Cat Conquers Bear

The humans are indoors and not coming out, the dog is barking but he’s inside, too–well, heck, it’s a bear out there! Danger!

So it’s left up to the cat, of course, to run the bear off the property…

A Lesson from a Dog to a Puppy

The puppy is afraid to tackle the stairs–so the grownup dog shows her how it’s done: actually teaches her.

Why do I post a pet video each day? Because our dogs and cats and all the rest are gifts of God… and we shouldn’t ever forget it.

By Poplar Demand… Crazy Dog Zoomies

I couldn’t find the tortoise zoomies video that I was looking for, so I’ve gone with one of my all-time favorite critter videos.

Somewhere behind these crazy antics there must be a story. And I’ll be there are two very different sides to it.

Sock Puppies!

I never saw Pomeranian puppies till now. Gee, they look like animated pom-poms! But as you can see, they are totally fierce and if they ever did to you what they do to this sock… you’d wind up two feet taller.

Sanity Break: A Joke

Big And Tough Cowboy Outlaw Mean Face Photo Background And ...

Here’s an old Jackie Gleason joke. I hope you haven’t all heard it before; and I hope it gives you a laugh.

A greenhorn gets off the stage in a little town, way out West, walks into the saloon, and orders a drink. Everybody, even the bartender, seems a little nervous. But before he can ask anybody why, a man burst in and cries “Everybody git! Big John’s comin’!” And everybody drops what he’s doing and skedaddles out of the saloon–even the bartender.

A few minutes later, the biggest, meanest-looking cowboy the greenhorn ever saw comes barging into the saloon. He has to duck to get inside, and he’s so huge, he can barely fit through the batwing doors. He has bandoliers across his chest and a .45 on each hip–plus some rather intimidating tattoos.

The greenhorn’s scared; but all he can think is, “I’d better be nice to this guy!” So he says, “Good afternoon, sir! May I pour you a drink?” The big guy gives him a fierce frown, then says “Thankee, don’t mind if I do.”

The greenhorn pours a stiff belt of whiskey, which the big man drains in a single gulp. “Have another?” asks the greenhorn. After a thunderous belch, the cowboy says, “Thanks but no thanks, stranger. I’ve gotta get goin’ out of here… Big John’s comin’.”

If a Shepherd Has No Sheep…

A border collie is supposed to herd sheep: they were bred for that. But here’s a border collie herding ducklings–and doing a good job of it, too. I wonder: was she auditioning for a job with sheep?

Why Isn’t This Parakeet Scared?

Does this bird have a death wish–or does he know, somehow, that the cat won’t hurt him? Try this outdoors and it’s bye-bye birdie. But in the human home… animals learn to be more than they thought they could be.

Cats Climbin’ Curtains

My iguana gave up climbing curtains when he accidentally tore one down–he did not like to repeat accidents, and took pains not to–but it’s hard to imagine any cat caring about what he did to the curtains. There’s always more curtains somewhere else.

Four-Legged Fishermen

So two dogs decide to go fishing…

No, it’s not a joke. They really did–and look at all the fish they caught. Huge salmon, almost as big as the dogs. How many did they catch, and what did they do with them? Inquiring minds want to know.

Parrots: ‘Fear No Cat’

How do the parrots in these videos get the upper hand over these cats? I mean, who’s supposed to be the predator–eh? Somehow the parrot has the cats’ number. We need an enormous federal grant to study this mystery!