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The Dog & Parakeet Show

There are humans stationed nearby to prevent mayhem. But really, how hard would it be for the dog to chomp down on the parakeet before anyone could prevent it? And why does the parakeet appear to be completely unconcerned for anything like that to happen?

Have hours of fun trying to get inside animals’ heads and understand their interactions. So much more complicated than you’d think!

More Funny Bunnies

Little white bunny chasing big black cat–is that the way it’s supposed to work?

But oh–! Baby bunnies! So cute, they leave you speechless. See? Look how clumsily I’m saying this!

Cats vs. Butterflies (a little taste of spring)

Even for cats, butterflies are hard to catch. And some of these butterflies seem determined to go about their business whether the cat likes it or not.

I admit I’m pining away for some snow, we haven’t gotten any to speak of; but who can resist butterflies? And kittens?

Funny Animal Friendships

We love to watch animals playing together, don’t we? Some of the combinations in this video, you never would’ve thought of. Bear and tiger rubbing faces–not something you see every day. I guess the closest I’ve come to seeing this in real life was my iguana napping on the bed, cuddled up with his two friends–the schnauzer and the big black cat.

The Cockatoo from Hell (and other offenders)

I don’t say my cats are paragons, but Robbie and Peep would never, ever do any of the things depicted in these videos. We give them cardboard boxes to shred into confetti, and they seem content with that.

But oh! the cups and straws and toilet paper, and mail, and pages from a magazine–all over the place! They’ll be clamoring for free college next…

Not the Smartest Dogs on Earth

Look, if you wanted a rocket scientist, you’d get a rocket scientist–right? You don’t need your dog to be a savant. Jolly and cuddly is better!

Even so, you do have to wonder, sometimes, what the dog could possibly be thinking…

Bonus Video: Super-Kitten

This kitten wants to be a gecko when he grows up. But maybe by then he’ll have learned to fly.

Don’t try this yourself: it’s harder than it looks.

Mommy Critters

We once had a mouse named Sleepy, who had a lot of babies. They didn’t want to be weaned. Instead, they would chase her around until they caught her, then all try to nurse at once: and wound up lifting her off the floor of the aquarium. Her only recourse was to climb up to the top of the water bottle, where they couldn’t get her, and chatter crossly at them.

The mommy critters in this video all had an easier time than that.

Baby Bunnies vs.Things from Venus

Sorry, but the things from Venus failed to show up (so unreliable!), so we had to wing it with just baby bunnies.

The ones hopping all around on the bed–yeah, I’ll have a few of those, please.

Cats & Dogs Together

I’ve never had dogs and cats at the same time. It looks like fun. I did once have a large land crab and a small tortoise in the same cage, but all we got out of that was the world’s slowest romance. The crab had not the slightest interest in being caught by the tortoise. I think you need dogs and cats to get truly humorous moments.

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