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Kitten vs….Roomba?

Ah! Just what I was looking for! I feel saner already.

There are plenty of videos of cats riding these roomba robots all over the house; but here’s a kitten who’s seeing one for the first time. Check out those moves! The greatest human athlete in the world couldn’t match them.

Kitty’s afraid of this new weird thing at first, but it doesn’t take him long to decide he’s going to get the better of it, or else. He has a noble spirit!

The Whirling Cat

I used to make my cat, Buster, dizzy, because he would always try to pretend he wasn’t. But here’s a cat who makes himself dizzy. Who needs a human to put your cat toy in motion? This cat can get dizzy anytime he pleases.

I wonder if I ought to try a few dozen whirls around the middle of the living room.

Laugh Break: Missing the Dartboard

Some people take darts very, very seriously. And the best of them wind up in national tournaments, like the women in this video.

See what can happen even to the best of us. We should take that as a parable.

I missed the dartboard once, but not my cousin Chris’s forearm. His fault: he was standing too close to the dartboard. I was so glad he didn’t tell on me.

Cats with a Ticket to Ride

Radio-controlled toy cars have been a boon to cats. Their feet can’t reach the pedals in a human car. This is why cats don’t drive.

I wish I’d had these for my cats when they were kittens.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Upon my word (how often do you get to say that?), these dogs are eccentric as cats. Look where they sleep. Curled up in a bowl of puppy chow. German shepherd in the clothes dryer. Trying to sleep on two beds at once. Some of those positions don’t look all that comfortable.

Sanity Break: Courtroom Clangers

Hat Do Lawyers Wear to COMT MARTIN Lawsuits! Hear Hear - It's Time ...

I think we need these from time to time. They’re just so funny!

Just For Fun: Courtroom Clangers

I remember a night I covered a Marlboro Council meeting, and one of the persons who’d signed up for “citizens’ voice” tried to come on as the next Perry Mason. He proposed to cross-examine his wife: “Did you, or did you not…?” Two more minutes and the audience would’ve started throwing chairs at him.

The lawyers in these examples ought to be in sitcoms. They’re wasted in the courtroom.

Funny Armadillos (with atrocious “music”)

Armadillos are cool, funny, and we don’t get a chance to see much of them–well, not up here in New Jersey, we don’t.

To enhance your enjoyment of this video, turn off the sound track. I am sure I never heard worse… music? can I call this garbage music?… in my life. Don’t even think about it getting better as it goes on.

Kittens Conquer the Stairs

Can you remember the first time you went up the stairs–on your own? I remember the first time I fell down the stairs, but the first time going up… lost in the mists of time.

Here are kittens trying to climb the stairs for the first time. Their mother’s up at the top, so they can see her. And one by one, they manage it–except for this last little kitten who looks like maybe he won’t make it.

Tune in to find out if he finally does.

The Laziest Dog Fight Ever

(Note: Please disregard the human who horns in on this video toward the end. He is not supposed to be there.)

The little white dog wants to fight, but he’s too lazy to get up so he barks while reclining on his side. I’ve never seen a dog bark from that position before. The big dog occasionally twitches his ears: a sign of consciousness.

Guys, you’re not gonna be able to sell many tickets to this fight.

A Cat Massage

We always called this ecstatic-kneading behavior “happy cat.” If your cat decides to do this on your lower abdomen, you’ll know it.

But wait–isn’t this more in the nature of a friendly massage? The dog doesn’t seem to mind it. Then again, I thought it was a stuffed dog until it moved a little.

It all boils down to cozy, though.

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