Unexplained Paranormal Mystery Dogs!

For the most part, the dogs’ actions in this video are inexplicable. What do they think they’re doing, and why are they doing it? One of these critters tries to be a contortionist. Maybe he saw it on TV.

Dogs, though, have become a lot more fun since they took up with humans–don’t you think?

Cats & Dogs &… Tanks? (Did He Say ‘Tanks’?)

If you ever visit the Aberdeen Proving Ground, you’ll see a lot of vintage tanks that’ll make you wonder how anyone ever managed to get inside them and fight a battle–and how they ever got back out. But as you can see in this video, cats don’t have that problem. Neither do chihuahuas.

But we also have a couple of guinea pigs, a hamster, and a parakeet trying their luck at armored warfare. Guinea pigs really do seem to get the hang of it. The hamster is hopeless. Try to keep him out of your order of battle, if you can.

Canine Confusion

It takes a while to get a handle on all the weird stuff that goes on in a houseful of humans. Puppies haven’t lived long enough to master all the ins and outs of it. But grown-up dogs get confused, too–especially if you blow on a half-filled soda bottle. That sound really puzzles them.

Fox Steals Golfers’ Balls!

(Sorry for the headline! I couldn’t resist. But it’s not inaccurate.)

This golf course is in Montana, but it’s not the only golf course in America where this peculiar thing has happened.

A fox is collecting golf balls. They haven’t yet been able to find where he’s stashing them. But they have him in camera picking up balls that are in play and making off with them.

What do you suppose he’s doing with them?

Sanity Break: Grandma Moses

Folk Artist Grandma Moses

Forget that condescending claptrap about “primitive folk art.” This is Grandma Moses, and America has never produced a greater artist.

Do yourself a favor. Drop the nooze for a while and go online to look at Grandma Moses’ paintings: enjoy a kind of private tour of an art museum devoted to her work.

These are not just pictures. They are doors. They let you into the sane and wholesome world of Grandma Moses. You may even remember similar details from your own life.

Country people fording a little river in their wagon. Sheep grazing in the background. Trees beginning to show their autumn foliage. Oh, yeah, I want some of that!

Maybe it’s because I’m old enough to remember real places like the places in Grandma’s paintings, real people who lived there–and these were wonderful places! Most of them torn down and paved over by now.

But the ones in Grandma Moses’ paintings are beyond the reach of the back hoes and the strip malls and the bent zoning boards. She put them on canvas so we could put them in our hearts.

I kind of think the new Earth, when God restores Creation, will look more like the world of Grandma Moses than–well, who wants to mention any of those people on a Sunday?

A Glassful of… Cat

I never had a cat and an aquarium at the same time. My goldfish were trusting little souls; they would’ve been easy prey.

I am so glad none of these aquariums got knocked over. Really, cats sometimes do things that make you wonder if they’re quite all there. Like packing themselves into a goldfish bowl. Do they have rubber bones?

Kittens Prepare for Sky-Diving!

You can see from this video that they still have very much to learn about safely packing a parachute. That’s why they have to practice on curtains.

I can’t prove they are preparing for a sky-diving adventure, but what else could this be? Like, who just plays with curtains?

Ferocious Cats Maul Home Invaders!

The fact that the home invaders are various insects in no way invalidates my headline.

My cats Robbie and Peep pretty much hate each other; but let a bug invade the home, and they instantly join forces.

Note the way “Marmalade” beseeches the moths to come down from the ceiling for a stand-up fight. My cat Henry always used to do that “Come down here, you coward!” bit–but no moth ever took him up on it.

Hairy White ‘Flash’ Caught on Camera!

Good evening. I am still trying to make my headlines more alluring to readers. I am also trying to talk like Alfred Hitchcock.

Ah, well, I couldn’t resist this Norbert video. One of his humans came back from the store or something, and he’s excited about it. Joie de vivre!

Hamster Puts the Whammy on a Cat

I wouldn’t try this at home, but apparently the hamster is perfectly safe because the cat’s afraid of him. Indeed, the hamster acts like the cat’s not even there. How can this be?

Our cat Henry showed no interest in our pet mice; but that was because we had a tankful of baby fence lizards (hatched here at home!) that quite occupied his fantasies. I wouldn’t have trusted him with a baby lizard for two seconds.