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‘Obama: God Supports Transgender Rights’ (2016)

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The worst ever… so far

Ex-President *Batteries Not Included has crept out from under his rock to support his corrupt and wacky ally, Joe Biden, in this year’s presidential election.

This post is a reminder of what we had to endure, the last time we let Democrats run the country.

Obama: God Supports Transgender Rights

But of course they’ve now had four more years to deepen and intensify their transgender mania; so if they win this time, what has gone before will seem like nothing. This time they do not intend for our republic to survive. This time they mean to destroy our culture and break what’s left of our Christianity.

Anything but a vote for Donald Trump will help them do it.


A Totally Innocent and Harmless Little Post

Was Dracula Story inspired by Abhartach, the Bloodsucking Chieftain of  Ireland? | Ancient Origins

I like happy little puppies, don’t you?

Meanwhile, back in Eastern Europe, descendants of the original Dracula are reaping huge public relations benefits from re-naming their group Transylvanian Lives Matter.

A visit to their secret site on the Dark Web reveals that the group’s aims and interests have not changed at all: feeding on the blood of the living, turning people into vampires, spreading fear and misery and violence everywhere (“Our mission is to spread fear and misery and violence everywhere,” says their Preamble). But suddenly the group is not only socially acceptable, but also politically ascendant.

“Changing our name changed everything!” exults the current president of the group, Count Vladimir Yorga. “Now, anyone who criticizes anything we do, or offers even the most trifling opposition, is immediately accused of believing that Transylvanian lives don’t matter! So the next time anyone asks you, ‘What’s in a name?’, tell them–‘Everything!’ In all honesty, we were getting nowhere the whole time we called ourselves Blood-sucking Abominations.”

(And let’s just see if I get away with this. But really, somebody does have to say something.)

‘When My Work Ain’t So Much Fun’ (2017)

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The Democrat establishment has kneecapped Bernie Sanders (again!), but his ideas have saturated the party. The only question between them was “Which do we prefer–stealth socialism or openly-declared socialism?”

When My Work Ain’t So Much Fun

We are paying the real price now for years and years of letting leftists and idiots “educate” our children. Escaping the consequences of this folly will be extraordinarily difficult.

I read things like Bernie Sanders’ book so I can understand where the enemy is coming from and try to mobilize Christians against his plan.

Not an enjoyable job; but someone has to do it.

‘Do Libs Love America?’ (2016)

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They said it; and they meant it.

If you believe American liberals love their country, you’ll believe anything.

You don’t impose radical changes on whatever it is you love.

Do Libs Love America?

At this very point in our history, it needs to be shouted from the housetops that our own home-grown Left is trying to do to us what Hitler and Tojo couldn’t do with all their armies and navies–and for the same reason.

We are in a fight to the death for our country and our way of life, and I don’t mean maybe.

Yesterday was D-Day, in case you hadn’t noticed.

God grant we didn’t wage that war in vain.

‘Emory Students Freak Out Over “Trump 2016” Scrawled on Sidewalk’ (2016)

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We had to suck up eight years of that socialist waste of space in the White House–and college students had nervous breakdowns in 2016 because some unknown person supported Donald Trump for president?

Emory Students Freak Out Over “Trump 2016” Scrawled on Sidewalk

If this is the product that comes out of our colleges, then those colleges need to be scrapped.

But the post from 2016 is also dear to me because it marks one of the last comments made by our sweet and wise friend, Dorothy Robbins, of California.

We remember you, Dorothy–and we miss you.

Memory Lane: Joe Biden Battles Sexual Harassment

The Joe Biden Allegations: Here's Everything We Know So Far

He’s just a touchy-feely kind of guy… Like Dracula

Somehow this slipped past me when it came out in 2017–Gropey Joe Biden teaming up with Lady Gaga for a public service announcement against sexual harassment (http://freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/3841566/posts).

Let’s see… Biden himself… Ted Kennedy… Chris Dodd… Bill Clinton… that fat-head from Saturday Night Live who somehow wound up in the Senate… You’d think the Democrat Party was the official Sexual Harassment Party.

Liberals and statists are incapable of shame. In Biden’s case, his history of groping, pinching, grabbing, and heavy-breathing on women goes back years and years, even decades.

Is this like an aardvark doing a PSA for the ant-hill?

They Don’t Care Who It Hurts

Joe Biden: ex-defense secretary's wife says viral photo used ...

Auditioning for the remake of “Dracula”?

Former Senator Chris “Waitress Sandwich” Dodd has joined the committee to select Gropey Joe Biden’s running mate (https://nypost.com/2020/04/30/biden-names-committee-to-select-2020-campaign-running-mate/). It’s kind of an important choice because Joe is already out to lunch more than half the time and could conk out within days of his inauguration, thus making his vice president the president.

Biden has declared that his vice presidential pick will be a woman or “a person of color.” (Do “trans-women”–aka “men”–count?) Like, those are the qualifications that matter above all others.

Do these people understand what a president is, and what a president does? (Hint: No. Or if they do, they don’t care.) Do they think the election of a President of the United States is like a high school popularity contest? Do they think every identity group deserves a shot at being represented by the honcho in the White House? “Like, okay, we just had a woman of color as president, now we have to have a gay man with a speech impediment…” So are they saying any woman can be president? If not, then what the dickens are they saying?

When it comes to the Democrat Party, the only thing you can be sure of is that they want power and will do just about anything to get it. And they don’t care who they trample, getting there.

You Think You’ve Heard Everything…

Pelosi on Biden: "I'm sorry that you were offended" is not an ...

Yardbirds of a feather

Nancy Pelosi, the daft old trout who serves as Squeaker of the House, has endorsed doddering Joe Biden for president.

And here’s the quote.

Pelosi called Biden “the personification of hope and courage, values, authenticity, and integrity” (https://www.breitbart.com/2020-election/2020/04/27/nancy-pelosi-endorses-joe-biden-the-personification-of-integrity/). Yeesh, she’s as balmy as he is.

“Values”? Great Caesar’s ghost. “Authenticity”? Well, he is authentically not in the best of condition, mentally. That much is authentic.

But “Integrity”? It’s possible that Nancy Pelosi, herself a zillionaire who didn’t get that way by honest labor, does not know what the word means. Integrity and Joe Biden go together like long walks and short piers.

Democrats are hoping that the rigors of the Great Quarantine, which they have actively worked to make as punishing as possible, will alienate America from President Trump and allow them to get their creepy weird wacko into the White House. They will accept any amount of damage to their country, as long as it brings them back into power.

The Democrat Party needs to be put out of business this November. Permanently.

A vote for any Democrat is a vote against America.

‘U.N. Warns U.S.: “Don’t Repeal Obamacare'” (2017)

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Some of the United Nations All-Star team

Why are we still funding the United Nations?

Just as the Western world’s short-sighted greed built up Red China, so has our idiocy enriched and encouraged the UN. A few years ago they were even telling our legislature what we could or couldn’t do.


“Sorry, public! The United Nations sez we can’t repeal Obamacare, so I guess we’re stuck with it forever.”

Had Congress any self-respect at all, it would have repealed Obamacare that very day–and gone on to defund the UN.

Let ’em eat Nancy Pelosi’s gourmet ice cream.

R.J. Rushdoony: ‘What Makes a Quack?’

It’s not always pure malice that brews up insane public policy. A pretty healthy chunk of it is quackery.

We all know our doctors can be quacks. But as Rushdoony observed, there is a great deal of scope for political quackery, too.

And what makes quackery?

Listen to the video and find out.

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