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Paganism in the Church

I’m going to bring up articles from the archives that most of you never had the opportunity to see.

For the next three days it’ll be articles on “Paganism in the Church,” which were part of a series published by The Chalcedon Foundation in 2006. This was a journalistic project for me, chosen by my editors to be the first items posted on this blog when it was created in 2010.

To the objection that “Those articles are ten years old–so what good are they now?”, I can only say that I doubt the the problems have gone away and things have gotten better over the intervening seven years. “Feminist theology,” anyone? You’ll find it at your nearest seminary. God save us.

Those Odd-Looking Posts

Some of you have been wondering about odd-looking posts, mostly headline with no text, that have been appearing here lately.

There is nothing wrong with your computer. There’s nothing wrong with your connection to this blog.

I’ve put up those posts. What they are is connections to earlier posts, some of them from years ago, that generated a lot of interest at the time and which I think might still be interesting today. After all, a lot of you weren’t here yet, back when these were published. So I thought you might enjoy them. It’s sort of a “Best Of” feature.

To read the original post, all you have to do is click the link.

I will also take reader requests for earlier posts to be re-run: so if there’s something you’d like to see again, just let me know.

And don’t worry–this doesn’t mean I’m going out of business.

Curtain Call! (But Not for Actors)

Ah, the sanity break–here’s how a couple of kittens play hide and seek, when they’ve got access to all the nice hanging curtains their hearts could desire. And on the off-chance you’ve enjoyed this video…

Help revive this blog! By now my viewership is down about 40% from what it had been for every day of the past five months, till April came along. I don’t know why! So, please–if you’ve got your own blog, re-blog whatever I’ve posted that you like. If not, well, please tell your friends about this site and encourage them to visit. I mean, really–the thing is melting away before my eyes.

… And It Turned Around and Bit Them

Image result for images of censorship

This month, this humble blog has lost upwards of 20% of its reader traffic–which I’ve put down to referrals from Facebook suddenly drying up for no reason I can discover.

But the Chicago Tribune has lost a lot of traffic, too; and they’re saying it’s because of Facebook censoring much of their content as “fake news” ( http://www.breitbart.com/tech/2017/04/19/chicago-tribune-accuses-facebook-fake-news-killing-web-traffic/). So it turns out I’m not the only one.

I’ve been reading reports from various media sources, and some of them are saying that Facebook has censored links to major conservative news sites, like Drudge and Breitbart, and is also experimenting with some means of flagging certain items as “satire,” and hence not to be believed. Killjoys.

Here we link to articles in Drudge or Breitbart rather often, and I’ve been known to cook up a satirical piece now and then. Well, all right–a bit more than now and then.

But does this explain where all my referrals have disappeared to? I don’t know: I don’t understand computer stuff well enough to make sense of these reports.

I must admit, though, to a certain satisfaction in seeing big fat liberal news media complaining that now their stuff is getting censored, too. Like, who was it that wanted all this censorship in the first place? Who was doing the loudest hissing and moaning about “fake news”? They asked for censorship, they got it, and it turned around and bit them. (Not a dry eye in the house!)

None of which gets my referrals back, or restores my viewership to what it had been for five months in a row until this month came along.

If any of you out there are Facebook-savvy, please enlighten us.

Where Did All the Comments Go?

Image result for images of question marks

I received an email from Phoebe last night, saying she’s been prevented, somehow, from posting comments here. And it’s 11:00 this morning, and look, Ma, no comments!

I don’t think that’s ever happened before. Is everybody being blocked?

In the past, regular readers who’ve regularly posted comments suddenly lost their ability to do so. Those were WordPress problems, and WordPress fixed them.

If you have been blocked from posting a comment today, please let me know. Use my email address, leeduigon@verizon.net, so I can forward your email to the tech support at WordPress.

Problem after problem after problem… and they want to merge our minds with these stupid computers. Jesu defend us!

Win a Free Trip to Obann!

Product Details

This has got to be the greatest prize I’ve ever offered. Win two weeks in Obann! Or more, if there’s any trouble bringing you back.

If you’ve ever had a hankering to get chased by birds as big as horses, or go boating among the lake monsters, or secretly prowl the network of ancient tunnels beneath the city–well, then, this is the vacation for you. Like, it’s got everything!

Oh! Yes, of course, some of you don’t know what I’m talking about. Easily remedied: just go to the top of the page and click “Books.” Everything in the world of Obann can be found in my books. In fact, that’s the only way you can get there.

I’m announcing this prize very early. Whoever posts Comment No. 15,000 on this blog will win it. That ought to take a few months. There’ll be plenty of time for new readers to come aboard and get a little taste of Obann. Plus cat videos, which have not yet been invented there.

If you’ve already won, if you’re already a regular visitor to Obann, well, tell your friends about it!

I envy the reader who will wind up exploring Lintum Forest with Helki the Rod as his guide, or sitting around an Abnak campfire to hear Prester Orth preach the Word of God. I wish I could enter, too, but it’s just not done, to enter one’s own contest.

A Non-Progress Report

Image result for images of confused cat

There’s not much that’s more maddening than for undesirable things to happen for some undetectable reason. When you can’t find the cause, you can neither do something to solve the problem nor resign yourself to live with it.

For the past five months in a row, this blog was cruising along with better than 200 views a day: in fact, this past March was a record-setter. And then along comes April, and all the air goes out of the balloon. It would be instructive to know why, because then I could fix it. But I don’t know why.

I thought it might have to do with the sudden and still unexplained drying-up of referrals from Facebook, but the loss is about twice as high as would be expected, were that the reason.

Any theories, anyone out there? Anything I’m doing wrong, that I ought to stop doing? Is it Joe Collidge who has chased people off? I wouldn’t put it past him.

A Facebook Fix (I Hope)

Image result for images of puzzle solved

Well, the latest hassle with Facebook was this: the Share button at the bottom of the post stopped showing little white numbers that indicated how many times, if at all, the post was shared. In fact, going all the way back to the beginning, all the little numbers disappeared from all my posts. What? Did they somehow get un-shared, years later?

Today WordPress advised me to change Share button styles to a style that still seems to be working–and voila, the little white numbers are back. This means you can actually succeed in sharing these posts on Facebook. I think.

Turns out I was not the only blogger to report this problem to WordPress. They’re working on it now, and I hope they solve it. This blog had a record month in March, but since bombardment with Facebook problems began, our views and visits are way off. *sigh* That’s frustrating.

So, if any of you are so inclined, try to share some of my recent posts, and let’s see if that resuscitates my referrals. For which I would be much obliged!

Are Cyber-Friends Real Friends?

Image result for images of emoticons

A lot has been said, lately, about simulated sorta-friendships on the Internet and social media taking the place of real, face-to-face friendships, to the detriment of society. As someone in a Pogo Games chat room once said, “But we’re only Pogo people!” It was a true cri de couer, even if I still can’t explain exactly what she meant.

As a thought experiment, let me remove all the “cyber-friends” (for want of a better word) from my life and see what’s left.

Family? Well, almost everybody’s dead. Those who are left have all moved far away from here, and we see them only on special occasions.

Old friends? Well, I hung on to those longer than most–but in all honesty, my boon companions, my bosom buddies, are not really the most wholesome company for the Christian that I want to be.

My wife is, of course, my best friend, and we are inseparable. But apart from her, if you take away my friends that I’ve made here on this blog, in the course of my work for Chalcedon, and on Pogo–well, there’s hardly anything left. For some people, online friendship is what’s on the menu.

But I don’t feel deprived. I’ve met wonderful people from all over the country, even from other countries, met them here and in my Chalcedon work, here and there and elsewhere–and I have grown quite fond of them. (That means some of you who are reading this: you know who you are.) I profit from my exchanges with them. I draw emotional support from you all. I am thankful for you.

Because of course–of course!–“just Pogo people” are real people. Man, I know happily married couples who “met” in a Pogo game room! If I could travel, I’ve got invitations from all over. Some of you, I’d love nothing better than to sit down and have a cup of tea with you–maybe even sit outside on a nice day and have a cigar. I may never meet you in the flesh, but you are my friends and I treasure you.

All right, enough of the sappy talk. You all know what I mean.

Yeah, constant texting, etc., a narcissistic urge to have strangers know the moment-to-moment boring details of your life–obviously that’s not what I’m talking about. I know some of you have come to enjoy the little community that’s growing up right here on this blog.

So, yes, we are all, in our fashion, Pogo people! And deplorables, too. Ich bin ein Berliner!

Let us wear our badges proudly.

Still More Computer Hell

Image result for images of cursing

Yesterday, last night, and probably today–all devoured by computer hell. By Malwarebytes every five minutes flashing onto the screen its demand to be updated. By outgoing email not going out, or just getting bounced back at us, undelivered. That’s goin’ to make it very hard for me to submit my articles and do my editing.

This machine needs an exorcist.

And who’s the galoot who says we oughta-gotta-gonna merge our minds with computers by the year 2020? Huzzah! Then we can all have long-term and short-term memory loss, basic functions all screwed up, reduced to hopeless babbling–yeah, it does sound like Hell.

So far the chaos has not yet reached into this blog, so I will continue for as long as I can. If I disappear, you’ll know it’s because the computer has murdered me.

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