Kittens & Puppies (‘Play Nice Together!)

What do you get when you mix kittens and puppies? A barrel of monkeys, maybe? Here we have proof of it.

That great music, in case you didn’t know, is In the Hall of the Mountain King by Edvard Grieg.

Bonus Video: Norbert, Action Hero

All right, that duckling video was awfully short. So here’s an even shorter Norbert video. I think Norbert is auditioning for a role in The Equalizer 3 as Denzel Washington’s ferocious sidekick.

Sleepy Ducklings

This is kind of short, but you’re gonna love it. And if you watch it twice, it’ll seem twice as long.

It’s just a pair of tuckered-out ducklings. Who knows what they did to get so sleepy?

In Pursuit of a Pigeon

Mysterious animal interaction! Guinea pigs don’t eat pigeons, they’re not predators–so why are they chasing the pigeon all around the yard. The pigeon can fly–so why doesn’t he just fly away? Or up to the top of the fence, from which safe location he can taunt the guinea pigs?

Really, what is going on here?

Is There a Mountain Lion in the House?

(Suggested by “Unknowable.” His cat’s a fan.)

This nice couple has a pet cougar named Messi. That’s him lounging on the couch. He also has his own cougar bed.

Jean-Pierre Hallet said just about any animal responds to love and affection; and to prove it, he tamed an adult rhino and used to ride around on its back.

Messi acts like a great big pussycat. It’s very nice that he hasn’t eaten either of his humans yet.

Oh, well. Iguanas are supposed to be fierce and grumpy, but mine was just a big green pussycat.

It’s No Reflection on You

All sorts of animals get confused by mirrors, but at least dogs and cats seem to enjoy it. You will also see a boy mugged by a parakeet.

I once had a chameleon who responded so aggressively to his reflection (the males get shirty with one another) that I had to take the mirror away before he did himself a mischief.

A Bulldog’s New Bed

It must be so gratifying to give someone a gift that he just loves like crazy. Here’s a bulldog puppy who’s just been given a brand-new bed–and he can’t contain his joy. I wish I could give my cats something that they’d like so much.

Reader Poll: Should Oy, Rodney continue?

More Norbert

I don’t know about you, but I can really use some Norbert this evening. I don’t know what they’re giving him as a treat, but he really likes it. I had a baby iguana who felt like that about mealworms or bits of boiled ham… but he wouldn’t do high-fives.

Memory Lane: Our Friendly Egret

This video reminds me of a snowy egret who used to keep us company at the house we rented, for vacation, on Long Beach Island. Actually, she was attached to the owner of the house, who lived downstairs. But she liked Patty and me, too.

Every year she flew down to Florida for the winter, but she always came back in the spring and stayed all summer. Often she used to perch in the owner’s boat when he went fishing. Or she joined us on the dock while we fished, or on the deck when we watched the sun go down. We always had some bits of squid for her, or a minnow or two. She would have joined us in the living room if we left the door open, but for the rug’s sake we never did that.

Snowy egrets nearly went extinct in the 19th century, due to the demand for its feathers to decorate lady’s hats. When the demand went away, the egret recovered.

I never saw another wild bird half as friendly and sociable as this egret. We loved her, and it was always a treat to find her still there when we came down for two weeks in September.

And her snowy feathers surely looked better on her than on some silly hat.

A Drama with Webbed Feet

I was going to headline this video “Ducklings with True Grit,” but decided that sounded too much like a recipe that was better left alone.

You may get a little worried while watching this, but stay with it–a happy ending is guaranteed.