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Hello? Hello?

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I’ve been working hard to type up the chapters of His Mercy Endureth Forever for Susan to edit. One legal pad down, three more to go. Huff-puff.

Looking back to last week, it seems I finished writing the book on the very last day I could have written it, before bad weather kicked in till next April. Providential!

Pausing from these labors, visiting the old blog, I find myself asking, “Where is everybody?” There were even spaces available in our town’s last parking lot today, and an empty waiting room at the doctor’s: what gives?

Well, I’ll wait till after supper (meat loaf tonight) and then post a cat video, hoping that will draw readership. (“That’ll fetch ’em!” he thought…)

A Message to My Readers

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Sorry, just couldn’t write up any nooze today.

Tomorrow I have to take Patty back to the doctor’s for more tests, I don’t know how long that will take, and please pray that the test results are good.

I’ve prepared for a couple of posts to be published in our absence.

Well, I find myself looking forward to our first Christmas Carol Contest, and steeling myself not to open it until the day after Thanksgiving. We always post a lot of Christmas hymns around here, and I hope the contest makes it even more fun for all of us.

It now appears that when I finished writing my book on Thursday, I finished on the very last day I could have finished. It’s been brutal weather since then.

I hope to be back with you sometime tomorrow afternoon.


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Two cold hands and two cigars later, I have finished writing His Mercy Endureth Forever. Now all I have to do is type up three whole legal pads’ worth of manuscript and send them to Susan, my editor. But I don’t need nice weather for that.

Now that I’ve actually written it, I can look back on the climax of this story and say, “Whoa!” It’ll knock your socks off. Usually the Lord gives me these in a single dazzling flash; but this time He had me grind it out, line by line. So it sort of snuck up on me.  But the end result will prove well worth the trouble–and may it be fruitful in His service.

Today is also Patty’s birthday, she feels much better than she felt yesterday, and please, everybody, keep those prayers coming.

Oh–and I phoned Linda’s daughter, Lyn, to tell her about the book. I know Linda would have been pleased by its completion. Maybe they’ll have it up in Heaven.

8 Years of Blogging

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I’ve just been informed that today is the eighth anniversary of this blog. Let’s eat a jack-o’-lantern, to celebrate.

We’re solid with the hymns and prayer requests, I report as much of the nooze as I can stand, and we’ve got critter videos–plus regular features like Mr. Nature, Joe Collidge, Memory Lane, and Oy, Rodney. Tryin’ to provide something for everyone, I guess.

Funny, it doesn’t seem like eight years. No way.

One of these days, maybe, I’ll be able to figure out if I’m doing it right or doing it wrong.

And We Have a Winner!

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I had a feeling the comment contest would be won today, and next thing I knew, Erlene had won it: Comment No. 35,000. Time to celebrate!

Regrettably, I am unable to award the Eiffel Tower to the winner; so, Erlene, you’ll have to be contest with an autographed copy of one of my books, your choice (but do try not to pick Bell Mountain, because I’m temporarily out of those). Send me an email to give me your mailing address–oh, and be sure to say which book you want.

Next, starting the day after Thanksgiving, will be our first Christmas Carol Contest. I hope it’ll prove to be a big success and something we can enjoy every year, God willing.

To all of you whose comments made the contest fun, there will be another one by and by. So keep those comments coming!

Comment Contest Countdown

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This classic Roman statue of orator Marcus Junius Bagby, provided I can wrap up a deal with the Uffizi Gallery, can be yours! Great conversation piece for your living room, or your deck! All you have to do is win our current comment contest.

We are shooting for 35,000, and at this writing we have 34,755–only 245 to go. I do hope we have a winner before Thanksgiving, when I plan to start our first Christmas Carol Contest.

Viewership has slowed down very badly this week, with yesterday boasting the fewest views of any day these past two years. I am told contests inevitably push up readership. Well, okay, here’s the contest…

Now, if the Uffizi backs out of the deal at the last minute, the contest winner will receive an autographed copy of one of my books. Autographed by me, not Bagby. The Uffizi has a bad check he wrote once, but it’s in Latin and with lousy handwriting, to boot, so I can’t read it.

Only 386 Comments to Go!


Shooting for 35,000 comments, we now have 34,614, which leaves just 386 to go. It would be nice to make it before Thanksgiving, when the Christmas Carol Contest will start.

So, whoever posts Comment No. 35,000 receives a talking hamster who can grant wishes, as long as they aren’t really big, human-type wishes that a hamster can’t understand… or else an autographed copy of one of my books.

We have a lot of new friends on this blog, so, ho, everybody–this is an act you can all get in on. Let’s see some witty, penetrating, baffle-the-magic-hamster comments!

Godspeed, Linda

I’ve just learned that our friend and sister Linda Sorci died yesterday. The phone call came from her daughter, Lynn. She was afraid to call me yesterday, and I was afraid to call her. This is not easy to bear.

We take comfort in what we must believe, as Christians: that the blood of Jesus Christ has washed away any and all sins; that all our loved ones who have gone before us now inhabit mansions in the Father’s house, and we will join them there, and speak with them again; that the Lord Our God will wipe away all tears, heal all hurts, and restore all things; that Jesus Christ His Son has won eternal life for all of us who believe in Him. “I am the resurrection, and the life.” Yes, Lord. Yes.

But it hurts us to lose those who are dear to us, even with our faith to save us from falling into hopelessness.

We pay them tribute with our grief. We must not grudge our tears.

Godspeed, Linda. Remember us in your prayers, as we remember you in ours.

We’ll see you again, by and by.

Comment Contest Update

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As of this morning, we have a mere 537 comments to go in our quest for 35,000–and I’d like to see this done before we embark upon our Christmas Carol Contest.

Whosoever posts Comment No. 35,000 will win a dazzling prize! I can’t decide whether to offer a deluxe thoroughbred horse farm on the scenic Gulf of Ob, or to continue the tradition of the winner getting an autographed copy of one of my books.

The contest is open to all, and all comments are eligible, with the following exceptions: comments abusive to anyone else on this site; comments containing blasphemy or profanity; commercials disguised as comments; or words simply too inane to bother with. Other than that, anything goes.

Don’t Forget the Comment Contest!

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Just a little reminded that we’ve got a comment contest going here–shooting for 35,000, and we currently have 34,239. Unless the abacus jockeys at The Boston Globe are doing the math, that leaves 761 to go. And it would be nice to have a winner before the Christmas Carol Contest kicks off, the day after Thanksgiving.

This week’s viewership, for some inscrutable reason, is down, down, down–so it’s an ideal time to get on board the contest. Why does tchat make it it an ideal time to do that? I think because of Climbit Change. Or something.

Anyhow, the contest is open to all and the prize is mind-bogglingly fantastic.

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