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Hillary: ‘Camp for Adults’

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Fun for… who?

I can’t see how I could have missed this story, back in 2015. Maybe the nooze media swept it under the rug.

Hillary Clinton, already anointed by the noozies as the odds-on favorite to succeed President *Batteries Not Included, said (at the time), “We have a huge fun deficit in America… We really need camps for adults” (http://www.truthandaction.org/clinton-need-put-adults-fun-camps-re-education/2/).

I listened to the video several times and did not hear her use the word “re-education.” Instead, she stressed that adults need “fun” and that such camps might provide it for them.

When contemplating a Hillary Clinton presidency, the word “fun” is not one that springs to mind. Unless it’s staking someone down on top of a fire ant mound, or something like that.

I concede the possibility that this was just idle talk from a gasbag politician, put the mouth on cruise control while the brain shuts down. But is that a habit we want to encourage in our presidents?

What this wicked woman said in 2015 has a bearing on 2020–because some of us think she’s running again, and, with only little left-wing munchkins to oppose her, she might again become the nominee.

Think she’ll mention “camps” again?

At this point we can’t say anything’s too far out there for a Democrat to endorse.

‘Wall Street Journal Says “Erase America”‘ (2012)

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They keep telling me the editorial writers at The Wall Street Journal are “conservatives,” but it beats the dickens out of me to try to figure out what they’re conserving.


Does it really need to be explained, that “open borders” is a terrible idea, and that any attempt to actually put it into practice would be fatal to our country?

What business do idiots like that have, publishing a magazine?

Brace Yourselves for Blather

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First I’ve got to go Christmas shopping; but when I come back, I’ve got something really stupid for you all to marvel at. And break out your Blather Bingo cards.

In case you don’t remember how to play,


Be of good cheer: I’ve also got plenty of Christmas hymns to post. Byron’s got them all lined up for me.

But in the meantime, just in case you thought there was anybody sane running the show–we’ve got definite proof there isn’t.

Our Betters (ROFL)

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Normally I wouldn’t post a picture this disgusting; but I think it’s important for us to get a good look at those who think they ought to be our rulers because they’re better and wiser than we can ever hope to be.

“Vagina Lady,” in her vagina costume, is Georgetown Looniversity law professor Pamela Karlan, called last week as an “expert witless”–oops, did I say “witless”? Let it stand–in the partisan Democrat “impeachment” circus. We should undo the 2016 presidential election, she testifies, because Donald Trump is something-or-other.

I have tried to avoid forming the habit of being counseled by persons costumed as giant sex organs.

But this is what a Democrat House of Representatives deems an expert; and she gets to, uh, “teach” at a Catholic University.

They want to run our country for us.

The Jolly Judge

Kentucky judge accused of frat-house antics, threesomes with staffers

Well, you don’t learn everything in law school, do you?

All aboard for the Culture Rot Express!

A Kentucky judge is being investigated by the state’s Judicial Conduct Commission for–ahem, allegedly–using her chambers as “a glorified frat house,” complete with sexual threesomes, loud guitar music (sometimes while cases were being tried in the courtroom, just down the hall), and other hijinks (https://nypost.com/2019/12/06/kentucky-judge-accused-of-frat-house-behavior-threesomes-with-staffers/).

She only got caught because she tried to seduce other couples into joining in the fun, and they reported her.

The jolly judge’s main partner in these shenanigans plays lead guitar in her rock band–yes, it seems the judge has a rock band–and is “a former pastor.” I wonder how former. They say he likes to set up in the judge’s chambers, plug in, and jam with himself. Imagine trying to sum up your case for the jury with some noodlehead going pwang, pwang, pwang! down the hall. For some reason I imagine him singing “The House of the Rising Sun.”

Something seems to have gone wrong here. I guess we can forget about using the expression, “As sober as a judge.” Some of the people who’ve been judged by her probably feel they got a raw deal.  Like perhaps her mind wasn’t entirely on her work.

If you missed this Culture Rot train, there’ll be another one in sixty seconds.

Presidential Timber… with ‘Wet Leg Hair’

Has it truly come to this–a presidential candidate babbling about children rubbing his “wet leg hair” while he was a lifeguard, long ago?

Well, that’s what he’s doing in this video, shot in 2017.

People are actually thinking of voting for this guy for president? Say it ain’t so. But we can’t say that, can we?

Again I ask–are there that many people out there who truly have not the foggiest idea of what a president is, or what a president does?

A sobering thought: most of the Democrat candidates are even worse. That’s why this, er, man is leading the pack. Crikey, he was our vice president for eight years.

Hairy legs and all.


What Are We Getting Out of This?

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I cover culture rot, which seems to be in inexhaustible supply. Poor America: we’re drowning in it. The colleges, the schools, Hollywood, the publishing industry, and a vast multitude of politicians–they’re pouring it on, day in, day out, with no time off for good behavior. Or even bad behavior.

It’s for our own good, they say. It’s “justice”–social justice, racial justice, economic justice, this kind of justice and that kind of justice. We’ll thank them for it someday.

But I don’t understand what we’re supposed to be getting out of it.

Where is the benefit, to the American people, in turning girls into fake boys and boys into fake girls? In trashing our country’s history, and trying to convince us it’s a hell-hole of oppression? In blaming white people for everything that goes wrong in anybody’s life? In convincing children, and adults who might as well be children, that thanks to capitalism, the world is gonna end in just 12 years? In herding everybody under 30 into grossly overfunded colleges and universities to get degrees in Stupid Studies, mountains of debt, and no meaningful employment prospects? But it would take all day just to list these inanities.

We are yelled at, we are protested at, we are denounced as “haters” and mocked as unsophisticated boors–and why are we expected to lap it up and beg for more? Where is our profit in it?

Worse, we pay for it. With our taxes, our tuition money, and our freedoms. We are expected to pay for it, and like it. And no matter how much of our money–that we worked for–that they get, they still despise us. They live off us, but don’t respect us.

Really, why do we put up with it?


Now It’s Denver: Turds on the Sidewalk

“When you’re alone and life is makin’ you lonely, you can always go–downtown!” Just remember to wear galoshes.

If you’ve been thinking it’s only San Francisco that does that thing with the human feces on the sidewalk, think again. Now it’s Denver, too (https://denver.cbslocal.com/2019/11/08/feces-prostitutes-needles-jawaid-bazyar-curtis-street-business/).

A Denver businessman has been fined by the city for not cleaning up the feces outside his store: we suppose he can be thankful they’re on the outside, not the inside. He says it’s the city that’s not enforcing the law against taking a dump on a public sidewalk (and who ever dreamed we’d ever need such a law?), so why should he go out and provide unpaid public sanitation every day? A municipal judge will soon decide who’s got to do it.

We must ask: Can people literally not see what government by liberals does to the places they govern? Do they think what happened to Venezuela was an accident? Do they think it’s the natural order of things, to have to wear galoshes whenever you have to go downtown? Why in the world is the Democrat Party still in business?

Honk if you like what they’ve done to San Francisco and Denver and can hardly wait for them to do it to your city.

San Francisco’s New Monstrosity

Andres Petreselli paints a mural on the side of a building depicting Swedish teen climate activist Greta Thunberg, Friday, Nov. 8, 2019, in San Francisco.

The city’s sidewalks are heaped with human feces, rats are running free, homeless people everywhere you look–

And what San Francisco really needs is a 60-by-30-foot mural of an angry Swedish teenager, elevated to the status of a universal scold who demands that the world’s governments TAKE ACTION to stop catastrophic Climate Change before it kills us all–in just twelve years or so (https://time.com/5723241/greta-thunberg-mural-san-francisco/).

What a privilege it is, to live in an era when the whole world can be fishwifed by some kid. Sixty feet high, this portrait is. Once upon a time we didn’t do such things in America. They were only done in the Soviet Union and Red China. Far Left Crazy has moved to San Francisco.

They just won’t drop the ball on this, will they? Climate Change! Global Warming! Only an all-powerful global government can save us!

What bunk.

And so Greta glowers down on us from the side of a tall building, her “How dare you?” challenge ringing down the endless corridors of political inanity.

And anybody who doesn’t like it is a “hater.” And “anti-science.” Because we ignore the demands of such prominent Climate Scientists as Mickey Mouse and Harry Potter–yes, those names were on the Declaration of Climate Emergency.

I can hardly wait to vote for Donald Trump again.


My Newswithviews Column, Nov. 7 (‘The March of Lunacy’)

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Is there a state that’s short a governor?

I keep asking myself how long this crazy stuff can go on; and I don’t know the answer.

The March of Lunacy

Why do we have a “transgender” movement? Was there some kind of demand for it? Really? Why do you get kicked out of your job for saying only women can give birth to babies?

Why does the government tell you how many points your high school football team’s allowed to score? Why does the governor of New York insist there were no hurricanes until we came along with our SUVs and created Climate Change?

Who thinks it’s a good idea to keep the crazies in the driver’s seat?

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