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Today’s Odds & Ends

135 Best HAPPY ANIMALS images | Happy animals, Animals, Cute animals

Byron the Quokka reports 58,268 comments received so far. That leaves 1,732 to go to reach our goal of 60,000.

As a prize, he thinks we should offer a train. “Sixty thousand is a big deal,” he explains, “it deserves a big prize.” But I don’t think I can afford a train.

My knee is still a mess, although not as painful as it was two days ago. I appreciate your prayers.

I’ve just discovered I have these little “^ ^ ^” symbols on my keyboard. What are they for? In fact, just looking at it now, I have a lot of keys whose purposes are unknown to me. And if you think I’m going to press any of them, away wi’ ye!

Unless it simply can’t be helped, I don’t plan to cover any nooze today.

Special to “TheWhiteRabbit”–Burt Kwok has nothing to do with quokkas. You could’ve knocked me over with a feather.

New Milestone Comment Contest!

Is the Quokka a Real Animal?

G’day, everybody! Those quokkas up there in the picture are a few of the deans we’ve picked for Quokka University. From left to write, clockwise: Dr. Jimbo, Dean of Something or Other, Dr. Mimsy, Dean of Flattery, and Dr. Reggie, Dean of Play-Doh–every college needs a good supply of Play-Doh!

Lee has just told me he wants me to run another comment contest, like I don’t already have enough to do. This is a big one, though: we’re shooting for Comment No. 60,000! It takes my breath away, just thinking about it.

Just now we have 58,085 comments, so we need 1,915 more. Lee thinks he’s giving it plenty of lead time, but I dunno–something tells me we’ll hit 60,000 faster than he thinks.

And what about the prize? What’ll you win if you post No. 60,000? If it was up to me, it’d be a bicycle, or a ship–but I just work here, y’know? The guy wants to give out one of his books as the prize. I guess you can’t blame him. We’ll see–maybe I can talk him into something a little snazzier than that.

Anyway, let’s start the ball rolling with some sharp, witty, subcutaneous comments!

We’ve Set Another Record

Breaking Records – Sarah Krycinski

Wahoo! We’ve set a new record here for views in one month. March 2020, you’re the new champeen!

The old record was 11,484, set in October 2019. The new record is 11,550–with half the afternoon and the whole night still to go.

Thanks to all of you, readers, commenters, regular and casual viewers. The next mark to shoot for is, I think, 12,000 views in a month. Hard to believe that’s possible; but we’re really not that far from doing it.

I wonder if I should mark the occasion by opening a new comment contest. I must consult with Byron the Quokka, see if he can run it for me. They’re awful busy, founding Quokka University. Trying to choose a mascot, I hear. Suggestions welcome.

Would you believe it? Tomorrow’s April Fool’s Day already. It feels like it was just Valentine’s Day a week ago.

Can This Blog Scale the Heights?

See the source image

How do you tell if your blog is successful? I have no idea, really. See “Our Mission Statement” to see what we’re trying to do here–Christian fellowship, among other purposes.

But how do I tell if I’m doing it? Again, I don’t know. I think it ought to be something to do with numbers. For instance, here are some numbers we’ve never achieved here.

One thousand views in a day. Closest I came was 800-and-something, once. Just once.

Twelve thousand views in a month. Made it over 11,000 a few times, but never up to 12,000.

A post getting 50 to 100 views in one day. I’ve come to think of 20 views in a day as a successful post. I wonder what it’d take to get 50. Coupons, maybe?

And then there’s the “Be careful what you wish for!” caveat. I want to provide a nice resource for people. I want to sell more books–I mean, every author wants to see his books read. Not much point writing ’em, if no one reads ’em. But I think I’d rather not become Famous. That just paints a target on your back. I don’t want to turn into a talking head (like that awful thing in That Hideous Strength). I don’t want to start sounding Important. You can’t be Important and still write Violet Crepuscular.

I am willing to teach a course in literature at Quokka U., if they decide to have a course in literature. Beyond that, I think writers should write. Not run around being empty metal drums that go “Bong!” when they crash into a tree.

So I wonder if any of those aforementioned (and how often do I get to use that word?) blog numbers are actually attainable.

We’ll just have to wait and see.

‘Keep the Komments Klean, Please’ (2015)

Image result for images of trash talk

Happily, we’re always adding readers to this blog–and, I hope, many of them will want to post comments. For their benefit, here are some of the rules we follow here.


It was tremendously liberating, when I realized that I didn’t have to publish comments by trolls, but could simply delete them as soon as I saw them. I don’t want to join the Speech Police, but I will enforce the rules.

It’s so easy, in the social media, for one little drip to pretend he’s several dozen different people as he attacks a Christian blog for not being Far Left Crazy. Note to same: we do see through you, sunshine. Don’t think we don’t.

‘Why Do Liberal Soreheads Visit This Blog?’ (2017)

Image result for images of liberals having tantrums

This was one of the mean-minded left-wing babblings that taught me that, wow! I don’t have to publish every comment that I’m sent. What a tremendously liberating discovery.


It’s odd that leftids despise old people while venerating creaky old ideas way past their shelf life, like communism and socialism. When they go to the supermarket, do they try to buy moldy bread that crumbles at a touch? World Government Bread–you can only take it off the plate with a vacuum cleaner.

If you click the link to re-visit this sad little person’s sad little screed, it might cheer you up to see just how bankrupt leftism really is.

The Next Step for Quokka U.

Image result for images of quokkas

G’day, everybody! Byron the Quokka here, with an update on Quokka University–the great institution of higher learning that is being born before your eyes, right here on this blog.

Let’s see… So far we’ve got a Latin motto and beanies with propellers on them, which is a fantastically good start. But opinion is divided as to what we need next–a college cheer for our pick-up sticks team, or a college song for when we’re feeling sentimental, years and years after we graduate.

Just now we don’t have either one, because nobody’s written one yet.

I wonder if we need any input from you humans out there. Humans can be awful smart at times. Like the human who invented the whoopee cushion!

I wonder if there’s any way we could turn this into a contest…


See the source image

For 45 minutes today has this computer jerked me around! Just great for my blood pressure. It keeps coming up with little tricks this morning that I’ve never seen before.

The tension mounts as he tries again, for about the 25th time, to post a link to another article, any article…


And, as if by magic, now the link appears. Why wasn’t it working before, when it drove me to the other computer?

Suddenly it occurs to him that he has forgotten to pick up the laundry. He must dash back out to his car…

My Turn to Fade?

See the source image

We’ve been trying all morning to post the whole cover of His Mercy Endureth Forever, and it just ain’t workin’.

Meanwhile, yesterday’s blog had a two-year low in viewership. I don’t know about these past several days. Ian Malcolm in the Jurassic Park books would probably be able to explain it in terms of Chaos Theory, but that’d be perfectly good science wasted on me.

I have no idea how I’m going to crank out a Newswithviews article this week. I have doctor visits Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I’m not even sure I’ll be able to keep this blog afloat.

Maybe if I go outside and have a cigar, inspiration will descend on me.

See you in a bit.

This Time Trump Is Cooked, for Sure

Image result for images of whistleblower with paper bag over his head

A new whistleblower has emerged from the whistleblower factory and this time it looks like Donald Trump is toast, no two ways about it.

But if you think I’m going to waste a perfectly good scandal now, when there’s hardly anybody here to read it, and not even one comment so far–well, gee, they’d laugh me right out of the nooze business.

“We’ve got him now!” exulted an unidentified Democrat shoemaker.

But we can’t play this swan song until there are more swans in the audience.

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