Oh, Holy Cow! Free Vax at… Dracula’s Castle

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No, this is not a satire. It’s apparently true.

The Rumanian government, trying to get a hesitant population to embrace experimental COVID shots, is giving the shots at a popular tourist site–Dracula’s Castle (https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-57049639). Yes, the castle that’s really supposed to have belonged to Dracula.

And the good little sheeple who show up–you won’t believe this–will be rewarded with a free tour of the castle’s torture chamber!

(“He’s really flipped his lid, this time. Who in the world would believe that?”)

Look, if it turns out to be a hoax, blame the BBC, not me–they’re the ones who reported it.

But this is just ridiculous enough to be real. It’s the kind of thing we’ve come to expect from governments, these days.


My Newswithviews Column, May 6 (‘Public Education As A Car: A Parable’)

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If public education were a car, would you buy it?

But that’s a silly question, because they force you to buy it whether you want it or not, whether you use it or not.

‘Public Education’ as a Car: A Parable  

We are getting a raw deal. Our country is “educating” itself to death. I don’t mean that as a figure of speech.

Look at our government. We Americans must be the biggest suckers ever to walk the earth.


This Wacko Wants My Money

Calling Spring Peepers - Pseudacris crucifer

There is no wholesome and decent way to illustrate this post according to its content. Here’s a spring peeper instead.

We got an email yesterday from Bruce Jenner, former Olympics star, who now calls himself “Caitlyn” and pretends to be a woman. He asked for money to launch his campaign for governor of California.

Even California doesn’t deserve that.

Maybe he thinks I’ll give him money because he says he’s a Republican. I don’t care if he says he’s a boiled potato. We don’t generally hand out money to men who say they’re women.

As it is, our nation’s so-called “leaders” are already turning America into a planetary laughing stock. Do you honestly, truly, really believe world leaders take Biden the Scarecrow seriously? They must be laughing themselves silly when the camera’s off. Soon they won’t bother to turn it off at all.

So Gender Jenner will fit right in. Who needs a freak show anymore? We have 21st-century politics!

Destroying America Without a War

Cal Thomas; Angry Democrats try to kneecap Trump before he takes office -  Orlando Sentinel

Just one of many…

If you were America’s worst enemy–I won’t say Communist China, in case there’s anyone out there who hates us even more than the Chicoms do–how would you destroy our country without going to war?

First, put clowns in public office. It’s demoralizing to be governed by jerks. A senile, doddering president. A nonentity of a vice president who’s only there because she’s a “woman of color”–no one knows what else she brings to that office. Some fat guy who says he’s a woman running a big piece of our public health apparatus. A secretary of state whom the Chicoms mock and insult to his face. You get the idea. And don’t forget all those fools in Congress.

Second, encourage them to follow ruinous public policies. Trash the border. Raise taxes to the ceiling. Let the riots go on without a check. “Protect us from the virus” by letting felons out of jail. You can probably think of more.

Third, kill the culture. More transgender! More abortions! Lots more Critical Race Theory! Really rotten schools! And turn the universities into nothing more than factories that turn out useful idiots as useless citizens. Treat envy as a virtue, not a sin.

All of this is being done to us. We think China foots the bill, in tandem with assorted globalists. Governed by criminals, governed by idiots–what’s the difference?

Pray hard. We have nothing left but our prayers. Appeal to the Judge of all the earth.

And tell the truth.

Solid Gold Fauci!

Bust Golden Alfred E. Neuman Plastic • Germany | MADtrash.com

Supposedly it was nothing but a recycled 2020 satire in the New York Times–a solid gold statue of Dr. Whatsit Fauci, presented for outstanding achievement in public health. They re-ran it just before the Oscars; and when some people took it seriously, they had to explain it was a satire.

Aha! They only want you to think it was a satire! In reality–or at least what our crack research staff found by peering into the cracks–there really is a Dr. Fauci golden statue, liberals worship it, and by Jove, there it is! Right up there. We’ve even got a picture of it.

Yes, of course you think it’s disguised as a statue of Alfred E. Neuman: that’s what they want you to think! And please stop it with those nasty cracks about putting the real Alfred E. Neuman in charge of virtually everything–he couldn’t (and wouldn’t!) do anything Doc Fauci hasn’t done.

You can always tell the Fauci cultists because they do this thing with their pinky finger that makes it stick out straight all the time, and they want to drink your blood. Most of them have Chinese money in their wallets, plus Get Out of Jail Free cards issued by President-for-Life Obama.

‘New Career Path! Get Paid for Not Committing Crimes’

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Another experiment on wacko societal engineering–I wonder how it turned out.

What happens when the criminals threaten–hmm, this is getting to sound a little crazy–to go back to work unless they’re paid more money?

New Career Path! Get Paid for Not Committing Crimes

Really,I don’t think they’ve thought this out. Any time going back to work constitutes a strike, we’re doin’ it backwards.

But if you inserted a progressive’s brain into a bird bath, it would spill all the water.


Let the Government Choose Your Livelihood!

300 Sisyphus Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock

I’m so excited by Secretary of State Whatsisname’s promise! “We’ll provide our fellow Americans with pathways to new, sustainable livelihoods.” Pure genius!

See, it’s gotta be done Because Climbit Change. We’re all gonna need new jobs: after all, we can’t all be rioters. We can’t even all write cowboy poetry.

But we can all lug big stones around and pile them into heaps. Someday you’ll be able to get a Ph. D. in that. And certainly we can all spy on each other and report every discouraging, disloyal, demoralizing word to the government. And we’ll need a lot more prison guards.

First you’ll have to go to college–universal free tuition, of course: and don’t worry about the cost, they can just print more money–and then you can go on to a sustainable career of swabbing out bathtubs or raking the lawns of Really Important People. You might even wind up working for a social media influencer!

People will also be compensated for standing in line all day, which is a very sustainable activity, and you can make extra cash for attending Biden rallies, even when The Big Guy himself forgets to show up.

And you won’t need to earn much money because, as might be expected, Climbit Change will make it obsolete to live in houses that you own, drive cars, stay up after sundown, or say things the government thinks you shouldn’t say. Hey, how much money can it cost to live in a cardboard crate? And think how close you’ll feel to Mother Gaea!

And once Climbit Change is over, and there are no more germs in the environment, they’ll give us all our freedoms back!

But only if you still want them.

Tortured by the Tax Man

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Well, this day is shaping up to be a real rotter.

Because of a combined screw-up by the IRS and our bank in 2019, today our phone is tied up, there is no access to the breakfast table because it’s knee-deep in paperwork, I can’t eat unless I want to do it standing up, my wife is listening to endless streams of wretched muzak as she tries to get through to someone, anyone, at the IRS–gee, this could take all day! And then, and only then, can we do our grocery shopping!

The IRS says we owe money on our taxes. We had that money withheld for taxes, but the bank never bothered to finish the transaction. So far it has taken 40 minutes of phone time and we have yet to speak to anyone. Call the bank, and they make you listen to muzak for 15 minutes before a recorded voice tells you they won’t be answering their phone.

I want my breakfast.

Sorry, Charlie, government comes first!

Portland School Board: Trees Might Be Racist

Pine tree tattoo by Ella at Wicked Good Ink Portland, Maine : ImagesOfMaine

So they were thinking about making an evergreen tree the mascot of their high school sports teams… but then the Portland Board of (LOL) “Education” had second thoughts.

Trees, they cogitated, might be… racist (https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2021/04/trees_just_might_be_racist_portland_oregon_board_of_education_director_worries.html). Because, y’see, “trees” were sometimes used in lynchings.

It’s hard to imagine someone being lynched from a pine tree, but, hey, it’s the thought that counts! Or the lack thereof.

All lynchings were committed by people. Maybe people should be abolished, too–but only after they cut down all the trees.

We leave it to you to imagine what kind of “education” can be provided by characters who think like this. If we can even use the word “think” in this context.

Well, if we’re going to be governed by fools, we might as well have our children educated by fools, too.

Why we allow this is a mystery to me. Unless there are more numbskulls out there than we thought.

Creator or Creature?

In discussing Nebuchadnezzar’s dream in Daniel 2, and “the terror of dreams” in general, R.J. Rushdoony said we don’t like dreams because they have a way of reminding us that we are not in control. Just like happens in real life every day, dreams feature events we can’t control–often bizarre and terrifying events that can’t be ignored.

Modern hyper-humanists prefer a universe governed by pure chance–that is to say, not governed at all. If there’s no God–they so want there to be no God–that leaves a power vacuum which they, The Smartest People In The World, can fill. But of course they can’t do that if they’re merely creatures subject to an all-powerful, all-knowing, all-righteous Creator.

Today’s global elites and Big Tech oligarchs have power, surely more power than is good for them; and in their own eyes they’re already fantastically wise and always growing wiser, and as righteous as it’s possible to be. They’ve already qualified for godhood–so why aren’t we bowing down to them? Ungrateful peasants!

Once they learn how to download themselves into computers, these big cheeses will be functionally immortal, barring tiny, unforeseen computer glitches. Nebuchadnezzar never had it so good, even though the normal salutation was “O king, live forever!” We are at liberty to see some insincerity in that.

Reject God, and to what end does that take us?

Think about it.