here she is, threatening democracy

So, Xi Jin Ping’s Chicoms are okay, but Italy’s new prime minister–democratically elected, by the way: but we won’t get into that–Giorgia Meloni is yet another “threat to democracy” ( Yowsah! All over the world, SloJo Biden says, “democracy is at stake.”

“You’re going to think this is a little out of whack,” said Biden–yeah, he got that right–“but… democracy is at stake” because Italians don’t want to be bossed around by the World Economic Forum.

What does this babbling buffoon even mean by “democracy”? He sides with weirdo globalists against the rest of us–the ones the globalist big shots call “useless eaters”–and writes off half the population of the United States–we think it’s quite a bit more than half–as “semi-fascists” and, you guessed it, “a threat to democracy.”

Doesn’t like us much, does he?

Hey, Joe! We like our nations and we want to keep them! You can keep your global government. Nobody wants it but you and your billionaire buddies.

We’ll see how much “democracy” we get in next month’s midterm elections. We know the Democrats are going to cheat. The only question is how successfully.

Groomer Alert! NJ to ‘Punish Schools’ That Don’t Teach ‘Gender Identity’

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“They” for just one person? But this corrupts everything it touches.

Why do we still have local school boards in states like New Jersey? All they can do is rubber-stamp whatever BS gets handed down by the Dept. of Education.

The DOE has announced that it will “punish” school districts that fail to teach 10-year-olds all about “gender identity” etc. ( Dire warnings! Schools that don’t OBEY will be subject to “disciplinary action”–undefined: what, 50 lashes?–and “monitoring” by the state.

Do you still want your kids to be in public schools? Do you think you’ll get a pass because you live in some state other than New Jersey? The teachers’ unions mean for this curriculum to reign supreme in all 50 states.

What purpose can this transgender-homosexual-weirdo business possibly serve but to groom children for sex and make them available for sex? What is wrong with these “educators”? Are they all pedophiles? Or do they just see this as the handiest and best way to destroy the America that they hate so much?

Sorry! I’m getting too angry and words are beginning to fail me.

Trudeau Overcome by Grief!

Some say we shouldn’t mock these dindles because it makes us seem mean-spirited. Well! They insist they have a right to rule us because they’re so much “smarter” than we are, so much more urbane and sauve and in the know, so much cooler…

Like, for instance, Canadian P.M. Justin Trudeau. Here he is in London for Queen Elizabeth’s funeral… stewed to the gills. In a T-shirt. Singing Bohemian Rhapsody.

Let’s see who sings it better–Trudeau or a rubber chicken squeaky toy.

Call me a peasant, but I would like the members of the global ruling class to have at least as much dignity as a rubber chicken squeaky toy. Trudeau gets liquored up for the queen’s funeral. Is he any better than a rubber chicken? Any fitter than a squeaky toy to rule over anybody?

Vote here.

Oh, Wow! Dems Oppose Cancer!

Viscerally angry': Biden takes swipe at container lines in battle against  inflation | TradeWinds

How dare we oppose him!?

SloJo Biden recently took a break from denouncing tens of millions of Americans as “semi-fascists” to celebrate the anniversary of America’s “moon shot” by [trumpet or kazoo fanfare]… curing cancer! (

Does he really, in his most addled dreams, not think anyone will see through this?

“A vote against Democrats is a vote for cancer!”

“Anti-Biden means pro-cancer!”

“There’ll never be a cure for cancer unless the Democrats remain in power forever!”

Biden spoke of “re-igniting” the search for a cancer cure (because apparently no one ever works on that unless there’s a Democrat president) with “a fierce sense of urgency.” Gee. More urgent than stamping out MAGA? “Threat to our democracy,” and all that?

President *Batteries Not Included, in 2016, announced an all-out effort to conquer cancer, spearheaded by Vice President SloJo Biden.

We still have cancer.


My (Yes, My!) Newswithviews Column, Sept. 8 (‘Symbols of Idiocy’)

Coal miners shown pushing broken down electric vehicle | Fox News Video

A slip-up in the production room credited this week’s Newswithviews column to someone else. This blogging day is not off to a good start.

Symbols of Idiocy

The more I think of it, the more I’m convinced we ought to have a postage stamp–or even a 50-cent piece–commemorating the coal miners pushing the out-of-juice electric car. What symbol could speak more tellingly of The SloJo Biden Era?

They want to take our cars away, anyhow. The ability to go somewhere really ought to be reserved to Our Beloved Leaders, don’t you think?

California Gas Prices–Steep!

California gas tank (Getty)

“Inflation? What inflation? There is no inflation!” (Ask any Democrat.)

This morning I got just under a quarter of a tank of gas for my car for $15, at a few cents under $5 a gallon. But it could’ve been worse! In California the average price per gallon, this Labor Day weekend, is $5.25 (

Then I went to the supermarket for our weekend’s groceries. Ouch! Whatever was $5 last week is now $6-plus.

Honk if you like the way the Biden mob has handled the economy.

But this whole presidency is a wrecking ball aimed at America. Millions of illegal aliens swarming over our unenforced border. Critical Race Theory and transgender propaganda in the schools. The Afghanistan fiasco. Et cetera, et cetera. And to top it all off, last night SloJo declared war on the tens of millions of us who voted for President Trump. It seems we’re “a threat to our demoncracy” (let the typo stand: it’s telling the truth). Is it a waste of breath to point out, for the zillionth time, that we do not have a “democracy,” we have a republic? Why can’t they understand that?

If gas prices do go down a few pennies, it’s only because they’re already so high that they’ve throttled the demand. But they can’t understand that, either.

Question: As for Biden’s wacko speech–are they so confident in their ability to cheat their way to victory that they don’t care what they say… or is it panic? I can’t tell.


Biden… and ‘America’s Soul’?

The president was pictured tumbling three times in March 2021

Leader of the Free World! Hot dog!

I heard on the radio this morning that SloJo is gonna give a major speech today on “America’s soul.” Holy cow. Found it in print now, too: he’s gonna talk about a “battle for the soul of America” against those evil “semi-fascists” and “domestic terrorists” who support Donald Trump and the MAGA movement ( Tens of millions of us.

Didn’t they once upon a time package this doddering moron as “a uniter, not a divider”? Maybe he should look up north and try to learn something from his Canadian counterpart, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau… who is senile without being old.

Trudeau says Canada has seen “increasing threats” against politicians and blames it on “anxiety over Climate Change.” Blame it on the Bossa Nova. He has somehow resisted the urge to denounce half his country’s population as an “extremist threat to democracy” (Biden’s words, not mine).

How in the world do great big important countries wind up being ruled by these fumfering idiots? I’ll bet if they opened Premier Xi’s head they’d find a lot of carpet beetles in there, too. Good grief. Imagine if we had this crowd during World War II instead of Churchill, Roosevelt, DeGaulle, et al. Can you say “Sprechen Sie Deutsch?”

Is this an indication of just how mad at us God is?

‘Who Shall Have Dominion?’ (2017)

Image result for images of christ enthroned

There are those who object strenuously to the world that Jesus Christ, as King of kings and Lord of lords, shall have dominion on the earth (not that they can do anything about it!). We always ask, but very seldom get an answer, “Who would you rather had dominion?”

Who Shall Have Dominion?

Oh, God, look at our… “government”! Have pity on us, Lord, ruled over by the likes of these! And there are worse ones waiting in the wings.

We long for Christ to have dominion.

Scientists Say We’re Thinking Too Hard

Dem win is built on sand

Nope, no brain over-use here!

French scientists say too much hard thinking causes a toxic substance to build up in your brain and make it stop working (

Yeah, okay… But what if you never started?

We are concerned about mental burnout, so we looked for it in some of our key institutions.

Do we find brains being overused in… Congress? In Hollywood? In our schools and universities? In our nooze media?

When it comes to over-use of the brain, it seems we have virtually nothing to worry about. Maybe a few chess masters somewhere are overdoing it. Everywhere else it’s “Shut up and pay, shut up and obey.”

Come on, now–would we still have Nancy Pelosi if we were using our brains at all?

Where Are the Crazy Leftids?

Woman Paying at Cash Register at Store Stock Photo - Alamy

I had several errands to do this morning, and at each store I visited, I got into conversations with others. The substance of these little chats was: stupid New Jersey is governed by villains, thieves, and fools, look at the mess our country’s in, and how in the world do we get out of it? And in short, no one in any of these conversations expressed even a ghost of satisfaction with the way things are in our country, our state, and our town.

But things are all screwed up, and they get that way because there are people who screw them up–sometimes on purpose, sometimes because they’re incompetents.

The people who made a mess of my town weren’t in those stores today. They sit on the borough council, the board of education, and the library board. Somehow they keep getting elected, keep on doing harm, keep on saddling us with foolish, costly programs and policies–we can’t get rid of them! Kick one out of office, and two more take his place.

Somehow their follies in governance never hurt them but only hurt the rest of us. (Yes, they saw to it that we had a Drag Queen Story Hour at our library! No town in America is small enough to be safe from that.) The big ones shield themselves in gated communities with high security, have enough money that inflation doesn’t matter, and anytime they please, hope aboard a private jet for some luxury location. So sure, why not–of course they can impose their weird visions on small towns, big cities, and whole countries. It won’t hurt them!

How long does this have to cook before it boils over?