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Kats & Krime

Observe all these different cats stealing money. They have definitely been around humans too long. What they’ll spend it on is anybody’s guess.

Even more closely observe the silly hoser standing there filming the escapade. What’s so silly about that? Well, he just isn’t thinking, when he or she ought to be wondering, “Hmm, what does this cat get up to when I’m not here with my camera?”

Better find a safer place you keep your money, sport.

Cat Pursued by… What?

Usually it’s the cat that chases the model train, but here the roles are reversed. Wherever the cat goes, the little train follows. Will the cat figure out how to defeat it? Watch and see.

By the way, I don’t know about you, but I think it would be just way cool to have a model railway going all over the house. We don’t have that kind of space in our apartment, and I’m sure my mother would have never stood for it, back home. But just think of all the adventures you could make up for your toys! Join Farfel the Hippo and Al the Beaver as the train takes them to the Land of the Dinosaurs… And if you had an erector set or Lincoln logs to go with it–!

But that would surely tempt your cats beyond what they could bear.

Dog Wants an Indoor Pool

I know a few dogs who really like those little wading pools, especially on a really hot day. Gus the bulldog likes his wading pool so much, he wants to set it up indoors. No, he doesn’t need any human help for this. Probably it’s the humans who wind up needing help.

Why They Call It ‘Falling’ Asleep

Do you like watching dogs and cats dream? Funny, isn’t it? I guess their dreams are very real to them, if they try to act them out while sleeping.

Anyhoo, the dog and cat are sound asleep on the sofa… and then the dog has a dream… and see what happens.

Nora the Piano Cat… Plus Orchestra

Would you believe it? They composed a musical piece just for this cat. But it is, after all, Nora the famous piano-playing cat. How famous? Well, my wife has a Nora coffee mug. There are no coffee mugs with me on them.

Cats can be quite musical. My cat Buster used to derive endless pleasure from twanging the rubber band that kept my package of Archway cookies closed. That sound coming from the kitchen really mystified us, until we caught him in the act.

The Old Shell Game–for Cats & Dogs

All right, how do they do it? Cats and dogs–they’re wizards at the old shell game. If they were ever allowed to play it for money, you could take your pet to New York and make a fortune–until somebody came along and made you disappear.

But really–are our pets that much cleverer than us?

P.S.–We are having an inexplicable plague of flies this evening. And the cats just sit there and watch. This will definitely be considered the next time they ask for a raise.

Cat Pursued by Cockatiel

What’s going on here? Everywhere the cat goes, the bird follows: can’t get away from it. What does the bird want? And why is the cat so eager to avoid it?

I once had a very large land crab to whom a small tortoise took a fancy. The tortoise chased the crab round and round a very large cage–in what must have been the world’s hottest slow-motion romance. Actually, it was quite obvious what the turtle had in mind. In fairness, the crab, in its big round shell, must have looked something like another turtle. But finally we had to separate them before the poor crab despaired of ever knowing peace again. It was a very good crab, and deserving of respect: never once pinched me.

Return of the Klepto-Kats

Forsooth, this is just too much!  Cats stealing snacks–well, you expect that. But DVDs? And laundry? What does the cat want with the laundry? And money! Say it ain’t so, Joe.

Those first two, by the way, look just like our two wonderful cats from years ago, Buster and Missie. Only there’s no way my little girl Missie would’ve just sat there and let her brother swipe her snacks.

And then there’s the gavone who stands there filming while the cat climbs around all the food in the refrigerator…

Love Puts Up with a Lot

This husky, blamelessly trying to enjoy a nap on the couch, deserves applause for being sort of a poster-dog for I Corinthians 13. If love is truly longsuffering, then this is love. And the cat using the dog for a cushion looks startlingly like one of my cats.

There was a husky named Buttons in my neighborhood, back in the Bronze Age, who frequently slipped his chain and ran around biting people. The cat who tried to cozy up to Buttons would not be long for this world.

This Will Give You the Willies

Boy, some cats can sleep through anything!

Sorry if I creep you out, but this video fascinates me. What do the ants propose to do with this cat? And what will they have to do to wake him up? I mean, if it were you instead of this cat (presuming you don’t mind grabbing 40 winks on the sidewalk), would this not freak you out?

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