Not Just Cowards, But Fools

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Speaking as a Republican, to Republicans, I have to say it–our party’s leadership needs to be replaced, big-time.

Consider: we had Donald Trump, not only the most popular Republican president (within the GOP itself: Democrats have a pathological hatred of him), but also the most popular Republican, among Republicans, nationally–and all our party leaders can do is to kick him while they think he’s down.

Mitch McConnell, Nikki Haley, Mitt Romney–the whole gang of twerps on Capitol Hill–couldn’t go quite as far as to impeach him while he wasn’t in office anymore, but they sure do want to trash him. They certainly don’t support him.

And at the same time, they’re bombarding us with emails asking for more of our money. “Hi, you little people out there! We won’t support the president that 74 million of you voted for–which is just another way of saying we won’t support you–but how’s about you pour some more of your hard-earned money into our campaign chests?

“We’re counting on you not to remember how we twiddled our thumbs and gave you absolutely nothing while we had the majority in both houses of Congress! We couldn’t even try to repeal Obamacare, although you elected us to do just that. In fact, we didn’t provide any meaningful opposition whatsoever–Obama might as well have been a king, for all we ever stood up to him.

“And now that we’ve stood by and let Democrats torpedo your president and cancel your votes, don’t you think it’s time you shelled out some more of your money to us? While we sit on our hands and let that new Biden regime run wild at your expense? Oh! and Communist China loves us! So you should, too.”

What in the world makes them think that they can get away with this?

Answer: they think we’re really stupid.

I Quadruple-Dog Dare You!

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What do you suppose would happen, if tomorrow–yes, tomorrow–they were to do over the 2020 presidential election? What if you could do it without massive voter fraud, crooked machines, etc.? All safeguards in place to guarantee a fair and square election. I realize that puts us in the realm of fantasy, but so be it.

But suppose we could do that? After we’ve had about a month of a corruptocrat monkey in the White House, what do you think would be the result of that electoral do-over?

Come on, Democrats! I dare you to hold the election again, this time without cheating. I quadruple-dog dare you!

Absolute certainty: it would be a total wipeout of the Democrats. Nothing left of them but a foul smell in the corners. Adios, sayonara, toodle-oo, hey-hey nah-nah kiss ’em goodbye.

If only! If only we could.

‘Revenge of Chucky’ (2017)

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Is this the same revered elder statesman, New York Senator Chuck Schumer, who threatened Supreme Court justices by name? Who assaults people in a restaurant and follows them out to the street so he can keep assaulting them? Who now sits in judgment against our preident, Donald Trump? (He’s already reached a verdict.)

The very same!

Revenge of Chucky

Schumer is a Democrat, and Democrats believe they are entitled to anyone who dares to disagree with them. They have stolen our election, stolen our government, stolen our country. And they will do as much mischief as they can until God overthrows them.

Pray for Him to do that soon.

Republican Cowards

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We were inundated this weekend with emails begging for funds for assorted Republican politicians. You know–the ones who were nowhere to be found when our president needed them. The ones who were nowhere to be found when we needed them.

And now they want our money.

The most depressing thing about this juncture of history is not the massive election fraud that has saddled us with an illegal government. Even more depressing than that is the sheer determination, by all sorts of important people, not to do their duty.

Evidence of fraud? We’ve got boxcar-loads of it. But can we find a court to look at it? Not on this planet. And even when they concede the abundant evidence of fraud, they still refuse to do anything about it! “Well, yeah, all right, there’s 200,000 fake votes in here, and the only legal remedy is to take ’em out; but that would, like, totally change the outcome of the election! And we’re not gonna do that.”

They will not do their duty.

Why not?

Because we have a professional political class; and when push comes to shove, regardless of party affiliation, they stick together. They never side with the American people.

Donald Trump was an outsider; and his great crime was that he did side with us. So he had to go! The entire political establishment united against him, threw at him every dirty trick in the book, and finally took him out.

Capitol Hill Republicans, and those supposedly “conservative” judges we were getting, were only too glad to see this president brought down. Maybe they let the Dems do all the dirty work; but they were more than willing to share in the profits of it. And heck, if it screws up our republic and puts every election under a cloud from now on… so what?

If they could somehow tear their hands away from their eyes, if they could somehow be forced to look at the evidence–what then? They could refuse to believe it. That’s what they’d probably do. Because if they did believe it, then the question becomes, “Well, what are you going to do about it?”

And they don’t know what to do about it. Granted, it’s a hard question. What to do? They don’t know. And they don’t want to have to decided. Because they’re cowards.

But what do we do, if we grant that 2020 was a fraudulent election? Hold it all over again? Let Cheatin’ Joe run again? Or simply remove the whole illegitimate Biden administration, void all his appointments and executive orders, and restore Donald Trump to the White House? Yeah, try that one on for size–Democrat riots, coast to coast. And then we’re back to hoping the rioters will go home if we give them what they want.

Republican cowardice has landed us in this trouble. Democrats rioted in Democrat cities all year long, and the GOP never said boo about it. Democrats attacked our president every day for four whole years and change, and the Republicans’ defense of him was, at best, something less than lukewarm.

And now they’re begging us for money!

Go to war and win some battles for us, sunshine. If it isn’t already too late. Don’t come back without a gunny sack full of Democrat foreskins.

‘It’s Never Their Fault’ (2016)

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What–me worry?

Was there ever a time when the Democrat Party wasn’t crooked? First they stole a nomination from Bolshevik Bernie Sanders. Now they’ve stolen a whole election.

It’s Never Their Fault

But whatever the crime, it’s never their fault! Nope–the blame always gets slapped onto whoever was trusting enough to blow the whistle on the crime. That’s how they managed Climategate: and instead of the whole Climbit Change enterprise going down in flames, the Climategate scandal was chased clean out of the nooze cycle.

Damn, they’re good at doing that!

Biden: ‘I Don’t Know What I’m Signing’

WATCH: Hot Mic Catches Sleepy Joe Saying “I Don’t Know What I’m Signing” Before Being FORCED To Sign Executive Order By Kamala Anyway

Well, what did you expect?

There are reports that Joe Biden died in 2017 and that the current “Biden” that we see is either a robot or a zombie, or a mixture of both. So of course he doesn’t know what he’s signing.

Watch the video embedded in the news story and decide whether that’s actually what he said. I found it a bit hard to make out. But it’s very easy to believe he said it. No one knows what’s going to pop out of his mouth, moment by moment.

There’s hardly any point to reporting the nooze just now. We all know what the nooze is. Our country has been stolen by a crime syndicate with ties to the Chinese Communist Party. And we don’t know what to do about it. All we have left is our prayers. I pray for vengeance.

So that’s all the nooze I’m gonna do today, unless somebody out there asks for something in particular.

Waht i Amb goingto Doo whith My Lyfe!!

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I hased a Brane Strom!!! Nhow i Know jist waht I amb Goingto doo whith My Lyfe!!!! i soddenly reelyzed I has got “the” Saim Naim “as” Pressadint Joe Bydin and “So” i amb Goingto maik My selph Jist eggzackly lyke himb!!!!!!!!!! That whay thare “wilbe” Two! Of! himb so in Caise “one of” Us hasto go in fore Repears thare wil “Still” “be” one leffed Out Syde!!

So I amb whirking on “geting” Hary Leggs jist “lyke” Jo Bydin’s Hary Legs and it woont “be” eezy becose i has got Hardlee “enny” hare on “My” leggs!!!!! butt i doo has Moth Antenners “on” my Hedd and i Can Cohm themb so thay loook jist lyke Joh Bydin’s Hedd Hare!!!!!

Nhow somb boddy thay toleded me i “has” got To Lurn how to Plaguejurize becose that “is” waht Jo Bydin he duz al “The” Tymbe!!!!!!!!!! i has nevvir Plaguejurized nothing befour butt I amb toled that jist aboot Annyboddy thay can “Lurn” “how!”!” Jist taik stuff that somb boddy Elss thay sayed “and” say i sayed itt!!!

Jo Bydin and me tho we whil has “tobe” Cair Full nott “tobe” seeen Two-gethur att “the” Saim Tyme becose thenn somb Biggit Haters thay whil say that “one Of” us he “is” Faik!!!!!! butt as sooon as Jo he gets ridd “Of” the Furst Emendmint thenn That it willbe “No Promble” becose no boddy thay whil “notbe” Aloud to say nothing lyke “that”!”!”

Well i caint harredlee Whait tilll i groh mats and matts of Legg Hares and al the Littel Chilldrin thay wil whant “to” Play whith themb In “the” Swimmbing Poool!!!!!!!!!!

What If…? (Pure Speculation)

The Supreme Court building, Poland

Just sayin’, okay? But once upon a time I studied international law in college: so I know that cases come up sometimes that have political ramifications for a third party not directly involved in the case.

And remember how lib judges on our Supreme Court trotted out foreign court decisions every chance they got? Hold that thought, as I present a hypothetical situation.

Smith sues Jones in Poland, and the case works its way up to Poland’s Supreme Court. Jones’ defense is that he is not liable (for whatever) because the 2020 elections in the United States were rife with fraud.

What if the Polish court rules in Jones’ favor? They would have to make a public statement, in a court ruling, that America’s presidential election was a scam. The ruling would have no legal effect within the United States, but it would certainly be a milestone on the highway of history.

Think the libs’d want to trot out that foreign court decision as a precedent?

I’m not predicting this will happen. But it could.

P.S.–Dishonest and Disgraceful

Opinion | The Coronavirus Bailout Stalled. And It's Mitch McConnell's  Fault. - The New York Times

How’s this for cynical and shameful?

We just got an email from Senator Mitch McConnell imploring us to send him $10 “to keep our Senate majority.” It was dated today–repeat, today!–but it spoke of the Jan. 5 Senate runoffs in Georgia as if they hadn’t happened yet.

Keep your majority? What majority? Dude, those elections are over! And thanks to fraud, and thanks to most of the Republican senators just fumfering around when they should have been helping the president, and being too cowardly to object to the electoral vote as they should have… we lost!

We have no Senate majority. I do have $10, but you ain’t gonna get it! Are they trying to con money off poor ignorant citizens who don’t know the election’s over? What would they use it for? Gourmet ice cream?

The problem with the Republican leadership is that they have no respect for Republican voters. “Send us your money and just shut up.”

No, sunshine–you shut up.

Mark Rushdoony: ‘The Divided States of America’

An Urgent Message from Mark Rushdoony

Here’s a thoughtful essay by Mark Rushdoony, analyzing the deep divisions that afflict “a nation running from Christianity.”

“We have a great deal of historical and contemporary evidence that the democratic process has always been infected with, if not controlled by, blatant lies and fraud,” Mark writes. “Confidence in [our] institutions is now incredibly low.”

People who reject God wind up needing, desperately, to replace Him. Thrown onto their own sinful resources without the guidance of Scripture, when they run from Christianity, they run off in all different directions.

As James Madison would have said, “democracy” is a very poor substitute for justice.