A New Age of Predatory Politics

How Artificial Intelligence is Applied in Smart Cities

Venezuela’s gift to the world is a new political theory: The consent of the governed is no longer necessary. It was in Venezuela that the computers and software and crooked voting machines were developed to guarantee that dictator Hugo Chavez would never again lose an election.

Now we know the system works because it’s been used against us, right here in the USA–the very home of “government by the consent of the governed.” Now the various Chavez wannabes can use technology to manufacture a fake consent–thus rendering real consent totally irrelevant.

If the theft of America’s 2020 presidential election is allowed to stand, the same system will be installed all over the world–and freedom will disappear. Governments, backed up by phony votes generated by technology, will do anything and everything they please and no one will ever be able to vote them out of office. Because the lawful votes of real people will have no value anymore.

Why seek consent, when you can manufacture it? Yes, globalists are sure that manufactured consent is the way to go from now on. If you can do it to America, you can do it to anyone.

And they’ll only get better and better at it with practice.

This is why the 2020 presidential election must be overturned.

It’s not just America’s future that’s at stake, but the world’s.

Whoever loses this fight loses everything.

Project Gaslight: No!

Joe Biden will not be able to unify the US | Financial Times

Although the election results are in serious dispute, that doesn’t stop our Free & Independent Nooze Media Inc. from “calling the election” for Doddering Joe, pasting his grinning vacant face everywhere you look, and babbling about “unity” and “healing”–after spending every minute of the last four years calling normal people Nazis, White Supremacists, deplorables, dregs of society (Biden’s phrase), and every day trying to take down our president. Unity and healing, eh?

Let’s see… they’ve stolen our car, vandalized our house, poisoned our dog, corrupted our children, and kicked us in the groin…and now they want unity? They threaten us with riots if we won’t bow down to them… and they want healing? “Well, yeah, okay, we did do all that stuff to you–but now we can be friends, right? Let bygones be bygones!”

No way, sunshine. You stole our country: we want it back. You are not going to get us to believe in this election just by having your media stooges incessantly cackle that you won, it’s over, time for us cattle to be branded.

In the classic movie Gaslight, Charles Boyer tries to convince Ingrid Bergman that she’s lost her mind. That’s where the verb “to gaslight” comes from. And that’s the word that most accurately describes what the Democrats and their media hacks are trying to do to us.

As the evidence of fraud in the 2020 presidential election mounts up to the stratosphere, they want us to believe it’s “baseless,” there’s “no evidence,” the candidate who hid in his cellar all summer is the clear winner… blah-blah-blah!

The answer is no! Never! They think that because they have destroyed some evidence, there’s “no evidence.” But destroying or concealing evidence is in itself evidence of crime. Is there truly anybody out there who doesn’t know that?

We will not surrender to this fraud. We will not let it stand. And it gives me the most sublime pleasure to think that when the Democrats get cut down, the noozies will be cut down with them. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving set of villains.


Heaping Up the Hubris

Xinjiang's “transformation through education” camps

Win a tinfoil hat if you can tell the difference between Democrats and the Chinese Communist Party!

One thing Christians, Jews, and ancient pagans agreed on–God doesn’t like hubris, and never fails to punish it.

Hubris? What hubris?

Well, this hubris: California Democrat bigwig David Atkins wants “post World War II-type re-education” for everyone who supports President Donald Trump (https://dailycaller.com/2020/11/19/california-democrat-wwii-japan-deprogram-conservatives-trump-supporters/). But he does admit he has a minor problem with the details.

“How do you de-program 75 million people?” he wonders.

See, voting for Donald Trump makes you a Nazi, and so there are 75 million Nazis now in the United States, and we all need to have our minds made right, boss.

Atkins called our kind of thinking, shared by at least 75 million of our fellow citizens, a “conspiracy theory-fueled belligerent death cult.” You can just feel the love. He also accused conservatives of giving themselves the coronavirus so they could blame it on liberals.

Oh–and he says “left” and “center-left” are the only good and decent places you can be, politically.

Heap it up, Democrats, heap it up as high as you can.

The Lord’s gonna cut you down.

‘Idiot of the Year’ (2016)

Terry McAuliffe

Would you buy a used country from this man?

America loses 93 million people a day to gun violence. An idiot said so.

Idiot of the Year

Which idiot was that? Why, Terry McAwful! Sorry, that should be “McAuliffe.” One-time Clinton family bag man, former governor of Virginia, aspired to be the Democat presidential nominee for 2020 but lost out to the not-quite-sentient Joe Biden.

What is it with Democrats and numbers? Remember Biden’s plan to put “700 million women” back to work? McAwful didn’t have any trouble adding high numbers when he was schnorring for the Clintons or romancing the Chicoms. Anyhow, his presidential hopes dried up long before this year’s primaries.

Not that any of the others were any better.

GA Senate Hopeful: US Must Repent ‘Worship of Whiteness’

Warnock: 'The Senate could use a pastor' | Ga Fl News |  valdostadailytimes.com

I don’t get it. Why would you want to be a senator of some country you think really stinks of racism and assorted other isms?

Well, one of the Democrats running for senator from Georgia, Rev. Raphael Warnock–who once said you can’t serve God and be in the military–said America must “repent for its worship of whiteness.” Actually he said it in 2016, in a sermon (https://nypost.com/2020/11/16/rev-raphael-warnock-us-must-repent-for-whiteness-worship/).

From what I’ve read of the sermon, the rev and I seem to agree on some of its most salient points. “Of one blood” God made all the peoples of the earth. The Tower of Babel was a symbol of world government by unrighteous human beings. But it’s the rev’s party, not mine, and he, not me, who’s playing racial politics.

He will face Republican Kelly Loeffler in a Jan. 5 runoff, unless she’s withdrawn to some secluded place to repent any worship of whiteness she might have once indulged in.

If “whiteness” is so bad, what about all that “Black” stuff the Left is so high on lately? Oh–that’s good? Well, I admitted I don’t get it.

Democrats think voter fraud has bagged them the presidency. Now they hope it’ll win them the Senate. And then, in Sen. “Che” Schumer’s words, we can “really change America.”

Confound them, O Lord.

‘The Grandmommy of All Fake News’ (2016)

Image result for madam president newsweek

It is said that sheer overconfidence, which produced carelessness, cost Democrats the 2016 election.

How overconfident were they?

The Grandmommy of All ‘Fake News’

Okay, it was fun watching Newsweak frantically trying to distance itself from its own cover.

This year, though, they did away with overconfidence and pulled out every dirty trick, every cheat, every lie, and every payoff in the book–and stole the 2020 presidential election. Stole the White House from the American people, with fake votes and fake news. Now we have this senile guy out there claiming to be president-elect.

Imagine how Hillary feels. “This doddering doofus won, and I lost???” Betcha that keeps her awake at night.


The Purge Begins

Dictatorships & Double Standards - Jeane J. Kirkpatrick, Commentary Magazine

Yesterday’s communists are today’s Democrats.

Oh, boy! A Fundamental Transformation of America–into a one-party socialist hell-hole.

WordPress has just announced that it will “de-platform” Conservative Treehouse–on the grounds of “incompatibility between your site’s content”–conservative free speech–“and our terms…” (https://michaelsavage.com/it-begins-conservative-treehouse-deplatformed-from-wordpress/).

What bunk. I have read WordPress’s “terms,” and there is nothing in there about politics. But after stealing the 2020 presidential election, Democrats are riding high and indulging themselves with fantasies of a one-party socialist state. And their friends in the social media–and social media platforms whose operators are afraid of what the Dems will do to them if they don’t knuckle under–are eager to help them do it.

This is the biggest and most audacious crime in American history, and it will not, and must not, stand. The evidence of voter fraud in this election is overwhelming. Too many people are involved, and sooner or later some of these birds will start to sing. They won’t want to go to federal prison just so doddering Joe Biden can be a figurehead president.

Meanwhile, I wonder how long it’ll take WordPress to work its way down to small, obscure blogs like ours. Conservative Treehouse has more than 200,000 subscribers. I don’t. But the Treehouse has pledged to continue its mission and “take this challenge head-on.”

We will not accept this wicked folly.

We want our country back. And if we have to take it back, we will.

Stuck on Wednesday

Image that portrays a writer who finds no inspiration to write Stock Photo  - Alamy

What to do, what to do?

It’s raining, so I can’t sit outside and write my book–and just about to stage the climax, too. And I don’t feel like writing about the phony election, but what else is there? I”m a day late in writing a Newswithviews column and I guess that’ll have to be about the election–college nooze is just the same-old same-old, white people are bad, white people deserve to be punished, higher education doing its thing.

Incredibly difficult trivia question: Name one institution that hasn’t been turned against us. That hasn’t sold out to Far Left Crazy. Go ahead, try–just one. Betcha can’t do it.

As an old reporter and term paper writer, I never suffer from writer’s block–could never afford to. Never had the time. I don’t have writer’s block now: I just hate the nooze that’s out there to cover. How about an extra hymn instead?

Can the Senate Stop the Stampede Off the Cliff?

98 Boundary Construction Barrier Roadblock Hurdle Stock Photos, Pictures &  Royalty-Free Images - iStock

Assuming (God forbid) that these highly suspicious election results are allowed to stand, at the very least we still have the Senate to protect the American people from an evil and quite possibly insane government.

The Senate, with its Republican majority, can do much good and prevent a great deal of harm. Here are a few things it can certainly do.

*With Republicans in control of the Senate, packing the Supreme Court becomes a totally empty threat, impossible to accomplish. All the Senate majority has to do is refuse to confirm the judges. End of story.

*For that matter, what’s to keep them from refusing to confirm any judges named by Biden-Harris-Voter Fraud? Just say “No!” Easiest thing in the world.

*Refuse to vote for any tax hikes. Sorry, Joe, you can’t raise our taxes without the approval of the Senate.

Now, the thing that bothers me the most about this election is, with Biden-Harris-Fraud in the White House, none of the Democrats’ many crimes will be punished. They’ll all get off scot-free. Hey! Manufacture phony evidence to fool a court? No problem! Spy on the president-elect? Feel free. Selling access to the White House to every dirty foreign crook on the planet? Enjoy!

*Even if they lack the power to ship the multitude of defendants off to Club Gitmo for the next 30 or 40 years, the Senators can still continue to investigate this multitude of crimes, and can announce their findings to the world. They can tell the truth about Biden & Co. selling us out to Red China. They can tell the truth about Obama. And you can be sure Democrats do not want those truths told.

The Senate has all the authority it needs to do these things.

It only remains to be seen whether they have the onions for it.

‘They’ll Never Learn’

See the source image

Remember, five years ago, the Democrats’ pet expert, a Dr. Gruber, bragging about how easy it was to fool the “stupid” American people into passing Obamacare? Not that the people can be blamed for corrupt tricks on Capitol Hill, except in the sense that we elected the villains in the first place. I’ve often wondered why we do that.

They’ll Never Learn

Why do we consent to be governed by fools, idiots, and rascals who rob us, abuse us, insult us, and despise us? How do you explain Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, or Obama himself?

What’s wrong with us?