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Let’s Have Some Easter Hymn Requests!

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Easter will be here before you know it. Whatever you think about the date assigned, Christians use it to proclaim that Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead is a historical fact–a thing that really happened. The thing that changed the world.

I would love to post Easter hymns every day for the next two weeks, but I wouldn’t much enjoy being the only one selecting them.

If you’re new to this blog, or simply if you haven’t yet requested a hymn for posting here–well, come on! The invitation’s open to all. Request your hymn by name, and if I can find it on youtube, I’ll post it here. Requests can be made in the former of a “reply” to any other post.

We do this for Christmas every year. So let’s do it for Easter, too!

‘Why Do I Write This Stuff?’ (2016)

Just because I think I know the answer doesn’t mean I stop asking the question.

And this goes for you, too, faithful commenters: we never know who might be reading what we write. We might be doing good that we’ll never see.


And We Have a Winner!

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Rejoice, “Unknowable,” for you have won the comment contest! By posting Comment No. 25,000 on this blog, you have won an autographed copy of The Silver Trumpet.

What? What’s that? The confounded thing’s still at the printer’s? Well, that’s embarrassing!

Okay, look, tell you what I’ll do. You can either wait for The Silver Trumpet, which should’ve been ready by now, or you can choose one of the earlier books in the series. Can’t say fairer than that, can I? Let me know via email.

Why Is This Lizard Smiling?

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The gecko is grinning because he’s heard there are less than 200 comments to go in the race to post Comment No. 25,000 on this blog and win an autographed copy of The Silver Trumpet, Book No. 10 in my Bell Mountain series. Which is still at the printer’s, it seems.

Anyone can win, so what’re you waiting for? Make a comment! All comments are eligible, except for those which abuse anyone else on this blog, contain blasphemy or profanity, are really just thinly-disguised ads and an insult to everyone’s intelligence, or remarks just too inane to bother with.

Sorry, but I have not been able to guarantee that any countries will be re-named after the winner of this contest.

Comment Contest: Less than 300 to Go

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The comments keep coming, and we are approaching the fantastically exciting climax of our latest comment contest. Whoever posts Comment No. 25,000 wins an autographed copy of The Silver Trumpet, if we can ever get it printed–and there are fewer than 300 comments to go.

Everyone can play, and just about any comment is eligible, except for: comments abusive to another reader, blasphemy, profanity, ads disguised as comments, or remarks simply too inane to bother with.

I don’t know how long it will take to reach No. 25,000, but at the rate we’re going, it won’t be long at all.

The winner will probably become rich and famous, although I can’t quite guarantee that.

I Need a Break from the News

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Both my wife and my editor agree I need a break from news, before it burns out my brain.

So I’m going to try to lay off for three days, hoping to recharge my batteries. I just hope this doesn’t cost me my audience. What with a new book coming out any day now (he keeps saying that!), I need all the views I can get. Keep your eyes peeled for The Silver Trumpet. It’s been with the printer a week now; what can possibly be taking so long?

And would you believe it? There’s another Silver Trumpet! I found out yesterday. It’s a children’s book by C.S. Lewis’ friend, Owen Barfield, published in 1968. Way too late to change my title now. *Sigh*

P.S.–I will, of course, keep publishing any comments made by you, the readers, on any news stories. So please feel free to take the podium!


Yet Another Glitch

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Has this ever happened to you?

I was just starting to type an answer to Phoebe’s interesting comment about AMF (“American Manufacturers of Fun!”) forcing its employees to play in an after-work bowling league when her comment utterly disappeared, lost forever. It seems either my cursor wasn’t where I thought it was, or else I wasn’t hitting the keys I thought it was, and the stupid computer interpreted that as a command to make the comment go away.

I have no idea at all why this happened. It’s happened before. Makes me wonder where the comment went. Heaven knows.

I was going to say, “It could be worse. You could’ve been working for a company that manufactured truncheons.”

Makes you think about the, er, wisdom of any scheme for hooking our brains up to a computer.

Hello? Where Is Everybody?

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Here I am, running a comment contest, and I’ve got no comments. Not a peep out of anyone today. Wait’ll the World Happiness Council finds out about this!

Look, I’m just sayin’, before the day is out there’ll be another Oy, Rodney episode posted here and the WHC will be looking into you, if you miss it. We will also publish whatever else seems likely to provide entertainment and edification.

Fap! Are those WHC uniforms those guys are wearing, out in the parking lot? Those guys with the big mean-looking dogs.

Quick, somebody say something to make me happy–!

Time for Another Comment Contest

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I don’t know what else to do today, and we currently stand at 24,068 comments on this blog, so, what the heck, time for another comment contest.

This time the prize will be a signed copy of The Silver Trumpet, Book. No. 10 in my–ahem!–award-winning Bell Mountain series, for the reader who posts the 25,000th comment here. I consider 25,000 a milestone, and I’m throwing the contest open to everybody. Even if you’ve already won. And if The Silver Trumpet is the first Bell Mountain book you get, it may move you to acquire the earlier books in the series.

Actually the book ought to have been published by now, but it’s been delayed by several last-minute glitches. Still, it’s coming soon. I don’t know how soon, but soon.

Anyone can win with any kind of comment, except for the following: comments containing blasphemy or profanity, comments abusive of anyone else on this site, thinly disguised commercials masquerading as comments, or remarks simply too inane to be of any use to anybody. Other than that, anything goes.

How long will it take to ring up another thousand comments?

Well, we’ll find out. Soon.

I Thought I Was Going to Write Today

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I can’t seem to rev up my writing motor today. There’s news out there that I ought to comment on, but the prospect of having a couple of teeth pulled on Friday is something I find rather distracting. It won’t seem such a big deal, once I get it over with, but today it troubles me.

So I had a cigar; and then, because the sun was shining and it wasn’t freezing cold for a change, I went for a bike ride. For years I’ve been riding almost every day, but this winter has put the kibosh on that. I like a nice, peaceful bike ride. The opportunity having presented itself, I took it.

But how to keep the traffic flowing to this blog today, I know not.

Maybe announce a comment contest? Might that work? Well, give it a try.

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