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Gop Scare Tactics–Enough, Already

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Every day, without fail, I get emails from this or that Republican fund-raising group warning me that unless I send them money, the Democrat Blue Wave will swamp America, we’re all doomed. Not that they’re building an Ark or anything. They just want my money and are afraid to compose an honest message that says “We want your money.”

See, I don’t believe in the Blue Wave. Anyone with half an eye can see it’s a fiction brewed from wishful thinking by the nooze media, polls that way oversample Democrats, and GOP scare tactics as a fund raiser. The emails come from GOP Establishment types, bow ties and all, who never lifted a finger to help Donald Trump and would probably be more comfortable with Hillary the Stalinist.

I resent them thinking I can be made to believe just by mere repetition. It’s the political equivalent of Climbit Change. It’s fake. It’s poop.

As incredible as it seems, politics is actually growing more dishonest than it’s been. Every time you think it’s bottomed out, it drops another level.

I think this is because God is mad at us. And who can blame Him?

Blue Wave? What Blue Wave?

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The whole nooze media is chirping about this Great Blue Wave that’s going to sweep over the country in the midterms and sweep the Democrat Party back into power.

I can’t understand why they’re so confident. Is the science of voter fraud that far advanced? I mean, what items in the Democrat goody bag are going to beguile the same electorate that put Donald Trump in the White House? What do they have to offer that we want?

California’s tent cities?

Open borders, sanctuary states?

Public funding for abortion?

Repealing the Second Amendment?

Throwing people into prison for Climate Change Denial? (Don’t sneer–it was on their 2016 platform.)

“Gays” deciding what artistic content you can’t create, or must create? (Supreme Court ruling pending)

Government promotion of the Transgender movement?

Which of these does any normal person look at and say, “Yeah, I want that”?

Or have Democrats simply charmed us with their behavior? The foul language–they sound like Linda Blair in The Exorcist–and the rioting, the attacks, sometimes physical, on anyone who dares to disagree with them, the threats, the masks, the vandals tearing down statues: is this what’s won us over? Or could it be Nancy Pelosi babbling, or Chuck Schumer saying that if we won’t elect Democrats, they’ll bring in people who will? Were those the magic words? Or is it the 24/7 college jihad against white Americans? Do we, the voters, actually enjoy being demonized and hated, and blamed for everything? Does racism appeal to us, when liberals do it?

How does any or all of this translate into some Blue Wave?

Never forgetting that the nooze media might be lying…

D.C. Dem Says Jewish Bankers Made It Snow

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Washington D.C. Councilman Trayon White Sr., a Democrat whose election was supported by “progressive” (Far Left) Jewish voters, said a recent snowstorm was caused by the Jewish banking family, the Rothschilds, “controlling the weather… to own the cities” (http://www.outsidethebeltway.com/member-of-d-c-city-council-blames-recent-snowstorms-on-jewish-bankers/).

To help this Democrat cover his tracks, the Washington Post article, to which I am unable to link, devoted more than half its space to attacking Far Right conspiracy theorists.

After everyone in the world came down on him like a ton of bricks, Councilman White, Democrat, sort of apologized. Said he, “I did not intend to be anti-Semitic.” [Two-minute laugh break]

Is this Jewish banker thing part of the Settled Science that makes Climbit Change immune from questioning? We’ve also heard it’s caused by SUVs, eating meat, breathing, using more than one sheet of toilet paper per visit to the john, air conditioning, sandwiches, and trying to ape the living standards of our betters.

Meanwhile… why would anybody in his right might want to “own the cities”?

Repeal This Amendment!

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As usual, leftids and noozies are clamoring for the repeal of the Second Amendment, the right to bear arms. They want only criminals and the government to be armed, and normal people to be defenseless.

Forget about it. The amendment most in need of repeal is now, as it has been ever since it was adopted in 1913, the Seventeeth Amendment.

Originally the Constitution provided for each state’s two U.S. senators to be selected by their respective states’ legislatures. That was because their job was to represent their states.

But in 1913 this was changed so that from then on, senators would be elected by popular vote. This has been an inexhaustible source of mischief and corruption.

Now, instead of representing their states, U.S. senators represent national and even global special interests. Every time a lobbyist buys a senator, he becomes the proud owner of 1% of the total vote. And you’d better believe the senators are for sale. And it’s really hard to get rid of them. If you’re a senator and the National Education Assn. is supporting you, that means virtually unlimited funds for your re-election campaign.

Out-of-state money and even foreign money pours into key elections, with the people of those states at best a minor consideration. It’s become a disgusting spectacle.

You can talk about draining the swamp from now till Doomsday: but the popularly-elected U.S. Senate is the very heart of the swamp. The Senate is the Swamp. If it were returned to its original, pre-17th Amendment form, the swamp would find it hard to stay in business.

‘They’re All the Same!’ (*sigh*)

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I entered into a conversation today about current events with the clerk at the health food store: we both wanted to understand why our culture has grown so increasingly coarse and savage. When I said it was because of foolish and wicked policies pursued by certain of our nation’s leaders over the years, I received an answer that surprised me. Let me paraphrase, briefly.

“It doesn’t matter who’s in power–they’re all the same! Republicans and Democrats, right and left, conservative and liberal: they all believe exactly the same things, they all do exactly the same things, they all pay no attention to the people, and so I don’t care about politics because we simply have no power and nothing we say or do can influence those politicians in any way!”

“All right,” I said, “let me relate to you something that one of our Democrat state assemblymen said on TV in a newscast, years ago.” It was circa 1980, in response to a rather nasty pedophilia case. “Let me tell you what this guy said, and then you can try to name one conservative, one Republican, who would have said a thing like this.”

“It doesn’t matter what he said! They’re all alike! Any other politician would have said exactly the same thing!”

“But I haven’t told you yet what it was.”

So what did this man say? He said, “We must also consider the interests of the child sex abuse community.” As if it were a voting bloc that he was interested in courting.

No, I haven’t made it up. That is what he said. But it made no impression on my friend the clerk.

“They’ve changed our country in all these awful ways,” I said, “because the people never stood up to them and stopped them. Too many just sat back and removed themselves from any concern for public business. They gave up having any say in what is done.”

“Well, I don’t care! I’ve removed myself! I refuse to take any interest in politics at all. Because they’re all the same and they don’t care.”

I just couldn’t budge her.

How many Americans think like that? I guess it takes a load off their minds: nothing we can do about it, ever, so why bother to try?

But I say that if we really and truly can’t find any decent leaders, then it’s high time we grew some of our own. Because nobody ever won anything by waving a white flag and giving up.

‘Old Testament Heretics?’ (2013)

This is how the Republican Party turned itself into the Nothing Party. Offer nothing, conserve nothing, stand for nothing. Those who are still wondering how Donald Trump was able to trample 16 political pygmies in the 2016 GOP primaries–well, stop wondering.


When Did *This* Happen??

How the GOP establishment loses the battle of wits… always

Remember Michael Steele? Used to be Republican National Committee chairman, a few years ago. Now a Never Trumper.

He’s mad at evangelicals who support President Trump ( https://ijr.com/the-response/2018/01/1054669-former-rnc-chair-trumps-evangelicals-backers-should-shut-the-hell-up/) . To them he says, “Just shut the hell up and don’t ever preach to me about anything ever again…After telling me how to live my life, who to love…[emphasis added]” And then he goes off on a rant against Donald Trump’s alleged immoralities, yatta-yatta.

Meanwhile–whoa! What does he mean, “telling me… who to love”? When did the Republican establishment hop aboard the homosexual phony marriage bandwagon?  Was it like when you’re playing chess and your opponent points and shouts, “Look at that!” and you turn for a moment and of course there’s nothing there, but while you were distracted for that second or two, he snatched your rook? Did our attention flag for just a moment–and that was all it needed for the  bow tie and country club crowd to desert us on the issue of marriage?

Dude, it’s not us evangelicals telling you that you can’t have another guy as your sex partner. Imagine how easy it’d be for us, if all we ever had to do was go with the flow, whatever the trend, that’s how we bend. But it’s not our call. It’s God’s.

I don’t understand Never Trumpers. The alternative was Hillary Clinton, and that’s inexcusable. I’m a fantasy writer, I get paid to imagine weird things–but I can’t bear to spend much time imagining a Hillary presidency. Is that what Never Trumpers would’ve been willing to settle for?

We didn’t vote for Donald Trump because we thought he was a saint. We voted for him because he is not Hillary Clinton. His actual performance as president has been a glorious surprise to me–far, far better than I’d ever dared to hope.

The GOP establishment: the guys who spend seven years swearing they’re gonna repeal Obamacare as soon as they get the chance; and when at last they have a president who’s eager to sign a bill repealing Obamacare–they don’t bloody do it!

That’s another reason to be for Trump. Because he isn’t them.

Now Trump’s a Dummy, So They Say

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Let’s see… He plots with the Russkies to deny Hillary Clinton her rightful ownership of the White House, he’s crazy as a bedbug, he’s a Nazi… and now he can only communicate “at a fourth-grade level,” according to Newsweak and other Democrat nooze media (http://www.newsweek.com/trump-fire-and-fury-smart-genius-obama-774169).

We’ve just seen yet another Mark Dice jidrool-on-the-street interview with a bunch of passersby, all of them, probably, with college degrees, who didn’t seem to know that dinosaurs, woolly mammoths, and sabertooth tigers have been extinct for a very long time. They were upset because Dice told them Donald Trump’s sons were going around shooting these prehistoric beasts.

Yeah, but the same “study” showed that Jimmy Carter is a blooming genius when it comes to using advanced vocabulary.

But that’s the Democrat nooze media for you–all attacks on Trump, all the time. One after another, they keep on trying  various schemes to undo the election. They just can’t live with the fact that their gal lost.

It isn’t news anymore. It’s only politics.

‘Dems Say the Darnedest Things’ (2015)

And to think this was written well before the Perpetual Democrat Tantrum began on Election Night 2016… These people definitely don’t play with a full deck.


Libs Break All 10 Commandments–on Purpose

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Some people think ideological differences don’t matter much. I say they do: because, deep down, they are religious differences.

Throughout the Western world, the Left stands against each and every one of the Ten Commandments–opposes them as a matter of both ideology and applied policy. In America, that would be the Far Left’s political apparatus, the Democrat Party and the nooze and “entertainment” media.

Take the Commandments one by one, and see.

One, “No other gods before me.” How many Democrats have you heard prattle that there are “many ways to God,” and all of them are equal? They boo God’s name at their national convention, and often insist that the gods of all religions are all the same god.

Two, prohibition against making a graven image and bowing down to it. Uh, smart phone, anyone? Technology as the answer to everything? “Whoever dies with the most stuff, wins”? Granted, it’s not only libs who do this. Materialism is borne of Original Sin, and we all have that.

Three, don’t take the Lord’s name in vain. As we speak, there are groups of “pro-choice clergy” who  blaspheme God’s name by declaring that abortion is His work.  I would be astonished if even one of these were a Republican.

Four, keep the Sabbath Day holy. If any even halfway serious effort were made to do this as a matter of law, Schumer & Co. would fight it tooth and nail. And when was the last time you saw a de-Christianizing initiative that Democrats didn’t lead?

Five, honor thy father and mother. You’re kidding, right? Isn’t that supposed to be honor your two dads, two moms, or whatever? Since the French Revolution, the Left has been trying to wipe out the family.

Six, thou shalt not kill. Can you say “Planned Parenthood”?

Seven, thou shalt not commit adultery. It only hurts when I laugh. Liberals, especially the ones in Hollywood, are crazy about adultery. Don’t take my word for it. Turn on your TV set or go to a movie, and see.

Eight, thou shalt not steal. Which they take to mean, “Let the government do it for you.” And what leftid doesn’t say it’s OK to steal from “the rich”–as long as you’re not sneaking into their own guarded and gated communities and stealing their stuff.

Nine, thou shalt not bear false witness. Again, a sin that crosses all boundaries: but it was the Democrat Obama administration that ponied up for a scurrilous fake “dossier” on Donald Trump and used it to get a court order to spy on his campaign: paid for it with public funds.

Ten, thou shalt not covet. If coveting other people’s goods is not what Bernie Sanders is all about, I don’t know what is. Name a Democrat who doesn’t whip up envy and covetousness with class warfare rhetoric.

Again, there are Republicans who fit this description just fine. But they are not very well loved by the Republican voting base, and I don’t know how they stay in office. It would be a good thing to get rid of them.

And if you’re a liberal and you really don’t like the way this shoe pinches–well, how much would it hurt to reconsider some of your positions?

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