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Cats & Dogs & Whose Bed Is It, Anyway?

I think it’s so funny when a cat steals a dog’s bed and then completely ignores the dog’s best efforts to get it back. I’m sure they do that just to drive the poor dogs crazy.

But there are still a few dogs smart enough to figure out that if they sit on the cat, the cat’ll go away.

More Cats & Bunnies

Cats chasing bunnies, bunnies chasing cats, cats grooming bunnies, bunnies grooming cats–what happened to predator and prey? What’s all this… cuddling?

Just a glimpse of what will be, when God is finished refining His work.

When Hamsters Hit the Skids

Apparently hamsters like sliding. I wonder how it compares to running so fast inside an exercise wheel that first your legs and then the rest of you turns into a blur.

The famed Egyptologist Howard Carter, who discovered and opened Tutankhamen’s tomb, has nothing to say about sliding hamsters.

The Strange Case of Caliban ‘Shorty’ Frantageous

TV When I was Born: Perry Mason

Note: I don’t want to cover the nooze today, on our anniversary. But some stories just can’t be left alone. Like this one.

Bad enough your mother names you “Caliban.” Bad enough you’re hypersensitive about your height and everybody therefor calls you “Shorty,” just to wind you up. But for Caliban “Shorty” Frantageous, the real hardship was not being able to live out his dream.

I have this story from an informed source.

Frantageous’ dream was to be a hot-shot lawyer trying a high-profile criminal case, with the whole world watching–and winning it, hands down. He wound up on a series of loading docks instead; and as his 60th birthday dawned, it came to him that now he was too old to go to law school. His dream had slipped through his fingers forever. He would never be called a real-life Perry Mason.

Ah! Mr. Frantageous is resourceful. What if he were to commit a high-profile, serious–even monstrous–crime, and then insist on his right to conduct his own defense? What if he got himself off?

This is how he came to rob the laundromat at the Sunnydale nudist camp. The gory details of this disgusting crime will not be mentioned by me.

In due course the case came to trial–and Shorty Frantageous was ready. He dazzled the country with his self-taught lawyer’s footwork. His arguments left hostile witnesses speechless. And the climax of the case, when the probably entirely innocent pizza delivery man broke down in court and confessed that he’d done it–well, what was to compare with it? It was a dream come true.

I relate this story purely for your edification and enjoyment.

Cats & Babies: Crescendo of Doom

You’ll have to pardon the headline. I couldn’t resist it.

Some of these babies are pretty rough on the cat, but the cats are careful not to rough the baby. Heck, one of these cats is bigger than the baby. If you wonder about the value of these interactions, judge them by the babies’ laughter.

The World’s Coziest Cat & Chicken Video

All right, it’s not the most exciting video in the world, but it’s got to be one of the sweetest. And wouldn’t you like to see these two grow up together?

Shut up, over there! I’m a swordsman and I can be as sappy as I please.

A Bad Fierce Kitten

Maybe you’d better sit down before you watch this. Here is a kitten who takes no guff from anyone: a conquering kitten, with a threat display that would scare off a crocodile. (Actually, we do have a video, somewhere in the archives, of a cat laying down the law to a couple of alligators. I wonder if I can find it.) Anyway, beware!

Birds Do It, Too

I was sure I could find birds playing with a spring-powered boing-boing door stopper, but it took me a while to find this little video. This is probably as far as I want to take this theme. Lizards and fish don’t play with door stoppers. But don’t let a carp sucker you into a game of Sorry.

Cats & Door Stoppers

Man, I’ve got to get a couple of these spring-powered door stoppers for my cats! You can see how much fun they have with them. Boing, boing! Total bliss.

We had the dogs with these things last night, we’ve got the cats tonight–and I wonder if birds ever play with these. Betcha they do.

Puppies & Doorstops

I don’t know how well these spring-powered doorstops work at stopping doors, but they’re great for driving puppies wild. If I had puppies, I’d have a a couple of these. Who needs hi-tech dog toys?

I suspect cats like these, too, only there are no cats in this video.

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