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The Joy of Paper Bags (if you’re a cat)

It was famously reported that Thrasywhatsit asked Socrates, “So, Socrates–which do cats love more, cardboard boxes or paper bags?” Unable to reach a conclusion, Socrates fell down with pink foam bubbling from his ears and had to take a long weekend off.

The cats in this video leave no doubt as to the entertainment value of paper bags.

Too bad they don’t make them big enough for us humans.

‘Domesticated’ Doesn’t Rule Out ‘Wacky’

What I really want to know is, how did the squirrel get inside the bird feeder, and how he expected to get out again.

The grey-and-white cat playing fetch reminded me of my own grey-and-white cat, Missy, who didn’t always like to wait for me to get out of bed in the morning before hopping onto my chest with a pipe cleaner and demanding that I throw it somewhere: a true devotee of the game.

Meaningful Dialogues with Cats

Our cat Henry used to sit up on the table with me when I played Strat-O-Matic Baseball. Not because he wanted to see how the 1927 American League season turned out, but because he wanted to grab the little plastic pegs that served for baserunners.  He waited till I had to get up for something. Once I came to realize what he was waiting for, I would tell him, very sternly, “You leave those little plastic men alone!” And he would argue with me–quite emphatically, in fact. He wanted to snatch them up in his mouth and run off with them, and lose them. It’s the cat idea of a good time. He even looked cross when he argued. “Yaaah! Myaaah!” And so forth.

Bonus Video: Elephant Calf Plays in the Snow

Well, we’ve got our first snowfall here in New Jersey today–it’s really coming down. The forecast called for flurries. Wrong!

Anyhow, here’s something we don’t often get to see–an elephant calf (at the Toledo Zoo) playing in the snow and genuinely digging it.

What do you want to bet he’s making believe he’s a mammoth?

Wahoo! Critters in the Snow!

They’re all here–cows and horses, cats and dogs, even a fox–all grooving on their first snow. Go ahead, tell me some of these dogs and horses aren’t having the time of their lives. Especially the dog with the snow shovel. You didn’t know you could do that with a snow shovel, did you?

There’s snow in our forecast for tomorrow, by the way: so I hope this video will get us in the mood.

On a Slippery Slope with Kittens

So I’m all mellow and calm as I go to post this nice cat video–and then WordPress tells me I’m gonna get a “new editor” for a “new layout” and that’s the top of my head they’re scraping off the ceiling. No! No! No new stuff! I can barely manage the old stuff that I’m used to. Who asked for anything new around here? Not me! No, no, no, I will most emphatically not try “our new editor,” no way, why can’t you people just leave me alone, what have I ever done to you??? Excuse me while I scream.

Hard-Boiled Rats

Don’t worry, it’s not one of Violet Crepuscular’s recipes. It’s just somebody’s three pet rats trying to tackle a hard-boiled egg. Note how they frequently appeal to the stupid human with the camera, who finally gets the idea and helps them.

We’ve had pet rats, and they make wonderful pets. Quite affectionate, and very, very smart! Although our two girl rats were siblings, so every time you turned out the light for bedtime, they would fight: thump-thumpety-thump-SQUEEEEEEEK!!! Then you put the light back on and they’re just standing around looking innocent.

Just like our freakin’ cats.

The ‘Citizen Kane’ of Furry Fun

Both this video and Citizen Kane show scenes of subway cars full of people with owls. But then I haven’t seen Citizen Kane in a long time and I might be confusing it with some other classic film.

All the other animals in this video have fur instead of feathers.

Excitable Critters

‘Tain’t just dogs and cats who crank themselves up! We’ve got ’em all–even a lizard that plays with a cat toy. I’ve had at least 15 different kinds of lizards, and never saw anything like that before. And if you can figure out what the cockatoo is doing with the plastic cups, you need to apply for a job as a clairvoyant.

Bonus Video: Cat on the Catwalk

Obviously this cat knows it’s called a catwalk for a reason: cats walk on it. There are also strangely-garbed humans looking like they’ve recycled their old bedsheets into clothing; but then fashion is ridiculous no matter where you go. And that’s another thing the cat knows.


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