Voter Roll ‘Cleaning’ Leaves ‘Em Dirty

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“Nothin’ wrong here!”

Meanwhile, the states whose corrupted voter rolls were supposedly cleaned by the “ERIC” system… but it sure don’t look that way. (

Investigators studied Washoe County, Nevada, as the first of many evaluations of ERIC’s work.

What they found was thousands of…er, “voters” with home addresses that turn out to be vacant lots, parking lots, hotels, trailer parks, etc. Guess what party these “voters” will wind up voting for. 

We suggest that this pattern has been followed all over America, Atlantic to Pacific, north to south. Eighty million “votes” for SloJo Biden! Sorry–totally impossible to believe that.

We don’t know how many counties the investigations will cover; but quite a few states have tossed out ERIC, claiming it doesn’t “clean the voting rolls” at all, but only hides the dirt.

Toldja, didn’t we?

Hit Single: ‘Trump Won’

Well, here goes! If you don’t hear from me tomorrow, I’ll be locked up in the gulag.

This, by Natasha Owens, is a hit single, with already about a million views on social media–Trump Won (and You Know It). The artist is a Christian music star.

Gateway Pundit wonders “how the FBI will retaliate.” Retaliate? Hello, did we wake up in North Korea?

Grin and bear it, commies!

Dems Fight to Defend Censorship

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Jonathan Turley

At least one nationally prominent law professor–Jonathan Turley, of George Washington University–has had enough of what he calls Democrats’ “scorched earth” defense of government censorship of conservatives. And speaking of a Congressional hearing recently, he said as much.

“For many of us,” he wrote in a column for The Hill, “this week demonstrates the final severing of many House Democrats from both free speech and free press values” (

House Dems attacked two journalists who were testifying to the FBI colluding with Big Tech to silence critics and conservatives, calling them “so-called journalists” and demanding they reveal their confidential sources–which they have refused to do.

Under Democrat presidents, the FBI has morphed into an enforcement arm of Democrat politics. That’s what the Congressional hearing is about.

What more can be said of a supposed law enforcement agency that spies on parents objecting to the Far Left/Woke carryings-on by their local school boards? Or arresting a pro-life activist at gunpoint one night–at his home, in front of his children?

The hearing has yet to produce any consequences for those who use their government offices to further a naked political agenda. We don’t need no stinkin’ Constitution?

That’s what it looks like.



My Newswithviews Column, March 9 (‘Lords of Misrule’)

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Dinosaurs are living proof that you don’t need government to achieve extinction. It just takes longer, without it.

Government, these days, has become a kind of disease infecting human society. And that would be government at all levels–federal, state, and local. And they’re trying to smother us with a global government on top of that!

It seems the only thing government does really well anymore is corruption.

Lords of Misrule

Look at the stuff we’re expected to tolerate! It’d make a vulture retch. But how do we stop it? Doesn’t look like our elections work anymore.

Anytime you get Democrats elected back-to-back, you know the system is broken.

‘Greater Idaho’ Means ‘Lesser Oregon’

So far, 11 Oregon counties have voted to secede so they can join Idaho… and Democrats are getting nervous.

The chart tells the story.

Even in elections won by Democrats, most counties seem to go Republican. It’s the big cities, with their Democrat machines, that swing the state the other way.

In Portland, Oregon, for instance, violent crime in 2021 shot up 38%. It’s Oregon’s major city, and it’s a mess. Not so long ago, the “Greater Idaho Movement” seemed like a pipe dream. Now, not so much. Who wants to get dragged down by Portland?

And do we need to add that most people truly, deeply don’t like Far Left Oregon school boards’ using the public schools to push “transgender.” And not let parents know about it until it’s way too late.

Democrats seem to be feeling a growing sense of alarm over the prospect of holding only their hollowed-out, high-crime, high-maintenance Blue cities. In a word, they’re afraid. And maybe they should be.

Even a small state like New Jersey has Republican counties whose people are sick and tired of being dragged into costly, foolish policies by the Blue cities and their Democrat bosses. Boy, how great it’d be to get out from under that!

It’s getting to the point where normal people can’t live with insane Democrat policies anymore.

And why should they?

My Newswithviews Column, Feb. 23 (‘Non-Presidents’ Day’)

Could Democrats really destroy Mount Rushmore? - Quora

Mount Blushmore, for Democrat non-presidents

It occurs to me now that we could actually create a monument to these three villains who never got to be president. We could call it Mount Blushmore. They could add Pocahontas Warren to make a fourth.

Non-Presidents’ Day

Gore, Kerry, and Hillary Clinton–how lucky can you get, to have had none of those in office? We staggered through eight years of Obama. Now all we have to do is somehow survive Biden.

A revival has started. God is giving us a chance for national repentance and reform. Let’s not waste it.

Whole Governing Body Exits Democrat Party

Update Voter Information

A few days ago the mayor and the entire town council of East Hanover, NJ, renounced their membership in the Democrat Party and declared themselves Republicans ( One of them said they were tired of being in “an elitist cabal.” Others said they were fed up with “woke.” [Dems don’t care how fed up we are: they know how to steal elections.]

Also mentioned were Democrat “nastiness, rhetoric, and social media vitriol.”

Uh, well… yeah!

Hey, rest of the country! If this can be done in New Jersey, I’m pretty sure it can be done in your state, too. If you’re not here illegally, not a practicing criminal, and don’t own either an abortion abattoir or a program to “gender reassign” little boys and girls… what has the Democrat Party ever done for you?

And how about… what has it ever done to you?

We’re Not Gonna Grab Your Gas Stoves’: Lie

Hochul: Storm will 'go down in history as the most devastating' in Buffalo  | The Hill

Oh, who needs restaurants? Not you plebs, that’s for sure!

I challenge anyone to name even one crackpot scheme that Democrats ever gave up on. Hey! Remember the Green New Deal, that they had to pretend to disown, once they saw how passionately the country hated it? Well, it’s baaaaaaaaack!

New York Democrat Gov. Kathy Hochul–how do these characters ever get elected?–plans to abolish gas stoves by 2030 (, even as the rest of the Biden gang denies they ever had any such plans. “All new construction,” says this jidrool who never built anything and never ran a business in her life, will be “zero emission” starting in 2025.

Now, remember, this is the political party that cries “Down with fossil fuels!” So how are we to cook food, after they take away our gas stoves? Well, forsooth–They’re gonna make us use electric stoves, of course! What that’ll do to ordinary normal people’s electric bills is a folly. And where do they think the electricity to run the stoves is gonna come from? Mars? Nope–it has to be generated… with fossil fuels!

Meanwhile, mandatory electric stoves would almost certainly be the destruction of New York’s restaurant industry. In addition to the electric stoves being simply inadequate for various kinds of cooking, they’d also cost a fortune. I can’t imagine how New York City could survive without its restaurants.

Once they’ve got a damnfool idea in their heads, Democrats NEVER get rid of it. They’ll change its name twenty dozen times, they’ll try to slip it into legislation that’s totally unrelated to it, they’ll hold more popular programs hostage (“If you want this, you have to give us that!”), or just pass it on a late Friday of a three-day weekend. We will never see the end of it.

They want your stoves, people. Oh–and your cars, too. Etc.

Aren’t you glad you didn’t vote Republican?

Whose Stupid Idea Was It to Ban Gas Stoves?

The man who refused to freeze to death - BBC Future

“So who needs a gas stove?”

Let’s not shilly-shally: this asinine caper originated with [trumpet fanfare] the World Economic Forum (! In partnership with a Far Left Crazy think tank, “Rocky Mountain Institute,” which publishes papers with titles like “The Time for Radical Implementation Is Now.”

Yeah… and The People joyfully gather manure for the fields. If you remember that old Maoist theme song.

Well, of course, once the word got out, and the public got its dander up, the SloJo administration quickly backed off. “Oh, no, we have no plans to ban your gas stove!” And you can keep your doctor, while you’re at it. Why in the world would they expect anyone to believe them?

So, whatthehell, after several generations’ use, suddenly gas stoves are this Big Threat To The Climate and a “hidden” health hazard. Ooh-ooh! Let’s make ’em use electric stoves! And then we can take those away, too!

I’m beginning to wonder: Are these “ideas” coming out of Washington actual ideas, no matter how stupid–or is it just pure mischief and free-floating malice? Who can answer that question?

For the time being, they’re not about to confiscate your gas stove. But if you can name a single Far Left Crazy scheme that was ever permanently cast aside… that’s one more than I can.

[Plan B: Teach humans to hibernate.]

‘Thank You, Don Quixote–Er, I Mean Joe Biden’ (2019)

Picturing Don Quixote – The Public Domain Review

Don Quixote in his study: no facts here!

This was written while Democrats were still trying to decide on whom to run for president in 2020. Out of a bumper crop of wackos, they chose the oldest wacko.

Thank You, Don Quixote–er, I Mean Joe Biden

We really should have listened to what this antique leftist had to say in 2019. Sometimes he sounded just like Don Quixote: “We choose truth over facts,” etc. Forget Man of La Mancha. As Cervantes wrote it, Don Quixote was as mad as a hatter, a walking disaster area who reduced everything he touched to chaos.

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?