Cats Helps Make the Bed

Our little Robbie must be feeling better, because lately she’s decided to get involved when I make the bed. She jumps onto the bed and hunkers down on whatever major wrinkles I’m trying to straighten out. She doesn’t go all combative, like this cat does; but boy! is she stubborn.

The Squirrel Wants to Play

If you watch squirrels in your yard, you know how playful they are. A broken twig will serve as a toy, if there’s no other squirrel to play with.

Here’s a pet squirrel pulling out all the stops to get the family cat to play tag with him. I don’t think the cat is up to it.

Have You Brushed Your Squirrel Today?

You’d think squirrels would make good pets. They’re quick to learn, they’re friendly–what’s not to like?

Except that, really, the squirrels around here seem perfectly happy outside and it doesn’t take much effort to make friends with them. They’ll eat out of your hand. I don’t know if they’ll ever sit on your lap… unless they’re living in your home.

I just wish they wouldn’t chew the wires on our cars.

Cats Raid the Fridge

I am so glad none of my cats ever got into opening the refrigerator. I did once live in a house where the cat opened the fridge every day and pushed food out for the dog. The humans were not amused.

Notice somebody put some little plastic doohickey on their fridge to keep the cat out. Notice it totally didn’t work.


We are told there are 39 dogs enjoying this swimming pool at doggy day care. I don’t know–I didn’t even try to count them. No chihuahuas, pugs, or bulldogs were involved. A spokesman for bulldogs said he was glad no bulldogs were involved.

Pushy Cats

The cat wants to take a nap. The two little dogs want to play. Guess who gets dumped into the swimming pool. (It’s okay, little fellas–cats will do that to anyone.)

“Let sleeping dogs lie” also goes for cats.

By Popular Demand! The Quokka Tango

Phoebe says we need some quokka video here, and I say so, too. So here’s me, Byron the Quokka, eating a nice fresh leaf for energy and celebrating with a little dance. You humans ought to try it!

Cats Who Play Fetch

Our cat Missy loved to play fetch, usually with pipe cleaners. She was the only one of many.

Watching cats at work or play, you can almost see or hear the wheels turning inside their heads. What are they thinking? Wouldn’t you love to know?

Cat Succumbs to Puppies

These are terribly cute puppies! Alas, the cat doesn’t think so. Can’t hiss them away–they don’t understand what that means. And gee whiz, completely abandoning the bed to them–well, if you’re gonna do that, you might as well turn in your cat badge.

Otters Holding Hands (Yes, Really)

(Thanks to Susan for the tip)

These are sea otters at the Vancouver Aquarium. They like to sleep floating on their backs in the water. And they, well, sort of hold hands while they’re doing it.

Surely, if you’re a couple of otters out on the open sea, you don’t want to drift miles apart while you’re asleep and maybe never be able to find each other again.

And maybe they really like each other!