Big Bad Squirrel!

You’d think two cats–two, mind you–would be more than a match for any squirrel. But watch what happens in this video. Hint: the squirrel has absolutely no fear of these cats. This refutes the old adage, “There are old squirrels and there are bold squirrels, but there are no old, bold squirrels.”

‘I Thought You Said “Chicken Magnet”!’

It’s not easy to become a chick magnet. Especially when you think you heard “chicken.”

My question for the chicken who’s so determinedly chasing the dog: What would you do if you caught him?

Cat & Dog Wrasslin’ Match

This dog wants to play and is giving the cat no choice in the matter. How agile they are, both of them! It’s even better than real, genuine, honest-to-goodness pro wrestling.

Appalling False Fact: Wrestling legend Hulk Hogan was regularly defeated by a cat named Whiskers.

Now I’ve Seen Everything: Dog & Guinea Pig

Betcha you’ve never seen this before.

The nice lady in the video is taking her dog for a walk. And her guinea pig, too. The dog has a leash. The guinea pig doesn’t. The neighborhood features some really fancy buildings. Maybe palaces.

I never heard of taking your guinea pig for a walk. Then again, my iguana almost did a dog food commercial…

The Feline Fly

Which is these gravity-defying feats–I don’t say they were all successful: sometimes gravity wins–do you find most impressive?

Cat running straight up the wall, like a gecko: that’s impressive. Flies can do those things because they weigh next to nothing. Cats can do those things because they’re crazy.

Cats… and Human Kittens

I’ve seen enough Cat & Baby videos to believe that many cats understand babies as human kittens, and respond accordingly. Many, but not all.

Some fall in love with the baby, right off the bat. Others are very, very cautious. You’ll see one cat run all the way upstairs because the baby made a movement that unnerved him.

You haven’t ever done that, have you?

Do Cats Have Rubber Bones?

Cats like to hide. They like to hide in tight places. If they don’t have flexible rubber bones, how do they manage to pour themselves into jars? It takes some real contortionist’s tricks to get into some of those hiding places.

I’m sure some of you like to hide sometimes. But humans will never catch up to cats in that field of art.

Blessed Are the Peacemakers (Even If They’re Dogs)

Isn’t this fantastic? The cat’s working himself up to get into a dust-up with another cat–when along comes the dog and removes kitty from the battlefield. Thanks to this golden retriever, no cats were injured in the making of this video.

Mark my words, there’s a story in this somewhere…

Giant Spider Steals Dog’s Ball

Gee, that headline sounds like one of those glorious 1950s horror movies…

I don’t believe it’s possible that the dog genuinely doesn’t realize this enormous spider is not a living thing. I think the dog is playing along with the gag and having fun. Animals are a lot smarter than they get credit for (although my iguana did sometimes try to eat pictures of fruit painted on his plate–but he simply couldn’t resist anything red, like tomato or watermelon).

This Kitten Means Business

My wife was so shocked when we were told that our sweet, friendly, peaceful little Peep turned rogue when she was at the vet’s. She couldn’t believe her ears. It was like hearing that Norbert preys on sheep.

So here’s a kitten who already growls at uncooperative humans. What’s he gonna be like when he grows up–a scourge of man and beast?