Cat Hygiene (Sort Of)

I had a friend whose cat always used the toilet instead of a litter box. He was 90 years old and much appreciated the labor his cat spared him.

Here’s a cat who has almost figured out the use of toilet paper. You can see it’s a big “almost.”

Dogs ‘n’ Doorstops

Not since Andy Devine said “Plunk your magic twanger, Froggy!” has anything twangy been such a hit as those springy doorstops. Dogs and cats love ’em!

They had to ban them in Scurveyshire, though. People were taking it all much too seriously.

Dogs vs. Bushel o’ Crabs

Prices having shot into the stratosphere, it’s been years since we had a dozen blueclaw crabs for supper. One thing about crabs that hasn’t changed: they take no guff from anyone. These dogs don’t know what they’re in for, if a crab should grab one by the nose or ear.

Risking Your All for Some Worms

The little brown anole lizard can’t resist the mealworms included in the snacks at the bird feeder. He’d better watch out or he’ll wind up as bird food, too. Notice how skillfully he disappears whenever the blue jays show up, to reappear just as smoothly after they leave.

I have included this video in today’s program to discourage high-risk behavior by lizards.

Kittens Stump Great Big Dog

All right, who’s the wise guy who put the kittens in the dog bed?

Videos like this make me really wish I could see the situation through the animals’ eyes. What do they think of this? What is going through their minds? We’ll never know.

Are These Birds Quite Sane?

The parrots in this video go out of their way to pester cats. Why? Do they have a death wish? Or do the birds and the cats have an understanding that’s way out of human reach? Go figure.

Bad, Bad, Bad Cat!

I’ve known cats who raided the refrigerator; but what really makes me wonder is the gavone who stands there filming it–helping the cat form a habit that won’t seem so funny in the morning if the freezer’s been left open all night.

Crazy Corgi, Cool Cat

I’m guessing the corgi wants to play and will do just about anything to get the cat involved. The cat wants to take a nap. He’s the only cat in a roomful of dogs. I know the feeling.

A Dog and a Horse and Fun

I never thought of a horse as a playful animal. But I don’t know much about horses. So when I see a horse and a dog romping together, I can’t help wondering, “Who put them up to this?” And you can’t get either of ’em to play poker.

Corgi Want a Cracker?

You had a cracker in your mouth, you silly dog, and then you spat it out so you could perform this weird ritual around it. Then you spat it out again before finally eating it and getting crumbs all over the rug. What was that about?