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‘Soldiers of the Lion’

Linda called for this one: Soldiers of the Lion, by Chuck Girard. The Lion of the Tribe of Judah (Revelation 5:5) is not a tame lion, and it is our glory to be allowed to enter into the labors of all His saints. And if the lyrics are a bit much for squishy, world-pleasing Christians–You’ve had the planet long enough… Get you back to outer darkness–well, that’s all to the good.

I Love ‘To God Be the Glory’

Fanny Crosby wrote this hymn in 1875, and it remains well-loved to this day: To God Be the Glory. I like to post assorted renditions of it. Here it is sung outdoors by the choir from Fountainview Academy.

Remember, the hymn shop is always open, and if there’s any hymn you’d like posted here, just let us know.

‘All the Way My Savior Leads Me’

Another Fanny Crosby hymn–she wrote thousands of them–sung by the Mennonite Hour Singers: All the Way My Savior Leads Me. I wonder how many of her hymns have been sung in how many churches just this morning.

If I posted a hymn written by Fanny Crosby every day, and never missed a day, it would still take me about ten years to post them all.

‘Blessed Assurance’ (We Need It!)

This is the hymn that came to me this morning: Blessed Assurance, another jewel out of Fanny  Crosby’s treasury. Is there anybody here who doesn’t need the blessed assurance God provides?

‘The Sands of Time are Sinking’

Requested by Laura: The Sands of Time are Sinking, written in 1857 by Anne Cousins, sung by the Altar of Praise Chorale–with beautiful photos of God’s handiwork.

‘Your Love Broke Through’

This is another one Susan suggested–Your Love Broke Through (Like Waking Up from the Longest Dream) by Keith Green.

Hopefully there are some newcomers to this blog today–can’t make any progress without ’em. If you’re new, and there’s a hymn you’d like to see posted here, just leave a comment anywhere on this blog and we’ll do the rest. The hymn shop is always open, and open to all.

‘Perpetua’s Song’

Requested by Laura, this hymn–first in Latin, then in English–celebrates Perpetua, a Christian saint and martyr, publicly slaughtered by the Roman government for her faithfulness to Jesus Christ. The date of her martyrdom is usually given as 203 A.D., or sometime just a few years later.

Perpetua, a young married woman of a noble Roman family, lived in Carthage. She and her slave, Felicity, along with a few others, were accused, tried, and put savagely to death in the arena. At any time, they could have saved themselves by abandoning Christ. They chose not to.

The whole world lieth in wickedness (1 John 5:19), and Jesus did not hide the truth from us, that if we belong to Him, the world will hate us.

But Christ has overcome the world (John 16:13); and the blood of the martyrs shall be avenged by God Himself (Revelation 6:9-11).

The Navy Hymn (‘Eternal Father’)

Extra hymn, before I go to the doctor’s office this morning.

Why the Navy hymn? Well, what are we, if we are not “those in peril on the sea”? And the good ship Western Civilization has a drunken captain, a suicidal crew, and no more anchor because the crazies cut the cable.

But Our Eternal Father nevertheless is able to save us. And He will. In fact, in fact of Jesus Christ… He already has.

By Request, ‘The Easter Song’

Susan has asked for this one–The Easter Song, sung by The Second Chapter of Acts–so here it is.

Second Chapter of Acts is a Christian rock group named for that chapter in which the Holy Spirit first descends upon the first church in Jerusalem–as Jesus promised that it would.

From India, ‘At the Cross’

This is another beautiful hymn performed by The Voice of Eden, At the Cross. I don’t know where in India these young people come from, but I’m sure their singing pleases God.

And now I’ve got to go, because I promised Harlem I would take him up the hill to see the deer. He’s got his heart set on it. As for me, Cindy will kill me if I let anything happen to him, so I’m there to make sure it doesn’t. He’s clear of cancer now, but has not yet got his full strength back.

See youse later, as we say in Joisey.

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