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Fun With Cats

What would be an example of an inexhaustible resource? Cat videos, I think.

My favorite in this collection is the cat who can’t get the parakeet off the rim of his food dish–and not once resorts to violence. We see so many instances of animals being patient and gentle with each other–especially when one, the cat, could so easily devour the other, the bird.

I wonder if the Lord is trying to tell us something.

Pets with Ideas of Their Own

“I will not have this water bottle up here, no matter how many times you put it back.”

“I will knock you over and run on your face.”

“Stop reading that stupid book and pet me!”

All of the cats and dogs and goats (plus one raccoon!) in this video have their own ideas of what they and their humans ought to be doing: some good ideas, and some not so good.

Does She Know She’s a Dog?

Playing with the kittens, playing with the adult cats, helping the mommy cat care for her newborns–does this German shepherd know she’s not a cat, but a dog? (Please ignore the cameo appearance by the raccoon. I think Violet Crepuscular wrote him in.) That such a big dog can be so gentle…

As a boy I was scared of German shepherds. My Uncle Ferdie had one, and I was convinced the dog wanted to eat me. Uncle Ferdie also had a houseful of little girls, none of whom got eaten. Eventually I learned the dog was excited because company came, and just wanted to play. So we made friends.

Encore: Cat Watching ‘Psycho’

Sorry, couldn’t resist! This gives me a laugh every time I see it. The cat is watching Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho on TV, and you’d better believe he’s following the action closely.

My folks wanted to see Psycho when it first came out, but they couldn’t find a babysitter. So they went to see it at a drive-in, with me in the back seat in pajamas. I was supposed to fall asleep. Wrong! Kind of surprising that I ever slept again…

More Funky Critters

Y’know something? I have no idea what I meant by that headline.

Anyhow, our dogs and cats and birds, et al, live in a world designed for and dominated by human beings–and look how well they make the best of it. Their adaptability always amazes me. We wouldn’t do half as well in a world designed by and for cats.

Sanity Break! Cozy & Cuddly

Enough Sturm und Drang already! Here are some dogs and cats with their heads on straight–also, I strongly suspect, a tiny peek into what God intends for us, once He restores and regenerates His creation.

Excuse me, I want to go grab me a cat…

P.S.–Videos of animals sleeping strongly resemble still photos of animals sleeping.

Ninja Cats

In the good ol’ days, ninjas were renowned for their ability to make impossible climbs. They also bumped people off for money, so they weren’t the good part of the good ol’ days. However, cats climb even better than ninjas and they don’t bump people off, no matter how much Fancy Feast you offer them.

A word to the wise: you might want to reconsider allowing that little kitten to shinny up your leg. When he grows up, that’s gonna hurt a lot.

Cats & Dogs & Belly-Laughs

And here I am, remembering to post the video after I select it and load it. But I’d best not brag, just in case I suddenly discover I’ve forgotten something else.

Isn’t it amazing, how gentle most of these dogs are with cats who are just a fraction of their size? You will not I said “most,” not “all.” There really are moments in these relationships when the cat has a duty to assert his dominance.

Cats Loving Babies

I’m just not right. I loaded this video at the usual time and then just plumb forgot to post it. Looking at my stats just now, I wondered why no one had bothered to watch the cat video. Then I discovered that there was no cat video. *Sigh* Well, better late than never.

Candid Cats & Dogs

Hey, this is just our daily sanity break–reaching out for harmless fun after plodding through the news.

Was it Apollonius of Tyana who said it’s tough being the only dog in a bedful of cats?

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