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Does Your Cat Help You Make the Bed?

We got new sheets today, and I wanted to put them on the bed. Peep was sleeping on the bed, already cheesed off at me for taking Robbie to the vet and coming back with a funny smell on me. I waited all afternoon, but she wouldn’t budge.

So, as Sir Thomas Malory would say, “maugre Peep’s head,” I went ahead to strip the bed and put on the new sheets. That’s what I thought I was going to do, at least. She had other ideas. And put them into practice with quite a lot of hissing.

Even with the film speeded up, the couple in this video have an easy time of it, compared to the ordeal Peep put me through today.

And guess where she is now…

A Playful Lizard (Sort Of)

This is about as  close as you’re going to come to getting a lizard to play, and I consider it cheating to put a nice, fat, tasty caterpillar inside the ball for the lizard to eat. These, by the way, are Australian bearded lizards, which have become popular pets in recent years. I don’t doubt the lizard enjoys the challenge of extracting din-din from the rolling ball, but it’s not really play as cats or dogs or birds or bunnies know it.

A Jolly Bunny

I’ve always wanted to have a bunny as a pet, but never managed it. Now I guess the cats would veto it. I don’t know about you, but I loved watching this little guy romp around with his ball. As much as I love them, lizards and turtles just don’t do stuff like this. It would probably be shocking if they did.

Let Sleeping Cats Lie

Every time I see that grey cat sleeping on the arm of the chair, I crack up. Our cat Peep likes to sleep face-down: blamed if I know how she breathes. But in this video there are cats who sleep in stranger positions than that. How do their skeletons put up with it?

Cats in Hiding

Our cat Buster was a whiz at making himself disappear. And you couldn’t find him, either. Eventually you’d see him come out under the comforter on the bed, where he managed to conceal himself without making a lump in the comforter. He’s probably lucky nobody ever sat on him.

So here are cats with some creative hiding places. Looks like one of them’s a Michael Crichton fan.

Pet Peeves

Actually, what I mean here is pets that peeve us and each other. Puppies, cats, and birds can get up to some pretty creative mischief. I couldn’t call my editor the other day because some of her cats unplugged her phone. But that’s nothing, compared to what puppies can do to a phone.

Oh, well–it’s foolish, but it’s fun.

Cats as Critics

You know that funny facial expression cats make after they’ve smelled certain things? Like feet with sweaty socks on, for instance. They’re processing the aroma through a sense that we humans don’t have. Which means we are at a loss to describe it.

But it’s not all feet and socks here. Some of these cats are very definite about smells that they don’t like. And whatever was in that dish on the table, that the cat decided ought to be buried forthwith–well, it couldn’t have been good for the cook’s self-esteem, to see that.

Cat Hunts Deadly… Socks

All right, you think a sock is just a sock. The cat in this video would disagree with you. A loose sock on the floor, in his view, is on a par with a copperhead loose in the house. He must hunt it–but very, very carefully!

Note the reactions of the other two cats, who are wondering what’s up with this guy.

Stand-Up Cats

It is said that T.S. Eliot had a  cat that could not only stand up on its hind legs, but also tap-dance to Oh, Them Golden Slippers. We don’t have to believe that. But here we have living proof–real, bona fide video of cats walking tall like human beings. And they’re a lot better at it than we are when we try to walk on all fours.

The Infinite Variety of Cat Antics

Shakespeare said of Cleopatra, “Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale her infinite variety.” Never mind the age part. But if you want infinite variety, cats have Cleopatra beat by miles.

Much of what cats do argues for a very high level of intelligence. And some of what they do argues for a high level of tomfoolery. In this they closely resemble human beings.

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