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Thank You, Don Quixote–er, I Mean Joe Biden

Who’s your favorite political kook? Which Democrat loon do you want to be our country’s next (and maybe last) president?

Don’t even start to make up your mind before you read and internalize this immortal quote from the oldest kook in the race, Joe Biden. Does he need to say anything else, to win our hearts and minds, and  claim his place in history?

Ready? Here it is–straight from the horse’s… er, mouth:

“We choose truth over facts.”

Didn’t Don Quixote once say that? Forget the musical, Man of La Mancha. In the novel as Cervantes wrote it, Don Quixote was as crazy as a bedbug and everything he touched, he destroyed.

We can’t elect Don Quixote president because he’s fictional–and anyway he’d be 500 years old. But Joe Biden’s almost as old, and he–oh, forsooth!–is real.

‘Hillary Warns: No Criticism Allowed’ (2015)

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I’ve become convinced that liberals and leftids literally cannot see the devastation wrought by their inside policies.

And I think we must regularly remind ourselves how blessed we were that Hillary Clinton did not become our president.


Next year we’ll have another chance to ruin our republic by electing some other far-out Democrat wacko. Our nooze media, Big Tech, Hollywood, and all the rest of them will do their damnedest to make sure it happens.

God help us if it does.

‘And Now for Something Truly Disgusting’ (2013)

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They had a child praying to that shyster.

I think the most sordid aspect of the Obama years was the lapdog media’s repeated attempts to deify him. For example:


Six years later, the Democrat political landscape has shifted even farther to the left than ol’ *Batteries Not Included was–which is very far indeed–and the mob has begun to take pot shots at him. It’s not sincere. When was any of it sincere?

Praying to a politician–to some slimy little marxist, elected by America in the throes of a delusion–it doesn’t get any more shameful than that. Someone should’ve been busted for child abuse, once this travesty was aired.


Democrat ‘Purity Tests’–Enough, Already

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Eat your heart out, Stan Laurel–this is a comedian! I wonder what kind of purity test he’d be able to pass. Feel free to speculate.

Now we’ve got a Trump-hating U.S. Senator and a Trump-hating, uh, comedian both saying Democrats have gone too far with their “purity tests” (https://www.breitbart.com/clips/2019/08/16/whitehouse-democrats-engage-in-way-too-much-purity-testing/).

And here I thought they were testing us for our tolerance for excruciatingly boring horses***.

What exactly is a Democrat purity test? I mean, I only heard the term this morning. It seems to be the current mob of candidates’ constant striving to outdo one another in apologizing for perceived wrongs, putting on a show of groveling confession–a la “Beeto” O’Rourke, singin’ the blues about his family’s sins prior to the Civil War: crikey, what an insect–and forcing one’s competitors to top it. Or should I say “bottom it”? ‘Cause it surely is a race for the bottom of the barrel.

But it’s a Democrat barrel, so maybe it has no bottom.

So much for today’s nooze.

They Want to Be Our Rulers

Here’s some footage from the Democratic Socialist Convention, held last week.

These people aspire to be our rulers. To “change” our country. If they can ever get past trying to arrange for silent applause or arguing over what kind of pronouns to use. They call each other “comrade.” That our country could actually generate a roomful of these jidrools is a profound national disgrace.

What’s that you say–these jerks will never have the support of a majority, they’re totally out of touch with regular people?

Since when has that ever stopped the Far Left Crazy? If you think they won’t try anything without the public on their side, Go Back Three Spaces to 1917, in Russia.

It may be a roomful of idiots; but it doesn’t take more than a few sharp customers to get the revolution rolling. The idiots in the room are only cannon fodder.

So *Who’s Going to Investigate This?

Image result for images of jeffrey epstein

Now this bird will never sing.

The big nooze this weekend was pedophile peddler Jeffrey Epstein’s, er, suicide while being locked up in what’s supposed to be an ultra-maximum-security prison. And not to go all conspiracy on you–but do you know anyone who thinks it really was a suicide? I don’t.

Ah! But the Justice Dept. is gonna get the FBI to investigate!

The FBI… the FBI… Wait a minute! Isn’t that the bunch of crooks who tried to undo our last presidential election? Do we want them investigating anything?

I grew up hearing that the FBI was the straightest of the straight arrows, incorruptible cops protecting us from the worst criminals on the planet.

Ha, ha.

Thanks, Obama! The perversion of the FBI, after decades of honorable service, is a big part of your legacy.

And all of you who couldn’t bring yourselves to vote Republican–and I know those candidates stunk on toast, but still!–it’s your legacy, too.

Dems’ Strategy: Wear Us Out

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In the run-up to the 2020 presidential campaign–which started in 2016–we’re seeing a rather bizarre political strategy take shape and play itself out right before our eyes.

The Russian Collusion thing having failed, Democrats have moved on to Plan B, The Perpetual Rage strategy. And it’s not a put-on: they really are that mad.

They now think they can win the election by bullying, shaming, intimidating, threatening, scaring, and boring the American people into submission. I mean, what happens if you call someone “racist!” a thousand times a day? Well, if it’s me, I punch you in the nose. But how many people, instead, will begin to say to themselves, “Wait a minute! Am I a racist? Am I a White Supremacist? This is terrible! What do I do, to stop being such an evil person?”

Yeah, everyone who doesn’t vote for whatever rug-chewing dwock the Dems nominate is a racist. You’re already a racist, even if you don’t know it. The only way to salvation is to vote for Democrats and obey every command given you by a leftist.

Meanwhile, to make sure you get the message, they’ll dox you, threaten you, softly mention that they know where your children go to school, and just keep it up, every day, every hour of every day, until America is forced to scream for mercy. “All right, all right, you win, here’s the keys to the White House, here’s the freakin’ government. Now just shut up already!”

“Give us what we want and we’ll stop yelling at you.”

This is a novel approach to politics. “Vote for me because I hate your guts!”

But they’re not kidding. They do hate us. They hate our country and want to “transform” it into something else. Believe me, you don’t want to see what.

America needs for the Democrat Party to be swallowed in the quicksand of history. Forever.

The 2020 Democrat Presidential Candidate

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A few days ago, on the radio, Mark Simone and Michael Goodwin said something that I’m still thinking about. They agreed that none of the 25 bozos currently vying for the Democrat presidential nomination was going to wind up as the nominee. Quite simply, because they’re all too far-out to be elected president.

But if not one of them, then who? Simone and Goodwin had to admit they were stumped, had no idea. And I was stumped, too.

Until now. ‘Cause now I know just who it’s gotta be.


The Dems should run Count Dracula for president.

And here are the irrefutable reasons why. 1. He lives by sucking other people’s blood–just like the government. 2. He’s here illegally, and Democrats love that. 3. Whenever you try to pin him down, he turns into a green mist, or a bat, and gets away. Only Bill Clinton ever did it better. 4. He has absolutely no use for our Constitution or anybody else’s.

Can you imagine his State of the Union messages?

Booker: Ban Trump Rallies

Image result for images of stupid cory booker

He’s Spartacus.

Is it really possible you can be elected president just by screaming “Racism!” a thousand times a day?

Well, Russian Collusion fell flat on its face, so Democrats have moved on to Plan B–Everything is Racist.

One of 25 idiots seeking the 2020 Democrat presidential nomination, Corey “I’m Spartacus” Booker–who last week was bragging about his manly urge to physically assault the president–now wants President Donald Trump to cancel his rallies–because, of course, people who aren’t liberals getting together to cheer their candidate are “a breeding ground for racism and bigotry that inspire attacks like the one in El Paso” (https://www.nj.com/politics/2019/08/trump-rallies-a-breeding-ground-for-racism-and-bigotry-booker-campaign-says.html).

Whew! We’re not only Racists, for failing to vote Democrat. We’re also to blame for some nut popping his cork and embarking on a murder spree.

I wonder how many people would come to a Corey Booker rally.

[Note: This was some of the nooze I just couldn’t bring myself to report yesterday. I can hardly wait for it to be Tanystropheus time again.]

It’s Tanystropheus Time!

All right, I give up on the nooze today, I totally give up. I’m old enough to remember when serious people used to run for president, but now it’s a freak show. I know it’s part of my job to cover nooze, but I’m sick of writing about these people. Bob Knight has a column on townhall.com today about questions he’d ask them if he were moderating one of their debates. I would ask, in addition to those, the following:

“What are you doing out of your straitjacket?”

“How many times a day do you sing ‘Imagine’?”

“What terrible thing happened to you in your childhood, to make you turn out like this?”

And so enough’s enough. And that means… well, what time is it, boys and girls? What time is it?

It’s Tanystropheus time!

I’m so happy I finally found one of these in an unexplored, uninhabited region of Lintum Forest. I don’t bother with the evolution fairy tales: this animal was just plain cool. Nothing like it before or since. It makes its debut in the story I’m currently writing, The Wind From Heaven–which, I say, is galloping like mad to some destination yet unknown to me. I can hardly wait to see what happens next.

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