Crapola Fest! ‘Racial Trauma Counselor’

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Because the truth is not in them–heck, convincing lies aren’t even in them–leftids keep promoting the Kyle Rittenhouse “Not Guilty” verdict as some kind of cataclysm of “white supremacy.”

And just to show their heart’s in the right place–somewhere out in Commieland–Levi Strauss has hired a “Racial Trauma Specialist” to counsel employees who are experiencing… I don’t know… “racial trauma”? (

Why do corporations play along with the woke mob? What could be more shameful? Levi Strauss, in addition to making blue jeans, now has a [trumpet fanfare] Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer. What kind of salary do you suppose she makes, just for babbling? Does “equity” even mean anything?

Listen to these ninnies. Riots are called “racial justice protests” or “racial justice events.” Anyone–anyone!–who truly feels a need for this is too pathetic for words.

Oh–and they’re gonna urge employees to “advocate for gun control”–so that scumbags who attack you can’t get shot anymore–and even offer them paid “volunteer time.” Were you wondering why your jeans cost so much?

So they’re offering 24/7 “confidential counseling” for all employees who are racially traumatized because Kyle Rittenhouse shot three white thugs who attacked him. You really have to have your whole head full of Equity to be racially traumatized by that.

Really, really, really! This stupid dangerous foolishness has to stop. We, the majority, the sane people of America, have to shut it down. If we devoted a fifth of the energy to our cause as wacko leftids do to theirs, we’d have them wiped out in a week.

P.S.–School boards, universities, companies, etc. are all scrambling to rename their Critical Race Theory “teachings.” Just change the name–gee, we must be awfully easy to deceive.

Biden: ‘Here’s How You Beat High Gas Prices!’

Is it really all that safe to let this man drive?

It’s a great trial for a nation to be governed by idiots, we’re finding out… the hard way.

So we’ve got inflation out the wazoo, gas prices soaring higher by the day–but never fear, SloJo is here! And he’s got the answer.

Ready? Are you sitting down? Drum roll, please. According to our fake president, you can beat those high gas prices by….. [trumpet fanare]

Buying an electric car!

Yowsah, yowsah! I knew it had to be something that simple. Earlier this month, SloJo visited a General Motors plant and test-drove one of their new electric cars. It’s a steal at $112,595! We will not say who’s stealing from whom.

Did we mention that actions taken purposefully by this government of idiots–notably shutting down the Keystone pipeline–have caused high gas prices?

How does he suppose the electricity for electric cars is generated? By magic? Oh, wait, I know–by windmills, of course. (Don Quixote knew that, too!) It’s a fact that fossil fuels are used to generate the electricity that will be stored in the cars’ batteries–but since when has any Democrat cared for facts? (That’s another thing about Don Quixote: his delusions messed up the lives of people all around him.)

So, if you’ve got $112 Gs lying around, collecting dust, why not rush out and buy one of these electric cars?

What do you want to bet Communist China is splitting the profits with the Biden crime family?


Governed by… Laurel and Hardy?

The sea that is full of garbage is on the beach.

[Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip]

Some of us have visited beaches that were ankle-deep in trash. Oh, boy, hospital waste! Wow, look at all the cigarette butts and plastic bottles!

Well, they had a beach like that in Denmark this summer, so the town hired a bulldozer to scrape it all up… so it could be picked off the sand… and dumped back into the water! Cost of beautification project: $150,000 (U.S.).

Gee, that’s exactly how Laurel and Hardy would’ve done it.

The town’s mayor says the tourists like a nice, clean beach. So you transport the garbage a little ways offshore and dump it into water that’s just a few yards deep. The beauty of it is, it’ll all wash back onto the beach and then you can spend another $150,000 to hire your brother-in-law’s bulldozer to scrape it up again. Repeat as needed!

Fill in the blank and win a tin-foil hat!

I think the whole world should be ruled by one central government because __________.

Good Night! Kamala to be Named to Supreme Court?

She May Very Well Hold the Key to Biden's Win' - POLITICO

Why is she laughing? Did we just sell Texas to Red China?

This is one of those “Say it ain’t so, Joe!” moments. The story’s coming from CNN, though, so it may very well be moonshine.

With the whole Biden, um, “administration” underwater in the polls, and “Vice President” Kamala Harris blamed for dragging the whole business down to the bottom of the vat, Democrats are pondering ways to get rid of her (according to CNN) without touching off more race riots. The solution to the problem, as devised by some ingenious White House aides, is to nominate No. 1 Woman Of Color to the United States Supreme Court ( Heck, they want to pack the court anyway. This would be a start. Then they could add Hillary and Chelsea Clinton, Eric Holder, Hunter Biden, and a couple of tapeworms. And maybe a Chicom Army officer or two.

Let’s see which way our Free & Independent Democrat Nooze Media jumps on this.

Will there still even be a United States by this time next year? I mean, more than just a name on a map.

Not if Democrats can help it.

Our Leaders Make Us Look Bad

Harris, Macron unveil new initiatives on space, cybersecurity after meeting  | TheHill

It takes a bigger mask to hide this much tomfoolery.

Hey! Let’s send out Kamala Harris to talk to a bunch of French scientists! ‘Cause she can do this, like, really cool French accent (!

So we did.

While our, um, “president” is farting up a storm at the world Climbit Chainge Scam convention, cutting the cheese in front of members of the British royal family, we have our No. 1 Woman Of Color trying to be Maurice Chevalier.

Welcome to the Ruling Class.

Heaven help us, our world is ruled by idiots. Not that they’re any better off, but other countries are laughing at us now.

If we’re going to save our republic–and restore any semblance of respect for the United States of America–we’d better start now.

Where Tragedy Drifts Into Farce: the G20 Meeting

The world’s ruling class is garbage, and they keep on proving it.

At their big pow-wow in Glasgow, we have France trying to get nuclear reactors reclassified as “green energy,” world leaders putting on their stupid masks when they see the camera and taking them off as soon as the camera goes away… and our own Doddering Joe Biden showing up late for the press conference because he and his staff, as he put it, “were playing with the elevators” (   Well, we suspected he never could tell up from down.

I hope they laid in a good supply of Play-Doh.

Look at these skraelings who claim the right to rule us! They can’t even press the right buttons on an elevator, and they they want to press all our buttons.

Yo, Glasgow! Make these people disappear, and the whole world will be in your debt forever.

US Military to Provide Afghan Refugees with ‘Gender Advisers’

WATCH: First Images of Taliban Celebrating Victory As Kabul Capitulates

You know they’re just waiting to latch onto feminism!

Well, they couldn’t win the war, but our new Woke Democrat military is gearing up to teach Afghan refugees how to be gender-hip ( You don’t know whether you ought to laugh or cry.

“Gender advisers” will be assigned to some 13,000 Afghan refugees in nine military bases throughout our country, in compliance with a 2018 law (wait for it!) “that mandates [love those mandates!] the U.S. military to address the gender needs [what??] of–” oh, boy–“people and minorities in war and conflict zones.” Like, uh, “people” and “minorities” are different things?

You’ll be enchanted to know that our US Indo-Pacific Command has a “chief gender adviser.” How did Admiral Halsey ever get through World War II without one?

Is it any wonder that China kicks sand in our faces and laughs at us?

I wonder how long General Patton would have listened to a gender adviser.

AOC: Use Magic to Heat Your Home!

Halloween witch stock vector. Illustration of flying - 34475082

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-Twilight Zone) says she’s discovered a whole new way to meet America’s energy needs without harming The Planet “even one little bit!”

“I don’t know why we didn’t think of this before!” she babbled. “Magic! All the energy we need, we can get by magic! Just like in a Harry Potter book! Somebody read me one of those and it made a lot of sense. Like, if you can fly around on brooms because you know the magic spells, with the right spell, you can do anything.”

It’s no secret in Washington that AOC is aiming for higher things–Speaker of the House, the Senate, governor, even the White House. has learned that she has hired “a wise woman” to help her climb the ladder.

“No, no, not a real ladder, silly!” she gushed to an interviewer. “I mean the ladder of power. There is a spell for every rung!

“But we are talking about a new Mandate that will make magic the basis for all energy production in America! Presto–no more pollution! Cars won’t even need engines anymore!”

An extra surtax will be charged for each spell used by persons who are not members of the government, she added.

FDA Official Calls for Forced Vaccines

How do people like this wind up in our government?

Project Veritas interviewed FDA economist Taylor Lee–who favors forced vaccinations (no consent asked or given!), a government registry of unvaccinated persons… and overcoming African-Americans’ “mistrust” by shooting them with a blowdart.

I’m willing to believe that this is not a serious person, just a doofus showing off his imagined wit to an interviewer; but that’s the most charitable interpretation. Besides which, we seem to have more than a few out-and-out fascists in our government.

We pay their salaries. They despise us.

Who do these people think they are? And how do we get rid of them?


My Newswithviews Column, Sept. 16 (‘Dancing on the Brink of Doom’)

See the source image

You’ve all seen pix of AOC’s stupid gown by now. Here’s a nice pretty lizard instead.

Let’s face facts: our ruling class is garbage. We are governed by garbage.

You don’t believe me? Check out Alexandria O’Crazy-O-Cortez and her “Tax the Rich” gown at the annual Met gala.

Dancing on the Brink of Doom

All these Far Left Crazy elitists getting together, at $30,000 a ticket, to show off their $30,000 gowns and blather about what an evil oppressor country America is–I mean, are they laughing in our faces or what? We’re supposed to be locked down while they party.

Metropolitan Museum of Art–which includes the art of heaping hypocrisy to the skies.

God’s gonna cut you down…