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Romping in the Snow

Most of the adults of my acquaintance gripe and moan when it snows; but dogs and cats know better. They go for the gusto! (That was an advertising slogan once upon a time, but I forget what brand of beer it was for. The ol’ memory ain’t what it used to be.) Anyhow, kick back and watch them have fun.

Cavalcade of Critters

A bird on the head is worth two in the bush.

Never let a cockatoo re-arrange your sock drawer.

If a cat really wants to get out of the house, he will.

These insights, and more, are included in this video.

Cat Cuddles Lizard

My iguana used to like to cuddle between a cat and a dog, his friends, so I know there’s no reason why a cat and a bearded dragon wouldn’t do the same. Once a lizard learns that a mammal is warm, his whole attitude changes. You’d be surprised by how responsive they can be.

All any pet lizard needs is a cat who won’t try to eat him.

Dogs Daunted by Stairs

Have any of you ever belly-flopped your way down the stairs? I’d try it, only the front door is so close to the foot of the stairs, I’d probably bang my head against it.

You’d think dogs would figure out stairs just by watching humans and other dogs using them. I mean, it’s not rocket science for dogs, is it? But try telling that to some of these guys.

Pussycats’ Perfume

None of our cats has ever had that silent barf reaction to a strange smell. I wonder why.

They all did the open-mouth thing, but that’s because cats have Jacobsen’s organs and we don’t. When they make that face, it’s because they’re using that sense to evaluate a smell.

But that business of making like the dinner you just put down for them is a lot of poop that has to be buried, toot-sweet–not very subtle, is it?

A Kitten Overcomes His Fear

Do you have a pervasive fear of roombas? Gee, I hope not.

The little kitten in this video is spooked by the roomba at first: he’ll do just about anything to get away from it. (Are all roombas that noisy? I’ve never had one.) But watch him grow out of it in just a couple of minutes.

And now it’s raining, I’ve had my supper… and it’s time I got some cuddles from my cats.

The Bad Cats Club

As cross as Peep was today, after her visit to the vet, she still didn’t get up to any of the tricks displayed by the bad cats in this video. Casual swipes at humans, dogs, and other cats, purposely knocking stuff off shelves, shredding the toilet paper… Oh, well. At least they didn’t engage in fringe political speech.

Muddy Mutts

This is horrible. Why do dogs do this? And then they want to come back into the house–!

I once got into a mud fight with another kid, but we had to stop because we were laughing too hard. My mother did not laugh when I got home. But it’s easier to clean off a boy than to clean off a dog. Unless the boy has fur, of course.

Did It Scare Ya?

Do you like scary maze pranks? Here’s one performed on an unsuspecting victim in a high school biology class. Watch her la-dee-dah her way through the maze… right up to the point where the la-dee-dahing stops.

A Kuddly Kiwi

This is a baby kiwi in a zoo somewhere. He still needs some help feeding himself, but he’ll learn.

Kiwis, native only to New Zealand, are birds with certain characteristics found in mammals, not birds. Marrow in their bones, for instance: other birds’ bones are hollow. And the feathers are very much more like hair than feathers.

See the source image

Remember Kiwi shoe polish? Back when everybody had to shine his shoes–none of this wearing sneakers to school (or church!). I wonder why they named a shoe polish for the kiwi. This was the brand we always used at our house, when I was growing up.

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