What Spooks Your Dog?

What spooks your dog? The stairs? His reflection in a mirror? A bottle of water? Or how about a piece of orange peel?

If only we could know what they’re thinking! Might be surprises there.

Cuddly Bunnies

I know, it’s not very exciting. But I sure could use a bunny in my lap just now; and if you can, too, you’re in the right place.

Amazing False Fact! The original Superman, who inspired the creation of the comic book character, was a shoemaker named Pundle who couldn’t fly, had no super-strength or X-ray vision, and was no more bulletproof than his wife, Wanda, who had a long history of getting shot. It is not known how he convinced his neighbors in Findlay, Ohio, that he could do any of those things.

It’s Curtains for These Curtains

What are those curtains doing on the floor? I wonder what kind of shape they’ll be in if you hang them back up? But this video does prove that kittens go for curtains even if they can’t climb them.

Astounding False Fact: Frederick the Great was terrified of kittens.

Sanity Break: ‘Mr. Froggie Went A-Courtin”

Before we plunge into any–ugh!–news, here’s a little something I remember from way back in my childhood–Mr. Froggie Went A-Courtin’, sung here by Burl Ives… with a lot of guitar-work used to make puns. Very clever!

This is an old, old folk song and there must be a zillion different versions of it. Each and every one of them is better than the nooze.

Village of the Guinea Pigs

Wow. Somebody loved his or her guinea pigs enough to build this whole cardboard village for them. It certainly seems to keep them stimulated. I used to have a nice lizard habitat, but it would’ve made poor video: lizards do a lot of just sitting around doing nothing. And when it comes to funny noises, guinea pigs have got them beat by a mile.

Can You Talk Cat Talk?

Cats have a lot to say for themselves, although we don’t understand the half of it.

Astounding false fact: A talking cat named Smiley, who was fluent in Esperanto, once filled in for the host of David Brinkley’s Journal.

Bunnies Do It, Too

As I write this, Robbie the cat is doing zoomies in our living room. I have no idea why.

But lest you think that only cats and dogs suddenly take it into their heads to run all around for no apparent reason, here’s proof that bunnies do it, too. You have to admit zoomies make for great video.

This Cat’s Got Moves!

I was going to show you a video of a large iguana interacting with a roomba, but I would’ve had to rate it “R” for violence. I’m so glad my iguana never acted like that.

Here’s a cat who very much doesn’t know what to make of a roomba but is determined to show it who’s boss. Has he got moves! Cats make Olympic athletes look like couch potatoes.

‘Where’s My Cat?’

You can’t find your cat. “Oh, please tell me she didn’t sneak out when I opened the door to get the mail!” But you’ve looked high and low for her, all over the house, in every nook and cranny…

And suddenly she’s just sitting there in the middle of the living room, quietly sniggering at you. And you’ll never know where she’s been.

Bulldog’s on the Job!

We say it’s only a movie, just make-believe. But this bulldog doesn’t think so; and he is not going to just sit there and let a girl be pulled out of her bed by a monster–or whatever it is that’s lurking in the shadows and scaring her.

It’s good to know you can rely on your dog to protect even fictitious people.