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Concealed Kitties

Our little friend Peep made herself disappear today, when the AC repairman came. And she stayed disappeared for the whole afternoon. Couldn’t find her anywhere! And Patty began to get frantic, worried that Peep might’ve panicked and dashed out the door when someone opened it, and–and–and

And there she was, sitting in the middle of the living room and washing herself. Like, what’s everybody so wrought up about?

I still have no idea at all where she could’ve been hiding.

The cats in this video are much easier to find. They’d have to be; otherwise you’d have no video.

They Cuddle Like Cats & Dogs

The cool thing about mammals is, they’re smart enough to adapt their behavior to different situations. So cats and dogs in the same household can become very close friends instead of mortal enemies.

We never had a cat and a dog at the same time. Our iguana and our dog instantly became friends, but I think that lizard thought he was a mammal. Animal interactions are always fascinating.

Anyway, it’s a cold, dreary, rainy evening–perfect for cuddling your cat. Even if you’re a dog.

More Baby Goats

Are there any animals cuter or friskier than baby goats? No, not alligators.

Note how they try to butt dogs or people or each other well before they’ve grown any horns. One of these little warriors is just a tad bigger than a hamster.

Some of you out there must have had goats. Do they stay playful after they’re full-grown? Inquiring minds want to know.

Cats and Snow (a Festival)

Look, if we get some decent snow around here this year, I promise to go out and make a snow angel–and at least a snow baby, if not a snow man. It’s the least I can do to show solidarity with these cats.

Although, come to think of it, when I offered our cat Henry an opportunity to go outside and frolic in the snow, he took just two steps and then, with a loud meow of protest, looked up at me  with a dirty look that made me feel about two inches tall… Can’t please everybody, can we?

A Contest of Wills (the Cat Wins)

Hah, foolish human! Did you really, truly, think you’d get a chance to do that job of yours? Imbecile! Your job is to pet the cat! That’s what humans are for.

They do get a little bossy sometimes, don’t they?

‘In the Sweet By and By’ (Swanson Brothers)

Enough of the nooze already! This hymn’s been in my mind all day, and to me that means I ought to post it. In the Sweet By and By–and who better to play it for us than our own esteemed colleagues, the Swanson Brothers, Joshua and Jeremy?

Kick back and let this gentle hymn wash over you… Ah! That’s good!

Cranking Up Your Guinea Pig

I can’t tell whether they’ve got another guinea pig, a tape recording of a guinea pig, or a gifted human being impersonating a guinea pig; but whatever it is in the background, this little character wants to find out all about it.

I’ve never had a guinea pig for a pet, but something tells me you could get really attached to one.

Animal Antics

All right, I finally broke down and watched this video. I had been avoiding it because I don’t approve of apex predators, like hammerhead sharks, as entertainment. I think the diver’s striped wet suit is to make the sharks think he’s some kind of sea snake.

But the rest of the clips are fun. The bear opening the car door, the raccoon performing a high wire act on the bird feeder, the cow nursing baby goats–just gotta love ’em. Unless it’s your car that the bear climbs into.

Romping in the Snow

Most of the adults of my acquaintance gripe and moan when it snows; but dogs and cats know better. They go for the gusto! (That was an advertising slogan once upon a time, but I forget what brand of beer it was for. The ol’ memory ain’t what it used to be.) Anyhow, kick back and watch them have fun.

Cavalcade of Critters

A bird on the head is worth two in the bush.

Never let a cockatoo re-arrange your sock drawer.

If a cat really wants to get out of the house, he will.

These insights, and more, are included in this video.

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