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Wanted: More Young Readers

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A fuss was generated here this week by someone who called us “all a lot of poor old fogeys” who gather on this blog. Just because I’m 126 years old, she thought I had “no feel for modern life.”

As I comb the trilobites out of my four-foot-long white beard, I’d like to mend this situation, if I can. And I think the way to do that is to invite more young people to visit this site and join us living fossils in our conversations. I think it would be fun! I’d like to hear from you. I mean, just because you’re teenagers, or somewhere under 30, doesn’t mean you have nothing worthwhile to say. I wish my Grandpa were still around for me to talk to. He used to play dominoes with Hammurabi. But as you yourself get older, you tend to run out of much older people to talk to.

Anyhow, the door is open, the welcome mat is out, and you just might like it here. Come on in and set a spell.

An Experiment (Translation: Help!)

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Gee, I feel like one of those old-time castaways whose only hope of communicating with the outside world was to put a message in a bottle and throw it into the ocean.

Since early Sunday morning I have had no, zero, Facebook referrals. Having ruled out other causes, I’m forced to believe there’s something interfering between Facebook and my blog. No one, not even my webmaster, has yet discovered what that can be.

So I can only continue to experiment.

Whoever you are out there, if you see this message anywhere on Facebook, please see if you can use it to get to this blog. I need to see if this is possible. And I’m afraid only readers can help me on this one.

Still No Facebook!

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By all indications I can discover, this blog is properly connected to Facebook. But now I’m on my third day with no referrals from Facebook–a loss of 10 to 20% of my traffic.

Even my webmaster couldn’t find anything wrong, and I was sure that if anyone would know how to straighten it out, she would.

We were on our way to a record month here, before this happened.

P.S.–Some good news, at least: the Kindle edition of The Throne (Book 9 of my Bell Mountain series) came out like gangbusters yesterday and is still in amazon.com’s Top 100 Science Fiction books this morning, even though it isn’t science fiction. Not bad for a crotchety elderly man who doesn’t know anything about fantasy.

Why Do Liberal Soreheads Visit This Blog?

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A reader took sharp exception to my March 16 post, “Are We Too Old to Appreciate Cool Fashions?” and has since taken even sharper exception to everything else she has found on this blog. I wonder if someone has taken away her Play-Doh.

Her thinking, such as it is, leads her to conclude that I, personally, physically attack people whom I perceive as being divergent from my own point of view: “And I’m sure you would have beaten up anybody who was different from you.” Actually it’s the leftids and the college “students” who are doing that, these days.

My thoughts, she says, are “dusty.” My writing is just a lot of “elderly and cliched comments.” She doesn’t much care for you, my readers, either, characterizing you as “poor old people who have no real concept of modern life.” Ooh! That was the most unkindest cut of all! Nor does she like the “stupid cat videos” I post here.

I’m not even a good fantasy writer, but only a “crotchety elderly man who knows nothing of literary fantasy more modern than C.S. Lewis.” And as for you, dear readers, “You are all old fogeys.”

Feel the love.

She does remark that she isn’t trolling. Gee, you could’ve fooled me.

I hardly feel it’s necessary to answer any of this sad, angry, Calibanesque twaddle. But I can’t help wondering why such an  unhappy individual would spend any time here at all, among people and content she detests. And do I really need to point out that the chronological age of any decently-executed fantasy is totally irrelevant?

Betcha anything she voted for Hillary.

So first we’re all deplorables, and now we’re all old fogeys. Wear those badges proudly, folks. If the people who gave you those labels were to esteem you, you could be pretty sure you have been doing something very wrong.

Is My Facebook on the Fritz?

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Puzzled by the unusually slow traffic on this blog today, this evening I discovered that my Facebook connection had become undone again. I have no idea why that happens. The 2 referrals from Facebook, instead of 20 or so, should’ve been a clue.

Anyway, I think I have restored the connection: followed the instructions, at any rate. It says it’s restored–but you know how computers lie. It also says I’ve still got only 2 referrals from Facebook.

I will know I’ve corrected the problem if more referrals come in. Unfortunately, I understand so little of this stuff, I don’t even know how to frame a question asking for help. If any of you are psychic, and able to get here via Facebook, please do so. If I see the number change, then I can rest easy about it. Otherwise, I’m all at sea.


A Tidbit from the Archives

Hey, if you’re shut in by the weather today, or just feel like reading a little more of this blog, visit the archives and call up this post from Oct. 6, 2014–“What We Can Learn from Bad Movies.” What does America’s immigration policy have in common with Plan 9 from Outer Space? Well, yeah, okay, Plan 9 was better than anything ever produced by the Obama administration–but read the post. I think you’ll like it.

Help Me Win This Fantastic Prize!

Think of it–just 53 more hits on this blog, and I’ll have made 6,000 views for the month of February, which is two days short.

Now, do you see that fascinating insect up there? I am assured that I am in the running to win it as a prize! Mr. Nature says it’s some kind of cricket. Joe Collidge says it’s his ex-roommate. Well, who cares what it is? It’s a prize!

Round up your friends and send ’em over here tonight: almost four hours left to go.

Who knows? You, too, might be a lucky winner. Of a cool big bug.

Last Day of February

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Today I will be driving all around the county trying to round up paperwork for Aunt Joan’s continuing care, because she has run out of money–almost half a million dollars, all gone–and the government has to take over. Unless you cheat by dying earlier, everybody runs out of money.

I was hoping to get 6,000 views for this month, which I could easily do if it were 30 days long. But it’s not, and I’m still about 200 hits shy.

If you’d like to help me get there in spite of the calendar, I’d appreciate it–especially if you could get somebody to stop in who hasn’t visited before. Like I say, tell your friends about it.

And now, out the door for another dip in the ocean of bureaucracy…

A Blogger’s Reward

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If you read the comments made on this blog, you will have noticed that some of the readers have been led by the Holy Spirit into deep and fruitful conversations. You may have also noticed that I’ve been mostly staying out of those conversations.

That’s because they’re doing just fine without me, and I don’t want to distract them.

It humbles me that this little blog can serve as a venue for such fruitful interactions. Give God the glory for that! I had no idea He was ever going to use my work in such a way. I can only stand back and admire what He’s done–and keep on working.

He will always use us, if we let Him. And that is our reward.

Who’s My Audience?

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I’m still getting it from the conservative who doesn’t think the Bible is all it’s cracked up to be, and the liberal Catholic who thinks there were no Adam and Eve and Satan is probably just a metaphor. Both doubt my persuasive powers, and both would like to know whom I think I’m reaching with this blog. And they’re not the only ones who’ve asked me that.

In addition to preaching to the choir–I prefer to think of it as rallying a band of brothers and sisters, like-minded souls, we happy few–I’m speaking to persons who have been intimidated by secular humanists and other liberals. I know I’m not preaching to the conversion of leftids. If I ever heard from any lib, “Hey, y’know what? You’re right–Global Warming really is nothing but a power-grab by wicked lying grubs,” I’d run outside and turn a cartwheel. I know it’s never going to happen.

The biggest weapon in the liberal’s bag of tricks is his claim to be an intellectual, a terribly smart person who just must be taken seriously. This is what intimidates people who haven’t made up their minds about an issue. “Wow! If all those smart people in college say Donald Trump’s a racist, maybe he really is a racist!” I have simplified here to make my point.

Normal people in possession of a modicum of modesty will not easily put themselves in the shoes of someone who thinks he’s God’s gift to the human race and probably smarter than God Himself. They may be slow to realize that what they’re hearing is pure tommyrot–because they themselves are not in the habit of spouting such bilge.

Therefor I ridicule liberals and their absurd ideas, most of which are also very wicked ideas with great potential to harm innocent bystanders. If my audience can be made to laugh at liberals, they will soon find it in themselves to see through them.

The only thing about libs that isn’t funny is what they’ve done to this country, and what more harm they hope to do.

P.S.: I have just discovered it’s possible for me to “Like” my own post. It was just an experiment; please don’t anyone take it seriously.

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