Now You Can Be Wrong All the Time!

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A clock that doesn’t run at all is still right twice a day. But this is better!

The DNC Countdown Co. is now offering America a clock that’s never right! yes, we said “never.” No matter what you do with it, adjust it to your heart’s consent–you still have a 50/50 chance of being wrong every single time! What other timepiece can make that claim?

Yes! Now you can have the same kind of clock or wristwatch that President Biden uses all the time. Have you ever wondered how he can possibly be wrong about everything, every time? Have you ever wondered how a whole presidential administration, plus Dr. Fauci, can be wrong every time they flap their jaws?

It starts simply with not ever knowing what time it is!

See that clock in the picture? Is it twelve after five or twenty-five after two? All you can do is guess! And yes, you can always guess wrong. Ask anyone in Washington!

Order while the supply lasts. These are going to be hot little items. We’ll hold the cost at $1,500 each for as long as we can.

Portland Schools: ‘Period Products’ for Boys

Single-use plastic in period products | Feature | RSC Education

For boys, too! Courtesy of the Oregon taxpayer

[Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip]

You’d think we’d be ashamed of being governed by nut-jobs like these. Have they abolished shame in Oregon? Have they outlawed self-respect?

Led by the Portland Public Schools (PPS) district, “educators” in Portland, Oregon–which Joe Biden, who is definitely not all there, called a model city–are rushing to implement the Menstrual Dignity Act (LOL)… by equipping (for starters) 500 school lavatories, all grade levels, with “period products.” Yes: boys’ bathrooms, too (

Ya see, this is how they set up “The Four Pillars of menstruation dignity”… which are “privacy, inclusion [?], access, and ‘education’.” With a hey-na-nonny and a ha-cha-cha.

I guess “inclusion” means boys and men can have periods, too. They can’t, but this is public education and facts must remain outside.

Dignity! Where is the dignity in pretending boys have periods? Babbling inane lies is not dignified.

And then there’s the question of frivolously wasting tax money that people had to work for. What are boys supposed to do with “period products”? I’ll tell you what they will do: make bawdy jokes about them and throw them at each other. Your tax dollars at work.

Did the people of Oregon actually elect the nothing-burgers responsible for this? If they did–if the elections weren’t stolen or contrived–well, then, they deserve this.

But their children didn’t have a vote, and they don’t deserve it. Educated by fools and wackos. Hot dog.

Yes, They’re Crazy

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Our current Biden-era inflation really hurts! It’s eroding the value of our money–sort of like getting a pay cut every week.

But not to worry! Senator Chuck Schumer (D-Monster Island) has a plan. And it’s simplicity itself (

*The government should keep on spending like there’s no tomorrow.

*Raise everybody’s taxes.

*Repeal the Trump-era tax cuts.

Acting as a spokesman for the New York nitwit, a lunatic in a straitjacket said “Of course it’ll work! Inflation will stop when no one can afford to buy anything!

“Imagine the thrill,” he added, “of in effect working for nothing. Just like a slave! The government can see to your room and board, just like slaves were seen to by their owners. Whoever thought up this should get a medal–and Chuck should be president!”

‘Seattle Councilman: Washing Poo Off Sidewalk Is “Racist”‘ (2017)

Worker Hose Washes Sidewalk Stock Photo by ©alkhanz 318651906

Cleanliness is racist! Ask any wacko…

This is another one of those nooze stories that never got followed up, so we don’t know whether that courthouse in Seattle wound up surrounded by a wall of poop.

Seattle Councilman: Washing Poo off Sidewalk is ‘Racist’

Does anybody doubt our civilization is broken? And we can’t fix it? Does anybody doubt it’s time for God to say “This stops now”–and put a stop to it?Really–what could be more symbolic of the whole Far Left Crazy than a public sidewalk befouled with human feces?

How to Bring the Murder Rate Down to Zero

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Ever since they started letting violent criminals out of jail, or refusing to send them there in the first place, the murder rate in our great Blue cities has been going through the roof. People are getting alarmed about it.

Well, Senator Bobby Stunata (D-Wonderland) knows how to fix it.

“Tomorrow I will introduce a bill to ban possession of any object that could possibly be used as a murder weapon!” he said. “You’d be surprised at some of the things people get killed with. Can openers, forks, underpants, thick books, fishing-line, sponges–you name it, somebody’s been murdered with it.

“My bill will set up a multi-billion-dollar commission to study murder and track each and every murder weapon. Once an object appears on the list, we’ll ban it!”

What about murders committed with bare hands?

“It all goes on the list,” Sen. Stunata said, “bare hands, feet, and teeth included! What I propose to do is to make it physically impossible to commit a murder!”

Members of Congress and their staffs will be exempted, he added.

More Stupidworld! On Our Border

Border patrol agents try and drag a fugitive border jumper as he tries to  get back to Mexico in this colorized picture from 1920 [640x442] :  r/HistoryPorn

They’re too busy defending Ukraine’s borders to bother with ours.

Hey! Did you know last Thursday was “International Trans Day of Visibility”? Damn–I missed it!

But the Biden administration didn’t miss it. They celebrated it by ordering Customs and Border Patrol officers to use “preferred pronouns” and “gender-neutral language” in dealing with border jumpers ( They also decided that “non-binary” American citizens–and humans who identify as  centaurs, gotta be “inclusive”!–can now put an “X” on their passports instead of Male or Female.

“While we briefly question you for breaking our law and illegally crossing our border, putting our very republic at risk and making a mockery of our national sovereignty, before we let you go to commit crimes and get free stuff from our defenseless taxpayers… what pronouns do you want us to use? Xe? Zer? Xum? Whatever you want, we’re going along with it!”

The Western world’s ruling class has gone completely bonkers. They are an existential threat to the countries that they govern. They push “transgender” as if their lives depended on it.


Actually, we know why: so they can collapse their respective countries, throw of their hands, and tell us “The only solution is a global government! Nation-states just don’t work anymore!”

That’s why.

She Doesn’t Know What a Woman Is

I'm koo koo for cocoa puffs - Drawception

(Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip)

Hey! Let’s have our country governed by babbling idiots! Like this:

Ketanji Jackson, SloJo’s Supreme Court nominee, was asked by Senator Marsha Blackburn the other day, “Can you provide a definition for the word ‘woman’?” And here’s the rest of it (

KJ: “Can I provide a definition? No.”

MB: “Yes.”

KJ: “I can’t.”

MB: “You can’t?”

KJ: “Not in this context. I’m not a biologist.”  ***

Can you believe this? They’re gonna put this nincompoop on the Supreme Court. Could we at least have somebody who knows what a woman is?

Think back a little ways to the Harry Reid Era in the Senate. What did Democrats do whenever President Bush tried to appoint a judge? [Cue Jeopardy theme] Uh… Like, they just said No! They blocked a passel of George Bush judges. Stopped ’em cold–and mostly never even tried to plead their reason for rejecting them was anything but naked politics.

Is this some kind of rocket science that eludes a Republican’s understanding? Just say No! Every time SloJo tries to appoint a high court judge, just say No.

Even a Republican ought to be able to manage that.

New, Improved! World Order

And here’s SloJo, babbling about a “New World Order…”

Dude! We already have a New World Order–remember? The one with George Bush and Obama and Klaus Schwab and that little pipsqueak over in France… Oh! And Justin Trudeau, too. I mean, we have a New World Order, so what you’re talkin’ about would be a New New World Order.

Later, in a secret speech delivered to phantom voters, SloJo said “The New New World Order, which we’ve got to lead, will be founded on voter fraud, taxation, private jets for high officials but only rickety old buses full of chicken-poop for the masses, a news media that never, ever, tells the truth, massive corruption like you wouldn’t believe was even possible, and total government control over everybody’s lives, with technicians from Red China to manage it.” He paused to grin vaguely at a spot on the ceiling. “It’s gonna be great!” he added. “President Harris will give you more details.”


‘Obama’s Dumbest Statement Ever’ (2016)

It wouldn’t be communism if it didn’t have gulags.

Ex-president *Batteries Not Included has spent the last six years wallowing in riches, and I doubt he’s gotten any wiser since he dropped this clanger. But this quote might stand forever as the dumbest thing he ever said.

Obama’s Dumbest Statement Ever

Yesireebob–just use “what works” in communism. The fact that nothing works in communism has eluded him.

Oh–but he’s a Democrat: he likes communism! And wishes that we had it here.

Well, they’re tryin’, sunshine–they’re tryin’.

‘Now They Want to Tax Your Drinking Water’ (2019)

10,504 Gavin Newsom Photos and Premium High Res Pictures - Getty Images

Would you buy a used state from this man?

Someday California politicians are going to figure out that if you import poor people, you get a lot of poverty. They’ll figure it out, but they won’t care.

Meanwhile, the solution to the problem, any problem, is always the same: Tax It! In this example, your drinking water.

Now They Want to Tax Your Drinking Water

They’ve run this caper up the flagpole several times, the latest in 2019, but so far they haven’t been able to get the legislature to salute it.

Look around you, boys and girls. Do you like what you see? Our rulers, some of whom were actually elected by people who should’ve known better–is it fair to say they’ve made a mess of everything? Or is that one of the world’s great understatements?