Sock Puppies!

I never saw Pomeranian puppies till now. Gee, they look like animated pom-poms! But as you can see, they are totally fierce and if they ever did to you what they do to this sock… you’d wind up two feet taller.

If a Shepherd Has No Sheep…

A border collie is supposed to herd sheep: they were bred for that. But here’s a border collie herding ducklings–and doing a good job of it, too. I wonder: was she auditioning for a job with sheep?

Why Isn’t This Parakeet Scared?

Does this bird have a death wish–or does he know, somehow, that the cat won’t hurt him? Try this outdoors and it’s bye-bye birdie. But in the human home… animals learn to be more than they thought they could be.

Cats Climbin’ Curtains

My iguana gave up climbing curtains when he accidentally tore one down–he did not like to repeat accidents, and took pains not to–but it’s hard to imagine any cat caring about what he did to the curtains. There’s always more curtains somewhere else.

Four-Legged Fishermen

So two dogs decide to go fishing…

No, it’s not a joke. They really did–and look at all the fish they caught. Huge salmon, almost as big as the dogs. How many did they catch, and what did they do with them? Inquiring minds want to know.

Parrots: ‘Fear No Cat’

How do the parrots in these videos get the upper hand over these cats? I mean, who’s supposed to be the predator–eh? Somehow the parrot has the cats’ number. We need an enormous federal grant to study this mystery!

On the Same Team: Cats & Dogs

Y’know, some of these videos are actually heart-warming. We see dogs and cats, young and old, taking care of each other. Domestication is a good thing.

Cats and Consequences

No one can beat a cat at jumping backwards. Of course, cats don’t do that for fun. They launch themselves when startled… which, as you can see in this video, can happen in very many ways. Some of them the cats’ own fault.

Kittens & Puppies vs. Edvard Grieg

I happen to know that piece of music: “The Hall of the Mountain King” from the Peer Gynt Suite by Edvard Grieg. I wonder if Grieg ever guessed how well it would go with puppies and kittens. (The “vs.” was just to get your attention.)

Hey! You’re Supposed to be Sleepy

Three kittens cuddle up with a dog. We know it’s a real dog because he blinks. And there’s always someone–I remember this from kindergarten–who gets restless when it’s supposed to be nap time. It’s a mammal thing.